Beautiful Stranger


I come to this spot often to draw, usually late in the day. Other beaches nearby are more popular, with powdery sand that’s trucked in and groomed daily to remove seaweed and litter. This rocky beach is covered with seaweed at low tide, as well as the flotsam and jetsam that nobody picks up. As a result, it’s less crowded. My favorite spot has a clear view of the ocean and beach, yet is in the shade of a tree. Occasionally a hiker or lovers stroll by, but for the most part it’s mine alone. As I sit, enjoying the cooling breeze in the shadows, a man walks up and throws his backpack down on a granite outcropping. He removes his socks and shoes, then strips his shirt and begins stretching, facing the sea. His broad shoulders and muscular back ripple as he grabs one ankle at a time and stretches out his quads while balancing on one foot. He is tall, with dark hair. Instinctively I quietly flip to a fresh page in my sketch book and begin drawing his back. He stretches his muscular body for five minutes or more, giving me time to draw several sections of his back and legs. Then suddenly, he strips his shorts and walks toward the sea, naked. As he reaches chest high water, he begins swimming, strong powerful strokes that propel him quickly through the water. He’s otele gelen escort soon out of my sight, occasionally bobbing up into view, only to dip out of sight again. After fifteen minutes, I begin to worry. “Where are you?” I wonder to myself. I’m terrified of being out at sea over my head, and now I’m terrified for this stranger. After twenty five minutes, I’m thinking I should call somebody or something. My heart pounds as I scan the horizon. I constantly check my watch; it’s been thirty minutes. I definitely should call someone. Finally, I think I can just make out something, far out to sea. I lose it again. As he approaches the shore, I can see that it’s him, and I release the tension in my body. He walks up to the shore, his chest heaving as he pants, trying to catch his breath. I look down at his patch of pubic hair and am drawn to his penis, which is quite small. I’m not more than forty feet from him, yet he hasn’t seen me in the shadows. I should leave, or make a noise to let him know he’s not alone. Every moment I sit quietly, staring at him, will make it more awkward when he does spot me. His sac is shriveled by the exposure to the cool water. The skin has contracted and has ridges balgat escort on it. His penis is likewise shriveled; it looks somehow unusual. I haven’t had that much experience with men, but I suddenly realize it’s the first uncircumcised cock I’ve seen. It looks not unlike a small elephant trunk, with a hole in the middle of the end where the head has retracted. He pulls a towel out of his backpack and uses it to dry, then begins stretching again. This time he’s not facing away from me. I begin sketching his body. I quickly sketch his abs and groin area, then his broad chest as he continues to stretch. Finally he stops and takes a bottle of water from his backpack, drinking it in three swigs. He lays down on the rock outcropping with the towel rolled up under his head. The giant outcropping, worn perfectly smooth by the tide over the centuries, is warmed by the sun. He closes his eyes to the glare of the sun and lays motionless. I continue sketching his beautiful body. As he warms, his sac loosens and his penis becomes larger. My heart races with the fear of being seen by him, or by newcomers to the beach, while intruding on his privacy. Finally he gets up, dresses and leaves. My sketch book is elvankent escort filled with drawings of this beautiful man with the fabulous body. My racing heart finally begins to calm, and I notice I’ve been sweating, and my pussy is moist with arousal. I sit for a while, regaining my composure, then I pack up and leave. I don’t think I’ve ever been so aroused without being touched. I take a warm shower, lathering up my pussy and washing it off with the jets of my hand held shower head. I dry off, wrapping a towel around my hair, and take my vibrator and some lubricant from my nightstand to my bed. Closing my eyes, the stranger catches me drawing him and rips the pad out of my hands, tossing it aside. I lubricate the vibrator and switch it on. The stranger takes my hand and helps me up. He practically rips my clothes in his excitement as he peels them off. He presses his lips to mine and holds my naked body close to his. I feel like a child in the arms of this tall, powerful man. He spreads a blanket on the sand and lays me down on it. I spread my legs to accept him, and he mounts me. He struggles to contain his excitement, forcing himself to gently work his large dick into me. As his penis begins to slide smoothly, he begins to drive it deeper and harder into me. I put my feet flat on the ground and raise my hips to meet his powerful thrusts. We thrust together, back and forth, striving for deeper penetration. Our lips are pressed together and I explore his tongue with mine. I shudder in orgasm as he sprays his warm, thick sperm in me. The powerful orgasm sends wave of pleasure throughout my body.

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