Banana Anyone?


Banana Anyone?I was 27 and single and enjoying being free sort of the ‘sworn to fun loyal to non’ stage in young adulthood. I lived alone in a 1-bedroom apartment and loved working on my motorcycle which I kept in my living room. Most Friday nights for me were jamming out to music, enjoying a few beers and tinkering with the bike. I dated occasionally but nothing serious. There were a few cute single girls living in my apartment that I saw around and always said hi but never really pursued them. I had had a bad experience before with dating so close to home and knew better by now. One girl in particular I always noticed as she seemed to always being walking up to her door around the same 5pm time when I got home. I had dated a few trans women in the past casually and was fairly literate on spotting the subtle ‘clues’ and so I pretty much knew her gender but didn’t let on. We exchanged smiles and hellos occasionally but nothing more. One afternoon we ended up chatting at length at the bottom of our stairwell. Nothing serious really and this one time I sort of let it slip, “Well, hey if you are ever bored, swing by and I always have cold beer in the frig.” She said “Yeah maybe sometime” but I just figured we were both being nice and didn’t mean it. About two weeks later on a Friday night, I was messing around with my bike on the living room floor with grease on my hands and un-showered and heard a knock at the door. It was her dressed pretty normal and she said, “I was on my way to the store and thought I’d take you up on the beer offer.” I said, “sure” and got us both a beer and we kicked back and chatted while I wrenched on my bike. This ended up happening a few times over the course of maybe 2 months and it always ended friendly with her staying about an hour and leaving, nothing sexual at all, we just talked and kicked back.On one of these weekend visits, she came out of nowhere and just blurted out, “How is your attitude about gender and dating” to which I replied, “If you are asking if I am gay because you never see me with anyone, the answer is no.” She then asked, “Do you know what a transgender woman is?” and I replied, “Sure, I don’t live under a rock and I’m not closed-minded.” This made her smile and she said, “Good because I am not sure if you know but I am a T-girl.” I honestly lied and just said that I didn’t know because to me, she looked just like a normal attractive woman. kaçak iddaa This lit her right up and made her happy as could be. Of course I knew from first meeting her that she was probably trans and it was cool with me.At this point, her inhibitions left her and she just said, “You are sexy and cool guy and I’d like to have fun with you.” I tried to act surprised and after asking what she had in mind, she dropped to her knees and said, “Come over here and I’ll show you.” I knew from experience what she wanted and just walked over and stood there not doing a thing. She reached up, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned the 5 front buttons to my jeans and pulled out my totally soft cock and began working on it. She acted like a dog in heat and after about 5 minutes of bomb-ass head, I took her back to my bedroom and topped her for all I was worth. After finishing, she left and went back upstairs to her unit but this eventually ended up beginning a casual and friendly FWB relationship that we were both cool with. I laid some ground rules though telling her I was totally cool with her gender but I really didn’t want a serious relationship with anyone and as long as we kept it light and casual, things were fine. In the 1 month leading up to this point, our encounters had been 100% me topping her and I was totally happy with it remaining that way. We were cuddling and talking and the subject came up about if I had ever been versatile or tried being submissive. I probably shouldn’t have but I said no, its not something I have tried and I am not sure if I want to. Truthfully, I had already tried it once in Mexico (I wrote another story here about that time) but that encounter was rushed and I felt pressured leading me not to really enjoy it.I said, “Maybe someday with the right person and in the right circumstance.” She then replied, “Well, who knows, that time could be now if you open my mind and trust me.” I just looked at her and smiled and said, “Yeah maybe.” Truthfully, she was attractive and very cool and I was definitely ok with at least trying. I had read stories from guys saying it was the most mind-blowing thing they had ever done and they loved it so I figured what the hell.She really took her time with me which truly helped plus she was not that large – maybe 5-6 inches which made things nice. We ended up repeating it occasionally maybe once a week but largely I remained the dominant one.The kaçak bahis cool thing I loved about her was that she was so chill and we