Based on a True Fantasy


This piece is a collaboration. I want to thank my favorite author for taking pity on me and fulfilling one of my greatest wishes. WRITING A STORY WITH ME!

Brie: Fantasy Kiss
Daddy: YouBadBoy (thank you baby)


I had a real problem.

I sat, reading the email glowing on the screen from my twenty-four old daughter, again.

She was my one and only, living in a little apartment just on the other side of town still trying to get her feet on the ground, and transiting into the real world. It’s hard. And I have a difficult time admitting it, but she feels like a soul mate. I had her when I was only 18, married a beautiful, African American, woman and produced Brie, my little girl. It hasn’t been easy and the solution THEN was contributing to my current panic.

About five years ago, when she just turned eighteen and was flowering into full adulthood we moved, bought a new house, and had financial difficulties all at the same time. Brie was going through the great passage of her life at the same time, and all hell broke loose. We fought nonstop. I separated from my wife briefly and was overcome with sadness– because Brie stayed with HER. I have never felt such sadness. I missed her. We worked hard and got through that period, and now we get along wonderfully.

I dug it out of my desk drawer.

Her first email:


I’m going to try this cause I don’t know what else to do. I Love you, but I’m not so sure about you. I’m writing this cause I can’t talk to you anymore. You stopped listening, all you ever want to do is give advice. I don’t need any advice, I need you to listen. I have so much I want to tell you. I need you. If you think this will work email me back.

Love Brie.”

She emailed me this while living in that little apartment, I cried when I read it. I had no idea. And I wrote back nothing more than…


What grew out of this little arrangement was a flood of words from my little girl, covered by the illusion of privacy offered by the Internet. All her frustrations and questions, and fears. We were more intimate than I could have ever dreamed, and with the familiarity grew a longing inside. I kept it hidden, remained an observer, a teacher, a helper. But I remember sitting at my computer and opening my mail trembling at what she may reveal, open, disclose to me in her beautiful autobiographical prose. Feelings about her body, about her face, about her breasts. Nights when she had too much to drink, what clothes she was wearing (an unbelievable turn on, I’ll admit it), her first time, fears about a test, frustrations with co-workers, her need for me. We never ever acknowledged to one another our secret email trysts, and I had noticed a deepening intimacy, but I guess I was in denial.

And now this:

“I was horny last night; in fact I still am, but anyway. I couldn’t find my favorite toy (it heats up and glows in the dark) so I had to improvise, but that isn’t the important part. I couldn’t seem to come up with an interesting fantasy so I thought about you and the moment I did the ache began to grow. So I said out loud. ‘Oh Daddy.’ Again and again and with each passing moment it grew. It didn’t take long before I came.

And dad? It was good.

So I did it again. 🙂 and another four more times before I became too tired to continue.

I suppose it does make sense. Somewhere along the line I began to associate you with a good nut. lol and though I shouldn’t be surprise by this, I am. I never had that reaction off of just thinking about anyone before.

I’ve said it before but I have to say it again — thank you, thank you, thank you.”


The smile that spread across my lips was the biggest one I’ve had in a long while. My father emailed me back, and this time he actually asked me a direct question. What a question! Over the last few months we’ve engaged in this other life, outside of the one that we lived in the “real world.”

For the longest time he was impossible to talk to. We fought all the time, but then my very best friend, Nikki, made a suggestion one day. She said, why don’t I just write him a letter. Letters were a form of one-way communication, the reader has no choice but to listen to what you have to say and they can’t get defensive and argue with you on the spot. She said people responded better to letters. So I emailed.

His first response was an, “Okay.” No arguments! I knew right then that Nikki was right. I finally got him to listen and once I had his full attention, I wasn’t going to let it go. So I let it all out, and through it all he listened.

But it wasn’t until this next email that I realized we were moving to another level, he was more than just listening, he was engaging.

He wrote:

“What did you improvise with?


I reached for my morning coffee on the side of the desk; I took a big gulp for courage. Leaning back in my chair, I began my answer.


OMG. I can’t believe you asked that. I can’t tell you something like that!!

Okay, yes I can. LOL.

It bursa escort bayan was hair roller lol. The hard plastic kind. I picked it cause it was, well… there and because it was a nice round size. The holes in the middle and the ridges at the ends add quite a bit of friction/stimulation as I worked my pussy around it.

