Aunty Carol – Family Secrets Ch. 03


Chapter 3.. Aunty Carole Keeps her Promise

This is the continuation of a story which took place in the early 1980’s with my mothers sister Carole, names have been changed but the basis of this story is factual and the process of recollection is wonderful pleasure.

Having been at aunty Carole and uncle Jeffs house now for 4 days things were beginning to hot up on every level, it was vastly becoming the summer of sex for this horny young man, living the kind of experiences I’d only every dreamed about and wanked over were becoming reality and it was bloody amazing!

For two nights now my mothers sister Carole who was hosting me and my sister Gill for a summer holiday had visited my room, wanked me off, exposed her naked body to me, allowed me to play with her hairy muff and big tits and then last night she sucked my cock to the biggest and hardest orgasm I’d ever experienced… Life is pretty amazing right now!

Thinking through all the events, there was just so much going through my head. Obviously all of my fun with Carole, but other deeper feelings were also stirring and causing me great excitement, this was because my own sister had come into my room as I pretended to sleep and took a good long look at my naked body and my post wank flaccid cock, I was shocked to think that she really was interested in me in that way, and could this go any further?.

However it was mums phone call early last night that kept my mind occupied and my dirty thoughts spiraling out of control, just the way she suggested that Aunty Carole was “Looking after me” and the tone of her voice was so much different to that of a mother just checking all was well. Things were beginning to piece together and even if I was totally wrong some recent events now seemed to have more connections and reasons for happening than ever before, let me explain.

Last summer whilst Aunty Carole and Uncle Jeff visited us one weekend at our home in Warwickshire I happened to stumble over my aunty taking a bath with the bathroom door slightly open, being the horny young guy I was I took a peek around the door to get more that I bargained for, my eyes nearly popped out as there before my peering eyes her full breasts were visible, her naked body exposed and just a hint of pubic hair in the bubbles of the soapy water. This happened twice whilst they stayed that weekend and only happened when my sisters were out of the house and conveniently when Dad and Jeff had gone to the boozer. Then I remember that the same week end whilst sat alone with only mum and Carole I often got glimpses flashes of bare skin up Carol skirt and she seemed so very casual with how she sat on the sofa opposite me, she was either very relaxed or intentionally exposing her bare legs and panties to me.

Now following that week I then began to have the same bathroom opportunities and experience with mum which had never ever happened before, she had always closed the the door but now it was almost never closed. Mum became noticeably more relaxed around the house as far as being seen in her underwear than ever before and incidentally only when it was just us two alone together. It didn’t dawn on me at the time that all these activities may be connected but now looking back there is a strong case to suggest so.

So there I was in my morning slumber reliving the horny memories of the past few days, aunty Carole was up and preparing go to work, Gill was in the attic room above me and still in her bed as I could hear her whenever she turned over in bed. I kinda knew Carole would be in at some point with a cup of tea for me and this time I didn’t bother to cover up knowing she’d be happy to see my hard cock in my hand. True to form footsteps on the stairs soon followed by a light knock as she pushed the door open with a mug of tea in her hand.

“Wow, now thats a sight a woman could get used to every morning!” She giggled “Hope its me you’re thinking about?”

“Yes of course,” I smiled “it’s just hard all the time for some reason Aunty Carole!” I laughed

With a giggle and kiss on the forehead she said “I think you should drop the Aunty now, just call me Carole.”

She placed the mug down on the bedside and sat on the edge of the bed, she looked a million dollars with a dark blue skirt, light blue blouse, stocking and heels. The blouse was just like yesterdays blouse, buttoned in such a way a very noticeable amount of cleavage was on show and almost impossible not to be drawn towards such a wonderful feminine sight.

“Do you think I look sexy in this Steven?” she quizzed

“God yes!, you look incredibly sexy aunt… I mean Carole.”

“I feel incredibly sexy too,” she whispered “just like you I masturbated this morning, and it was you I was thinking about.”

My cock twitched, the thought of this mature woman masturbating was amazing, now that is a horny thought for any young man to consider.

“Now I have to go to work young man,” and with that she stood up, bent right over and place her red lipstick coated mouth over my swollen cock, and then Ankara bayan escort just slid me further and further into her mouth.

