Beating Around the Bush Ch. 02


The next morning, Amanda’s eyes fluttered to see Michael lying beside her on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Glancing over at the alarm clock on his bedside table, she saw that it was a little after 9 AM. After hours of passionate sex, the last thing she remembered was collapsing atop of Michael at around 1 in the morning. Even though many hours had passed, the room still reeked of sex.

“Good morning,” she sighed, as she reached over to caress him.

Michael rolled over to face her with a smile. Amanda had never seen him look so contented when he dated Janice.

“Last night was…awesome.”

“I totally agree,” she said. “You were amazing last night. But, when I showed up at your door, how did you know I was really down to fuck, and not testing you or anything? For all you know, I could have been sent here by Janice to see if you were still in love with her.”

“Truth be told, I was too horny to care. You could have slapped the shit out of me when I tried to eat your pussy, but I was going to do it anyways.”

“Well, I’m glad you did,” Amanda said. “Janice is my friend, but it’s her loss: she thought you were a sex addict.”

“Well, she’s kind of right. I have a very big sexual appetite, but it doesn’t help when you’re dating a girl with a killer body who only wants to have sex once a month.”

“Once a month?” Amanda repeated in disbelief.

“She told me that after we’d been dating for a few weeks,” Michael explained. “She said that she wanted to make sure that I was dating her for all of the right reasons.”

“I wouldn’t care. I’d give it to you several times a week.”

Amanda paused, letting her last statement hang in the air. Michael’s face remained neutral, making his thoughts hard to read. He was smart to not say anything; guys like him didn’t get girls by saying stupid shit in bed. Having taken that into consideration, Amanda felt that she knew the right course of action. What came out of her mouth was something that almost every man dreamed of hearing a woman say.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind us being fuck buddies.”

Michael’s face split into a wide grin. “Really?”

“Sure,” Amanda said. “We both seem to like having sex with each other, so, why not?”

“I’m not saying no to that! You’ve got it.”

“Great,” Amanda said as she rolled out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. “First, I’m going to get a shower, then we’ll get some breakfast, and then we’ll get back into your bed.”

Amanda could already see Michael’s newly-erect dick as she got into the shower. He too left the bed and strode inside, pressing his body against hers. Amanda grabbed the nearby bottle of body wash and began to lather him all over. Michael took the bottle from her, squirted a huge glob into his hand, and began lathering her as well. The two new fuck buddies kissed, neither of them caring about each other’s morning breath.

Michael’s right hand found itself between Amanda’s thighs and began massaging her bush vigorously to build up suds. He smiled as he saw Amanda bite her lip, trying to stave off an orgasm.

“You’re so hairy down here,” he breathed into her ear.

“I can shave…..ohhhh…if you want,” she breathed back.

“No!” Michael cried. “Please don’t. I love your bush. Just feeling it against my cock is driving me wild.”

“Michael,” Amanda said, looking up at him. “I know how badly you want to fuck, but I’m really hungry.”

The two of them quickly rinsed, dried, and clothed themselves. The two of them downed a quick breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and a couple of glasses of orange juice. After their meal, they walked back to the bedroom, their fingers entwined together, the anticipation building with each step.

As soon as they crossed the threshold of the bedroom, they quickly began to undress each other. Michael swooped in to kiss Amanda’s lips as he helped her pull her shirt over her head, and as soon as it was off, he kissed her cheeks, then her neck, and then her chest. He quickly took her nipple into his mouth, making her moan as he used the tip of his tongue to trace circles around her areola.

“Yessss,” Amanda cooed. “For the rest of the day, I’m aksaray escort all yours, baby.”

She felt Michael pull down her panties as he continued to suckle her. After feeling them fall to her feet, she stepped out of them and kicked them away. She pulled Michael’s head away from her chest and pushed him on to the bed so that he was lying on his back. She then ran to the head of the bed and slung herself onto the bed and onto Michael’s face.

Michael was momentarily stunned, but soon became enthralled by the feeling of Amanda’s shaggy crotch in his face. He breathed in her scent, which still contained a hint of the body wash that they had both used. He then felt her body shifting; she was leaning forward, bringing her face close to his already erect penis. She wasted no time in taking Michael into her mouth, caressing his thighs as she sucked him off. Just the taste of him was enough to warm her body and make her eyes flutter.

She saw Michael’s toes curling; he was clearly enjoying this. Still, why should he be the only one getting pleasure? There was a reason she had chosen this position. She scooted her body down towards his face, rubbing her crotch against his mouth and trying to give him a hint of what she wanted him to do. It wasn’t long before she felt his tongue slithering into of her slit.

Michael was completely reveling in her taste, and also the feeling of her pussy hairs against his face and tongue. He teased her clit, causing Amanda to moan as she still sucked on his shaft; his crotch vibrated with every noise her mouth made. Suddenly, she took her mouth off of his shaft with a faint, but audible, “pop”.

