The doorbell rung, it was katy, we’d organised a girly night for tonight; movies, wine just the usual saturday night. Except I opened  the door to tears streaming down her face and frantic mumbles, I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. “Come in babe, we’ll get you a glass of wine and you can tell me what all these tears are about yeah?!” Katy was two years younger than me, I’d always felt a kind of motherly instinct towards her like she needed looking after. With a glass of wine in her hand she sunk down into the sofa, i sat down on the floor in front of her, “so what were all those tears about?” i asked. “he, he, broke up with me, he’s being seeing another girl for 2 months! i feel like such a stupid bitch, how did i not realise?” Katy’s boyfriend had a habit of letting her down, he was no good for her, I’d known this from the first day they’d got together but she couldn’t see the bad in him. “Well, I mean he’s let you down before babe. I think it’s about time güvenilir bahis we find you someone who deserves you missy. Someone who’s gonna look after you and definately has a bigger cock than him!” This made her laugh, I loved Katy’s laugh, it was infectious the sort of laugh where you have to laugh too because just watching her face light up makes you happy. “Sounds like a plan” she giggled, “lets ditch movie night and go out?” she asked. I hadn’t been out with her for so long, I jumped at the chance, running to the kitchen I grabbed the best cure for a situation like this and best prep for a messy night ahead; VODKA! Giggling and running upstairs, vodka bottle in hand, we ran to me room and started to get ready. And I knew how to keep her upbeat, I stuck on her favourite CD, Hadouken! and we both started jumping around, we were a bit childish sometimes but thats just us! I tipped back my head, poured vodka straight down my throat, then let katy finish the güvenilir bahis siteleri bottle. I knew we were in for an interesting night, I couldn’t stand still without swaying already. I grabbed some of my nicest clothes out the wardrobe, “put this on bitch” I said to katy, and thats when I realised how beautiful she was, laughing her head off, dancing on the spot, she slowly removed her jeans and jumper to reveal a gorgeous, toned stomach and perfect, firm, large breasts. And her legs, wow. “Am I the only one getting naked?!” she giggled at me as I stood the gawking. “What? who said anything about getting naked?” I asked shocked. “Well, you’re practically burning my underwear off with your intense stare!” omg shes realised, damn it, we’re both drunk, I might as well go for it I thought. Lifting my arms over my head I pulled off the huge jumper dress I was wearing, to let my small, but pert and firm breasts exposed to the air and my lacy knickers. My nipples iddaa siteleri were suddenly erect, I think it must have been looking at her body, because I could feel myself growing more aroused. She just looked at me, her eyes tracing my body, lingering over my breasts. I needed to feel her but didn’t know how to go about it, so I slowly walked across the room, then lifting my hand slowly to her face traced it gently down her neck and to her breasts, cupping them in my hands I began to plan with her nipples and knead them gently. The next thing I know, her fingers were between my legs, slowly running up and down my slit, “I’ve wanted to do this for so long” she whispered in my ear. And that was it, I couldn’t help myself any longer, I pulled her close to me, her breasts rubbing against mine and kissed her passionately, guiding her towards my bed as I did so. I pushed her backwards, watching her beautiful body fall to my bed, I stood at the end of the bed, removed my knickers and began to crawl up the bed, her body looked so perfect laying there, I got to her pussy and bending my head down I took her knickers in my teeth and pulled them down, she lifted her  hips to help and I slid them down to her feet.

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