An Unusual Trucker With Kelly

Big Dicks

It was August of 2002. I think it was one of those situations where a volunteer was requested, everyone else took one step backward, and I was ‘it.’ I had to meet an expedited freight shipment at our warehouse in the middle of the night, unload the truck, and get the trucker on his way to his next stop.Kelly and I were both forty-two. She had resigned from her miserable job and not yet taken a new one so, good sport that she always was, she volunteered to keep me company (which I suspected meant ensuring I wouldn’t fall asleep during the thirty-minute drive at three a.m.). I gave the trucker credit, he arrived exactly on time, just moments after we pulled into the parking lot.I greeted the driver as he climbed out of his cab. We had a minute of polite chit-chat as the driver opened the rear doors of his trailer, backed up the remaining few feet, and set wheel chocks. I was slightly surprised that Kelly joined us. I thought she had planned to wait for me in the car with the air-conditioning. It was the dog days of August and even at that hour of the night, it was in the low eighties.The driver was a very cordial man probably in his thirties, who was a light-skinned black man and was reasonably handsome. Now I admit, seeing him walking back and forth, in and out of the cab, it was difficult to not notice that it looked like he had a couple of squirrels wrestling around in his shorts.He was wearing a pair of sweat pants that had been cut off rather surprisingly short, a tank top, and a pair of flip-flops. Kelly, who hadn’t planned on being seen by anyone, had slipped on flip-flops and one of my white XXL undershirts over her nude-for-sleeping body.Kelly introduced herself to the driver before giving me the opportunity. Manny’s, the driver, eyes lit up like Christmas morning as I watched him survey Kelly from her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, past her rather broad smile, to her enormous 36G jugs, down to her bare legs and feet which had to beg the question in his mind of ‘is she wearing anything under that shirt?’ At only five-two, Kelly was peering up at the six-foot and a bit driverKelly always knew what her body was doing. Movements were always planned. The soft swaying of her hips, which caused the inertia that slightly swung her jugs, which caused the friction that swelled up her nipples, was, as I well knew, completely intentional. I also caught her eyes darting back and forth at Manny’s crotch. At one point, Manny was facing me and Kelly was over his shoulder, in my line of sight. She made big bug eyes at me and used her eyes to point at his crotch.Yeah, I had no idea what was going on kaçak iddaa there, but he had a massive lump that swelled out the front of his shorts. Enough bull-shitting. I had work to do. I went inside, where it was beastly hot as the air conditioning was off for the night, fired up the lift truck, and proceeded to unload about ninety percent of Manny’s full trailer, parking the pallets where they needed to be so production could resume as normal starting at seven a.m.The task took me nearly an hour. I can drive a lift truck, but I’m no professional. When I was finished I turned off the lights and locked the door. I was drenched in sweat. Both my T-shirt and shorts were soaked. I looked at my car and saw no sign of Kelly.I looked at the cab of the truck. I could see Manny standing between the front seats, his back toward the front of the truck, facing the sleeper cab. I pulled myself up on the step over the gas tank. Manny was naked. His hands were holding a head, which by process of elimination, had to be Kelly’s and his butt muscles were thrusting toward her face. Pretty clear that Kelly had Manny’s cock in her throat.As they seemed occupied, I got in the car, started it up, and began the process of cooling myself down to something less than oven-baked. Of course, my mind was racing trying to guess what I missed. Pervert that I was, I quickly had six inches of hardon in my hand and slowly stroked it as I played a movie in my head of Kelly sucking Manny.I damn-near shit myself when Kelly lightly tapped on the driver’s side window. I pushed the button and turned to look at Kelly. She had a huge grin and quickly reached in to grasp my hard cock. “For me?” she asked.“If you have room for another,” I replied. I wasn’t surprised that Kelly was naked. I’d found her T-shirt and flip-flops lying on the hood of the car and had grabbed them when I got in.Manny was standing perhaps ten feet behind Kelly and said, “I need a signature, please, when you can.” I slipped my hard-on back into my shorts and got out of the car. Manny was naked except for his short shorts.As I signed the bill of lading, Kelly said, “Manny was nice enough to show me the inside of his truck. And a few other things too!” Kelly giggled and then laughed. “Seriously, you need to see this too!” she rattled at me, very excitedly.“Honey, I’ve seen semi-cabs…”“No! This!” And with that, Kelly pushed Manny’s shorts down onto his thighs. They were both laughing. And I was pretty sure it was because of the confused look on my face. Manny, like myself, had a completely shaved groin area. But his junk was… Confusing? He had a ball sack bigger than kaçak bahis a baseball that hung quite low, down past his cock. His cock was the fattest cock I’ve ever actually seen with my own eyes. Not really any longer than my own but probably three times as big around. And it was starting to harden and point straight out.Kelly reached down and lifted his massive sack. “Feel how fucking heavy this is!”I just mumbled, “yeah.”