Aye Babe


“Aye babe, I can’t believe we are really to going to meet.” Gaby said in her sexy Latina voice. I loved when she called me babe. We had met online in a chat room about sixteen months ago. As time passed we exchanged phone numbers and began talking almost daily. We talked about all kinds of things but never mentioned meeting each other. That all changed about three weeks ago when I heard her laugh. Her husband had almost caught her talking with me. She hung up quickly. Within five minutes she called me back. She said he almost caught her. Then she laughed the most seductive laugh I have ever heard. I knew right then I had to be with her. “I know Gabs. I am so looking forward to hearing your sexy laugh in person.” She laughed again. Oh yea, she definitely seduced me with her laugh. “Really babe? We are going to meet?” “Yea. I mean if you want to.” “Oh yes. I was hoping you would ask to meet me.” “Then it’s a date.” “Aye Daniel. I’m so excited.” “Me too Gabs. It will be fantastic.” We found a date that was suitable for both of us. The plane tickets were purchased and I found us a romantic hotel on the beach. I couldn’t wait to meet my angel. Our chats had become increasing sexual in the past few months. There was no cyber-sex but we both knew what each other was thinking. And now in less than five days I was hoping all of what we intimated at would become a reality. She was nine years younger than me and Latina, both of which aroused me. She had long black hair and the most beautiful dark brown eyes I had ever seen. Tall and slim with a cocoa colored skin that made my mouth water. Gaby truly was an angel to me. The days passed and soon it was time to head to the airport for our rendezvous. I would fly from Pittsburgh and arrive in Orlando a few hours before her. Her flight from Mexico was to Houston and then on to Orlando. Luckily I had an appointment in Florida that allowed me the opportunity to make the trip without arousing my wife’s suspicions. After arriving at the airport I called Gabriela to let her know I was about to head off for our long awaited meeting. She was at her cousin’s home in Houston when I called her. We both were excited as we talked about soon being together. “I can’t wait to be with you.” She said anxiously. Oh, that sexy Latina accent got me every time. To be with me. I loved how that sounded. She didn’t say meet me. She said to be with me. I got chills as I imagined the possibilities. “I’ll be waiting Maltepe Escort for you at the gate in Orlando Gabs.” I couldn’t rest at all on the flight down. My mind just kept imagining all sorts of things. Should I really be doing this? I mean we are both married. Is this crazy? Yea, it was crazy, but I so wanted to be with Gabriela. I arrived in Orlando three hours ahead of her. I rented a car for us and loaded my luggage in it. Then making my way back to the terminal I awaited Gaby’s arrival. The time seemed to go by so slowly. And then, I heard them announce her plane had arrived. I stood where I could watch all the passengers come into the terminal. Since I had never met Gaby in person, I was hoping I would recognize her among all the other women on the plane. I didn’t have to worry. There she was. Her smile was even sexier than in her pictures. My God, she was beautiful. Her long black hair seemed to float around her head as she headed towards me. We almost ran to meet each other. She dropped her bags and put her arms around me. “Mmmm. Now that was some hello kiss.” I thought to myself. I finally had her in my arms. It was an incredible feeling. I didn’t want to ever let her go. I think she felt the same way because we just hugged and kissed for several moments. “Aye babe.” That was all she said as our lips parted. She didn’t have to say anymore. I totally agreed with her. We held hands as we made our way to the tram. After boarding we talked and gazed into each other’s eyes as we headed to baggage claim. I was wondering if she wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to kiss her. I settled for holding her close. We arrived at the luggage pick-up. As we waited for her bags to arrive we kissed again. This time it was quite a bit more passionate. She pulled me tight to her and our mouths devoured each other’s. Tongues probed and danced wildly. My cock became rock hard as she pressed herself against me. Fearing becoming too aroused we stopped kissing and just held each other close. Finally her bags arrived and we made our way anxiously to the car. There were far fewer people in the garage than at the luggage pick-up. Again we engaged in an incredibly passionate kiss. We even referred to it in our future conversations as ‘The Kiss’. I pressed her tight against the car as our bodies tried to become one. We were both panting as our lips pressed so tight that it made breathing difficult. I could feel Maltepe Escort Bayan her hard nipples pressing into my chest. I wanted so much to take her right there. “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm”. She moaned in