Birching Miss Birch Pt. 03


An autocratic and abusive office manager, known by all who work under her as “The Mad Bitch,” is retrained during a weekend “Wilderness Bonding Experience” and turned into a submissive slave, lily.

Slave lily is a natural-born pain-slut, so this story involves a lot of pain and humiliation. If that isn’t your preferred genre, you might want to skip this story. Also, all sex is F/f, so if you want M/F or M/f, this isn’t your story.

In this final part, slave lily learns the importance of doing favors for others. Completing those favors, however, involves more than a little pain and humiliation.

The story is in three parts. Each part stands more or less on its own, but makes more sense if you have read the previous parts.

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Chapter Three of Three

Amanda Birch- once called Maddy or The Mad Bitch, now called slave lily- was given the evening off by her new Mistress, Darla Lewis. Surprisingly, there was a very good wifi signal available at the remote cabin. So after Maddy/lily had brought in a sufficient amount of wood from the stacked piles behind the cabin, they both connected to the net- Darla to catch up on her mail and to post on a dominatrix web site that she had a new slave. Maddy to check in at several of the websites that had fueled her fantasies for so many years. On one site, she posted “I have found a Mistress at last.”

She signed into her favorite site, and minutes later was slowly stroking her breasts with one hand while sliding a finger through her slit as she watched a video of a Mistress flogging a bound slave. Her hand was just starting to dig deeper into her cunt when Darla’s voice commanded, “Don’t you dare cum without my permission, slave!”

Darla got up from the bed where she was lying propped up on a pile of pillows. She stood in front of Maddy and said, “Listen, lily, when I said that you couldn’t cum without my permission, I didn’t mean just while I had you over my knee. I own you now. I own what you do and what you say. And I own your orgasms. You don’t have one unless I tell you that you can. You got that?!”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy whimpered.

She went back to watching the videos from the website, but kept her hands on her thighs, occasionally digging her fingers into her thighs while giving out a strained moan. Several hours later Darla announced, “Time for bed. And you remember to keep that fire nice and warm all night.”

Maddy crawled over to the head of the bed and knelt silently staring with puppy dog eyes and a pleading expression on her face.

“What’s the matter, lily?” Darla asked with exaggerated sympathy in her voice. “Do you need to cum before you go to sleep?”

Maddy said nothing, but shook her head yes. Her face was beet red from the embarrassment of admitting her internal needs.

“I tell you what,” Darla answered, “I could use a good cum myself. If you take me over the top with your tongue, then you can lie in front of the fire and rub yourself all night if you want to. Does that sound like a good idea to you, lily?”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy gushed. Her happiness was very obvious on her face.

“Then you stay right there while I get myself ready for bed,” Darla replied. “Then when I get back you can put your tongue to work where it matters most. And remember, when I get close, I expect you to do a full rim job before you take me over the top.”

“Yes Mistress Darla,” Maddy replied.

Maddy knelt obediently beside the bed while Darla did her bathroom routine. Maddy could hear Darla using the toilet and suddenly thought, ‘I hope she wipes herself clean.’ She had already decided that she would do whatever she was ordered, regardless, when she heard the sound of the shower. “Thank you, Mistress Darla,” she said softly.

A few minutes denizli escort later, Darla emerged from the bathroom and lay back on the bed. Maddy had pulled the sheets and covers down and had re-distributed the pillows across the bed. Darla said nothing, but spread her legs and tapped her mound lightly, as if calling a dog to a treat.

Maddy quickly scrambled up onto the bed and pressed her lips against Darla’s hairy cunt. She licked lightly for several moments and then used her lips to pull slightly on Darla’s prominent clit. She could feel that large nub engorge with her ministrations.

Darla began to move her hips slightly as Maddy continued to lick and nibble. She gave out a heavy moan when Maddy pulled the clit into her mouth and suckled heavily. “That’s it, lily,” she said.

Maddy worked her face deeper into Darla’s cunt, licking and slurping and nibbling with her lips. She wiggled her face from side to side and Darla responded by bucking against her with her hips.

