Beastly Brother


I opened the doorway and stepped back, as she walked through the hall not a word spoken between us yet we had said so very much. She looked back her chrome eyes on mine. I motioned to the bottle of red wine on the table set with two glasses. She nodded and I poured. Half way through my first cup and after her second she smiled pleasantly and said, “I don’t know what I am doing here but I just have to see you.”

I sipped from my glass my eyes adverted. It was typical, I knew she’d come back for more. They always do. Though I kept telling myself she was no different from the rest I knew it was a lie. She was special; after all she was my little sister.

“I am so sorry I don’t mean to come here unannounced…”

I smiled as she stammered on so politely, she was always so well mannered so well bred, compared to her I was always the mangy mutt of an older brother.

“If you busy I can come back another time…” She pulled out a black planner one with darling little puppy prints. Just like her to have something sweet and innocent. She then began looking for a more appropriate date.

“How would the first be it’s on a Saturday, and I can come by after you get done at the establishment.”

I chuckled at that, since when was working at an underground lycanthope bar and nightclub an “establishment?”

“Sis… Saturday is also the full moon, shouldn’t you be hiding under the covers from us freaks?” I lifted a brow. “With sweet Jarred?”

She shook her head sending her black hair back and forth across her cheeks, “No Darrian you know that isn’t fair I never said you were a freak, I was there the whole time you were in the hospital.”

I shrugged “So you held my hand… after that it was a year until you could even stay in a room alone with me.” I threw back my head and chugged down the remainder of my wine. “And don’t give me that, I was being cautious shit, you were afraid I was a monster, I had to go through the whole thing alone, because all of a sudden I didn’t even have a family… not two brothers one being my twin and not even my little sister, not to mention mom or dad, Are all the pictures of me still hidden away so that guests don’t ask about the son who disappeared?”

I couldn’t hid my anger in that moment it all came back to me, the attack by a seemingly harmless date, the way she tore my entire stomach out and how I laid there for two days before someone found me. Then months in the hospital and the diagnostics… well hate to tell you but your now a Lycanthrope and will never have your life back. No it wasn’t fair and I can’t say it didn’t hurt when bursa escort they all forgot about me. But I found a new family one who accepted me; I became numb and learned to forget my birth family, all except her.

Tears formed in her chrome eyes, “I am sorry you felt alone Darrian, But I still love you and I want to be here for you.”

“Well its too late Allysha. I said coldly. “You can’t even bare my touch…” I looked at her then saying without word how much it hurt when she left.

“Don’t call me Allysha… call me Ally and stop thinking I don’t want you to touch me, why do you think I am here?” She smiled briefly and tilted her head. “You’re my big brother and I could never stop loving you.”

I took a step toward her the she stepped back with instinct. I reached up to brush my hand through my short black hair and felt as a few strands fell into my eyes blinding me from her. I pushed them out of my eyes and inhaled her scent, saw with eyes and other senses her form before me. Her cheeks became a slight pink as she rose a hand to trace the scar across my left cheek traced it all the way down to my lip where the scar tissue cut through my top lip. I waited for her to grimace waited for the look of horror and saw only a confused, curious look.

“Does it hurt?” She asked meekly.

“The scar?” I asked.

“No… changing, becoming an animal… shapeshifting your body.

I shook my head slightly feeling the warmth of her hand on my cheek her fingertips on my lips even as I spoke. “Yeah, it gets easier with time though, kind of like rough sex.”

She glared. “Don’t compare it to sex… sheesh you pervert!”

I kissed her fingertip and nipped it gently she trembled. “Don’t…”

I licked her finger and kissed it slowly my eyes on hers the whole time. “Don’t what?

“Don’t think I am going to back down and let you win, I want to prove that I am not scarred of you.”

That surprised me, I backed away and let her hand drop. “You should leave.”



“Why wont you let me get close to you?”

I growled and my eyes stared to become beastly changing from my cool chrome to my wild amber. “You don’t understand now, now is just not a good time.” I felt the wolf in the center of my mind the instinct to dominate the instinct to mate. I had avoided it as much as possible and now I was paying for it. Many women many lovers none could satisfy my animal urges none would cause my wolf to chase. I shook off the feelings and growled again this time my words less human.

“Don’t… just…now… leave… don’t want to hurt… bursa escort bayan you.” I grabbed at my head trying to force the beast inside to calm itself. I thought about how I’d feel if I hurt her and begged my body to stay human.


