Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 07


Although I had given Debbie until Monday to sign on as a sex slave, it was all for show. She was hooked and giving her two days to “decide,” purportedly of her own free will, would drive the hook deeper. There was still a problem: what to do about her husband. Debbie was a beautiful woman and under my tutelage she’d become spectacular. If word got out that this woman was fucking one of her students the national media would be all over the story. The biggest threat of a leak was her husband. After I devised a plan to neutralize him, I related it to Mom. She thought Grandad’s connections would be useful. Upon contemplation I agreed; he would make a powerful ally.

Which is why on Saturday night Mom and I met with Grandad in his study, whose dark wood, expensive leather desk, and photographs of him with national and local dignitaries exuded power. Mom was wearing tight jeans, a button down shirt over a white tank top, no bra, and boots. Grandad was wearing a red polo shirt bearing the company logo and a pressed pair of tan slacks.

He got to the point. “Your mother said you had three requests.”

“There is a teacher at my high school whom Mom has befriended. Her husband works at Russell Accounting.”

Grandad’s dealerships were among Russell Accounting’s biggest clients.

“We believe he is or is about to start cheating with an underage girl. Our information is that his job performance is poor. If our suspicions about his affair are confirmed, we would like you to ask John Russell,” the head of the firm, “to fire him while advising him to resolve matters with his wife and the girl as quickly as possible. Mr. Russell should be brutal; the young man needs to be cowed. If he asks why you’re so interested, you can indicate it’s a favor for your daughter-in-law.”

I looked in his eyes. His powerful intellect was absorbing everything.

“Second, contact Rebecca Faince.” Ms. Faince was the most feared divorce lawyer in our community. She had flaming red hair and a penchant for short skirts, exposed cleavage, and dominating courtrooms. She was also, I would later learn, a sexually voracious bi-sexual. “Tell her of your suspicions about the cheating husband and ask that she represent the wife, who is a friend of your daughter-in-law.”

“And third,” Grandad asked, folding his fingers.

“Call Lee Jonas.” Lee was the senior partner in the city’s biggest law firm. “Ask him to represent the young girl in an action against the husband.”

Grandad leaned back in his chair.

He looked at me, then Mom, then back to me. His hands remained folded. “I assume these stories are, in large part, bullshit.”

“That’s true.”

“And this scheme serves another purpose?”

“Also true.”

“Will it work?”

I took a moment. “Yes.”

He closed his eyes and was quiet. Then he looked at Mom. He seemed to see something in her eyes. His face relaxed. “I’ll do it.”

He paused, then added an explanation. “That you and your Mom are lovers is clear to anyone who has the imagination to see it. I haven’t seen her this happy in years. I approve; she certainly deserved better than my son. I’ve also recently had a long standing suspicion confirmed.” He looked at Mom. “You tell him.”

Mom picked up the story. “As you know, at the time you were conceived your Dad was not my only sexual partner. He was the only one who proposed and after you were born the family resemblance eliminated most of the other men as potential fathers. But that story your dad tells about protecting me from his father is a little off.

“Your Grandad bedded me the day our sorority appeared at the dealership. While the rest of the girls were meeting customers I was riding his big dick in his office. He was an older guy, but he was dynamic and oozed power and strength. Yes, he can be gruff. He can be an asshole. But I found sides of him I like. Your Grandad was strong. I could depend on him. He also knew how to fuck, a trait your Dad did not bring to the marriage.

“I was among his mistresses for years. Then, about five years ago, the botched surgery for prostate cancer and his diabetes left him impotent. There have been a few times over the past few years he’s been able to get it up and when he did he knew he could call on me, but basically I’ve been fuck-free until, well, until you.”

The punch line was obvious.

“I’ve always wondered. You’re a lot more like your Grandad than your father. I guess I didn’t want to know the truth. It was easier being oblivious. But once you got me in bed it became pretty clear whose son you were. I collected some of your hair and had it DNA tested. Grandad’s your father.”

Grandad broke in. “I’ve always seen you as the future of the company. Your Dad, I guess I can still call him that, can’t run this business. If and when you are ready you can come in as an equal partner. In the meantime you should pursue the path you want. As your Mom has pointed out, I’ve tried forcing your Dad to do it my way. You’ve seen how that turned out.”

He escort izmit shifted in his chair and a subtle gleeful smile slowly crossed his face. “Now for the good news. All this reminiscing has got my thing working.” He looked at Mom.