Let me start from the beginning.

I was in my bed. It was around midnight and I remembered back to the very first time I realized what a sexy man you were. It was about 8 years ago. You were in the backyard, raking the leaves and you weren’t wearing anything but these dark shorts in the hot sun. The sun glistened on your back from the sweat and the movement of the muscles under your skin. I remembered the ache I felt looking at you. It was so good, like an itch between my legs. I knew then and there that I only wanted you to help me relieve it. I said ‘hey sexy’ when you came in the house. (Remember??) Oh and that feeling I got when you looked at me…

God. It is hot in this apartment. They have yet to fix the air conditioning, I was soaking wet that night. I remember the sweat rolling down between my breasts as I thought back to that day. My body was on fire for you, a feeling I’ve gotten used to.

My hands were moist with sweat as they traveled along the curves of my body — did I mention I sleep naked — tracing the curve of my neck, my breasts, my hard nipples, (I smiled remembering how you reassured me they were beautiful), the slight curve of my tummy (you told me that was my womb), the plumb mount of my pussy, and all I could think about was you and the sun gleaming on your skin. My big strong, Daddy.

So I began to touch myself. Opening my legs, I imagined you were in the room standing there, watching me, with my legs spread, my back arched, my pussy wet and gleaming. And I was showing you — EVERYTHING.

Oh Daddy, I’m so wet right now you just don’t know.

I stroked and found my juices coating my lips. I moved my fingers all around (so sticky) and spread the juices along the inner edge of my thighs. My scent surrounded me. I took the curler and, oh my God, I pushed…

It wouldn’t enter.

So I pressed harder, but I only felt pain. It was the shape you see. It was round, but unlike a dick, it didn’t have a rounded tip to make entry easier. So… I said your name.


And the juices really began to flow. I was so wet, so fast, it hurt. I was dying from the pleasure. So I pressing in again, it felt so good and I could feel myself opening. My little hole was taking *you* all the way in. It still hurt but I loved it. It was you, hurting me, wanting to fuck me. I loved it.

I whispered again.


More juice. I pushed again and it slid all the way in. The first thing I felt were the ridges pressing up inside of me, each individual grove.


My pussy tightened around it and I remember almost losing it, almost pushing it out, but I caught it. Once inside me it filled me, pressing up against my g spot. Juices flowed from me. I could only imagine what it looked like to someone watching me, to be able to see directly into my puss as the curler held me open.

But you were there.


You were with me, watching. You were watching as I inserted the red plastic in my body. You were watching as I played with my clit, drawing lazy circles. You were watching as the clenching of my muscles rotated the tube inside my body. You were watching as I called your name over and over and over. You were watching as I lost control in a moment, my world falling apart. Squeezing so hard, my pussy pushed the curler out me, yet again. This time I didn’t stop it and I felt all the juices trapped inside flow out from my body onto the bed sheets, as I rolled around and came in such a wonderful orgasm.

I repeated the process several times daddy and each time was better than the last.

Maybe next time you really can watch.

I’m so wet now, Daddy. My panties are soaked, my chair is wet, covered with my scent. If you want I can send them to you. Would you like that?

Your little girl, Brie.”

I clicked send and immediately buried my hands between my legs. The phone began to ring in the background. But it didn’t take long, within moments I went flying over the edge, my pussy clenching around my small fingers. It was simply too much. The shrilled noise continued on and on until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Catching my breath, I picked up the phone. It was Laura, Daddy’s friend.

“Honey? Are you okay? You sound out of breath.”

“Yeah Laura, sorry I had to run to the phone before you hung up. What’s up?”

“The preparation for your father’s surprise birthday party is almost in order. There are two problems, one, we need a place to have the party, we can’t have it here because the carpeting I ordered will not be in until the week after his birthday, and the place still looks a mess. Two, I need someone to make sure he arrives on time while I’m putting everything in motion and considering how close you two nilüfer escort have become recently I thought it would be nice if you do it.”

Taking a deep breath, I settled back into my chair. “Sure, I’ll distract him and make sure he gets there on time. Have we decided on the lie, yet?”

“Yes. We aren’t going to lie; we are just going to omit some facts. You should tell him you want to take him to dinner, and then bring him to your home to unwind. You just wont tell him 20 other people will be joining you with lots and lots of alcohol.”