“Uuuuum,” she groaned “Cant wait for some more of that!”

And then she spun oh her heels and was on her way out the door giggling to herself. I listened intently as she must have picked up another mug and went upstairs to Gill, I could hear Gill move about as Aunty Carol entered and could hear the sound of a conversation but couldn’t quite make out any words. They chatted for a few minutes before I heard her coming back down and to my surprise she popped her head in the door.

“Think I caught your sister doing the same as you this morning,” she said quietly as she placed a finger to her lips and winked at me, then she was skipping off down the stairs and out the door.

Wow, this week was turning into a whole new world for me, a sexual awakening of huge impact, not only was the crush I’d had on my aunty being fulfilled but my sister was showing a sexual interest in me to. It was so horny the think my own sister, a girl, masturbates too.. What a insight in to the sexual world of women I was having.

I sipped my tea and lay my head back on my pillow, “just another few minutes and I’ll get up.” I thought to myself, some time later I heard the sound of Gill getting out of bed and moving across the floor, she was unusually light on her feet as maybe didn’t want to make too much noise and then I heard her door creek open. Maybe she was going to the toilet or something but like yesterday I decide to play asleep and like yesterday my flaccid cock was uncovered for all to see.

Listening intently I could just make out the sound of her descend the stairs and through almost closed eyes I could see the shadow of a figure at my door opening, she must have stood there for 2 minutes just looking in on whatever it was she could see, and I knew full well what she was looking at. Moments later she left, made her way to the toilet before heading back up the attic stairs into her room.

As I lay there contemplating all of this sexual tension in this house right now it became apparent my sister was indeed masturbating in her bed in the room above me, it was only a very subtle sound but noticeable all the same. A rhythmical creek was resonating down from her floorboards which maybe she couldn’t hear as clearly as me. As you’d expect she was trying to be as quiet as possible but it was clear that she was moving in such a way as to cause her floorboards to creek only very lightly but just enough to spike my interest.

My cock was quickly at full mast as I blocked out all peripheral sound in a bid to hear as much as I could, as the sound increased in volume it also increased in its frequency, I wasn’t sure exactly how women and girls liked to masturbate but she was shifting her hips quicker and quicker, and harder and harder. Soon it was as though she didn’t care (or probably too intense to realise) about the noise and she was about to complete her objective, suddenly it stopped, the sound changed from rhythmical to just shifting about and then it slowly faded away into silence.

So there I was, laying in my bed, not even 10am and I’d had a nice slow wank, had my aunty come into my room and kiss my hard cock, had my sister spy on me briefly and then take herself back to bed to masturbate, and I hadn’t come yet myself, wowzer!

Not long later I heard Gill get up and start milling around, when she came down the stairs I covered up just in time as she knocked and entered my room, I did notice her take a couple of quick glances down at my waist whilst we chatted.

“Tea?” she chirped.

“Er, please,” I replied “Whats the plan for today?”

“Well the guys are all going to the Lido today so I thought maybe we can go there?, Donna will be going too,” she giggled.

“Cool, all good with me,” I replied, after all with the way today was going spending a day with girls in swim suits was right up my street!

Gill returned 5 mins later with tea and all was as though nothing had happened and we agreed to go out around 11am.

The day went well, lots of pretty ladies in swim suits, some one piece and many in bikini’s which was even better. Donna indeed was there and of all the new friends we had made she would be the one who I’d most like to snog and cop off with, Dark brown long hair, big brown eyes and lovely big boobs, she was perfect.

I did spend quite a lot of the day chatting with Donna and playing around in the pool but wasn’t sure if I was getting any closer to that kiss or any possible chance of a fondle of those lovely big boobs, which incidentally she must have seen me ogling on many occasions throughout the day.

Plans were made to meet later after tea and hopefully I’d be able to make some moves on Donna as I didn’t seem to be making the kind of progress Gill was making with Paul, a number of time I saw them toe to toe in the pool and I’m certain they weren’t practice dance moves, Gill often had her hands under the water and Paul most certainly Escort bayan Ankara looked like a very happy boy.

