Asian Man in a Bathhouse Pt. 01


I had become addicted to massages since my first mind opening experience. Having my body’s tensions removed by another while pleasuring a cock was liberating. My first experience quickly opened up new possibilities of how to enjoy my own and another man’s sexual parts.

However, I felt that I was still inexperienced and wanted to be exposed to more. While I had limitless access to online video content, the experience of watching in front of my computer with my raging hard on, did not feel sufficient. I wanted to be in the presence of such hot action – hear the live sounds, see the live action and if possible, be part of the live sex.

In response, I decided the best way to learn more about how the diverse way of man to man pleasure was to visit a place where men come together and enjoy each other. I happened to be in on the road for work and a famed bathhouse was only a short taxi ride from me. I had read much about the famous establishment and was seduced by the activities that take place there. Ironically, it took a trip away from the bay area for me to finally visit it.

After doing a quick shower and change of clothes Çankaya Escort at the hotel, I jumped into a cab and headed with great excitement. I was trying to keep my cock from bursting from my pants as I sat in the back of the cab imagining my evening with cocks around me. I arrived at my destination and entered through the doors and was welcomed with dim lights. I checked in and was directed to change in the locker area. There were a number of other men in the locker room – some getting ready for their evening’s adventure and others who have completed their cock filled tour of an afternoon. While removing my articles of clothing and wrapping the white towel around my waist, I couldn’t help sneaking in my first looks at other cocks that were exposed in the locker room. While this was not the first time seeing a cock in person, my eyes were now more attentive to the details of another man’s cock. As underwears slid on or off my neighbors’ body, I paid attention to their length, girth, if their cocks were covered in foreskin or if their balls hung low. Suddenly, my visual perspective was in Keçiören Escort tune to the varying differences in cock size, shape and colors. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I was ready to do some exploring in this bathhouse.

As I left the locker room, I felt the responsible thing to do was to take a quick shower and clean up. Walking into the shower area, I saw that it was set up in a communal manner – each single stand with four shower heads. I turned on the hot shower and rinsed my body as I stood alone in the shower. As I was washing my face eyes closed, I heard the tap next to me turn on. I quickly washed the soap off from my face and was presented with a young white lad who was also enjoying his cleaning. I pretended not to pay attention to him, but his tall and masculine frame was quite a sight. I bent down to wash my legs but did so deliberately to give me an excuse to study his cock. While it wasn’t as big as my first cock experience, it was circumcised and exposed its knob to the raining water. My neighbor noticed my gazes and smiled at me as he started to rub his Etimesgut Escort cock with his left hand while motioning attention to his cock with his right hand.

The flaccid white exposed knob head then quickly arose from pointing down to a semi-erect state. I gingerly reached over and with soap in my hands, took over the cleaning of his cock. As I massaged his cock, he moaned with pleasure as he closed his eyes beneath the raining shower water. I placed his cock between the palm of my hands as I rubbed gently to foam the soap around his cock staff. With my thumb, I cleaned the underside of his cock head, causing him to jerk with pleasure.

As I rocked my hands gently back and forth on his cock, his cock head turned red – indicating my pace was in line with his desires. With my left hand pumping his cock and right hand now fondling his balls, my neighbor was breathing deeper and deeper. When suddenly, he pulled back his genitals from my hands, smiled and thanked me for driving him to the edge. I smiled in return, understanding that he, like me, did not want to cum yet and wanted to enjoy more of the sexual adventures in the bath house.

As we each dried ourselves from the shower and calmed our sexual tension, my neighbor winked at me and said “I’ll be walking around and I’ll be looking out for your hands again. And the next time I want to experience your Asian mouth and cock.”

*sigh* – I love the crazy things people say to each other when there’s no inhibition.

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