At Your Service


At Your ServiceTrue Story! While I was working in Mexico City in the 90’s, I started hanging out at this club that had a rock and roll band, and would get up and sing from time to time. I sang back in the States for years, and wasn’t too bad. One night after finishing I’m Your Captain by Grand Funk RR, a girl called out to me from the audience. When I got down I went over to her table and introduced myself, and we hit it off from the start. She was a 32 year old attorney, single, living at home, didn’t want to marry a Mexican, and her biological clock was ticking. She wanted a baby, and looked at me as the perfect surrogate father, and we talked about it, and I told her tempobet yeni giriş to draw up a contract that would leave me free from responsibility, and I would do it. What followed was the greatest time of my life, I was 37 years old, in my sexual prime, and had the perfect situation. She said she didn’t want any romance, didn’t have time for it, just sex. I told her to show up at my place at 7 pm Monday night, and I would fulfill her desires. The bell rang, I opened the door naked, and pulled her inside, and immediately started kissing her and running my hands all over her petite body. She was a fox, a hard body, about 5 ft. 2 , nice everywhere. tempobet giriş She came straight from the office, dressed in her power suit, I opened her blouse pulled up her bra, freeing her tits, and pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panty hose, didn’t even take them off, and put her on the carpet, right inside the door. I was in her in a flash, and boy was she tight, and wet as hell. I pinned her knees to her shoulders and proceeded to bang her as physically hard as I could. Jackhammer blows, deep, bruising thrusts with my balls slapping her ass cheeks. I reached under her and dug my middle finger deep in her a–, and started jamming her with tempobet güvenilirmi that too. She was getting it at both entrances, and it didn’t take us 3 minutes to cum simultaneously, and powerfully.. We still hadn’t said a word. She got up, straightened her clothing, and said, “see you Wednesday”. This went on for about a month, and during that time she introduced me to two of her friends, another attorney, and an Air Mexico pilot. I had one each night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The routine was the same with all three, no talking, just violent sex, I was in heaven, living out my r—e fantasies. I kept the weekends free for myself, and the band. Within two months, all three were pregnant, and had 3 healthy boys. I returned to the States that year, and have never heard from them and don’t even remember their names. The irony of it all, is that with my wives, I have 6 girls, no boys, and probably never will. Oh well, asi es la vida.

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