Auntie’s Panties


I was supposed to be home alone that day.At least that was the plan.It was the break between college semesters and I was staying near the beach with my uncle and his girlfriend, Pam. The plan had originally been to come down with a pal and spend the week blowing off steam before classes started back. A supervised vacation in the eyes of my parents –one where I couldn’t get into too much trouble since there was adult supervision.But, at the last minute, my friend had to back out. I could have just stayed home, but instead, I was excited. This presented me with a different type of opportunity. I packed up my suitcase with swim trunks, jeans, t-shirts…and a week’s worth of panties. Some of them were purchased, but most were secretly pilfered from ex-girlfriends and relatives. I could hardly contain my erection on the drive down wearing pink, nylon panties beneath my shorts. I planned on indulging myself all week with my little stash.But that changed the first night.Taking a shower I glanced in the laundry basket and caught a glimpse of Pam’s panties. It wasn’t a tiny, uncomfortable thong or boring white granny panties. They were black satin with a red rose pattern.My first instinct was to snatch them, but I worried they’d be missed. So, I ended up dressing in some shorts and pair of navy boy short panties that I’d brought with me –a pair that I’d originally slipped out of the drawer of my freshman girlfriend’s roommate. And thinking to myself I’d check out Pam’s drawer on Monday when they were at work.By the time the weekend ended, I could hardly contain myself. I ate breakfast with Pam and my uncle. Then, I waited patiently for them to leave and let another hour pass to make sure nobody had to circle back for a forgotten briefcase or laptop. Time seemed to stop!Finally, when I felt safe, I allowed myself to sneak into their room. I took off all my clothes first –the gym shorts I’d slept in and a pair of cheap, black panties I’d bought online. My hard cock led the way when I walked through the door.The top drawer in their bureau was for Pam’s underwear. It looked like a bomb had gone off. The drawer was stuffed full and in disarray. There was everything one could want, thongs, boy shorts, bikinis. Every material and every color. Nice patterns. It was like she’d gone to the mall and robbed Victoria’ Secret…and then hit Frederick’s and all the department stores on her way out. I was paralyzed isvecbahis trying to decide what I wanted. And then I remembered I had all day. Or all week!I pulled a pair off the top, VS Second Skin satin bikinis. They were mint green background with a floral background. I relished sliding them up my thighs. They were just a bit snug and the head of hard prick peaked out.I strutted around the bedroom feeling great. I loved the way they felt. I liked the way I looked in the mirror. I was going to relax but then decided to look in her other drawers.The next drawer down was more intimates. Bras. Slips. Pantyhose. And stockings. It was the last one that got my attention. I grabbed a pair of black silky hose. The garter belts weren’t in the same drawer, but I found them in another one that contained her nightgowns and other lingerie. There wasn’t one to match the mint green of the panties, so I picked a white one.My cock became impossibly hard. I went to the bathroom and looked in the hamper. It hadn’t been emptied yet, so I dug around and found the panties from the weekend –the black ones with the red roses.I pulled down the panties I was wearing, wrapped the others around my prick, and started jacking off. I only wanted to stroke until I got close, but I couldn’t help myself. In less than two minutes I was erupting. My cum dripped onto the floor and filled Pam’s black panties. I nervously wiped away what I could and tucked them back in the hamper, assuming nobody would ever notice. And then I put up the other things, put on my trunks, and went to spend the day at the beach.By mid-afternoon, I felt like I was wasting the day. Not only could I have tried on more panties, I decided I was limiting myself. I wanted to go all the way in Pam’s things. It was an opportunity I didn’t get that often.Tuesday morning was even more agonizing than Monday. I still waited an hour after they left, but it was excruciating.I walked into the room naked again. There was a sexy, black silk dressing gown hanging on the door and I put it one while I rummaged around.Pam’s closet was filled with tempting options. Power suits with sexy short skirts. Cocktail dresses. Even a very sexy, sleeveless jumpsuit. I was considering going all out. Panties, bra, slip, stockings, dress, all the way.This time I spent more time on the panties. I sorted through the drawer looking for something amazing. I settled on zebra print satin boy isveçbahis giriş shorts with an electric pink waistband and matching lace around the legs. There