An Unexpected Surprise.


An Unexpected Surprise.I get a call from one of my friend saying he heard there is a new bar in town and we should go check it out. Being the weekend and having no plans I agree and we head the bar. When we get there the place is packed. We manage to get a table in the back and start to watch the band. Then you walk in. You’re wearing your black corset, a pair of tight leather pants that look like they are painted on, and a pair of black leather boots that come up to your knees. I can feel the sexual energy coming from you as every man in the bar stops a looks at you. You get your dink and take a seat near the back. I don’t know what it is but there is a look in your eyes that says you need a good hard fucking.I take a chance and come over to you and sit down. I say “I know this sounds dumb but you look familiar.” You roll your eyes and look away. Then I hits me where I’ve seen you. I say “So what’s an “unexpected whore” like you doing in a place like this?” You look at me with surprise in your eyes. We start to laugh and drink more. Your favorite song comes on and you pull me to the dance floor. As the song plays I can feel you grinding your tight ass into my groin. I can feel my self getting harder and I know you can feel it too. I grab your hips and grind my stiff cock into your ass. You arch back as I move my hands up your body and squeeze you firm tits. A moan escapes you as you push your ass harder into me. I look over at my friend and see the look of shock on his face. As the song continues to play I work my hand into you tight pants and down to your pussy I can feel how wet you getting as I slid a finger into you. I pull my hand from your pants and suck your juices off my finger as the song ends. I bring you back to were my friend and I are sitting. It’s a secluded part of the bar and I place you between us. I lean over and say “Look how hard you made me.” and place your hand on my cock. You start to stroke me through my pants. My friend grabs your other hand and places it on his hardening cock. I reach into you lap and pull your zipper down and work my hand back to your hot wet pussy.My friend runs his hand up your body and into your corset. When he reaches your tits he give your nipple a pull causing you to moan. You start to grind you pussy on my hand as you rub our cock harder and harder through your pants. I undo my pants and free my cock for you. Your hand feel so good on my throbbing cock as you stroke me. “You like stroking our hard cock in public don’t you whore.” I say as your hand moves faster on my cock. My friend has pulled his cock out and wrapped your hand around his as you work his cock. I can hear a moan come from my friend as he feels your hand stroke his cock.I take your head and guide it to my cock and tell you to suck it as I continue to finger fuck your wet pussy. I start to smell the sweet sent of your juices in the air. Your mouth feels so good as you wrap your lips around my throbbing cock that I let out a moan. I place one hand on the back of your head to force my cock down your throat.The waitress comes back just in tome to see my cock going down your throat. I can see she likes what she sees. My friend grabs her and brings her to her knees in front of him and feeds her his cock. My cock feels so good in your mouth but I want to taste you. I pull you to your feet and pull your pants down.My mouth waters as your tight pussy bahis siteleri comes into view. I grab your firm ass and pull you closer to me as I bury my face in your pussy and start to lick your sweat pussy clean. I hear you moan as I work my tongue as far up you as I can. By this time my friend has the waitress up on the table and is eating her pussy making her moan. I set you on the table next to her and move between your legs. I take my cock and rub it along your pussy getting it nice and wet. I push forward enjoying the feel of your pussy wrapping a round my cock.The waitress leans over and pulls your tit out of the corset and starts to suck on your nipples. I lay you back across the table and the waitress moves over you to put her pussy in your face as I start to fuck your tight hole. My friend moves behind her and rams his cock into her pussy as she lowers it into your face.I can see the waitress start to grind her wet pussy into your face. As I start to move my cock in and out of your cunt I feel it getting tighter. I grab the waitress and push her head into your pussy saying “Lick her pussy slut keep it nice and wet for me.” It feels so good to have my cock in you as this bar slut lick my cock and your pussy at the same time.Your moan have started to draw the attention of others in the bar. Unfortunately the owner sees us and kicks makes us leave. The waitress leaves with us not wanting the fun to end. We go to a local hotel and check in. In the center of the room is a big bed. I come up behind you and rip off your clothes. Throwing you on the bed I grab some quick ties that I grabbed from my tuck out of my pocket. I take your hands and tie them behind your back, and tie you to the bed with your ass in the air. My friend takes the waitress and moves her so her pussy is right under your face. I lean over and tell you to eat this bar sluts pussy while I get you read to fuck.She grabs you by the hair and starts to rub your face into her wet pussy telling you to eat her cunt. I get behind you and bury my face in your ass licking you from clit to asshole. I start to finger fuck your pussy as I work my tongue into your ass. My friend gets on the bed and feed his cock to the girl and tells her to suck the cum from his balls.I hear you moan as I insert my fingers into you wet pussy. I can feel your pussy gripping my fingers as they move in and out of you. The moans for the other girl are getting loader as her nears orgasm. I can’t take any more and get behind you rubbing my cock along your wet pussy to get it nice and wet. I ram my cock into your tight pussy. Driving your face into the girls pussy spreading her juices all over your face. The force of my fucking drives my friends cock farther into the girls mouth, causing her to gag. This drives her over the edge and she squirts all over your face. I tell you to lick the little slut clean as I drive my cock deeper into you.She comes down from her orgasm and is spent. We kick her off the bed because we are far from done. I untie your legs and tie your hands to the headboard. I get under you and guide my cock back into your tight pussy. I look up and see that the girls cum is covering your face and is running down to your tits as I start to move your hips making you fuck my cock. You tits are in my face and I raise my head to suck your nipples. I can taste the girls cum on them as I pinch one and nibble canlı bahis siteleri the other. My friend moves behind you and starts to rub his cock against your