Beth’s Party Surprise Pt. 03


The longer she stood there, the more Beth found herself torn inside. On the one hand, this was the closest she had come to being caught in any of her little affairs – and she couldn’t have imagined a more public place for it to happen. Beth lectured herself over and over as she only half-followed the conversation around her, reminding herself how easily her little house of cards could come tumbling down, and how much she stood to lose. Her marriage. Terry’s political future. Her comfortable home. Was it all worth it, just for some illicit sexual thrills? She needed to re-assess things, to be much more discrete in her future dealings…

But on the other… she couldn’t help denying the tingling between her legs, the near-constant sense of arousal – no, of horniness, of lust, mere arousal didn’t describe it – that she found driving her these days. It wasn’t just that Michael and the others were competent lovers, or the fact that her sexual desires were being consistently satisfied. Beth knew it was the taboo thrill of it all which made her continually squirm inside, craving more. Knowing she was blatantly cheating on her husband, and for nothing more than sex; none of her little flings was under some romantic pretensions of running off together. That these older men got a thrill from an uninhibited, sexy, younger woman offering them things they’d only fantasized about; her body at their beck and call as she eagerly awaited the next call or text message letting her know they wanted her. Like it or not, there was a part of Elizabeth Saunders that enjoyed being a slut…

Between the sexual frustrations of the night, the wine, and the overwhelming thoughts it was all too much for her to try and process. Beth made some half-hearted excuses about a long day, and excused herself from the cluster of neighbors to head back inside, fully intending to drop off her glass and convince Terry it was time to go home. The party was starting to divide up anyway – some couples leaving to get rest or pick up children, while others were forming groups that obviously intended to enjoy the open bar as long as it lasted. She had only taken a few steps into the tiled room though when she heard his voice behind her once more.

“There you are, girl. MMmm, I’ve been looking for you, we’ve got some unfinished business to discuss.”

Beth felt the color already rising in her cheeks at the sound of his deep, masculine voice. Dammit, why does he get to me so? She turned to face Michael, a hand raised trying to ward him off as she spoke.

“Michael, no, wait!” she was almost frantic from the conflicted fear and desire inside her, words tumbling out as she looked up at his much-taller frame. “We… we have to be careful!” Even as she spoke he continued moving forward, until Beth found her back pressed against the granite counter as she went on. “Michael, Mrs. Ramsey almost caught on, please!” Her final words trailing off as he confidently smiled, one arm on either side of her petite frame as he leaned close.

“Robin Ramsey?” Michael laughed softly, “Don’t worry about her, little one. She’s been chasing after me all night, I think she’s got some new church charity she’s trying to get me to write a check for.” Beth gasped softly as he nipped at her ear, his voice dropping to a whisper as he loomed closer. “But she’s wrapped up with her husband and yours as Senator Williams lays out some grand plan. You’ve got me all to yourself for a few minutes, and I told you that I wanted all three tonight…”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh damn you, you fucker!” she gasped, the combination of his words and voice making Beth melt (almost) reluctantly. She found her hands clutching at the counter behind her, and a deeper moan escaped when she felt one of Michael’s hands brush along her side and cup one asscheek through the fabric of her dress, leaving no doubt what he meant as his fingers worked at the hem.

Beth’s back arched at the touch, and she flushed a deeper shade of red knowing that Michael must be grinning at his triumph. Like so many of the changes in her sexuality, a year ago Beth was at the best blase about anal play; the few experimental tries in college had left her ambivalent to the whole concept, and not sure what everyone seemed to see in it. Sure, she knew that her short, curvy hourglass shape turned men’s heads, and she wasn’t embarrassed to wear tight pants and take advantage of it. But she’d never really realized how much she could enjoy the attention until that second date with Mister Williams, both of them tipsy from a late lunch and drinks, her bent over the couch in his office downtown while he spent what must have been two hours worshiping her backside. Çankaya Escort Between his tongue, fingers, and finally his stiff older prick, Beth had found out exactly what a naughty little anal girl she was deep inside, and it had only grown more common from there. She’d quickly found out which of her other lovers liked a bit of “back door fun,” particularly when she’d talk dirty for them and remind them about the young, hot wife eagerly offering them what their wives never would have considered. Beth was just as bad on her own, whether it was teasing herself with a finger around her asshole as she masturbated, or the secret thrill of wearing a jeweled princess plug under her fanciest panties when she went out for an afternoon tea with the girls. She had found that her back hole cherished attention just as much as her front, so knowing what Michael wanted made her gush once more.