Mom didn’t hesitate. “John, you need to understand, I belong to Randy now.”

Grandad didn’t either. He looked at me. “Well, are you willing to share.” The look in his eyes was one I had not seen before. Was it a look of love?

“Can you say please?”

He smiled, “Please.” For a word he didn’t use all that often, he got it just right.

“Mom, you up to two at a time?” I asked.

Instead of answering Mom shed her shirt, leaving the white tank top on. Her breasts visibly swelled and her hard nipples were outlined in the fabric as her chest rose and fell in time with her breathing. Mom took a strep towards Grandad. Her hand went to his crotch, rubbing the length of what appeared to be a monstrous erection.

“John, you are nice and hard.” She removed his belt, unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled it and his undershirt over his head. He was thin and wiry, still in excellent shape. She then unzipped his pants, pushing them over an enormous cock. Mom showed no hesitation. She took its head in her hand, smearing into it a few drops of pre-cum. She turned and kissed me. “He took good care of me with this for many years.”

Of that I had no doubt.

Mom looked at the two of us. “Why do you boys still have your clothes on?”

Grandad wasted no time. Almost nimbly, he sat on his desk, kicked off his loafers, and pulled his pants off. Fascinated by the scene before me, I also undressed, but more deliberately, enjoying the show. Mom, who clearly savored the attention paid her by two sets of horny eyes, let go of Grandad’s meat, undid her belt, and shimmied her jeans over her hips. When they reached her thigh she sat on the table and stuck her feet out.

“Can you boys help me with these boots?”

Grandad and I each removed a boot and pulled the jeans off her legs.

“Thank you, now go sit down.”

We sat on Grandad’s desk. Mom sauntered over, wearing only the tank top, and ran her hand up the length of our cocks, before dropping to her knees between our dicks. She took a cock in each hand, studying each as if she had never seen it before. She was enjoying teasing us and we were happy to let her do so. Then, with hunger in her eyes, she kissed mine, and then Grandad’s, going back and forth, taking a little longer each time until she directed her full attention to Grandad’s member. She took a moment to relax and stretch her jaw and then, seemingly effortlessly, took the head of Grandad’s over-sized tool in her mouth.

Taking her time she sucked an inch, and then another inch, into her mouth. And, despite the fact that her mouth was stuffed with the biggest cock I’d ever seen, she found a way to keep working her tongue against his shaft. Her concave cheeks showed that she was sucking with vigor. What remained outside her mouth she worked with her left hand.

Accompanied by Grandad’s moans of pleasure Mom bobbed her head up and down his tool for several minutes, before releasing him, gasping for air. After she caught her breath she licked his cock from bottom to top, as if enjoying an oversized ice cream coat. As she did so her eyes were filled with unadulterated lust. She was a cock hungry bitch, up to any challenge, ready to fuck and suck any man under the table.

Still frigging Grandad’s dick, which was dripping pre-cum, she turned back to me. kissing and licking my shaft, leaving no spot unloved. When she finished there she took my testicles in her mouth and gently sucked them. I pulled back her hair to watch and she put on a show, trapping one of my testicles between her lips and licking it before letting it fall lazily from her mouth. When she slid her face back over my cock she locked her eyes on mine, moaning in delight as she tongued my cock’s head while, using her spit as lubrication, avidly working the shaft with her hand. The cum in my balls began boiling and Mom, with her sixth sense for sex, took my testicles in her hand, rolling them with gentle, expert, care.

As she worked my dick Mom’s eyes glowed with a depraved passion. She didn’t suck cock just to please her man, she sucked cock because she loved it, because she needed it, because she was a sexual athlete of the highest order, a goddess of the sensual. Inspired by my monas of pleasure, she took more and more of me inside her mouth until more than half my cock was disappearing into her face, re-emerging coated with her spit. She sucked me with wild abandon and her tongue was a whirling dervish of delight. A drop of saliva ran from the corner of her mouth to her chin.

It was all too much. I grunted, threw back my head, and the jizz exploded from my balls. Mom didn’t miss a beat; she captured all my jism. When I had emptied every drop in her face she stood and made a display of letting my cum settle in her mouth as she savored its thick gooey texture izmit escort bayan and musky flavor. She swallowed and, knowing how I loved to kiss her when her mouth was still flavored by my cum, she placed her hand on my chest and leaned in to kiss me. Our tongues played together as we worked our lips against each other.

