Andy Ch. 1


Okay so I did a little experimenting when I was younger but I had already made up my mind that no matter what, it wouldn’t happen again. I figured it this way- Andy was my best friend and I didn’t want anything to come between our friendship.

I was still living at home at the time so I figured that as long as Andy and I weren’t alone we didn’t have to talk about the night I gave my first blowjob AND we wouldn’t risk it happening again. It wasn’t like we had any intention of trying that sort of thing again. I guess maybe I wanted to be sure.

I was on my way to work one early Saturday morning when I noticed Andy walking toward my house. A sudden rush of blood raced toward my face and I felt kind of light headed. For this feeling- I hated myself. I stuttered a quick hello as I continued toward my car.

“Where ya’ off to?” He questioned as he continued to walk toward me.

“I have work to work this morning.” I replied trying not to make eye contact with him.

He looked a little disappointed and slowed as he reached the rear of my car. “There’s a game at the field today and I thought that you might like to join us, we need a quarterback bad.”

It’s strange what the thought of a football game can do to a guy. I stood there for a minute debating on whether or not I wanted to work. “Calling in sick one day wouldn’t hurt anything.” I thought to myself.

Even if the thoughts of the previous weeks blowjob were bothering me I knew that even if I wanted something to happen, it wouldn’t. A dozen or so guys and no privacy would pretty much put a halt to any lust I might have.

“Why not.” I said with a deep breath. “I didn’t feel much like working anyway.”

I felt a little awkward as we headed off toward the field. Every time I thought of something to say, I pushed it off. I was either afraid I would stutter or something like “nice cock” would come out of my mouth.

Things didn’t get any better from there. As we waited for the other guys to show up we sat in the bleachers and talked about the weather and work and any other trivial things we could think of. Both of us purposely steered away Büyükesat Escort from topics that might lead to controversial conversation.

Strangely enough the further we steered from sex, the more my mind raced in that direction. I started to recall his deep musk smell and how his soft curvature gently penetrated my lips. I remembered how the salty cum slid down the back of my throat effortlessly.

Just as I started to work up the courage to bring up last Sunday some of the guys started to show up.


It was a little chilly out and we all decided a game to 21 would be enough and even though football was my favorite sport my mind was stuck on sex, Andy and his taste.

Usually Andy played running back or receiver but I had all these nasty thoughts running through my head I directed him towards center. He was a big enough guy that not many people noticed his change in positions.

He grumbled a little but I think that was because he didn’t have a clue what I had in mind.

Every time I stood over center I made it a point to run my hand hard over the underside of his crotch. There were times I could feel his sack or his semi-limp cock against the outside of his jeans.

A few times he would give me a dirty look or something in the huddle but even that didn’t stop me. I was lucky that the other guys didn’t notice what was going on.

I couldn’t even say who won the game.

Andy and I hung around on the field as the rest of the guys started to take off. Even then I still hadn’t worked up the courage to broach the subject of sex or what had happened between us last week. Even so, I am sure he could tell that I was a little turned on- especially after what was going on during the game.

We casually walked toward the far side of the field where the park ended and the wooded area began. My mind was off in another world but I followed Andy like a mindless zombie- it hadn’t even dawned on me that he might want to do the whole blowjob thing again.

Dried out sticks popped beneath our feet as we cautiously progressed Elvankent Escort further and further into the woods and the cool wind turned a little cold. I started to want to go back to my nice warm car and forget about this spontaneous trip into the woods.

Andy found a clearing about 50 yards from the football field and made himself comfortable on an old log. He just sat there looking at me with his deep dark brown eyes until I found a seat directly across from him.

Casually he leaned back against a tree and rested his hand on his leg just below his crotch. He looked so comfortable there that I decided not to disturb him. That was the first time that day that I had really taken a good look at him. Even though he was a tad overweight he was still an attractive man. I was even more aroused than I was back at the game.

Surprisingly he slowly started to rub his leg just below where his cock would be. I took it as an unspoken sign between us that he wanted something. It was like my whole body was driven by my desire for sex. I couldn’t stop watching him and I couldn’t stop from dropping to my knees and crawling toward his spread legs.

Andy moved his hand away from his leg and slouched down a little further toward me. I was mesmerized. I stared down at his zipper as if it were some sort of present offered up to me. With no hesitation at all I allowed my face to fall toward his lap and kissed his zipper and around the area I thought his cock might be resting.

He firmly took the back of my head and pressed my face deeper into his groin. I was beginning to detect life beneath his clothes. The tip of his rod was starting show below the surface of his jeans.

Franticly, with my free hand, I reached for his belt. Even though a couple hours before I swore I would never suck cock again, I was on my knees practically begging my best friend for it.

I tasted his manly aroma as soon as I had undid his pants and pulled out his magnificent specimen. I took a firm hold on his cock and started to cover him with light licks and kisses.

My body Beşevler Escort was on fire and couldn’t help but start to message my aching member as I sucked his meat into my mouth. Andy settled in on a steady rhythm as he fucked me between my lips. If I had ever been turned on as much- I couldn’t recall when.

I wanted his cock in my mouth forever but at the same time I wanted the taste of his sweet cum filling my mouth and then spilling into my stomach. I moved my hands to his shaven balls and cupped them as I allowed him to penetrate my throat.

I knew he was near.

A loud popping sound of a twig echoed against a nearby tree. Fear paralyzed me momentarily. I took a deep breath and then nervously looked around the wooded area. It was too early to be doing this in public. I could hear it now. “Jamie is a queer! Jamie is a queer!”

Obviously frustrated Andy moaned and took his cock into his strong rounded hands and started to jerk off. Even with all the fear in the world coursing through my veins I needed his warmth back in my mouth. I opened my lips and slid his cock-head back in. I allowed him to continue to masturbate while I circled his shaft with my tongue.

I lost my balance and slipped back away from him and before I had a chance to recover. Andy had shot his load across his masturbating hand and it dripped down and pooled on his stomach.

“Oh baby.” I purred as I crawled back between his legs.

My own self-gratification intensified as I leaned in and dipped my tongue into his hot white cum. I could have taken all down my throat with one swallow but I wanted to relish his taste. I wanted to savor how it burned the back of my throat. If I could have I would have bottled it and saved it for later.

His cock softened but I continued to suck him while I beat my dick feverishly.

Andy cleared his throat and released the ironclad grip he had on his shriveling meat. I was grateful he allowed me to continue to kiss it.

“God damn you are a good cock sucker.” He groaned.

I came in my hand.

I decided then and there I would blow him anytime he wanted.

We pulled up our pants and without saying a word started to walk back toward the field.

That’s when I noticed him- a tall muscular black man sitting behind a tree about fifteen feet from where I had been sucking Andy’s cock.

My worse fears had come to life. The cocksucker in me had been discovered and from this point on- there was no going back.

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