All of these memories passed through her mind in a heartbeat as Michael pulled her mouth to his, kissing her deeply and passionately once more. “Just… just…mmmm… be careful, we can’t get caught!” She found herself saying, Beth’s hands scrambling at his belt as he pressed tightly against her. The older man may have been with her twice already tonight, but his prick was already throbbing and hard as her hand slipped into his pants, starting to stroke. “MMMmmmm, Michael, are you hard because it’s me, or because you know you get to put it up my tight ass baby?” Beth half-giggled in his ear as she teased him. I’m such a tramp, she thought to herself once more, but if anything it only spurred her on more.

“Fuck, Beth, you know I love when you talk like that.” he answered in his strong voice. “I’ve never met a woman as dirty as you, that’s why I’ve been hard wanting you all night.” Michael easily spun her body around, pressing her forward as she spread her willing legs. The air in the kitchen was cool as he raised the dark silk above her hips, and Beth felt him kneeling down behind her with his hands on either side of her bubble butt. She felt the heat of his breath on her soft skin as he spread the cheeks, taking a moment to wiggle her rump teasingly as she peered over her shoulder to see his greying hair and face moving closer. “Your ass is so lovely, girl. You have no idea…” Michael’s words drowned out as she felt his extended tongue brushing against her tightest opening, the soft kiss of his lips as he touched her pucker and she moaned softly. She found herself already pushing back to the intimate touch, loving how it felt as the wet tongue teased her rim.

“Don’t… ugh, oh fuck yes, right there… don’t tease me too long damn you! I want that hard dick of yours one more time.” Her words half-intended to spur him on, half the truth of desire as Beth reached back and lightly clutched at his head as she watched his face between her cheeks. “You’ve teased me so fucking much tonight, Michael. I don’t know why I get so naughty for you.” She was becoming more excited too, the fears of exposure from minutes ago fading into the back of her mind, and a growing anticipation to feel him filling her ass matching the swollen ache in her clit once again.

In turn, Michael laughed softly once more. “I don’t care why you get so hot, Beth. I’m just glad that you do.” He had paused in the oral teasing as she moaned in frustration, but made up for it slightly as he lightly rubbed and probed with one slick finger to get her ready. “You’re right though. As much as I’d love to spend all night with your wonderful curves, we do have to be quick. Let’s see…”

Beth briefly wondered what had distracted him as she felt and saw Michael stand up behind her, then she grinned as she saw him reaching for the bottle of olive oil that had been left by a salad bowl on the counter. “This will do nicely, I think.” he said looking into her eyes. “Lift up your dress baby. We don’t want to mess it up any more.” She eagerly complied as he dribbled a small amount down her spread crack, jumping at the touch of the cool liquid with a soft gasp. Knowing what to do, Beth reached back with both hands, holding her cheeks spread as she smiled at Michael once more. “Mmmm, yes, that’s it baby. Get your slut’s asshole nice and lubed for that hard cock. I want it in me deep tonight.” The slippery oil allowing his thick finger to slide easily into her as she moaned appreciatively, and her lover gently stroked in and out with it to prepare her as he undid his belt and lowered his pants using his free hand.

