Aunt Cathy Pt. 15


{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Those two were downright mean. The sleeve left two inches of cock exposed and they used it for all it was worth. I had tongue’s slowly licking around my head and all-over what shaft was available. Both of them took turns wrapping their lips over my glans, Cathy going excruciating slow, Bonnie almost ripping it off with an audible pop whenever she pulled off. All the time that vibe unmercifully buzzed away.

A sadistic merriment of sorts was apparently tickling their funny bones, it seems the fact I couldn’t keep my hips from bucking had them both in stitches. Wasn’t funny to me, never liked not being able to control my body, then again, wasn’t like my body had ever gone through this. Lying back with my eyes closed was about the only way I could at least try to control myself, that was until Bonnie groaned, “I need to get fucked now!” Poof! Cathy was gone again.

Bonnie started moving up my body till her pussy hovered dangerously close to my dick. If I’d had another bucking fit, she would have slid right on to me. “Now where the hell is Cathy at!?” Miss red head shook her head pinning my arms back and locking onto my lips like a seventh seal. Pretty sure her spirit animal is an Octopus. Neither one of us heard Cathy return.


Bonnie broke off me in an instant, eyes wide and teeth clenched. She kept jerking forward over top of me grunting, ‘fuck’ and ‘bitch’. “You didn’t say which hole bon-bon.” Cathy was back, strap-on fucking Bonnie in the ass with no trace of remorse.

Don’t think I got off easy, my aunt cranked my sleeve a few notches, then I made it worse by looking around a deliriously horny red head.

One of Cathy’s boobs had slipped out of her dress, bouncing with every thrust into her BFF. Holding onto Bonnies hips, she was bent forward with half open eyes and mouth, definitely having some pleasure of her own. I remembered the strap-on was a two-way deal, Bonnie was getting the shaft, (bad pun, sorry), and Cathy was getting buzzed. The whole thing was just getting me more worked up.

My aunt broke out of her sated state, got two fist’s full of red’s hair and yanked back. Bonnie grunted, ‘here we fucking go’ just as Cathy started staccato banging her ass, punctuating each jab with, “I’M-GONNA-FUCK-ING-CUM.” For whatever reason my hand shot up to red’s pussy where it found her clit, a few seconds later Hoover dam broke. Bonnie, without a doubt, was a squirt queen.

Lucky me got squashed under both when they collapsed. Okay, so I figured once they recuperated, I’d be next.


Like a dumbass I overestimated their resolve and fell for Cathy’s cooing voice as she stretched my arms between a headboard post, “You ready Lover?” Next sound I heard wasn’t cooing but a cold metallic ‘CLICK ‘.


“You got to be fucking kidding me! You’re still going to edge me?” I hate it Beşiktaş Escort when Cathy gets that grin on her face.

“No,no,no. You see I made a deal for some license plates, knowing full well only you can fulfill it. Soooo, I have to make you as full as I can. Get it?”

I didn’t get it at all. “If you want me to fuck Bonnie you missed your chance running around for your vibra dick.” Again, with the grin.

“Oh, I want you to fuck her,” Caramel and red moved into position starting up on me again. Between slurps, licks and sucks, I found out what she meant. “Remember the lighting flashes and you sniffing my panties; the ungodly cum shot? I sent her those pictures, she want’s that shot all over her tit’s. So yeah, I want you to fuck, only just her tit’s, problem?”

That threw my switch again. Being teased is one thing, but Cathy showing Bonnie thing’s I wasn’t even aware of at the time, plus the hand cuffed, and the giggling: This wasn’t fun anymore. “So, dollar store hand cuff’s huh?” It didn’t take much to snap the chain, even less to tear the sleeve off.

They were not expecting that.

“Bonnie, get on the floor and squeeze your tit’s together for me. And you? Since this was your brainchild auntie, you can watch, from over there, rig Bonnie up with your half of the strap-on first.” Cathy, (surprisingly docile) slid off the harness and much to red’s dismay, rigged her up. The lube from my reintroduction to the sleeve was still on the bed, Bonnie’s incredible rack looked mouthwatering covered in it.

Watching red try to hold those slick canons together, while the vibrating half of the strap-on worked on her, sent me to a new level of self-discipline. As horny as I was some self-denial was in order. Behind me I could hear Cathy fingering her soaked pussy panting/whispering, ‘do it already’. In front of me red was trying hard not to lose grip on her greased boobs as the vib of the strap-on drove her nut’s.

Being self-sanctimonious was something I was never good at. My body let me know exactly who was in charge when hand’s free I exploded. Probably should have grabbed my goo gun but honestly, I was as shocked as Bonnie. Her boob’s got coverage al-right; so did her face, hair and the floor behind her. Cathy, let a loud, ‘OH-MY-GOD’ loose and Bonnie melted into a cum covered, sated curl on the rug.

Me? Mr. cool? I passed out.

I’m not telling you to set this situation up for yourself, that’s your own judgment call. I can tell you when I woke up, I’ve never felt more peaceful in my life. Sandwiched by the two women, Cathy’s back against my chest, and Bonnie’s front against my back, felt like being snuggled up in a flesh sleeping bag. I needed a shower though. Doubt I could of woke those two with a stick of dynamite, still trying to crawl out undetected from between them felt like trying to split a hedge row of defenders on a push Beylikdüzü Escort up ice.

