Another day for the bored housewife


Another day for the bored housewifeAfter tasting the sex of her neighbour, she knew she wanted more, she loved the danger of being caught, and also of being taken, she wondered who else she could may be get to satisfy her need. Coming out of the shower she realised the window cleaner was busy at the bedroom window, he was no looker and she reckoned quite a bit older, but she wanted, needed to be used and fuked, so she just let her towel drop pretending not to notice him she stood in front of the mirror looking at her body, taking her body lotion she squirted the white liquid into her hands and slowly she began to rub it over her body, starting with her arms then to her chest, she knew out the corner grandbetting yeni giriş of her eye he was watching, she squirted the liquid again into her hands and very slowly rubbed it over her breasts, looking in the mirror it looked like cum on her breasts, she slowly began to rub it over her 38DDs her big nipples, he hands then rubbing over her stomach, she then relalised he had gone from the window, she frowned ooh well she thought Ill just play with myself, but then the door bell went, mmmm she thought as she pulled on a wrap I wonder!!!!!She opened the door and the old guy stood looking at her, she could see his bulge in his trousers, she opened the door wider and grandbetting giriş he walked in, he closed it behind him, she started to walk up the stairs, her peachy ass peaking from under the wrap when he grabbed her pulling her down onto the stairs all to quick his pants undone and he was pushing into her! She gasped as he pushed her clit rubbed on the carpet run of the stair carpet, the sensation making her so horny he moved in and out of her grunting as he shoved his hard cock into her, in and out he pumped her, he clit swollen sore from the carpet but feeling so good, he pulled out of her and pulled her up pulling her down the stairs and up against the wall, lifting one grandbetting güvenilirmi leg he manovered into her, mmmmm he grinned as he thrust hard into her, who’s a very bad girl then she tried to answer but he pushed harder and faster feeling so so good she closed her eyes, she felt his fingers moving to her clit as he massaged it he said come for me bitch fuking her hard and fast his fingers strumming her clit she felt her pussy contract as she flooded his cock with her cum, mmmm he said nice now get on your knees and make me cum, she dropped to her knees taking his big swollen shaft in her mouth tasting her cum as she took him, he grabbed her hair and shoved making her gag, moving his hips back and forth he fuked her mouth until his balls ached and twitched then groaning he shot he cum into her mouth then pulling making it drip on her chin and breasts, rub it in he said like you did upstairs, she rubbed it into her breasts, mmmm nice he said, may be Ill cum clean you again next week!

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