“No, feel this!”I looked at Kelly like she was more than slightly crazy. “For fuck sake don’t be such a pussy!” and with that Kelly reached out, grabbed my hand, and slapped it under Manny’s sack, which she fully released into my hand from her other hand that had been holding it.Well, yes, it weighed a fucking ton. I’d never seen or felt anything like it before or since. Having completed the weigh-in I started to pull my hand back. Manny grabbed my forearm. “Don’t hurry.” Kelly had moved to the other side of Manny and was sidled up to him. She reached down and put her hand over mine and used my hand to fondle Manny’s massive sack.My only defense is this: I was beyond tired, probably dehydrated to boot, Kelly was making clear what she wanted, and it’s rare that I tell her no.Manny’s cock was fully hard and uncircumcised. His sheath covered his head and made his cock look flat at the end as though his head had been cut off. Manny used a couple of fingers to stroke the end of his dick, tugging back his foreskin exposing a pinkish head on an otherwise black dick.I realized I was staring but I’d never seen a cock as fat as his. My head could barely comprehend. Fuck, the whole thing was like an out-of-body experience. At one point I sort of wondered if I was hallucinating from dehydration.Kelly pretty much forced me to join her as we both rolled around and fondled Manny’s massive sack. Then Kelly replaced Manny’s fingers with her own hand and stroked his cock, which by then I had figured out looked like a Coor’s Banquet Beer short-neck bottle. Manny had stopped breathing and had thrust his crotch out and we played with it. Kelly was smiling at me like she was over the moon.“I can’t wait to tell you all about how good this felt in my pussy,” she said softly.Manny chimed in: “Your wife is a stunning woman. We had a very good time. I hope you can be okay with that? She assured me it would not be a problem.”“I let Kelly find fun wherever she chooses to.”Kelly removed her hand from Manny’s cock and maneuvered mine to replace hers. Okay, that pulled me out of my daze. I gave Kelly the stink eye. “I do anything for you. Do this for me.” I paused for a long time.Manny said, “help me out illegal bahis man, please.”I discovered what an uncut cock felt like. It was a weird sensation moving his foreskin. Kelly was really working up Manny’s balls. Then she dropped and squatted in front of Manny and used her tongue to lick and suck everywhere on his massive sack. Manny moaned. I nearly stopped.“Oh God, don’t stop!”Seriously. I was in the middle of it. I knew how it felt to be close and then left hanging. Fuck. I tuned back in to hear Kelly saying, “make him cum, make him cum.”While it felt nothing at all like my own, I know how to jerk my cock. So, I gave him what has always been saved for myself. Kelly was licking and sucking at a hundred miles an hour. From her noises, I figured there was a good chance she was going to cum just from the excitement of it all.Manny let out a huge groan. I didn’t slow down. Cum flowed out of his cock and onto Kelly’s face. She was lapping up cum as she sucked his nuts. In my own little world, the worst thing a chick can do is to stop stroking the minute they see the first spurt. Kelly had been well trained. I did the same favor for Manny. Plus, I admit, it was – I don’t know? – interesting stroking his sheath with cum all over it.A moment later and Manny’s nuts were drained. Kelly had a face full of cum. I had a very sticky hand. Kelly stood, grabbed me by the neck, and kissed me while thanking me for helping her. And left me, also with a sticky face.Manny acknowledged that he needed to hustle to get to his next stop by six a.m. I gave him a sticky handshake. He gave Kelly a quick pussy finger dip as they hugged goodbye. We watched Manny pull away and waved.I peeled off my sweaty T-shirt, wiped off my face and hand, and tossed it to Kelly. She left the cum on her face. She started to walk around the car to the passenger side.“Not so fast!” I caught her at the hood. I dropped my shorts and tossed them on the hood, turned Kelly so she was facing the hood and one hand on her back bent her over as my other hand aimed my throbbing cock into her sopping wet cunt.Kelly came by the third stroke. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” over and over and over. She squirted a huge blast onto my balls. Then I started teasing her, as she is so prone to do to me after I’m with another woman.“Did you love that fat cock?”First, she roared another orgasm and then whimpered “God, yes I loved it! I’ve never fucked a cock so fat. He stretched my pussy so far. But he wasn’t too long. It never hurt. It felt incredible!” She groaned another orgasm.The mental image of that beer bottle fucking her cunt did it for me. I let loose with a torrent of cum. I kept humping her as I was pumping my jizz. Soon, cum was splattering out of her twat and onto the backs of her thighs. I felt like I’d not pumped so much into her at one time in years.

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