Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 26


The last two visits share a certain thread, one that is irresistible. Indulging in the sort of decadent fun associated with visiting a bathhouse, being anally pleasured in public. There are different varieties of anal delights, but it is unusual to experience them twice in a row.

The first extended session involved the porn room, sitting on the top tier, stroking and waiting for a stranger to approach my available cock. After years of experience, the bathhouse is by far the easiest place to have sex with other men. A place where you can be completely free to enjoy luxurious male contact, of a variety first experienced decades ago, jacking off with a friend.

The porn was hot, a group scene, generally my favorite gay porn genre – hard cocks and kissing, nipple play and rimming, fucking and sucking, all among my favorite things to do at the bathhouse. Men getting off with other men is incredibly erotic, submerging in mindless delights, kissing and being kissed, sucking and being sucked, cock touching other horny cocks, fingering and being fingered. In such a state, an hour having amazing sex with strangers feels like just a couple of minutes.

A man entered, and stood at the end of the wall. He glanced around as I focussed my attention on his towel wrapped crotch. It took him a moment to see me in the top corner, only looking fleetingly before leaving. This sort of brief awareness is common at the baths, often having an interesting effect, one reason for being so obvious while looking at him. I continued to enjoy the porn with a now nicely stiff rod, keeping a bit of my attention reserved for the entrance area.

He returned after a moment, not glancing around or looking at the screen, but not looking upwards at first either. I kept stroking a now rigid length, knowing that he would see my face looking at his crotch again. When his head turned up, I opened my legs, his reaction to an exposed cock being what one hopes at a bathhouse. His hand began to rub the front of the now loosened towel, his expression growing hornier.

Stroking, showing off my cock, enticing him – and myself. By this point, the beer and weed were adding to the haze filling my mind as he stepped up, unwrapping his towel, putting it on the tier beneath me. Pointing my cock towards his face as he knelt, both of us turned on, knowing that he was about to go down on me.

Moaning “take it .. cock slut .. oh yeah .. fuck yeah .. oh yeah” as his lips slid over my waiting cockhead. It felt fantastic, fully aware that this is what makes cruising so much fun, and why men cannot stop going to the baths once they experience what is offered. Like now, riding the edge of orgasm, grasping my now wet cock, taking a bit of control back from his exquisite sucking. As the sensations lost their initial raw intensity, I got out the poppers bottle, aware that its effects might be too overwhelming to enjoy any time soon. Also aware that if they were not ready now, I might get far too distracted to deal with them later – knowing that I would want to enjoy the magic from the brown bottle.

I had reached down to play with his nipples as he went down on me, still watching the group sex on the screen. At least a couple of men were drifting around – once a pair starts playing publicly, there is a certain restraint generally, waiting for some indication that another man would be welcome. Which neither of us were giving, enjoying a skilled blow job.

His mouth left my cock, and starting to jack me off, I heard him saying “what a hot cock .. really nice .. sexy to suck.” My hand covered his, starting to control his motions, pointing my cock head towards his tempting mouth. It was ecstasy when his lips surrounded by hard shaft again, his tongue swirling, fingers lightly brushing the hair between opened thighs and under my balls. An exquisite sensation to experience, especially when the touching continues to drift lower, starting to tease the hair around my hole.

My reaction was not only physical – moaning “oh fuck .. so good .. lower .. do me lower .. slut.” It did not matter whether anyone else knew what I wanted, or saw and heard me getting off with a stranger. My eyes fluttered closed when he started to teabag me, his finger causing my hole to quiver. At this point, he pulled me forward, putting my legs up, making me pant in anticipation.

One of things always associated with the baths and men having sex with each other is rimming. The reason why is obvious to anyone who has experienced it. Knowing that anyone could see it happen was a real thrill, giving Eryaman Escort in to an ass licking cock sucker. His tongue was magic, as is always the case when getting rimmed. My mind was very slow, as if coated in sweet honey, barely aware of my moaning and jacking off, legs open and spread in the air above me.

He stopped, and I was barely able to make out his saying “want to go to a booth?” Not hearing an answer, he returned to sucking my cock. Opening my eyes and lifting my head, the porn was captivatingly hot, a group of men kissing and sucking and rimming – an incredible scene to see while a stranger went down on me.

When his tongue went down between my cheeks again, I looked around, seeing a turned on man jacking off on the bottom tier. He noticed my attention, moving quickly to sit near me. After he had settled down, my right hand reached over, starting to stroke his inner thigh, soon fondling his balls, then gripping his stiff rod. At some point, the man kneeling beneath me returned to sucking my cock, the new man bending his head to start kissing a nipple as I kept jacking his sexy shaft.

Now in the middle of a threesome, which shifted at some point, prompting me to open the poppers before going down on the new man’s cock, still indulging in a blow job from the kneeling man. It was a deep hit, and after closing the bottle tightly, I bent over, my lips opening to take his cock inside. The rush made the fact that I was about to go down on a stranger’s cock incredibly thrilling. The type of thrill that make the baths such a hot place to have sex.