I decided as I watch my pretty sister playing with some guy in the pool that she, like me was becoming very sexually aware, so much so that she was already ahead of me in that experience and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I found this very arousing.

Heading back home for tea and Aunty Carole was already there when we skipped through the front door, the usual chit chat ensued whilst Gill and I sat at the kitchen table and all that time I was admiring my aunts figure and curves. As she stood at the sink peeling potatoes the sunlight made her blouse quite transparent and l was able to see the clear outline of her heavy breasts in a lacy pretty bra. Not sure if Gill was enjoying it as much as I was but she too was having a nice long look at the sexy view of her heavenly big breasts.

So dinner passed without signs of any secrets being given away and we chatted together for a while before Gill made an exit to get ready to go back out, me being a guy just needed to clean my teeth and spray on some Mandate aftershave I brought from Boots The Chemist. Whilst Gill was upstairs Carol asked about my day and went on to tell me she’d been feeling very horny all day thinking about me and how she loved discovering me with my hard-on this morning.

“I was wet all day,” she whispered, “I do get exceptionally wet down there whenever I’m really turned on you know.”

“Did you touch yourself?” I asked feeling a bit shy about the conversation

“No,” she replied “Sometimes its very difficult not to but if I resist I usually have a tremendous orgasm whenever I get home and have a little play, other times I just have to go to the ladies and deal with it!” she giggle trying to look all coy and sheepish.

“So tell me about the girls and boys you’ve met?” she quizzed, “have you got your eye on a young lady?”

I went on to tell her about Gill having met some guy called Paul and they were very much into each other and that they were kinda copping off at the pool earlier, and then when I mentioned Donna she quizzed me further, it was quite funny talking to an older woman about another much younger girl that I fancied, but it was also very exciting knowing the taboo that I shared with Aunty Carole. Just as the conversation was getting a little warmer Gill bounced down the stairs looking a million dollars and was ready to go.

15 minutes later we had arrived at the amusement arcade as agreed and there was about 10 of us in total, Gill as expected made a bee line for Paul and I was soon chatting with the lovely Donna. She looked divine and the tight T shirt she had on did little to cover the shape and size of her breasts, in fact I’d say they looked even more magnificent tonight that ever before.

However as we chatted Donna began to complain of not feeling to good and to be fair the colour began to drain from her face, now I had a dilemma, go against my principle of not leaving my sister even though I was sure she’d be ok, or do I offer to be the gentleman and walk Donna back to her place. Gill seemed more than happy for me to go and even winked at me as to say, let me get on with what I’d doing and you walk Donna back and be alone together.

So it was decided I’d take her back and I’d see Gill back at ours later, as it turned out the walk was just what we needed and Donna was more chatty, more open and more fun than when with the crowd of others. I had to tell her to stop apologising about this and that it was fine with me.

“Actually,” I told her “I prefer to be alone with you that with everybody else.”

She did seem a little surprised at this and it evoked a big gleaming smile. We were soon at their place and I was about to say goodbye when she turned right into me, looked up at me and said,

“Thank you for being so nice, you’re different for the other boys.” and with that she tiptoed and planted a big kiss right on my lips.

Not only was that just perfect, but I felt her heavy boobs press against my chest which was just sublime. There was a little pause until I returned the kiss and then told her to go in and get some rest and hopefully I’ll see her tomorrow.

For a moment I thought about me responsibility to my sister and then thought of being at home alone with Aunty Carol, it was a brief thought but I guess Gill wanted to be alone with Paul and do whatever she wanted, and I certainly had plenty of thoughts about being home with my aunt, so I headed back home.

Arriving back only an hour after we left I slipped in the back door and kicked my trainers off, I could hear Aunty Carole chatting and realised she was on the phone, probably Uncle Jeff I guessed, however just as I got closer to the hallway I could make the conversation out clearer and the voyeur in me paused to listen in.

Aunty Carole said something about “how much she was enjoying having him here, and that he was turning into a very handsome and sexy young man”, the tone and giggle Bayan escort Ankara was so obvious in its meaning that I knew it was me she was talking about and in exactly what context it was meant, apparently “Taking extra special care of him” was an absolute pleasure “If you know what I mean?” she again giggled.