talked about everything under the sun. We used ‘hot and cold therapy’ on each other at times which we both loved. Basically, we would have a glass of ice water and a cup of hot coffee on the nightstand next to the bed during sex. She loved giving me ice water blowjobs and I would sometimes take a drink of hot coffee, swallow it, and go down on her with my mouth super warm. A few times, I did it while rimming her and it really turned me on how my warm tongue once it touched her ring would instantly cause her to relax and immediately open up.We sometimes watched porn together as we made love and on one occasion, we watched a vid of a cis woman chopping up a banana inside her and pushing it out on her lover. Honestly, I was intrigued by this but didn’t really show it as I didn’t want to be seen as freakish to her. I did mention that it looked “interesting” though but I’d have to be really drunk to try something like that. Little did I know that it secretly interested her too and the following week, after we had smoked a blunt, I got the weird idea to try pushing a cherry inside her and letting her push it back out during 69. She was game given our ‘altered’ state but it didn’t go as planned. I managed to nudge it up inside her with my tongue fairly easily but it never ended up coming back out no matter how much she tried. At some point for safety, we both decided it wouldn’t work and she went to the bathroom and plopped it out while sitting on the toilet. The thought never left me though and was still intrigued by the idea so I hatched a plan of sorts to succeed at this. The next week, I bought a small bunch of green semi-ripe bananas choosing that as I reasoned they would be sufficiently stiff enough not to smash into pieces as she eased one inside her. Long story short, that night I brought the idea back up and she was game to it. We placed the banana beside us and after 69ing and getting her open and wet, she got up, I pealed the banana and handed it to her, she slid most of it in her mouth to wet it. She half squatted and half bent over and placed the tip inside her and slowly and carefully pushed it inside. She had about ¾ of it inside and I reached up and gently pushed it in the rest of the way. I distinctly recall how horny this made me. She was illegal bahis Hispanic with a really dark ass and the visual of something so light colored disappearing inside that darkness was a turn-on like nothing else. I held it inside so it wouldn’t pop out as she repositioned herself on top of me in 69. She took my cock in her mouth and began the long slow grind like she always did of building up till she could throat me. All at once, she stopped and murmured, “This is crazy, I feel awkward and I can’t believe we are doing this.” I muttered something like, “we are fine” and just got back to working on her perfect dark hole.This went on for about 30 seconds and she said, “I am not sure what I’m supposed to do but it feels so odd.” I responded in a muffled voice from the bulk of her ass in my face, “Just let things happen naturally, whatever happens, its ok.” I think the feeling of it inside her made her feel different and maybe not as mobile and free. I used my arms wrapped around her hips and pulled her back on my face even more and then repositioned my hands under both cheeks and began pressing her upwards a few inches and said, “Don’t worry baby, just let it happen” and she replied, “Oh my god, I can’t keep this inside me forever.” About that time, the tip of the banana appeared and she instinctively pinched hard to keep it inside which caused the first inch or two of the fruit to fall out and plop right on my neck. I kept rimming her feeling the rest of the banana right there ready to come out. I pulled her down hard on my mouth and just nudged the tops of her thighs in a way to signal, “Ok make it happen.” All I remember was hearing, “Oh my God, this is too much” as the full length of that banana began sliding out of her and into my mouth. When the last part of it came out, she immediately got up and kneeled next me looking at my mouth and saying, “Ok wild man, let me see it.” I opened my mouth and she instantly scooped everything out of my mouth and whisked off to the bathroom to flush it down. I just laid there devoid of any thought, staring at my rotating ceiling fan. What had we just done? Was it over the top? Was it wrong? I didn’t want to think or answer any of those questions. She came back and laid down next to me and said, “Shit, that was wild.” I never said a thing and we hugged and went to sleep. The next morning, we didn’t speak of it and never did after that either. Also we never repeated it and continued our FWB arrangement for another 2-3 months till she moved away. For the record, that banana was just as yellow and clean coming out as it was going in so no pervy stuff.

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