The poppers created the amazing sensation as if both sucked cocks were connected, my mouth being filled by cock as gigantic and throbbing as my own. I kept going deeper, lost in cock sucking bliss, feeling his tongue on my neck and ear, moaning as I breathed out, dirty thoughts filling me, using my left hand to start probing around his ass. Reaching the base of his cock, taking his entire sexy length, aware that the more often I practiced going down on a man, the easier it would be in the future.

It is heavenly to turn into a slut at the baths, an angelic state. The original cock sucker moved to the other man as we were kissing each other deeply. The shift was enough of a signal for me to take the slippery cock I was stroking and help guide it into his mouth. Followed by the sucked man bending down to take my cock into his just kissed mouth. Accepting the necessary distraction again, I located and opened the poppers bottle. Breathing in deeply for the second time, closing the bottle, then simply letting the effects reach my cock, sliding deeper into another man’s soft mouth, a man whose own cock was being sucked in front of me.

My cock felt gigantic, filling an ever expanding welcoming universe of indescribable pleasure. Moaning “oh god .. so fucking good .. god yes .. I love it .. suck it .. god .. oh yeah” after breathing out, his fingers began to lightly brush the hair under my balls. Followed by the same light teasing touch starting to play with the hair around my ass hole. Changing my view, I could see how he took my entire cock into his mouth as he started to touch my hole.

He stretched out a bit, a hand pulling my thigh back, his tongue sliding over my balls. This time, having held onto the magic brown bottle, it was easy to do a hit, anticipating what was about to happen. My right hand easily found my waiting wet length as he kept teasing me – or at least it seemed that way. Just before having to breathe out, his tongue reached my soft willing hole.

Of course I spread my legs even wider, letting him bathe me with a smooth slippery tongue, sinking into the perfect satisfaction of being rimmed and jacking off. Talking dirty about how good it felt to have sex like this, being licked at the sauna. His tongue went deeper, and I noticed that the original cock sucker had moved away.

It was simple to do another hit, then go down on him, knowing that I was the second cock sucker, and turned on by the thought. After all, my cock had also been sucked by two men – the only way to have group sex is with a group, after all.

Now, utterly turned on by having the sort of sex first read about decades ago. My being seemed to be nothing but cock and ass and mouth, mine and his merging in pure delight, turning into a total slut, not caring who could see me having sex with another turned on man. This continued for a while, him switching between rimming and sucking as I did more poppers, understanding Sincan Escort completely how they became such a big bathhouse hit in the late 70s.

We finally sat up, starting to kiss hungrily, playing with our cocks as our tongues danced. He broke the kiss, talking about how sexy my cock was, a real turn on to hear again. He asked if I wanted to go to a cabin with him. This time, it took even longer to recognize what had been said, having just gone through such a wonderful period, almost cumming multiple times. Along with the heavenly intervals, as good as orgasm, when a man was rimming me.

Having two men rim me in a row, gay porn on the screen, jacking off was incredible, something never really imagined before experiencing it. The visit continued for another hour and half, but in more customary fashion, without such an extraordinary highlight.

The second visit’s highlight was a bit less public in terms of visibility, though that lack of sight was made up for by the number of partners in the darkroom. Sometimes, the magic found in such places is so powerful, it is difficult to do anything but enjoy the flowing sensations. Sharing them with others, partner to partner, unsurprised by this point in my life how easy it is to have sex with other men.

Especially in a bathhouse darkroom, in the middle of another satisfying if quite typical visit. The darkroom was crowded, offering amazing opportunities after entering. Maybe three men had sucked me while going from the back corner to the middle, creating a perfect slutty state. One that responded to something rubbing over my hole. Kissing a man who had already gone down on me – and likely others – stretched out alongside him, left leg over his thighs as I jacked him off. Aware that my position exposed my ass, without being a direct invitation.

Recently, most of my naked anal temptation has involved my cock being seduced into glorious contact, though till the present, fucking has always involved condoms. Now, it took a moment to realize what was happening, my mind submerged in naked sensation.

Knowing after a bit that this was not a finger, unwilling to let that thought rise further while starting to move my ass over a stranger’s bare cock head. Recognizing what I was doing as slowly as possible, to enjoy the decadent reality as long as possible. This was late 70s bathhouse sex, including the various substances mixing into the experience, of the sort that had so attracted my fantasies decades ago.

Soon however, things changed as the rubbing became pressing, without any lubrication. The rapidly declining pleasure made it easy to do what my mind had only been considering, pushing him back. He returned quickly, pressing again, a sensation that started to become painful, causing me to push him away again, with a bit more force. At this point, many things were in balance as he took a short pause, then jabbed his uncut cock against a still perfectly positioned hole.

He went a bit slower, though still dry, and I felt his naked cockhead go past my ring, knowing what I’d allowed before the pain started to increase, causing me to force him out, regardless of his own desires. By now, it was clear he was utterly uninterested in anything but his own needs, making me shift position in such a way that he had no access, even after trying to roll me. Leading a final contact of pulling his arm back and holding it, more forcefully than pushing him back earlier.