Darla was very close to climax when lily remember that she had been ordered to also service her rosebud. She moved her tongue deeper between Darla’s legs and began thrusting into her ass. She would push as deeply as she could into the rosebud, and then flick the tip of her tongue around the edges of Darla’s dark eye.

Darla was now bucking and thrusting almost hard enough to bring her rather substantial body up off the mattress. Suddenly, Maddy felt Darla’s hands grasping her head and pulling it upward. Darla pushed her face forcefully into her cunt. She needed no other encouragement and began licking and sucking intensely until Darla arched her back thrusting herself even more tightly against her face and screamed out a long ecstatic groan of release.

Maddy kept licking softly until Darla finally said, “That’s enough, lily. You can go back over to the fire and get yourself off now.”

Maddy did exactly that. She crawled over to in front of the fire and flopped over onto her back with her legs bent and spread. She rubbed furiously for only a moment before throwing back her head and gasping in climax.

Darla chuckled from the bed. “This is the way it is going to work, my little lily-white pain-slut,” she announced. “Each time you build up the fire, you can have one orgasm. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy responded as she curled up on the rug in front of the fire. “I will keep the fire burning brightly all night.”

“I’ll bet you will,” Darla laughed. “I’ll bet you will.”


When Darla woke Sunday morning, the cabin was more than comfortably warm and the room reeked of sex. Maddy was sleeping peacefully in front of the fire. Her feet were resting on the step in front of the fireplace with her legs spread out so that the glow of the fire reflected off her wet cunt.

“That girl is almost insatiable,” Darla said out loud to herself with a slight laugh. “One of these days I’m going to have to see what it takes to wear her out.”

She then shouted out, “Rise and shine, lily. Get your white ass into that kitchen and rustle me up some breakfast.”

Maddy rose groggily to her feet and murmured, “Yes, Mistress Darla.” Then still half-asleep, she stumbled into the kitchen to make breakfast. The sizzle of bacon and the occasional yelp from the spattering grease striking skin filled the kitchen while the sound of a shower running came from the bathroom.

By the time Darla was finished with her shower, Maddy was finished with the bacon and eggs and had them, two slices of toast, and a steaming hot cup of coffee, waiting on the table. Darla nibbled at the toast and tasted the coffee before announcing, “It’s OK. You can eat now. And then go get yourself cleaned up.”


About a half-hour later, Maddy- and the kitchen- were sparkling clean. Darla was sitting at the table wearing a pair of jeans and one of the camp’s polo shirts. She looked up as Maddy came into the room and picked up a crop from the table. She used it to call her over to stand alongside her. Once Maddy was standing next to her, Darla reached up and slowly rubbed the leather flap of the crop across Maddy’s nipples.

Maddy responded with a soft moan as Darla said, “Today, I’m going to teach you your first lesson in getting ahead,” She tapped a nipple lightly with the crop and continued, “You are always demanding things from everyone, yet you never give to others. That’s why no one will go out of their way to help you. If you do favors for others, they do favors for you.”

Maddy stood silently next to the table as Darla continued, “This morning you are going to do a favor for Jessie, and this afternoon you are going to do a favor for an old friend of mine. Then tonight, we are going to meet with the office staff for the wrap up of this weekend.”

She reached out with the crop and smacked Maddy on the ass and said, “Put on your collar and leash and meet me outside.”

Maddy scampered diyarbakır escort to retrieve her collar and leash from the mantle of the fireplace. By the time she got to the door of the cabin, Darla was already striding down the path. Maddy ran after her, holding her leash out in front of her until she caught up and placed the end of the leash in her Mistress’s outstretched hand.

“You see,” Darla said with a laugh as she slowed her stride, “once you give someone what they truly want, they are bound to you.” Then tugging slightly she added, “… almost as if you had their leash in your hand.”

Maddy reddened as she realized that what Darla said was true- at least about her. Darla had given her what she truly needed- someone to dominate her sexually- and now she was bound very tightly to her new Mistress.

