Aquarius, bitch gets her day. 1


Aquarius, bitch gets her day.

Well I am trying to improve my writing. I am not English. This story is far from finished and I don’t have that much time to work on it but let’s see how it goes.

Chapter 1

The year is 2052, the future is not how most would have imagined it, say in 2016. Much has changed, technology not so much, in a way it has gone a bit backwards. Blame the new bosses, the new leaders of the world.

After their struggle and when repressed groups finally get equal rights, they find it’s not enough. No they want payback. Labelled as previously disadvantaged and their suppressors as previously privileged new ugly things pop out their heads, to right the wrongs of the past, the wrongs they suffered. One of these things (a wolf in sheep clothes) is good old affirmative action. Starts off with the very best intentions. And the wheel goes round and round.

Change always come. For 2000 years the masculine age of Pisces had been going well and strong. It has run its course though, and now she was well out of her blocks the Age of Aquarius. She however was must more aggressive and speedy in this new modern age of a world made small by the technology of the masters of the passing age. The men of old the men of renown.

The new world was no longer a man’s world. They still got most of the blame, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Almost five billion scorned is a lot of scorn. Guys (men) they (women) crept up, got in close, smiled (a lovely smile), and pulled the trigger. Women now held most positions of power, the west only had women leaders. The same went for corporate ladders, women on top all the way to the bottom.

Stay home dads were the norm. A married man was not so bad off, he could still vote, but for how long. Get a woman pregnant outside of marriage, good luck to him. He would most likely go to prison for a long time, charged with rape and be castrated. New and more extreme laws were dreamt up all the time, disguised as righting the wrongs of the past. Soon men (boys) would be vasectomised shortly after puberty. Given the opportunity to deposit some semen to be stored until they were married, to impregnate their wives or to be sold (if the genes were any good). If some unlucky bastard gave a women an STD he could kiss his balls goodbye.

Women no longer got less prize money in sports. Now for example; women got triple that of men at Wimbledon. Phallic shaped objects, a thing of the past. Strangely although no longer frowned upon in any which way, gay men started to disappear.

One theory was that women in fact subconsciously work together to turn men gay. Threatened my masculine dominance. It started at home with mothers demasculinizing their sons. This seemed farfetched, the statistics however showed that nurture was winning nature in this one. By far the minority of gay men was in fact genetically inclined to become homosexual.
The second most popular theory was that at the height of the man-age the age of Pisces. The male idea was so popularised so wanted, desired that a universal love of manliness caused some men to blur that thin line of admiration and sexual desire. With the decline of the masculine worship and so male gay numbers, this second theory held some merit.

Women were now on top and men in the dog house.

2052 Hollywood hasn’t made an extraterrestrial movie in over 20 years. Women weren’t into the genre much. Regardless Hollywood could have gotten it quite right, given the chance.

Nobody saw them coming because nobody was watching. Funding for SETI type programs were totally cut. Space budgets small, only a few guys (men) to service the media and a few other satellites. The latter being GPS satellites. A modern world dominatrix still could not tell north from south (more left from right). Modern day science was about keeping women young, hair long and bright. The fight against cellulite was now a war.

Clear skies over the UN building, the air crisp and cold, a nice winter’s morning by German standards. The very large square grey metal box hovering over the building however was out of place. Even the women notice it, the sky and its wonders did not interest them much. The story got around the world much slower that what it would have today. The men though, they watched the news and wanted to know more.

The big box beamed a small box down onto the law in front of the UN building. No one investigated, whom or whatever was in the big box seemed to know. They decided to help or try to motivate the sentient beings of the planet, by shining a bright beam of light onto the small box day and night. Just like a good old spotlight. The light was rather remarkable and more so its source, but no one would ever know and would care even less.

The only effect all this bright light had was to irritate a few very important Ankara bayan escort women. After organising brilliant meetings, everything colour coded and filed, neat stuff like that. Not so efficient though, a plan was made. It all came down to one thing (so much pride had to be swallowed). They needed a man. The search was on for their man (servant not hero). The big box started to pulse the bright beam of light, and waited.