He left, learning that sluttiness can have limits when it comes to potential partners. Or not, as the one I had been entwined the entire time demonstrated, as we kissed cock to cock. Taking a short break to get the rush bottle, deciding it was time to go down on a stranger’s hard cock. In large part due to being unable to resist using poppers while having sex with other turned on men, and knowing that now would be fine, without worrying about cumming too fast.

Opening the bottle, taking a luxurious hit, making sure the bottle was closed before shifting position, grabbing the base of his thick stiff dick, directing it into my wet mouth, feeling how he kept stroking my cock as the rush began spreading sexual magic through my body. My lips passed over his soft skin, then past his cock ridge, the rush making it feel so perfectly slutty, fully aware, submerging in the fantastically enticing experience, enjoying the uninhibited sex that men indulge in while at the baths.

His sexy cock felt intriguingly big, so I decided to hold the hit as long as possible, Etlik Escort hopefully until after taking his whole length into my wanting mouth. He shifted as wet lips slid down his hard shaft, starting to moan as his own lips brushed over my cock head. Breathing out, feeling how immense both cocks had become, both of us utterly lost in male oral delights. Riding that first hit right on the edge of orgasm, as if his cock and mouth were part of me also.

Soon, my finger started to explore between his cheeks. Sensing an enticing reaction, the now probing finger began circling over a soft and welcoming hole, slick with sweat and spit. Going deeper, his own cock sucking grew wonderfully distracted after starting to deep throat his rigid shaft, fingering his openly inviting ass. After a while in paradise, he shifted enough to make clear he did not want to cum yet, at least from being sucked, since he could not stop moving his horny ass. A desire that I always try to respect, having the same interest in extended male sex compared to enjoying orgasm and ending the fun.

Especially at a bathhouse, a wonderland filled with potential partners ready to have sex with other men. With a bit of self-control and luck, it is possible to have sex for hours, submerging in an ocean of amazing pleasures without any women around. Including the seductive thrill of being in a group of men having sex, or letting a man take advantage of your horniness. Or taking advantage of his.

Slowly licking from the base to tip of his extended cock, keeping my deliciously surrounded finger in his sexy soft ass, getting off on knowing that he could not resist. When it seemed he was a bit more in control, I took him back fully into my mouth, finger now going deeper. His mouth left my extended cock, and somehow I knew he was licking his finger, making me moan with a filled mouth, even before his slippery wet finger slid over my hole. Unable to resist wantonly moving my hips, making my dirty desire obvious to another man, one who clearly understood how to play such games. Especially considering what he had been enjoying himself.

He took his time making my ass slippery, taking advantage of how slutty it felt while still going down on his erect length. I did another hit of rush, wanting to be as direct as possible with a man to let him know precisely what I wanted – willingly giving in to the amazingly sexy temptation of being anally fingered. This is the sort of sex that men do so well, aware of good it feels when turned on, sinking into delights that are so utterly seductive at a male only sauna. The sort of decadent sex always fantasized about when jacking off thinking about the baths, with a reality that continues to exceed those decades old fantasies.

When his finger finally began to deliciously slide inside after the third or fourth time he had licked it, I fell fully under his irresistible spell. Breathing out, it now felt as if my ass was both huge and wonderfully tight. Unable to stop talking like a turned on slut, begging for his finger to keep going deeper, starting to hump it, saying “fuck yes .. I love it .. hot sex .. male sex .. ass sex .. oh god yes .. like a man .. fuck me.”

This continued for an extended period, and each time he licked his finger, I did a hit of rush, losing all track of how often it happened while lost in paradise, being fucked so good. I could not help myself from starting to actively fuck his knowing finger, surrendering to his skills, realizing that this is what it must feel like to be a bottom, letting a man take control – and truly wanting it.

Over time, we both shifted positions, he so that his head was at the edge of the front of the platform. I was kneeling over him, cock still hard as he would suck me at times. However, as any man who has experienced such pleasure knows, my cock was becoming ever less relevant to my desires. Especially after a man approached the platform edge, his cock soon being swallowed by the man finger fucking me so good.

My wet cock had ended up against his chest, sinking into an animal rhythm, feeling my cock slide as he fucked me so good. Cocks are not the only place that can be addictive when pleasured, and at times, a cock is not as tempting as other temptations.

It must have been obvious that my attention was fully focussed on being fingered, as the new man did little with me. He left at some point. Followed by feeling my hips being gripped. Moving a bit, a tongue started to bathe my hole as I took his cock deep into my mouth. His finger returned to my wettened ass, and I could not stop from moaning as he continued to pleasure me. At least one other man was also sucked during the time I remained a helpless slut.

Finally, I had to stop. Leaving the darkroom, feeling a certain satisfied sense of soreness between my legs, understanding just why it is impossible to keep from visiting the baths.

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