Bad Date?


I had just opened a can of Pepsi when I heard the front door slam and my sister Sara mumbling to herself. I walked into the living room to see Sara in a pair of black leggings and a “vintage” Sex Pistols t-shirt sitting on the couch looking pissed at the world.

“Bad date”, I asked talking a sip of my drink.

“Fuck you”, she snapped.

“Whoa, easy there little girl.”

“Fuck you. Fuck him. And fuck every guy in the world.”

It appeared her date did not go well.

“I went to all the trouble of getting ready for a date and that asshole decides he would rather hang out at his friend’s house,” Sara ranted.

“Well first off, maybe a party would have been fun. Second off, throwing on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt isn’t much trouble,” I retorted.

“Well first off, a party might have been fun. But they wanted to play video games. Just the two of them. He wanted me to give him a blowjob before he dropped me off here, then go play video games. Second off, throwing on leggings and a t-shirt isn’t any trouble, but doing my hair and shaving my legs is going to some trouble,” she all but yelled at me.

“You do like Mersin Escort nice. I like that you didn’t put too much makeup on, but enough to make you look good,” I said noticing she did take some time get ready.

“Thank you for noticing. Did that asshole notice? No. He didn’t even notice I don’t have a panty line.”

Standing up she turned and pulled shirt up over her ass. Without thinking, I looked and agreed there was no panty line. Then it hit me, no panty line means no panty. My sister was going commando.

“All he had to do was pay some attention to me and he would have had a great night that he could brag to his friends about. But no, the new Call of Halo or whatever the fuck it is came out,” she spat.

“Slow your roll Sara. I don’t need to hear about what you consider a great night,” I said, but now I was actually seeing Sara as a woman, not my sister.

“Oh please. If you had a girlfriend and she wanted to fuck all night you would call that a great night,” she shot back.

“God I hate that asshole,” she said.

After a series of bitches about his lack a respect for her, his shitty car, and lack manliness she Escort Mersin was now screaming in anger.

I tried to calm her down but to no avail.

“If all I wanted to was suck a dick and be stuck at home watching tv, I could have sucked you off without shaving my pussy,” she fumed and threw a pillow across the room.

I was at a loss. What could I say? So I took some advice I was given and shut the fuck up and let her go.

By now she was pacing the floor, still going off. Suddenly she stopped facing me, and pulled the front of her pants down exposing her bare mound, “do you have any idea how hard it is to get a pussy this smooth?”

“No. But it looks nice,” I said trying to keep her wrath from me. And enjoying the view.

“You’re damn right it looks good,” she said looking directly at me.

Sara grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her, “feel how smooth it is.”

Without thinking and a little scared I placed my hand on her snatch. It really was smooth.

“And on top of that I used a special wash that is flavored. Go ahead a smell it,” she instructed pushing me down to the floor.

She did smell incredible. Mersin Bayan Escort

Without even knowing what I was doing I flicked my tongue against her slit. I heard her moan lightly and then she pushed my head to her pussy. I began to lick her with a urgency I never remember having. She held my head in place as my mouth worked on her cunt and clit. Without warning she used both hands to pull my head tight against her and trust her pelvis forward and began to come. As her grip on my head loosened she stumbled backward and fell on the couch.

I stood on shaky legs trying figure out what the hell just happened.

Without a word Sara leaned forward and started unsnapping my pants. When she pulled my pants down my hard cock sprang free. She gently took my dick in her hands and slid her mouth over the head. As she started working her mouth up and down she used her hand and place both on hands on the back of her head. I took the hint and began to use a little force to push my cock further into her mouth.

Just as we were finding a good rhythm the front door opened and our parents walked in. Sara and I froze, while mom and dad paused for only a second, “when you two are finished you can join us in the kitchen if you want. Your dad is going to make a pizza,” our mother said.

I looked down at Sara, my dick still in her mouth, she shrugged and began sucking me again.

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