Close to a month after the big massive grey metal box appeared (estimated by some men to be two by two by two (length × width × height) kilometres in size) they finally had chosen their man.

Jack was one of the last internes working for the last SETI project closed down some fifteen years ago. Jack was not the best qualified at all, he had a killer smile that the women (or the girls in them) liked the most. He was in fact a very good looking 32 year old single man. Six foot tall, blond, blue eyed, wide shouldered, narrow hipped, even with those dimples when he smiled. That and six months experience (as a mail boy), with a dying out dated SETI project, if it could be called that. Made Jack their expert.
“Why do you think the object is manmade?” Jack asked, noticing a few eyebrows rising on some pretty faces, realising then what he had said. “Sorry, human made, and not extra-terrestrial made?” He was genuinely interested, perhaps they had more information they were not sharing with him. In the well layout and designed documentation that the panel had given him, there wasn’t much. He was after all a man and should not be trusted. Especially in a room packed with good looking women, the dangerous and powerful type.

“The thing is a box.” A black woman started, the new type; everything about them not black but their skin. “… Not a disc like object.”
Jack waited, sure that there was going to be more. He scanned over all of them. Like the woman that gave him the answer all of them seemed happy with the explanation. He knew he was on thin ice, being a man and all, in a room full of the most powerful women in the world. On wrong glance, word or fart and he was in deep perfumed shit.

“Yes I see.” Jack said, and a thought came to him. More a memory of his friend Sam reading him some useless article of some underground men’s science website. “Women can read things in a man’s facial expression and voice he did not know he was even thinking of yet. In fact the extra eleven percent of brain cells women have are almost completely dedicated to the visual cortex. Resulting in superior visual observation abilities…” Nice, I am so fucked, he completed the thought.

“I thought that you had discovered something that led you to this conclusion. However I do see your point.” A drop of sweat rolled down his side from under his arm. Can they smell me, why are young women’s heating always to high and old women’s cooling always to low. Bloody hormones. Thinking like this buddy is going to cost you your balls.

On it went Jack making sure he kept on the points of his toes. There was something strange here, he was sure the box was not manmade. He had to find his way nevertheless into this, he had to convince these women they needed him. And give him a chance to find out what was going on.
“Do you perhaps have any more information regarding the object?” Jacked asked and beamed his very best smile.

“Like?” Another woman asked. Beautiful beyond words. Blond, big blue eyes.

I can get lost in that face… stop it… she has teeth down there. Jack thought, not that women had teeth down there in the year 2052, but so to speak.
“Hmm… perhaps I can look at the security footage since the box landed?”
Another blond, Barbie like raised her eyebrows and said. “It did not land yet, its hovering!” She looked smug, then she smiled, it all read; “got you stupid man”.

Jack wished he could blush on demand that would have really gotten her wet. He had a little inner smirk. His mother and father often said he was a bit of a rebel, they warned him never to show it to women.
“Yes you are right, my mistake. I mean since it arrived.” The little mistake played well into Jack’s hand, making the women feel more in charge, smarter and so a little less dangerous.

A large woman not fat led Jack to the security office. She opened the door for him ushering him in, he could feel her eyes on his backside. She closed the door and leaned back onto it, tracing her lips with one finger and her other hand fussing with her cleavage. And cleavage it was, she had a huge bosom. She took Jack in from head to toe. He felt naked, a creek salad she wanted to devour.

Man! Women are sexual fiends.

After a few more seconds ogling Jack she pointed to the monitoring terminals. He walk over sat down in front of the main monitor. She sat down close, real close her thick thigh forcibly against Jack’s left thigh. Escort bayan Ankara “Show me what you can do with this thing pretty boy.” Helga said in a deep almost raspy voice, laced with a heavy German accent.

Maybe sexy to some, almost scary to Jack. He knew he was tall and strong, this woman was taller and likely stronger than him. Not a problem, until you are faced with the fact that she could rape you. Cool idea for an illegal porn movie (yes porn movies were illegal, objectifying women as sexual things, very bad), not so cool if it’s real, and it’s you that might get raped.