Pausing to get a bit more of the oil onto one hand, the older man slowly stroked it along the length of his already-stiff cock as Keçiören Escort well, making it shine in the softly-lit kitchen. “OOooohhh, so nice and hard. Your cock is so ready for me Michael!” she cooed encouragingly. “Don’t wait, I’m ready. Put it in me.” Beth started to lean forward over the counter, but even on tiptoes she realized she was a bit too short for comfort as she felt him move behind her and grasp her hips. “Hold on, baby, let me get set!” she giggled as she tugged forward, her front half laying on the cool granite as she reached back spreading her cheeks once more, legs bent in the air as she grinned back at him. “That’s it. Fuck me up the ass, Michael!”

The change in position lined everything up perfectly, and Beth could see the desire in his face at the view of her exposed holes, glistening and wet and open so wantonly in the room. Both had forgotten any possibility of interruption by this point, purely focused upon their coupling once again. The hot touch of the thick head against her asshole made her moan softly and bite her lip in anticipation, as she felt the growing pressure of her partner pressing into her body. An eternity of seconds passed, during which she forced herself to relax and press back as Michael worked forward, stretching until with that first, almost-sudden “pop” the head of his prick slipped into her back hole.

“Mmmmmmmmm fuuuuuuccckkkkkkk…” they seemed to gasp, almost in unison, then almost lost it laughing at the joint exclamation. He paused, letting her adjust as her she shivered at the first penetration, and she could see his eyes pinned to the view. “Does it look sexy, Michael?” Beth whispered in a sultry voice. “Do you like seeing your cock stretch my ass?”

His bearded face nodded in return as he fought the urge to continue. “You know it does, Beth. It’s so tight around me, I can see it stretch as I fuck you. It looks so hot, so dirty. Janet would never do this.”

“Then do it, Michael. Fuck my tight ass. Give it to me like you know I want it.”

Her words all the encouragement the man needed, he continued holding her hips and watching as he slowly thrust deeper. Beth’s back arched as she felt the thick meat stretching her, and her breath left her in a long almost-wail at that first, wonderful penetration – it was all she could do not to cry out loud, neighbors and witnesses be damned. The olive oil and her arousal eased the path as Michael slowly worked deeper, and it was less than a minute before she felt his entire length buried in her tightest spot. Beth realized she had unconsciously moved one hand under to find her aching clit, rubbing in slow circles as she moaned and enjoyed the dual sensations. As Michael paused with his cock filling her, she looked back at him once more, spitting out her words in need. “Don’t hold back, you bastard. Fuck my ass. You came in my cunt and my mouth. I want you to cum in my ass. Give it to me!”

Michael eagerly complied, starting to work himself in and out as he held her body sprawled on the counter, hands on her hips as he grunted with each deep thrust. Beth could sense her own desire growing again as well, her body squirming as the mixture of her own touch and his penetration excited her more with every stroke. She wondered what they neighbors, or her husband would think catching her like this – the perfect, decent housewife, with her dress around her waist and an older man’s cock filling her ass? How would they react to the images of her so wantonly encouraging him, her voice husky with desire as she begged him for more? “Fuck me harder, baby. Oh, God, it’s so good! Do you like me spread like this? Oh, your cock is so hard for me!” and more being uttered as her fingers rubbed the swollen nub of her clit in fast circles.

Her neighbor was just as bad, pulling her body to meet his pumping hips, holding her open like some porn show as he watched and felt the beautiful, curvy woman surrender to his touch once more. “MMMmmmmm, I’m deep in your married asshole. How does it feel, Beth? You’re so sexy, giving it up anytime I want. You have my prick aching! I love fucking you! Oh, yeah, squeeze it tight!” Michael’s breath coming faster once again, the words rushing together and his voice deeper as she twisted her rear every time he bottomed out. Whether it was the taboo act, the illicit encounter of their affair, or the risky location – or all three elements combined – she could tell by the way his thrusts increased in pace, becoming fast, deep jabs at her insides as he leaned over her, that her lover wouldn’t be lasting much longer. The thoughts brought Beth’s own growing orgasm closer, Etimesgut Escort picturing what she must look like, reliving the encounters of the night and knowing she would touch herself again remembering them later. When Michael leaned in and pulled her tight against him as he pumped, biting the back of her neck as he spoke in her ear, she felt the wave crashing over her once more.