Mom turned to Grandad, a wild look in her eyes. I ran a hand up her leg; juice coated her thigh. She was beyond horny. She leaned her body back against mine and I removed her tank top, freeing her fat tits. Grandad, the man always in charge, seemed mesmerized, staring at us, before letting out a choking noise and falling to his knees. He pushed her legs apart and started kissing Mom’s pussy. There seemed to be no plan, his tongue was everywhere at once and he slurped her juices as if she was a fountain of youth. Eventually his tongue zeroed in on her clit and his fingers effortlessly slipped inside her.

She continued leaning against me, supporting her body on mine. She turned to kiss me and brought one of my hands to her breast, which swelled at my touch. I kissed her neck and ears. With her other hand she held Grandad’s head in place, humping his face. She broke our kiss and, gasping for air and groaning, locked both hands on Grandad’s head. He was not going anywhere. Grandad’s talented mouth had Mom racing toward an orgasm and she repeatedly shoved her hot cunt into Grandad’s face while I pinched and twisted her nipples.

“Like that, like that, here it is… right now… Unngh. Ahhh! AHHH!! I’M CUMMING!!” Mom moaned, and I held her in my arms as an orgasm bounded through her body. As her orgasm started to recede she rested her head on my shoulder; her face glowed with happiness and satisfaction.

Grandad struggled to his feet, taking the opportunity to kiss and nuzzle Mom’s fat breasts on the way. Mom cooed her appreciation – they were always hyper-sensitive after an orgasm – and Grandad, encouraged, buried his face between them, sucking greedily on the tit-flesh. Mom directed his mouth to her nipples, her sweet soft whimpering letting him know how much she loved his attention.

When he finally stood fully erect Mom scanned the office, her eyes alighting on a chair facing the desk. She pointed and Grandad sat down, his massive erect dick standing at full mast. Mom stepped between his legs, nudging them further apart with her feet, turned and sat in his lap, taking his cock in her cunt in one long steady motion. Pleasure rippled across her face. She leaned forward, her hands on the desk, and lifted her feet so they were dangling several inches from the floor, her tits floating in the air before her.

Grandad grabbed her hips and started thrusting in a small circular motion. Mom, for the moment, relaxed, enjoying the sensation of Grandad’s massive tool inside her. Her mouth was ajar, her tongue resting on her lips, her breathing deep and steady. As the pleasure built in her she leaned further forward, her hair hanging around her face. After several minutes she emitted a steady low snarl and brought her legs closer together, tightening her cunt. In response Grandad increased his pace and Mom started grunting in time with his thrusts, using her powerful arms to push into him as he shoved into her, allowing him to penetrate ever deeper into her hungry pussy. The joy was evident on her face; she loved being filled by Grandad’s oversized equipment.

As they got a steady rhythm going Mom began to move her backside in circles. Grandad got the message and started varying his motions, sometimes pushing into her, sometimes moving his hips in ovals, twisting and turning his cock inside her. The concentration on Mom’s face was familiar; she was using her cunt muscles to maximum effect on Grandad’s tool.

Grandad was ecstatic. “Well, Jen, the old man still got it?”

“Yes! God, yes! Oh god yes!” she answered.

As they continued their cries and moans echoed off the polished walls, rising above the rhythmic squeaking of the chair. I was impressed by Grandad’s staying power; I knew the delights of Mom’s tight cunt. He was determined to give her a good hard fuck. In an effort to pick up the pace he took hold of her hips, but Mom waved him off. Grandad could not match her strength. Instead, she let her feet slip back to the floor and resting on her elbows, began to impale herself on his huge tool. Her pussy was rippling around his fat dick, the liquid frothing and bubbling at the intersection of their bodies.

Grandad started chanting, his voice tense and taut, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Then, in a sudden jerky motion, he slammed into her while pulling her hips down, burying his shaft deep inside her as he orgasmed. Mom joined him seconds later, shouting “OHHHHHHHH FUUCCKKKIIIINNNNNGGG YEAHHHHHHHH.” She shook and thrashed on his lap, letting the bliss carry her away, reliving the memories of the years in which Grandad’s cock had been the best thing in her life. Finally she fell back and draped herself over him, her bones turned to rubber. And izmit sınırsız escort although she took deep, cleansing breaths, the aftershocks of her seemingly endless orgasm was evident as her arms and legs continued to twitch.