“Yeah,” Amanda growled. “Eat that pussy, Michael. That feels so fucking good.”

Amanda bent her head back down between Michael’s legs, but, this time, she decided to feast on his nuts. She took one of his testicles into her mouth and gently started to suck on it. In seconds, she could sense his rod becoming stiffer than it already was. Thanks to her ministrations, she found his cock smacking her repeatedly in the face.

“Do I taste good, baby?” Michael asked from underneath her.

Amanda gave him a muffled “Mmmmhmmm!”

The two of continued to pleasure each other in the 69 position, until Michael grabbed Amanda’s lower torso and flipped her off of himself and onto the bed. As soon as she was on her back, he leapt on top of her.

“That’s enough,” he said. “I wanna fuck you so bad.”

“CONDOM!” Amanda said firmly as she put her hands to his chest to stop him from going any further.

Michael grumbled as he crawled over to the nightstand at the side of the bed to get a condom. After quickly liberating it from the wrapper and fastening it over his manhood, he again jumped atop his anxious lover. She giggled at first, and then let out a groan as she felt him breach her lower lips. Michael wasted no time in thrusting madly into Amanda. She fought the urge to wrap her arms and legs around him, as doing so would decrease the force of his lovemaking.

To increase the pleasurable sensation, Amanda began to thrust her pelvis upwards, meeting Michael’s plunges with her own. Michael’s face screwed up with effort as he tried to stave off the urge to cum.

“How do you like that….ungh…lover boy?”

“You’re….whew…a beast!”

“Really?” Amanda asked with a smile.

“That’s right….a hot…hairy pussy…BEAST!”

For hours, the two of them continued to rut like beasts. It was an unpredictable cycle of fucking, sleeping, eating, showering, and pillow talking. Finally, around 8 PM, when their mutual nether regions were sore beyond reckoning, Amanda decided to take a final shower before getting dressed and gathering her belongings.

“When will I see you again?” Michael asked her as she strolled out of the bathroom. He lie naked on the bed, still recovering from their intercourse

“I’ll call you,” she said. “I’d better get back; I have some homework to finish up.” She gave him another kiss before departing his home. She had to fight him as he tried to pull her back into the bed.

The two collegians continued to meet for the next few fatih escort weeks, using each other to relieve their sexual frustrations. They were careful to schedule their encounters around their classwork and testing schedules; Michael had pulled a C-minus on his last Calculus test after he chose sex over studying the night before. They were also discreet with their meetings, as Amanda didn’t wish for Janine to know that she was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

The week before winter finals, Amanda and Michael had agreed to no sex whatsoever, in order to focus on studying for exams. After comparing their testing schedules, they’d agreed for one last fuck before the holidays. They would meet Friday night, and Amanda had promised him some cryptic present.

On the promised day, Michael sat in front of the television, watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. His bags were all packed for his trip back home to Georgia the next day; he was just killing time before Amanda showed up. His heart bounded with joy as he heard her pull into the driveway. He leapt from the couch and sprinted to the door. After opening it, he saw Amanda hop out of her car and prance towards the door.

The two embraced and kissed after the door had closed behind them. Before Michael had a chance to start taking off her clothes, Amanda pulled away from him.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked her.

“Nothing,” she replied. “It’s just that I haven’t given you the Christmas surprise that I promised you.”

“I thought you were the surprise.”

“Well, sort of,” she said. “Actually, this is the surprise.”

Amanda reached into her pocket and produced a round plastic container. Michael gave a puzzled look at first, but, after a few minutes, he realized what it was. Amanda saw the look of comprehension on his face, but, explained nonetheless.

“A few weeks ago, I saw a gynecologist, and he gave me a prescription for the pill. Now, for your Christmas present, you get to have me…without a condom.”

“Oh, Amanda…”

“That’s right, Michael. I want to feel you rub your hard cock against my bush while you fuck me, and, when we’re done, I want you to feel your hot cum inside of me.”

She had barely finished her sentence before Michael put her over his shoulders and raced to the bedroom. Amanda laughed as they whooshed through the hall. After they entered the bedroom, Amanda was dumped onto the mattress. She soon found her paramour on top of her, kissing her passionately as the two undressed themselves and each other. Michael and his dick were drooling as he stood naked at the foot of the bed.

“Oh, I’ve wanted this for so long!” Michael growled as Amanda pulled off her panties, knowing full well that exposing her jungle of brown pubic hair would inflame him.

“Then come over here and fill me with your cum!”

Michael pounced like a lion on top of her slender body. He kissed her neck as he rubbed his penis against her furry crotch, moaning at the feeling of her bristly hairs against his manhood. Amanda giggled as she wrapped her arms around him, begging him to be inside of her. Michael obliged and delved deep into her moist pussy. Both of them were wholly unprepared for the rush that they both felt from the penetration; jolts of delight were running up their respective spines.