She placed one big, firm and strong hand very high up on Jack’s leg, reaching over him, a big breast pressed into his face. He turned his head slightly not to get smothered. In spite of his fear (not so much), he felt a stirring in his pants. Oh dear lord, not now dick. She demanded his attention by tapping the screen with a very long scarlet finger nail, she looked down at Jack’s crotch.

“Here big boy, click this icon, then go to front lawn recordings.” With that she sat back into her chair, it gave a squeak. I would too, he thought. That hand that was high onto his leg went all the way to his crotch. Jack’s dick almost gave a jump as it went rock hard. I am so fucked, he thought, for more than one reason. She noticed she smiled, she was attractive in a big kind of way, suddenly to Jack. She got up and left the room leaving Jack to do his work. He was very sure she would be back soon with some more work for him. “Fucking mad cow.” Jack said under his breath.

Jack started looking through the recordings. The big metal box just suddenly appeared. Fazed in could describe it. Then there was this bright blue beam, then a small box maybe a half square meter in size materialized. Floating about 10 cm above the lawn. Not a single woman in sight. He fast forwarded. Three days later the spotlight was turned on, by the mother box. Still not a single woman to investigate. Ten days later the spotlight started to pulse. Jack skipped the video day by day, he went back and forward again. No mistaking it, he got excited, he found his way in. A sly smile on his face. I’m going to scare a few cunts dry.

Before he was finished making a laps time video to show the women what he found, Helga came back in. He looked over his shoulder, she locked the door. His dick knew before him what was going to happen, what was required of them both. And there was nothing he could do about it. Helga stared undressing. “Big boy, make quick now, I have more work for you.” Her voice was husky and strangely did not sound so bad after all, not even scary.

I am so fucked. He knew there was no way out of this one, if he refused she would simple claim he tried to rape her. And that would be a big problem for Jack, a blood test would show he was recently aroused, not a problem if you are married and with your wife. He could have prevented all of it. He should have, by taking Phallic-calm. It is almost a law after all. Recommended for most men, no more excuses to be aroused outside the bedroom.

She was naked in a flash, big strong muscular woman. Nice. “Take off your clothes quick and hang them over the chairs. Can’t have them all wrinkled.” Jack did as he was told, she took in every bit of the strip show (not that is was). She was breathing hard. He stood facing her, his dick rock hard and proud. Its eye shiny with a drop of pre-cum. There was some indecision on her face.

“Everything okay?” Jack asked, surprising himself.

“Yes, we have little time, I want to suck that beautiful dick. It is big, I need it big I am a big woman… but time.” She made up her mind with German efficacy and came over to Jack in a blur of speed, she dropped to her knees hard. Here big, yet very firm tits bouncing. She grabbed Jack by the ass with two strong hands and pulled him close. She was tall luckily Jack’s dick pointed up and was long enough, so she could reach it by only slightly bending her head down. She had his dick in her mouth in a mere second. She sucked his dick like her life depended on it. The shock of it made Jack twitch, he clenched his ass. She moaned feeling his glutton muscles tensing under her grip. In the modern world of 2052 sex with a strange woman was very similar to having a lap dance in 2016. A man did not know what to do with his hands (he knew not to touch the woman). This super intense close to painful blow job lasted no more than two or three minutes. Helga gave his dick one last hard suck, making a popping sound as it came from her mouth. It alone made Jack almost cum. He was amazed, it takes some vigorous stimulation to make him orgasm. It must be the pure animal lust Helga was radiating to Jack that started to make this sexual encounter one to remember, but right now to enjoy. She was on all fours in a flash.

“Pay attention!” She Bayan escort Ankara said loudly. “Fuck me now and then when you are close to cumming put it in my ass, it will not go in easy.” She looked back over her shoulder, making direct eye contact with Jack. “Don’t stop even if I scream, you must cum in my ass or there will be problems for you.”