I laughed. That was one thing about Laura; a party wasn’t apart unless there was something alcoholic on the premises.

“You got it. I’ll simply tell him you’ll meet us there?”

“No. I will tell him I have to work late and I’ll make it up to him the next day in my own special way.”

“I see.”

“Okay. I got to go to work; besides he’s still here, leaving for work late today. I don’t want him hearing us.”


“Thank you, Brie.”

“No problem.”

Hanging up the phone I sat and stared at the computer screen. Sighing, I began to log off and shut down my computer. He wouldn’t respond right at this moment. I’ll just have to wait. It’s too early to call, at least right now. I headed to the bedroom to take a little nap. My body was still on fire.

Smiling, I whispered one more time, “Daddy.” My body quivered.


The night before

I went to bed and couldn’t sleep, rolling this way and that. I was so hard, lying there. I looked over at Laura, sound asleep, and lay my hand on her hip. The warmth on my hand, her soft skin, I closed my eyes and imagined the warmth of my little Brie, what was I thinking? I began to stroke her back and trace the line of her ass, her nightie was tucked up around her, leaving her bare bottom right next to me.

She was out — sound asleep. What time was it? I stared at the clock — 3:00 AM in blue letters. I was in agony. I lifted myself up and sat at the end of the bed. I had to pee, which is impossible when you’re hard. I managed, and then went back down into the study and stared at the screen, opened the messages stared — her words.

I pictured my little girl laying on her bed naked, brown skin, her legs open, sliding her hands up between her legs, her little cunny open, wet. Cumming. What did she look like? It had been years. Her nipples were these wonderful stains; I remember that, so long. Like Laura’s. I began to touch myself, so wet. Her breasts must be incredible, the way they moved beneath her little outfits. Just the blue glow and me. I spread my cum, tracing along this cock which was aching in my lap, and began to masturbate. I wrapped my hand around its girth and began to slide up and down, and then opening the desk drawer, I pulled out a little bottle of lotion. I normally did this to porn, not my little girl.

Stroking myself with one hand, I held the mouse with the other and hit the REPLY button, I was feeling so horny, typing,

‘What did you improvise with?’

I looked at my words, felt myself get harder still. That was vague enough. It could mean anything, my name, and hit the send button. Oh my God, I came in a wave spraying out onto the floor, arching my back God I had never cum like that. I felt my relief, my cock softening — and then….


Fuck what did I do? I sent THAT!

I was in a sweat. There is no way to retrieve it. It was in my name. I began tapping buttons. Looked in the Sent folder. There it was.

RE: Brie,

What did you improvise with?

What could I have possibly been thinking?


I deleted everything, cleared the memory, paced, wiped up the floor and padded off to bed.

Next morning, I had to wait until Laura went to work. I said that I needed a little time at home to get some of my things together. We sometimes carpool. That was normal, I could be late to work. It was fine.

The door closed, and I stepped to the screen. Nine this morning. What time does she get up? I checked my email. Nothing. I stared at the screen.

Brie is freaked, freaking out right now, that is what it is. She does not have any idea what to do. She was being foolish, and I needed to be sensible, be there for her. Now she thinks I’m crazy.

I got up to have breakfast, went back, sat down and hit refresh. One message received:

It said RE:!!!!!!!

She got my message.


I read it over and over. This was uncharted water. I could not bear to read it, my temples pounding in my ears.

‘Did I remember??’

She called me sexy. Raking the leaves. I didn’t. But still… SHE did.

I read it again, *A roller!* The little spines, hollow, see up inside her, my heart was pounding in my throat. And then my brain – what size?? Idiot. Stop it.

I was on fire again; my cock was hard poking through my robe. I looked down at my cock, a smear of cum on its head.

I started another message:

‘Honey, I think we got carried away here. I wasn’t …’

I was.

I türbanlı escort started over. ‘We can’t email …’ I stopped.

‘What size?’ What the fuck, stop it. I hit delete.

I sat there. What time was it?? What could I write? My mind a blank. I was so hard again. I was adjusting myself. I was still in my robe. I began to rub my cock, look at the clock.

Shit! It’s after ten, I didn’t even call work to say I would be late.

I had a meeting. And I got up and padded off to the bedroom.