I backed off down the passage and opened and closed the back door making sure I was easily heard and then shouted through to say hello and told her it was only me. Aunty Carole said to come through to the lounge as she was on the phone, as I walked in there she looking so womanly and sexy, still in her blouse and skirt but now with no heels, stocking still on and at least one extra blouse buttons undone.

Carole was sitting on one of the big velour sofa which backed onto the big bay window at the front, heavy net curtains kept prying eyes out but allowed plenty of the early evening sunlight to flood in, she was still chatting on the phone and still giggling as I sat opposite and whilst she talked she looked right at me licked her lips seductively. This is still one of those moments that I have stored in my Virtual Wank Bank because as I sat down and admired my beautiful aunty she unbuttoned the remaining buttons and let her blouse fall to either side of her breast.

Those magnificent full and heavy breast perfectly cradled in a light blue and white lacy bra looked so womanly, so big and fleshy and so god damn sexy, I was in perving heaven!

“Yes, he’s just come back in,” Carol said, returning to her call, “Would you like to speak with him?”

“Strange!” I thought, “I don’t usually chat with Jeff that much, but hey, why not?”

“OK, will do, here he is,” she said and began to lean towards me holding the phone ensuring I got a full on view of her tightly packed bra.

“it’s your mum!” she smiled.

Well I guess the look on my face must have said it all as she just sat back with the biggest grin on her face and could barely contain herself from laughing aloud.

“Er, hi mum” was all I could think of to say, whilst all the time looking right back at Carole who just sat there with her shirt undone and lacy cover breasts on full show for my personal pervy viewing.

We chatted about this and that and then I realised that what Aunty Carole had said earlier was to Mum and not to Jeff!, she had only been telling my mum, her sister just how handsome and sexy a young man I was becoming and that she was “Taking good care of me” OMG!

Well my mind was in a complete frenzy by now and all this time I’m thinking all these things Carole is making it easier and easier for me to see up her skirt as she opens her legs a fraction wider and wider, as I sat back into the sofa I could begin to see the tops of her sheer stocking and then the blue and white of her panties.

“Stephen, are you still there?” mum questioned

“Er yes mum, sorry,” I excused, “just a little distracted, sorry.”

“It’s fine young man,” she assured me “you spend some time with Aunt Carole, I know she’ll look after you very well.” And as before the sound of her voice, the tone of it just made it feel she had full knowledge of the current situation!

Moments later she was gone and I handed the phone back to my aunt and she said her goodbyes

“So where’s Gill?” she asked.

“Oh she’s with Paul and the others but I walked Donna back as she wasn’t feeling too good.”

“Oh bless you,” she said, “A right proper gentlemen aren’t you?” and with a look right into my eyes she followed up with “Or did the prospect of being alone here with me have any bearing on it?”

“Well it had crossed my mind for sure,” I laughed, “its not often your sexy aunt leaves her lipstick on your cock in the morning now is it!” and that brought the laughter out in both of us.

Things then moved pretty quickly as she jumped from the sofa, held her hand out and said “In that case you’d better come with me young man, that is.. if you want to of course?”

“All yours,” was my reply to which she smiled and just said “Thats what I was hoping for!”

Moments later I was in Carole and Jeffs bedroom toe to toe with my mums sister and kissing passionately, Carole was almost ripping my clothes off and pushed my pants down with my jeans, I was naked in 30 seconds flat and standing to attention as you’d expect. I pushed the blouse off her shoulders and Aunty Carole reached around to unclip her bra, it was then I got a full, in your face look at the object of my desires and the image of my pervy thoughts, and let me tell you, they were amazing tits!

I just stood for a moment admiring them until I felt Carole’s hands on mine lifting them up and placing them on her fleshy orbs. Her breasts were heavy full breasts which formed a natural tight cleavage without any squeezing in, her nipples were bigger than most I’d seen in any porno mags and I soon found out for real just how sensitive they can be for some women.

My first touch and roll of her nipples was met with a deep intake of breath and gasp of pleasure, a deep throaty groan which I kinda guessed was a perfect reflection of the pleasure it gave her, however I soon got to understand this wasn’t going to be sensual love making but this was a wanton woman in need of something she was out to take for herself.

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