“Okay.” Jack said. What the fuck, he was thinking, although being mentally prepared already to give Helga what she needed or wanted.

“You can touch me, do what you like, play with me.” She said, as Jack went down behind her on his knees on her trousers, only placing his hands lightly on her hips.

What did she mean by she needs a big dick? Her pussy was so tight that Jack had to really hold onto her love handles and push to get his dick into her. She was soaking wet but fucking tight, like a 16 year old Japanese virgin. She moaned, Jack too it sounded as both were in pain, and they were. Jack started to pump in and out not to fast he was scared he was going to bend his dick if he pushed any harder or faster. Then his cock started to go in easier, her pussy clenching when he was pulling out. Man fucking Helga could control her pussy muscles really well, this fuck was starting to become memorable.

“Ja, das ist gut!” Helga said, which meant, ‘yeah that’s good.’ “Faster the time.” Her words coming out hushed. Jack now fucked her at an impressive rate he was not so far from cumming, the idea of ass fucking this nasty bitch was getting his balls ready fast. Ass fucking was scares and most men would never have the pleasure. Only one thing was more difficult to get a woman to do and that was make her suck a dick until it cummed. Semen was the most disgusting thing on the planet, no maybe in all of the universe.
Jack’s fingers were messy with her cunt sap, he was playing with her big clit as he fucked her. He was ready to place it in her ass. Her pussy was so tight, there was no way he was going to get his fat dick in her asshole if it was any way near as tight as her pussy, quick enough not to have to start all over building up his orgasm. He was now right on that edge. He could be cumming in less than a minute if he fucked her really hard and fast now. Fuck it. He put his right index finger on her little pinkish asshole, without grace he pushed it into her. She made a strange sound, but did nothing. He was right the dam thing was tight. He wasn’t going to get his dick into it without a fight. In the back of his mind he knew the time was running out. He pushed in one more finger then one more now there was three fingers in her ass, working them in and out of her. But her sphincter was fighting him. Jack lost patients and smacked her ass very fucking hard with his left hand, then two more times quickly. She gave out a cry of pain and her asshole spasmed, it gave some not by much. Jack pulled out his dick he placed the tip of his cock against her asshole and started to push. A bit of the tip went in, not much, he was pushing hard. Threatening to break, never mind bend his dick. Helga was making sounds like she was begin fucking tortured. Jack smacked het with both hands hard on her ass cheeks. Here asshole spasmed with the intense paint and Jack got more of his dick’s head into her really fucking tight asshole.

“Oh mein Gott, das tut!” She shouted on the top of her lungs.
“Fuck you.” Jack shouted. Then he squeezed his muscles forcing more blood into his dick, making it harder stronger, he smacked her again with both hands and then thrusted, she pushed back at the same time, his dick started to bend. He clenched, smacked her ass again. Then his dick was in, it raced forward deep into Helga.

“Mein Gott im Himmel, jetzt schnell meine ich wirklich schnell, fick mein Arschloch!” Jack understood enough German to know what she meant was, “My god in heaven, now fast I mean really fast, fuck my asshole”. So that is exactly what Jack did.

Back in the meeting room, Jack hoped his sweaty appearance might portray that he was scared, helping him to sell his pitch. Jack let the time laps movie clip play that he had prepared, before rendering other service that Helga required of him. The clip showed the pulsing of the spotlight on the small box getting faster and faster over time. The women looked at projection on the screen, with little interest. Until Jack spoke and said a certain word the women paid attention to.

“I can’t be a hundred percent sure, but as it is such a strange and foreign object and its behaviour so particular,” Jack paused and gave all the women a quick and bold direct eyeballing. “I believe it is a bomb!” There was an audible inhale from the women, and their faces went pale even below all that powder. It felt so fucking good Jack’s tired cock gave a squirm. “And I can’t be sure yet, though we have to consider it to be a WOMD.” He added just in case some of the really pretty once did not get it. “A weapon of mass destruction, an atomic bomb, something very bad.”

Jack had them he had his in, and he got what he needed most, more men.

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