Best Shift Ever


I had just started my new job in the police service and was trying to settle in and get to know all my new colleagues. After a few days, I was paired with a guy called Fitz, who I took an instant like to. He was tall with an athletic build, short dark hair, and a beard.There was just something about him: He was funny, cheeky, confident, and really good looking. I couldn’t help but let my mind wander throughout our shift, thinking about us meeting up outside work and doing things that I, as a married woman shouldn’t do with anyone else other than my husband.Fitz and I are both from Northern Ireland and the only two in the station. This helped us bond and we became very friendly and talked regularly. At first, our conversations were platonic, just getting to know each other stuff. Then our chats turned flirty, hinting that if we were both single we would hook up. This went on for a few weeks but we never let it show in work, we kept it professional. After all, I am married and he has a girlfriend.One night we were tasked with taking a missing youth back to a place up north. It would be a four-hour round trip from our station and to top it off, it was in the winter with light snow and the roads were treacherous.As I was not cleared bahis siteleri to drive the vehicles yet, Fitz had to do all the driving, which wasn’t ideal given the length of the journey, the road conditions, and it being 1 am. Our sergeant said that if we needed to, we could pull over and check into a hotel on the way back depending on how Fitz was feeling and the road conditions.We set off for our destination with our young runaway in the back of the van. Fitz and I started off with general chit chat but it wasn’t long before our conversation turned flirty. We knew our passenger couldn’t hear us and I’m glad she couldn’t.Fitz started quizzing me about my marriage, asking if I was happy and a few other mundane questions before he asked about my sex life; what I’ve done, what I haven’t, favourite positions, use of toys, fantasies, have you done it outdoors, etcetera.I was a little uncomfortable answering such personal questions given that we had a passenger and that I didn’t want him to know that after thirteen years with my hubby our sex life was non-existent. Even when we did have sex, it was the same position in bed every time. No toys, no spice, no frills.I was aching for someone to take control of me and fuck me like there canlı bahis siteleri was no tomorrow, but I couldn’t tell him that. So I skirted around the topic and tried to deflect by turning his questions back on him.Fitz was more than forthcoming about his sexual activities and it made me jealous. He portrayed himself as being very dominant in the bedroom, using toys and restraints, explaining how he likes to fuck and spank.I was getting really turned on to the point where I could feel the crotch of my thong getting wet. I decided the best thing to do would be to change the conversation to something more innocent before I did or said something I might regret.After dropping our passenger off we made to head back for our station. The weather was getting worse and Fitz couldn’t stay awake so he drove to the nearest hotel, as it wasn’t safe for us to continue. I was dreading it. A night alone in a hotel with Fitz; could I stay strong and faithful?We went to check in and could only get a room with 2 single beds in it. I thought, oh no if we share a room will something happen? As we entered the room we de-kitted, taking our stab vests and belts off. As this was a spur of the moment thing, we had nothing with us: No change canlı bahis of clothes, no nightwear, nothing. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I needed a moment to think. How am I going to get through the night?I saw a bathrobe so decided to change out of my uniform leaving just my bra and thong on and put it over me. As I exited the bathroom, Fitz was in bed and I could see his uniform on the chair near his bed. The thought of him possibly naked underneath the covers sent a warm tingle down my body to my pussy, and I could feel myself getting wet.He was propped up on his elbow just looking at me giving me a cheeky grin. It took all my self-restraint not to jump on top of him. I walked over to my bed and climbed under the covers, taking the robe off so I was just in my underwear. I said I was tired and rolled over to go to sleep. If he had of said one word or looked at me I think I might just have given in to temptation.After about ten minutes or so, I could hear heavy breathing. I listened closely and was able to work out that Fitz was masturbating. I really wanted to see but I had my back to him and if I moved he might stop. I was getting really turned on and started moving my hand slowly down to my clit and started rubbing it.It was hard trying to control my breathing and keep my movements to a minimum, but I was so aroused I needed to sort myself out. I had gotten so lost in my own needs that I did not hear Fitz stop and walk across to my bed.

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