At the office, my secretary met me. She had a message.

“Your daughter called.”

I went beet red. “Uh, thank you.”

“She said to call her right away, on her cell phone.”


She saw confusion in my eyes. “Is something the matter?”

“No. No.” I lied, “She’s just having some boy problems.”

She smiled going back to her desk. I could have added, ‘Yeah, the boy is me.’

I dialed, and right away, first ring. “Hello!”

Her voice, I melted.

“Honey, its Dad.”

She answered back (was there a laugh). “Ooooohhhh, Hiiiiii.”

“Honey I…We… I got your message.”

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I got yours! It’s… so bad. (Giggle) Did you get… my answer… Dad?”

“Honey I….”

“Did you?? It’s pretty long. I thought you checked your mail in the morning. Or in your office?”

“Yes… Yes. I got it. Brie, we got a little carried away I think.”

“It’s just silliness. We talk about everything right??”

“Well, your last email was pretty explicit.”

“You asked.” Such a little brat.

“I didn’t ASK.”

“Yes you did. In fact… here. Here it is: ‘What did you improvise with?’ You wrote that… to me. Right?? Did you write that?”

“Hon, sweetie. I’m at work, this isn’t… I can’t. We should talk.”

“Did you??”

She was enjoying this, I could tell. I was sitting in my office, heads poking in. There was a meeting coming and I needed to get my papers in order. My forehead was wet, I need to clean myself up. I could feel my shirt soaking through. Fuck.

I just answered, “I got to go. I’ll email you.”

She said back, “Have lunch with me.”

“Hon, I just got here.”

“You got to eat. We need to talk. How about One.” Her sing song voice. “Pleeease.”

“I got to go. OK. One.”


We had a regular routine for lunches. My office was real close to her apartment and she didn’t work on Mondays. So we just met in the Plaza and usually ate at a little place around the corner.

She was standing there in a little, loose skirt and half top. God she was so beautiful today.

Her lips were red. She had on lipstick. She’d never done that before.

I looked around to see if anyone could see us. Why was I doing that for God’s sake. She’s my daughter.

She took my hand.

“Hi Daddy.”


Lunch was set before us. I was so nervous, my hand trembled as I brought my soda to my mouth.

Brie noticed, and leaned forward “Daddy it’s ok. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I looked up. “I’m fine. Busy day.” She reached her hand out and took my hand.

“You’re trembling. It was just silly…harmless fun. Dad… Right??” She batted her eyes at me. “It all started because I took a psychology class this quarter. Freud is probably to blame…. The Father of psychology wrote that every girl wants to sleep with her father. And…”

I was hiding behind my cup. “Oedipus.”

“No Electra, Oedipus is when the son wants to sleep with mom.”

I breathed out. “Fucking world.”

“Anyway, as they’re teaching, everyone is like, weird. But I kind of leaned back in my seat, like I was you know — found out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and well we do talk to each other about everything. So…”

I stared at her. “Hmmmm.” I nodded.

“I mean OUR little email thing has works pretty good doesn’t it.”

I nodded again.

She slid her chair closer and hugged me. “And I love you Dad.”

“I love you too, hon. Don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Do you remember how I called you sexy.”

I honestly didn’t remember. I said, “Oh yes, I do remember that.”

“You used to mow the lawn without your shirt on, all those muscles. You seemed so huge to me. Strong. Big… Did you know that I could tell the nights you and mom were going to have sex?”

“You could,” my eyes widen. “How?”

She laughed now and clapped her hands together. “Easy. You closed the door. You never closed the door. Then, I knew. I used to listen.”

“My, our thoughts are on sex.”

“I have been a horny little bitch. Probably because I haven’t gotten any in awhile.”

I could feel myself blushing, looking around at the other tables.

“Come on, you’ve talked with me about other boys. I’ve told you I’ve had sex.”

“This is pretty different Brie.”

“Well, it is TRUE that the man for me is probably someone exactly like you.” She leaned in, “And I also read in Cosmo that you should sleep with men who are the same build as your father because a woman’s puss is perfectly sized for her father’s penis.”

I felt myself go immediately hard. She took my hand. “Brie…”

“Dad, we really do love each other. I’m closer to you than anyone. You can feel the connection we have. It’s deeper than father daughter. It’s chemistry. Don’t you feel it?”

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