Like many college students I had a cash flow problem. My solution was to become a resident advisor for the college. I got a nice paycheck, a nice room all to myself and best of all I got to work under Beth. Beth was a recent grad who worked for the college as one of the hall directors. When I met her, my first passing impression was that she reminded me of a much younger girl. She was about 5’5″ short straight brown hair and brown eyes that just smiled at you. She was very thin weighing maybe 95 lbs. My eyes often strayed to her small a-cup breasts that barely poked through her tee shirts, or her smooth shaved legs.

Though I was attracted to her the first year I worked with her, I never thought to do anything about it, as I already had a girlfriend. My second year was different.

That winter, my girlfriend and I had broke up, and my schoolwork began to suffer. So Beth called me in for a meeting about my situation. Beth worked out of an office during the day but stayed in her own on-campus apartment (which was more of a house unto itself) at night. This was where our meeting was to take place. I walked up to her door and rang the bell. She answered wearing a large sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. “It’s still snowing I see, sorry to make come out in this weather.” She said.

“Oh it’s not a problem.” I responded as I entered her house. She led me into her living room and motioned for me to sit down on the couch.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” She asked

“No thanks I am all set.”

She smiled shrugged her shoulders and then sat down on the couch next to me. We began talking, mostly niceties at first and then she began to probe me for information on how I was really doing. So I told her about the breakup and how it was weird to finally be alone after two years with my ex. I noticed that she reacted but tried to hide what she was thinking when I first mentioned it. But that from that point on she seemed distracted.

After I finished telling her about what had happened, I asked her what was on her mind, as she seemed preoccupied. She blew my question off knowing and stood up, a playful smile played upon her face and she asked me again if I wanted something to drink. Again I politely refused. She left the room for the kitchen. I thought nothing of it until almanbahis giriş she came back in carrying two glasses and a bottle of red wine. She wordlessly set them down on the end table in front of us and poured us both a full glass. Then she turned around and handed one to me.

“Here this will take your mind off your troubles.”

I was a bit surprised by the gesture and even more so when she pushed my hand up to my mouth. I took a polite sip of the wine and put it down on the table. For this I received a disapproving look. “Now look here,” she said, “I am trying to loosen you up. I can’t do that if you fight me the whole way. Now finish your drink.” I did as she ordered and she refilled my glass.

I almost laughed; these actions seemed so out of character for the Beth I knew. I noticed that though Beth always sits on the couch like a little girl with her legs tucked underneath her and that this was how she was sitting now, it seemed different, not nearly as childlike in some way. She began to talk to me about wine and music. I cracked some jokes and she laughed, and as she was laughing she let her hand fall on mine. This contact itself wouldn’t have struck me as odd, but what did was that she left it there. I looked from her hand to her eyes. She gave me this serious look and then a slight crooked smile. Her hand left mine and traveled up my shoulder to my face.

I was completely speechless, I could only watch as she leaned her face towards mine. Her lips touched mine; instinctively I kissed her back. The hand she had on my face moved to the back of my head as she began to pull me towards her. When I finally pulled away from the kiss and opened my eyes, I realized that I was nearly on top of her. Her back was against the corner of the couch and I was leaning over her. Her eyes were staring at me with passion. It took me back for a second. But a second was I had.

“What are you waiting for?” she said as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her once again.

This time I went for it, no more hesitation. I kissed her right back. I pushed my tongue between her lips, her tongue was there waiting for me. Her soft lips and tongue moved sensually against my own mouth. Her hands ran over my back pulling my body close to hers. I decided that I was going almanbahis to see just how far she was going to take this. I took my right hand and slowly moved it up underneath her sweatshirt. The warmth of her skin urged me on as my hand traveled up her back. I pulled her body closer to mine to feel her against me.

My hand began to slide around to her stomach then up her chest. When my fingers were finally able to caress her small breasts and firm nipples she let out a small gasp. I used this break to remove her shirt, which she helped me with readily. It seemed to inspire her because next I knew my shirt and pants were lying on the floor. She kissed me hard biting my lip and slipped her hand into mine.

“I think its time we go upstairs,” she said suggestively.

I nodded and wordlessly allowed her to lead me up to her bedroom. We walked in and when I saw her bed, I knew what I had to do. She still held my hand, so I pulled her to me. I bent down, locked mouths with her and picked her up so her legs wrapped around me. I moved quickly to the bed and put her hastily down on it. She still had her jeans on, so I had to remedy that. After her panties were removed I got my first glimpse of Beth’s pussy. It was quite a sight, trimmed but not shaven, and I could tell she was turned on.

I could resist no longer; I dove in my mouth kissing all around her vaginal lips, my tongue flicking lightly across the hood of her clit. Frequent gasps and moans escaped from her mouth when my warm tongue would brush against her pink tenderness.

“Stop teasing me,” she pleaded, as she pushed my face down into her. Needing no more coaxing I began to lick her wet hot pussy. She had a wonderful taste I plunged my tongue as deep into her as I could, then I started thrusting in and out. I really wanted to hear her cum so I traced my tongue up to clit. I began to lick and suck, my intensity building with her screams of pleasure as they built up, urging me on. A nearly out of breath ‘Oh my God!’ signaled her cum. But it was her screams that let me know she was cumming really hard.

When her orgasm subsided, I crawled over her. Her face was flushed red and she was breathing heavily trying to recover. I smiled and waited enjoying every minute.

Without a word she almanbahis giriş reached up and violently pulled my face to hers. Her other hand reached to grasp my cock, which was still in my boxers. She paused, “I haven’t said hello to him yet, I almost forgot.” She nudged me off her and on to my back. Before I knew it my boxers were off and my cock was in her hand. A smile came across her face as she started to run her hot tongue up my shaft. Then up over the head. Her mouth encircled my cock. I could feel her tongue massaging it as she moved her head up and down. I was hard as a rock now, she sensed this and after this brief blowjob she knelt up.

“I’m sorry, I can’t wait any longer.” That was all she said. She moved up and positioned her hips right above my cock. I could feel my tip pushing lightly at her outer lips. That lasted only for a second, as soon as Beth got my cock exactly where she wanted it, she slid down the entire length. Her eyes shut, she breathed in sharply, and then she started bouncing violently on top of me. I reached up and cupped her tiny breasts; my thumb rolled the tip of her nipple.

I had always suspected Beth was a screamer and I was delighted to find I was right. As her yells mounted I could sense her impending orgasm. I removed my hands from her tits and gripped her ass, with a tight hold I started to thrust my hips into her. With one long scream her vaginal walls tightened around my cock.

After her cum she nearly collapsed on my chest. A few moments passed as she caught her breath. When she was back in control of herself she looked me in the eyes and kissed me. Meanwhile she started pushing her hips back and forth, fucking me again. I would have none of it; I wrapped my arms around her and turned us over so I was on top. I fucked her for a time in missionary position. Then I brought her legs up and placed them on my shoulders I started off slowly and built up until I was fucking her nearly as hard as I could. For such a tiny girl she could really take a fucking.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I told her.

“Pull out now,” She said.

So I withdrew my cock and laid down next to her. She sat up and bent over my cock. She took my cock in her mouth, still wet with her juices, and sucked it. She caught the first spurt of cum in her mouth then pulled off and jerked me till I was spent.

Beth pulled up next to me and said, “I’d wanted to do that for so long.” She kissed me.

We laid with each other kissing for awhile. We had sex several more times that night. But that was not the end…

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