Back in TownSo Pretty In Pink


Miss Honey’s back in town,with a special gift for me,a pretty pink cock cage,to which she’ll hold the key.”Come here, Dear!” she said,”and pull your panties down,I have something you isveçbahis must wear,when Mama’s not around.”She stroked my cock and ballsbut wouldn’t let me cum,until she shoved isveçbahis giriş her fist,deep inside my bum.O YES, I cleaned my mess,as Miss H taught me to,and when she had to isveçbahis yeni giriş pee,my face became her loo.When the pretty cage was on,she said she had to go,now that she was sure,I couldn’t play below.She’d be on a plane to Spain,in two shakes of my tail,in it’s itty bitty cage,she brought and bought on sale.So I thanked her for her time,andthe thoughtful gift she gave,for I was born to be,her sissy slut and slave.

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