was a matching bra –36 DD– that I intended to put on too. I laid them on the bed and went to the bottom drawer to pick out a black lace garter belt. That’s when my plans changed.At the bottom of the drawer was the sexiest gown I’d ever seen. Silky, black and ankle length with an open back only broken up by crisscrossing spaghetti straps that resembled a corset. I had to try it on.I hung up Pam’s robe and slipped into her panties. Again, my cock was so hard that the tip peaked past the waistband. The gown was slinky and tight and without the open back, it would have never fit my shoulders. I was rock hard.I went back to the guest bedroom I was using. I found the cheap nylon panties I’d been wearing the day before –I didn’t want to accidentally fill Pam’s again. I rubbed my swollen prick through the gown until I couldn’t wait any longer, lifted it, wrapped the cheap black panties around my cock and jacked off until I erupted.Lying there catching my breath, I realized I was exhausted from the adrenaline rush. Part of me wanted to put everything up and take a nap. But a larger part of me wanted to nap in the nightie. I don’t remember making a choice. I just laid there. And eventually dozed off.I woke to someone clearing their throat.Pam.I was lying on top of the covers. The gown was still pulled up. The panties pull down. And my cock was out.It wasn’t even noon–I had no idea why she was home.My first instinct was to cover up…but then I realized I would be pulling up her panties…pulling down her gown. I just froze.I heard a washer filling in the distance.”And I was going to question your uncle, but I think I understand these now.”Pam was holding her panties, the floral ones I’d filled with cum the previous day.She walked over to the bed. Choosing the best of bad options, I pulled the panties up to cover my exposed prick.”I thought maybe you’d get bored alone so I came home to surprise you. I guess I succeeded.”I had no idea what to say.Pam sat on the edge of the bed. She was still dressed for work –a sexy pin-striped skirt and blazer and a silky white blouse. She was a great looking woman, a tall brunette with striking blue eyes, tanned skin, and great tits. That just seemed to make things more awkward.”Well, this is new for me,” isveçbahis yeni giriş she said. “I’ve seen a lot of shit, but this is new.”I was still speechless.”You don’t sniff the panties, too? I dated a weirdo in college that I caught doing that.””No,” I responded…finally able to talk.”Oh, you just like to wear them?”Speechless again.”Does your family know you’re gay?””I’m not gay,” I protested.”So you just like to dress up?” she said.I nodded.”Looks like you really like it.” She nodded down at my cock.Despite the situation, it was getting stiff again. And nothing I could do would stop it. The situation was weirdly exciting. She wasn’t the first to see me dressed up. I’d dated girls who were accepting, even if they weren’t exactly enthusiastic. And dressing with them had always been part of our sex life.Pam threw the dirty panties in her hand my way.”Here you go,” she said. “Take care of that.”I sat there without saying anything.”Go ahead,” she said.”I will.”I expected her to leave and the conversation to end. Despite being aroused, I just wanted out of her gown.”Now,” she said. “Go ahead.””What?” I responded.”Do you need help? I assume you did just fine on your own earlier.” There was just a hint of something in her voice. Anger?She picked up the dirty panties again, moved closer, and dropped them on my prick. Then she put her hand over it and gave a few rubs.”Are you worried about your uncle?” she asked. “We have an arrangement. I do my thing, he does his, we don’t talk about it, and we’re both very happy.””I don’t want to,” I said, embarrassed.”Well,” she said. “Then I guess I’ll just have to tell your uncle how I found you. You think he’ll tell your parents? I bet he’ll feel like he should.”I was defeated.I pulled down the panties I was wearing and wrapped my cock in the black satin floral print. I started stroking, not feeling at all erotic at first, but slowly got into it. Pam’s eyes were locked on me.”That’s quite a cock for a college boy,” she said.I started rubbing it faster. It felt good but I didn’t know if I could get off. I was still nervous.Pam reached over and put her hand over mine. She guided me. Together we stroked my swollen cock. I started moaning. I couldn’t help myself. Once again, I exploded in Pam’s panties. She kept tugging with me until every drop was spent.After, I was struck with the same problem as before, cover up with her panties or nightie, or stay exposed.Fortunately, Pam didn’t linger.”I’m going to the beach,” she said. “You can come hang out with me if you want. I trust you’ll put my stuff back where you found it?”I nodded.She looked at the cum stained panties I’d just filled.

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