asshole but its to dry. So he moves to the head of the bed and tells you to suck his cock and make it nice and wet so he can fuck your ass.By now the girl is ready for more fun so she moves behind you and starts to lick you pussy and ass, working her tongue into your asshole. I can feel her lick my cock when she licks your pussy making me fuck you harder. My friend grabs your hair and start to fuck your mouth causing you to gag covering his cock with you spit. My friend pulls his cock from your mouth and tell the girl to move because he’s going to fuck your whore ass. He lines his cock up with your asshole and pushes forward inching his cock into your ass. I can feel his cock moving in your ass as I keep fucking your tight pussy. I look up at you and say “You like having two cock filling your tight little slut holes, don’t you?” We start to find our pace. He fucks into your ass as I pull out of your pussy, as slam back into you he pulls out. We start to pick up speed, and start to slam our cocks into you. I can hear you moaning as I suck your nipples.The girl wants in on our fun and moves in front of you. She gets between you and the headboard and lines her pussy your with your mouth. Bringing you mouth to her cunt she tells you to make her cum while we fuck you ass and pussy. We hear her moan as she grinds her wet pussy into your face.I can feel you getting tighter and tighter as we fuck you. But I want some of your tight ass before I cum. I tell my friend its time to switch. He pulls his cock from your ass with a pop, and moves to the girl and forces it into her mouth telling her to suck it clean so he can fuck your little pussy.With his freshly cleaned and wet cock he mover under you and brings you down on his rock hard cock making you moan. I move behind you and ram my cock into your ass. It goes in with just a little resistance because of your pussy juices. Your ass feels so good around my cock like a little fist.We get back into the rhythm of fucking you as the girl keeps her pussy in your face. We can all hear you moaning as your body starts to shack. But we don’t want you to come just yet so we grab you and hold you still until you stop shacking. But even as we hold you we can still feel your ass and pussy twitch wanting to cum. When we feel you have calmed enough we start the assault of your pussy and ass again. We time our thrust so we slam into you at the same time driving your face into the girls pussy. This causes the girl to cum again and cover you with her juices. Seeing this drives my friend to the edge.He quickly pulls out of you and move to your head. He starts to stroke his cock in your face. And as he starts to cum he covers you face with his cum. I reach under you and start to play with your clit trying to make cum with me. I feel your ass start to twitch again. The feel of my balls slapping your pussy and your asshole grabbing my cock brings me over the edge. As I start to cum I feel your asshole clamp down on my cock like a fist and squeeze harder then anything I have felt before. I moan as I start to cum in your tight ass, filling it as I keep fucking you.As you feel my cum fill your ass you start to cum shacking and moaning load enough to wake the people next door. I canlı bahis leave my cock in you as I ride out you orgasm. I can feel my self start to shrink in your ass. I look up and see my friend grab the girl and bring her back to your ass.He places her under you and tells her to clean all the cum from your ass. She reaches up and pulls you down on her face as she snakes her tongue into your ass. I hear a moan come from you as she inserts he fingers into your pussy.I see you start to shack again as she works her tongue deeper into your ass trying to get all the cum out. “You like that don’t you whore? You like having this little slut sucking my cum from your ass as she fingers you wet pussy.” I say. I can tell by the way you are moaning that this will be a big cum for you.I see you start to grind down on the girls fingers, fucking your self on them. You let out a scream as you start to cum. To the girls surprise you squirt all over her face catching her full in the face. You cover her with your cum as you continue to cum.I reach under you and stick my fingers in you pussy and feel you spasm around them. I pull them from you and bring them to my mouth. Sucking your juices from them I say “I thought I would never see that. I’m so glad I came out tonight.”Seeing you squirt makes me hard again. I move behind you and ram my cock back into your soaking wet pussy. Every thrust forces more of your cum out and into the girls face. I can feel her lick your cum from my balls as I fuck you. My friend not one to be left out move to your head and feeds his cock into your mouth. The girl sucks your clit between her lips and sucks hard. I can feel you start to vibrate with the start of another orgasm. I start to fuck you harder driving my friends cock down your throat. The girl pulls a vibrator out of nowhere and starts to force it into your pussy along with my cock. I can hear you moan with lust as she works it into you. She continues to suck your clit as she starts to fuck your pussy with me.The vibrations from your moans pushes my friend over the edge again and he pulls out just in time to cum all over your tits. The girl increases the speed on the vibrator and start to fuck you harder. Not to be out done I pick up my speed and start to fuck you as hard as I can.The force of our fucking in slamming the bed into the wall waking up the couple in the next room. They pound on the wall telling us to knock it off. You yell back telling they to go fuck themselves as we slam the bed into the wall again. The vibrations from the vibrator and the tightness of your pussy are pushing my closer to cumming. You start to slam your self back into me. Forcing my cock as deep into you as it will go. The combination of you slamming back into me and the vibration send me over the edge. I start to cum as I keep fucking you, not wanting this feeling to stop. At the same time you start to cum again. The force of your orgasm forces your juices out from around my cock and into the girls face again. She starts to lick you pussy clean again savoring the taste of you cum mixed with mine.I pull out of you and let the rest of my cum shot into the girls face as she clamps her mouth onto your pussy sucking for all she’s worth. This causes you to keep cumming until you bed her to stop. She reluctantly stops as you let out a moan of relief. As you come down from your cum I free your hands. You fall to the bed exhausted. The girl, my friend, and I pick up our things and start to leave. I stop at the desk and write you a note. “Thanks for the great fuck sex ninja. Can’t wait to do it again some time. Until then, see you online sexy.”

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