Having no, uh, distractions…the shower proved to be very cool. Every head could be adjusted to whatever you wanted. After dicking around with some levers and knobs I had my own personal water masseuse, “Man, a few of these at the rink would not be too bad at all.” Did it to myself again, “Fuck…Sunday.” Had the Rat-Pack tonight, doom Sunday tomorrow… “I’m going fishing.” With that thought the shower controls lived to see another day.

Soon as I walked out of the shower the aroma of fresh coffee hit my nose. Cathy was still looking button cute snuggled with her pillow, so it was Bonnie making the go juice at, “Damn, it’s six am?” I crashed hard for five hours and felt like I’d had a good solid eight. “The magic orgasm I guess.” When I got to the Kitchen Bonnie looked like she had a glow stick for a body, she was radiant.

“You ok red?” I got three unspoken answers in return. A cup of the hottest, best joe in the world, a kiss so soft I wasn’t sure If I’d even felt it, and a Styrofoam container of night crawlers.

“Use about three feet of line under a bobber, a quarter of a worm, and you’ll catch a ton of good-sized perch. By the way, I have two of those picnic baskets your mom gave you, both brand new. You’ll just have to tell her the truth how the one she gave you met its demise.” I was so caught up in her gentleness it took a while for me to realize she wasn’t actually starting to glow…it was the sunrise coming through the window lighting her face.

“How did you know I was…your incredible. I’ll throttle sob if he blows it with you.”

She gave me a carbon copy of Cathy’s wicked smile, spun me around and ushered me to the front door. “Then keep your mouth shut about last night.” She pushed me out but not before I got my jab in.

“Don’t tell me that, tell it to my X-rated, photo sharing, paparazzi aunt.” The door shut behind me, although not quite quick enough to mute Bonnies giggles.

After watching my feet to make sure I didn’t double time the steps and face plant, I looked up and froze. It was dead quiet except for bird’s and some insects greeting the dawn. Mist, that was losing a battle for morning supremacy to a clementine sunrise, floated everywhere. The lake was a sheet of glass, only being disturbed by fish breaking the calm to catch some unlucky breakfast bugs.

For the next three hours nothing rattled my brain. All thoughts of tonight, tomorrow, or anything else that had been bothering me got lost in my reel buzzing offline, bird songs and groovy music some blessed soul was playing from somewhere. Three hours in that environment did a ton to un-stress me, so when Cathy decided she was going to try and sneak up behind me, (I knew what she was going to try and do) my cartoon devil horns came out.

By now it was getting Beyoğlu Escort close to ten A.M, so neighbors jolted out of slumber by a female scream wasn’t a big concern to me. My dunk in the lake had been my choice, no way that was going to happen again because she was being a smart ass. I waited till the dock made a definite dip into the lake and quickly leaned forward, sure as shit Cathy went flying over me, swearing up a storm as she did.

The stringer of fish and worm tub got left on the dock while little old me skedaddled to safety. I could just see her resurfacing in front of me, dragging me down to the depths. That wasn’t about to happen.

Next to the dock was a boat launched that dropped of pretty quick. I was waiting for Cathy to pop up in front of the dock, instead she started to slowly emerge from the lake, moving up the launch ramp. Her eyes had conveyed a lot of emotions to me, fire and brimstone was a new one. Might of been scary, but the rest of her followed suit.

That white lace up top and pleated cotton skirt that had made her look so country sweet yesterday was now soaking wet. I had seen her dressed in some memory etching outfits, but the simple addition of water made this one scorching. It was if

the mist from earlier this morning had gathered around her, just thick enough to make you wonder if you were seeing what you thought you were.

A slight paling of her tanned skin was about the only clue she was clothed. The dark circles of her areola’s, mixed with just the trace of sweet peach between her thigh’s, eroticated (yeah, I made a word up) everything around me. This was it, there wasn’t going to be a better time.

Standing in front of me, a confused look replaced the fire in her eyes, “Cathy, don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

During the girl’s bathroom break back at the mall I’d excused myself from the table to go shopping. Now I was digging under, and up into, my car seat for the package I’d bought. I found the box and burned a trail back to my aunt. Cathy let out the softest, most excitedly confused ‘baby’ when my knee hit the ground. Wasn’t much of a ring, but that diamond caught the late morning sun with a rainbow of colors.

“There will be no better time, Cathy. This is what were all about. Responsible goof’s is what we are…you hear that music? Smell that sweetness in the air? Two nuts from the same tree, just a higher and lower branch. I’d never even thought of marriage till now, and yeah, it’ll be hard to pull off…but I only want you forever. Know this too ok, whatever you say, I’ll be your friend first always. Will you marry me?”

I barely got the ring on her before she fell on me excitedly repeating ‘YES’ over and over. Of course, she’s a girl, and her ‘bestie’ was only a few yards away, so before I knew it, I was alone. Judging from the sonic boom screaming coming from the cabin, it was assumed the news and ring were up to snuff.

The perch I’d got were cleaned, Bonnie gave me the new picnic basket, (complete with ice for the fish) and we started to head out. I got Cathy to drive, all my energy had faded it didn’t feel safe for me to drive. The hum of the tires on the highway soon had me asleep. I was out till we pulled into the yard.

Mom was on the porch, she looked majorly pissed.

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