short quick bursts. I knew she was about to cum. I leaned her over the fender of the car and ground my rock hard cock against her anxious pussy. Both our hearts were pounding. Her hips were jumping to meet the thrusts of my cock against her She grabbed the back of my shirt and almost ripped it off of me. “Mmmm. Aye Daniel.” Her sexy Latina accent softly screamed out my name as she exploded with orgasm. Her sensual moans and soft sexy scream was more than I could handle. My cock pulsed and I shot load after load of my hot cum into my boxers. It was my turn to moan. “Mmmm.” We kissed each other softly as our bodies calmed. I held her tight as our hearts gradually slowed their pounding beat. “You are even more beautiful than I had imagined Gabs.” She smiled and kissed me softly as I opened the car door for her. We managed to hold our emotions in check on the drive to Cocoa Beach. We talked more and I don’t even remember much of what we said. I loved her accent and watching her lips move as she spoke. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. I had rented to penthouse suite for us. It was the only room on the top floor and it afforded not only privacy, but a bit more luxury than the normal rooms. Upon entering the room we both noticed the incredible ocean view from both the living room and the bedroom. It had an enormous king sized poster bed. The setting was very romantic. Off the bedroom was a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. “This is perfect.” Gabriela said as she pulled me closer. We didn’t bother to unpack. We were both starving. So we headed off to a small restaurant overlooking the ocean. It was late in the evening so it wasn’t very busy. Our table was in a corner with a great view of the ocean. I have no idea what we ate or what we talked about. All I can remember is how beautiful Gaby looked in the ambient light of the restaurant. Her eyes sparkled as she talked and it made me want her even more, if that was possible. We held hands and walked along the beach on our way back to the penthouse. Gaby remarked how well our hands fit together. I was wondering how well our other body parts would fit together. As we entered the penthouse, the moonlight was cascading through the windows. We walked Escort Maltepe through the living room and into the bedroom. Before I could say anything, Gaby pushed me onto the bed. She laughed as she jumped onto the bed and straddled me with her legs. “I hope you don’t mind babe, but I’ve wanted this for so long I don’t want to wait any longer.” I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me. “I’ve wanted you ever since we met.” I replied looking into her deep brown eyes. We were like wild animals ravaging a piece of meat. Our mouths devoured each other’s once again with insanely passionate kisses. We were both panting. Our hearts were beating wildly. I had imagined a long slow night of foreplay, but now I couldn’t wait to have her. She rose up and began to take off her jacket. I eagerly offered my assistance. Soon my hands were on the buttons of her shirt. She helped with a few of the buttons. It was arousing to know she was as eager as I was. As I pushed her shirt open, her breasts came into view in the pale light. They were silhouetted against the moonlight. Her nipples stood erect as if begging to be sucked. Her breasts were not large but they were very firm and her nipples poked skyward. I licked my lips in anticipation of my next move. I sat up and surrounded her left nipple with my lips. She tasted so sweet. She grabbed the back of my head and held me tight against her. I licked and sucked each of her succulent breasts. Her nipples were so hard and warm. I loved the feel of them on my lips and tongue as I slowly circled each one. Gaby moaned softly as she kept tight grip on my head. My mouth continued to caress her tits. I could feel her heart beating in her chest. It was pounding as wildly as mine was. “Aye Daniel. I’ve dreamed of this moment.” “Tonight, we will make all our dreams come true Gabs.” As I sucked her nipples in and out of my mouth, she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off of me. My hands fumbled at her belt. She leaned to the side so that I could slide her pants off of her. I raised my hips and she pulled my pants down to my ankles. I sat back and looked at her. The subtle curves of her hips outlined against the window. Her nipples still rock hard and standing at attention. She wore a black tanga which complimented her sleek hips and smooth round ass. It was as though I was looking at a picture of every man’s fantasy woman. But tonight, she was mine. All mine. As she reached for my boxers I could feel her hands trembling. My body trembled too but I was sure it was for a different reason. I slid off her tanga as she pulled down my boxers. We lay beside each other totally naked. I couldn’t stop admiring her incredible body. I kept thinking I was going to wake up and this would be all a dream.

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