Her hand was resting on my shoulder and my wolf soared to the surface taking over my mind, all reason left me all hope disappeared. I was just a wolf and she was just prey.

“Darrian answer me, are you okay?”

I grabbed her wrist as she made a noise close to fear, but for whom. I threw her down on the floor and paced around her.

She whimpered and held her wrist close to her chest. “What’s gotten into you?”


Before she could move I was on top of her chomping at the neck letting her hold me just above her skin my saliva lightly dripping on her neck. I stuck out my tongue and lapped at her skin as she struggled, moaning in protest and begging me to stop. Finally she kicked my body a few inches away and scurried from under me. Hiding behind the couch crying lightly.

“Darrian please don’t hurt me.”

I lunged over the couch and landed in front of her crouched low to the floor my eyes dancing with my preys fear. Slowly I inched myself toward her and she slid along the floor crawling to escape my advances. I caught her leg and ripped her long blue skirt the soft fabric tore up her thighs revealing her heat. I licked my lips and dropped the cloth tearing into a run about my apartment chasing her, she ran and threw her body on the door trying to unlock the bolts as quick as she could. I reached her before she had the last lock undone and clawed at her front sending buttons flying about the hall, she shrieked and took off towards my bedroom, her body now exposed, undergarments needing to be ripped away. I had my needs and she would fill them she would be my mate.

I tipped open the bedroom door slowly my amber eyes scanning the room intently, she was sobbing but I couldn’t see her. I opened my closet doors seeing nothing out of the ordinary. I turned my head slightly seeing her out of the corner of my eye crawling towards the door with my blanket covering her body. Sliding down her shoulders thin little straps holding in her breasts. I smiled my canines flashing; her eyes widened like a deer being caught by a wolf. I looked at my doe and pounced my body falling awkwardly on hers my knees separating her legs, my jaws snapping her bra from her body, before I could even look at them I cupped both in hand filling them, kneading them roughly. She moaned and arched her back sending my hips to hers my ridged escort bursa sex pulsating between her legs. Her mouth widened and let out a long sigh of pleasure. My tongue went to work my jaw accommodating her breasts, I lapped at them her nipple hardening, becoming a little bud. I worked them until she was just as hungry and her scent crept up from between her legs driving me crazy. I then took one hand and ripped away her panties soaked from me rubbing against them. My hands found her bottom and lifted her to my hips as I slid down her length and took her in my hot mouth lapping her up as a wolf would, licking and nipping at her tender flesh, wet and ripe with desire. My teeth scrapping roughly, my tongue softly creating circles and wet loops on her sex. She clenched her fists together creating bloody crescent moons in her palms; I inhaled her and swallowed her juices down forcing more from her body with each tasting. She arched her back and twisted above me in complex passion, her own body now revolting to a beastly side. She howled as I took her into another orgasm. Her cries of lust finishing with a soft pant, before she could recover I flipped her over and licked her sopping heat, taking my own pants and discarding them into shreds. Finally I freed myself of torment and unleashed my straining member taking it in my hand fighting my human urge to use protection. My wolf won slamming into her with a quick thrust of my hips, she screamed as I took away the last shred of her humanity and began to create a rhythm between us. I mated her as if I intended to fill her belly with my children, my puppies. I growled above her as she submitted and whimpered. My hips grinded and pounded into hers we made a dance with our animal sides. We made a fire, if she were the wood and my body made the friction we needed for a roaring flame. I took her into another state of mind. Her heat was so tight I felt myself swelling as would a wolfs sex, she contorted and shivered under me. I scratched at her back and shoulders pulling her to me so that our hips would never part. I felt it coming felt the climax erupting between us. My growl and cry of release echoed off the walls and her own howls of finish joined mine. My sex swelled inside her trapping us together tying her to me. My sweet little sister would have my puppies in the spring and join me as my mate on the moon. I fell into sleep spooning her thinking those very thoughts.

Months later she tested positive for lycanthope and being pregnant. I am looking forward to fathering her children and being her mate. She divorced her husband and moved in with me, the entire family disowned her too. So she’s my sister, mate and someday maybe my wife. I love her all the more for it. She left her perfect little world for her mutt of a brother and didn’t regret it.

The End

By Middi Medici


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