“AH, BABY! It’s so wet!” Michael moaned, feeling the gooey sweetness enveloping his dick.

“Yeah, I knoooooow!” Amanda hummed. She was feeling absolutely stuffed as Michael slowly pushed himself up to the hilt. She bit her bottom lip and clutched the bed sheets as he pulled back, preparing for another thrust. The two of them slowly savored the unparalleled stimulation of bareback sex.

“Oh, you’re so hairy, Amanda. I’m been dreaming of fucking your pussy raw for months.”

“Yeah, baby! Ohhhhhhh, yeah!”

Michael reached down and played with her clit, causing Amanda to get even wetter as she squealed with joy. The tips of his fingers were becoming slick with her juices as he probed her nether regions. Amanda leaned up and nibbled on his earlobe, which was an erogenous zone for Michael that was only known to both he and Amanda. eyüp escort Once he felt Amanda’s tongue snake into his ear canal, he pushed her away, knowing that he would surely cum if she kept doing what she was doing. With a knowing and playful smile, he pinned her arms to the bed, and buried his face into her chest, where he took one of her hard, brown nipples into her mouth.

“Nooooo, not fair!” Amanda moaned as she felt Michael sucking on her teats.

Michael’s only reply to her was a satisfied hum as he used his tongue to toy with the engorged nub. He could taste her body lotion on his tongue, and he could also feel her still warming body while his face was pressed against it. He fondled her vacant right breast with his right hand, while reaching up with his left hand and inserting his index finger into her moaning mouth. Amanda immediately sucked on his digit, giving a grunt of satisfaction from having her mouth filled. In her mind, she would have rather had another of Michael’s body parts in her mouth, instead.

Suddenly, Amanda felt a vacancy from her mouth and both breasts; Michael sat up in the bed, tilted his head back and let out a groan. Amanda could tell that he was going to cum soon, though she was close, but not as much as him. She’d had his dick inside of her numerous times, but the sensation of unprotected sex must have been more stimulating for him. She looked up at him while she played with her tits. He made the mistake was looking down, greeted by the sight of his woman fondling herself while licking her lips.

Michael roared as he blasted his ball chowder into Amanda. She was totally unprepared for the searing heat of his semen, and she too came from the feeling of his burning seed rushing into her pussy. She joined his cries with her own, her toes curling in delight. Before he finished ejaculating, Michael pulled out and shot some of his cum all over her brown muff. Even after he was done, he remained kneeling between her legs, clutching his sore, wet cock.

“Ohhhhhh,” Amanda breathed. “We should have done that months ago.”


“So, we’re going to Daytona Beach,” Janine said. “We are going to get turned up!”

“Lucky ass,” Amanda joked.

The two were walking through campus, enjoying the slightly warmer spring air. Spring Break was next week, and the both girls had plans. Amanda, being the good friend that she was, listened as Janine detailed her plans to spend the week down in Florida with her new boyfriend Benjamin. The two gushed over all the drinking, partying, and loving that Janine was going to do. Amanda was glad that Janine was in a good mood, because she was about to ask one of the hardest questions that one friend would have to ask another.

“Listen, Janine, I need to tell you something,” Amanda said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

“You’re not going to propose, are you?” Janine asked, fighting to keep a straight face.

“DAMN IT! Stay unmarried, bitch!”

The two girls erupted with raucous laughter, which made Amanda feel slightly better.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Janine said. “Go ahead, I’ll be serious.”

“Well, I just wanted to be honest and tell you that I’ve been hanging out with Michael Clemons, your ex.”

“The horndog? Why?”

“He was devastated that you’d broken up with him, so he kept asking me what he did wrong, and how he could get you back. I told him that he shouldn’t bother.”

“That’s exactly what you should have said.”

“Well, we started hanging out last month, and he’s pretty cool.”

“Really?” Janine asked in astonishment. “And he hasn’t tried anything?”

“I wish,” Amanda lied. “I think dating you taught him to stop acting like a dog. We’re not dating or anything, but, I just wanted to get your okay, just in case he did. I’d rather lose him than you.”

“Awwww, of course,” Janine said. “But, please, let me know if he tries anything that makes you uncomfortable, because I’ll be there to tear his ass up.”

“Just promise you’ll be waiting with the razor blades and Vaseline,” Amanda joked.

The two girls hugged and then continued on their way. Amanda felt kind of bad lying to Janine, but at least she would be okay with her best friend dating Michael out in the open. Maybe it was kind of dirty that, while she was walking with her friend, Amanda still had his cum leaking out of his pussy. Amanda couldn’t wait to spend her Spring Break in Michael’s bedroom. He’d promised to paint her pubic hair white for an entire week.

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