After allowing her a few moments, I took Mom’s hand. She stumbled to her feet and then, at my direction, to the desk. Lying face down, she spread her arms and pressed her hands into the desk’s surface. Her legs hung over the edge, feet firmly planted on the ground. It was a position made to fuck a woman hard, very hard. Her brown hair hung wildly over her face; her perfect rump was sticking up into the air; her massive tits were flat on the desk, their flesh spilling out from under her body. I ran my hands down her back and sides, and over her ass, stroking and caressing her. My touch revived her. She pushed the hair from her face, looked over her shoulder, and with a happy smile said, “I’m all yours stud.”

Grandad had prepared her well; my cock slipped into her without resistance. Mom moaned in pleasure, “Mmmmmmhhhhhh….,” and clamped down on me. I was momentarily afraid she might tear the skin off my dick and we both took a second to let our bodies mold themselves to each other. Then I started fucking her, at first nice and slow, but with increasing strength and firmness. I held onto her hips and buried my entire cock in her with each thrust. With her feet firmly planted on the floor and her powerful legs, she anchored herself to the heavy desk, effortlessly absorbing me.

Mom turned her head. Her eyes were closed; lust filled her face. Her pussy squeezed me tight. In this position Mom couldn’t push back into me, but she moved her hips in circles, ensuring that I entered her at a constantly changing array of angles. As she moved her ass she rubbed her clit against Grandad’s leather top desk. Her grunts became increasingly short and intense. I could sense Grandad watching, watching me take what had once been his. Soon Mom was shaking uncontrollably. She pressed her hands firmly into the table, lifting herself slightly, pushing back into me with all her strength. I watched the muscles of her body tighten as she gulped in and held a lungful of air and rocked back into me, driving herself on the heels of her hand. She held herself like that for several long seconds and then her face contorted and she unleashed a roar, in a scream emanating from the bottom of her solar plexus, “ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!” Her body convulsed, shaking on the desk top until, finally, she went limp, laying on the desk murmuring, “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” in a sleepy sexy voice.

I pulled my still hard dick, which was thoroughly coated with her slick slimy juices, from her cunt and fitted it to her asshole. Mom reached back to spread her ass cheeks, but she was still weak from her orgasm and I waved away her feeble efforts to help. I was fully familiar with the way in her back door.

I placed my hands on the tops of the cheeks of her firm ass, pushing them up and away. Her rectum gave way easily as I shoved my cock all the way into her. Mom’s sole reaction was a long sensual purr, “Oh yeahhhhh….” We held still a few seconds, letting her asshole’s natural lubricants mix with the cunt juice coating my cock. And then, for the next few minutes, I had my way with her, sliding my cock in and out of her tight asshole, leaving only the head of my tool inside her before I glided back in to the hilt. Mom started to move her ass in circles and squeeze down, providing me with the full array of joys her backside could deliver.

I leaned forward, pushing her hips down and placing even more pressure on her clitoris as she ground it into the soft leather of Grandad’s desk. The room was filled with her grunts, the grunts of a woman pushing her body to the limits; the grunts of a sexual athlete at the limits of her ability to perform. Although she was riding a wave of small sharp orgasms, far too many to count, she kept pushing her spent body to the next one, greedy in her desire to drain every ounce of pleasure from her perfect physique. Juice was leaking from her cunt, pooling on the desk, dripping down her legs. Drool was trickling from her mouth. The sexiest woman on the planet was all mine. My cock was burning with pleasure. Mom used her butt muscles to squeeze me tight while continuing to push her blood engorged clit into the table, rubbing it on the leather with a fanatic intensity. She looked back at me.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard stud. Make me scream with that big dick of yours!”

Mom was ready to come and that knowledge was all it took to carry me to the edge.

“Are you ready for my cum, you cock-crazy hard-bodied bitch.”

“Yes give it to me, fill my asshole with it.”

I slapped an ass cheek.


Then the other.


Then, with her last reserve of strength, she clamped down on my cock.

I had thought I had a little longer to go. I thought wrong. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head off the table. My testicles tingled and a column of cum powered up my penis and filled the depths of her asshole. She lifted her ass from the table and then moved down hard, dragging her clittie across the seam where the leather joined the wood.

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