“You’re my little slut, and you love it. Oh, fuck, yes! Take it, take all my cock. I love using your holes baby!”

“Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Beth gasped out, his hand quickly covering her mouth as she clenched her eyes tight and fought back the scream of release threatening to escape. “OOhh, I’m cumming again you fucker! Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Her fingertips rubbing just right, his cock swollen and stretching her in that perfect way, the tease of her nipples against the granite counter through her dress, it all worked together to bring her to the kind of orgasm that made her almost black out. The fact that he never stopped filling her, his manhood buried deep as he pumped his hips madly, her body almost pinned beneath his bulk, his breath hot on her skin as his teeth nipped at her just made it all go on for what seemed like hours. All Beth could do was lay there gasping, quivering, as he continued to fuck her ass, her climax going on and on even though she was near-paralyzed with her release.

Just when the younger woman thought she might be done, she felt Michael stiffen, felt him bury himself to the hilt and his cock somehow become more swollen and stiff as it pulsed. Her back hole milked him as he moaned and ground into her, the warm spurts emptying inside her for the promised third time as she found herself experience one, final, orgasm in time with his. Neither would have noticed, or likely cared, had the whole party interrupted them; both completely lost in the sensations of their joined bodies, of the images and lusts that they shared together. This, Beth thought, this was the kind of thing that drew her to these men.

Endless heartbeats later, his breath slowing from a pant, she felt him kiss the back of her neck gently with a soft chuckle. “Thank you, Beth. I told you what I wanted tonight, lover. You made it even sexier than I had hoped.” Transitioning from the frantic sex of just moments ago, Michael slowly eased from her body as she sighed in a mixture of relief and emptiness, grabbing a hand-towel from the counter as he handed it to her with a smile. “I suppose we both need to clean up a bit better this time.”

Beth smiled at him with an equal amount of desire and amusement. “Yes, we do. Damn it, Michael – it’s not fair how you get to me!” Quickly wiping between her cheeks with the towel to catch their mingled juices and the olive oil, she stood up with a bounce to her step. “It’s a good thing I love fucking you, I swear.” she said in a sultry voice, leaning in to kiss him once. “Now, no more games tonight, you dirty man. Things will be wrapping up soon, and we’ve already taken too many chances.” Straightening her dress as much as possible she rewarded him with one last tease, “But – the next time you want all three of my openings lover, I want them in one session instead of leaving me hanging all night.” The look in her eyes and way she licked her lips made her neighbor grin and flush once more, and Beth knew that he’d be thinking of their next encounter eagerly, another ripe opportunity for her to play.

As Michael gathered himself together in the kitchen, she made her way down the hall to the bathroom from earlier, smiling slightly as she remembered the so-recent liaison. I did it, she thought, I got away with fucking him three times tonight, and no one knew. And, I was the dirty little tramp he craves… Beth found herself smiling softly as she looked in the mirror, her entire body tingling as she remembered the varied acts, the erotic scenes it must have presented, the ways it made her cum to please the older man that way. She was almost tempted to use her fingers for one last bit of release before rejoining the final moments of the party, but decided she had risked enough already. Instead, she quickly cleaned her face enough to be presentable, hoping the dim light of the night would hide the just-fucked expression that must still be plastered on her face and movements. With a final brush of the silk dress over her hips, Beth nodded her head and prepared to rejoin her husband once more.

But, she only made it a few steps down the hall towards the stairs, when a familiar voice made her jump in surprise.

“Elizabeth, dear. I think we need to talk for a few minutes.”

Beth felt the blood draining from her face as she turned, Robin Ramsey standing in the doorway of a room further down the hall with that familiar expression of judgment as she spoke. And, with one finger dangling a pair of panties in the air.

The same pair of panties Elizabeth remembered being unable to find a few hours ago, after fucking Michael in the garden nook…

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