Darla continued to walk briskly down the path, but unlike the previous day when they had continued straight out the path to the birch trees, today she turned at the first intersection on the trail. “This leads to the pond,” she said. “Jessie needs someone to finish getting it ready for winter.” She looked back at Maddy and smiled before saying, “And that’s where you come in.”

They walked in silence for several minutes until they came to a small lake. A large flat raft and another with a small diving board tower on it had been pulled up onto the shore. A couple dozen canoes were stored upside down in racks under one of two large picnic shelters. The other shelter contained a large number of picnic tables set almost on edge so that snow would not accumulate on their tops through the winter.

“Looks like everything is already ready for winter, doesn’t it?” asked Darla.

Maddy looked around, not sure what to say, and then stammered, “I guess so?”

“Don’t guess,” said Darla sharply as she smacked Maddy on the ass with the crop in her hand. “Use your eyes. What doesn’t look ready for winter?”

Maddy slowly scanned the beach and the lake, then suddenly said, “The floats marking the swimming area are still in the water?”

“That’s right,” Darla answered. “When the lake freezes it will crush them.”

Darla turned Maddy so they were eye-to-eye. “So what do you think we need to do next?” she asked.

“Bring them in?” answered Maddy.

“No,” Darla replied, once again smacking Maddy on the ass with the crop. “What we need to do next is to gather up a lot of firewood and build a big fire.”

Maddy looked at her for a moment with a very confused look on her face, but then said, “Yes, Mistress Darla.”

“Actually, what you need to do is more carry than gather,” Darla said with a laugh. “There is a big pile of wood over there on the other side of that shelter. Bring it out here to this fire pit close to the shore and stack it up for a fire.”

Maddy made a dozen or so trips from the woodpile to the fire ring before Darla said, “That ought to be enough. Now gather up small branches from the ground to use as kindling.”

After Maddy had done so, Darla produced a lighter and a small block of fire starter from her duffle bag. “Always be prepared,” she said as she handed it to Maddy.

Soon the fire was beginning to crackle and grow hot and Darla asked, “Do you know why I had you make a fire?”

“No, Mistress Darla,” Maddy answered meekly.

“Think, my little lily-white pain-slut. Plan more than one step ahead of your feet. Why would YOU need a fire out here next to the lake?”

“To stay warm?” answered Maddy.

“It’s a little cool out here, but you’re almost sweating from the work of gathering up that wood. You don’t need it to stay warm… unless you get really cold.”

“No!” Maddy exclaimed, suddenly realizing what Darla intended. “That lake is fed by mountain streams. It would be cold in the middle of the summer.” Her eyes were wide and her voice was shaking slightly as she begged, “Please don’t make me go into the water, Mistress Darla.”

“Someone,” Darla said forcefully, “has to go out and detach the two lines that separate the swimming area into three sections. Then someone has to hold onto the main float line while it is reeled in so it doesn’t tangle.”

She pointed to Maddy with her crop. “That someone is you.” She then laughed and said, “And yes, that water is damn near freezing. But it isn’t very deep. You can probably walk all the way across it now that it is almost at winter depth. But just to be safe, and because a good Mistress like myself should be concerned with the safety of her slaves, you are going to be wearing a life jacket and a safety line in case you get too cold or something like that.”

“Please, Mistress Darla,” Maddy whined. “I don’t like cold water. Couldn’t we just pull the float lines in and then reel them up?”

Darla didn’t say anything, but instead reached into her duffle bag and retrieved the shock stick that she had demonstrated to Maddy the day before. Maddy stood and quivered silently in antalya escort front of her Mistress for a moment, but finally bowed her head and said softly, “Yes, Mistress Darla.”

Maddy put on the life jacket and Darla led her down to the edge of the water where sat a small trailer with a large metal reel mounted on it. Darla explained, “It is very simple. You wade out to the main float line and detach the separator section. Then you hang on to it and I will reel you back to shore as I wind up the float line on this reel. After we finish with that one, we move the reel over to the other segment and you go back into the water for the second section.”

Darla ran her hand over Maddy’s head, almost like she were petting a dog. “After that you can go over and warm yourself up by the fire before we bring in the main section. You got that?”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy replied, “But…”

“But what?!” Darla snapped.

“May I put more wood on the fire first, Mistress Darla?” Maddy begged. “Otherwise it might be burned down too low by the time we’ve finished.”

Darla laughed, “OK, lily, you can put more wood on the fire. And stack a couple more pieces next to the fire ring so you can build it up again when you need it.” She petted Maddy’s head once again and said, “See, you are starting to think ahead. You’re learning.”

A few minutes later, the fire was heaped high and several logs were stacked nearby. “Let’s go,” ordered Darla, and Maddy began wading out into the water. She shrieked slightly from the cold as she first stepped into the water and continued to yelp and gasp with each step as she slowly waded out to the main float line that marked the swimming area. The water was not quite waist deep, but as she walked, the icy liquid splashed against her sex, causing her to both yelp and moan.

“My God,” Darla yelled from the shore, “even this is turning you on. I should have called you insatiable rather than lily.”

Maddy was shivering slightly when Darla finished reeling her back to the shore. “Get the next one and then you can warm up by the fire,” Darla said as she and Maddy pulled the reel trailer over to the next segment.

This time Maddy did not yelp quite as much as she waded into the water, but because the water was deeper, more of her body was in the icy water and she was shivering continuously by the time she had disconnected the line and almost violently by the time Darla had her reeled back onto the shore.

“Take off the life jacket and get over by the fire,” Darla said.

“Thank you, Mistress Darla,” Maddy chattered out as she scampered over to kneel next to the fire. Soon she was no longer shivering as she slowly turned in the sand on her knees to allow the warmth of the fire to penetrate her body.

“I will let you say when you are ready,” Darla said as Maddy relaxed and stopped shivering.

Several minutes later Maddy said, “I’m ready, Mistress Darla. May I build up the fire again before going back into the water?”

“Of course,” Darla answered and Maddy responded with an automatic, “Thank you, Mistress Darla.”

This time, Maddy did not have to wade out into the water, but instead had to merely walk around the shore to the other end of the float line, disconnect it, and then allow Darla to reel her across the lake as she wound up the line. The disadvantage to this was that it pulled Maddy on her stomach through deeper water with the result that she was almost totally immersed in the water.

Consequently, she was once again shivering violently as she was reeled up onto the shore and scampered over to the fire as soon as Darla gave her permission. Again, she knelt as close to the fire as possible as she warmed her body. But this time, as she began to relax, she spread her legs slightly and slipped one hand into her slit. The other hand was rubbing her breast and tweaking her nipple. She looked over at Darla and said hopefully, “May I, Mistress? May I, please?”

Darla laughed a deep laugh and answered, “OK, lily, you may cum. It is your reward for doing a good job. In fact, you can cum as many times as you want in the next thirty minutes.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Maddy groaned as her hand went deeper into her cunt. She continued to stroke herself for several minutes until she finally gasped out in orgasm, then she sat on her knees facing the fire with her legs very wide and continued to stroke herself softly for the rest of the half hour.

“Time to go back to the cabin,” Darla finally said. “Shovel some sand over that fire to make sure it is smothered and then put your collar and leash back on.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla,” Maddy responded.

A few minutes later they were retracing their steps back to the cabin. When they got there, Darla told Maddy, “You clean yourself up and then fix us some lunch. After lunch you can have an hour for whatever you want to do- as long as you don’t cum.”

“Yes, Mistress Darla.”


Darla spent the hour after lunch relaxing, almost napping, on the bed. Maddy spent the time kneeling in front of the fire. Her knees were widely spread, as they had been on the beach, and she was slowly stroking her body and occasionally running her hand through her slit. “Remember, you don’t cum unless I allow it!” Darla barked from the bed when Maddy began to moan softly.

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