Birthday Cabin – Day 01

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This is a re-written upload of a story I had submitted here previously. I wasn’t happy with the way it ended up so went back to the drawing board. Most of it has been left intact, but there are some changes that will become more evident in the later entries.

Birthday Cabin, Day 1


Lianne looks out the window of her husband’s truck as it drives along the freeway. The landscape has slowly changed from the towering skyscrapers of the city they lived in to rows of large houses in the suburbs surrounding, into fields as they drive through farmland, and now finally into dense woods and far-off mountains. The couple is headed to a cabin by a lake that he has rented for her birthday, promising her a weekend of romantic relaxation.

She was a statuesque redhead with full lips, pale skin, wide hips, long legs, a fantastic large ass, and natural H-cup breasts that caused eyes to widen and jaws to drop when first seen. At 6 feet 4 inches tall, she towered over almost everyone she met, at least until she had met him. Her olive-skinned husband, Michael, was a few inches taller than she was at 6 foot 8, and his broad shoulders and thick arms as well as his chiseled physique had immediately drawn her eye. The day she had asked him out in college was what he considered to be the luckiest day in his life, and after several years of dating he had asked her to marry him, and she had accepted. That was a little over eight years ago now.

The couple had always had a full and active sexual relationship, their regular encounters keeping the floor of her dorm awake until he had to be banned from visiting, the neighbors in their first apartment repeatedly complaining to the landlord, and then at last a nice (well insulated) condo where her loud moaning and cries of pleasure bothered no one.

Lately however, Michael had been busier than usual with work, leaving before she woke up in the morning and getting home late and exhausted. The pair had an open relationship and so she had managed to get sexual satisfaction with a few of her male friends, but it wasn’t the same. She missed her husband’s presence. And so, with her birthday coming up, he had managed to get today and Monday off from work and rented a nice remote cabin for the weekend so they could rekindle their physical relationship.

The truck exits the freeway and starts down a long road, eventually entering a small town. The house he had rented was at the edge of this town, on the shore of the large lake in the nearby national forest. When they are about five minutes out he slows and pulls over, turning to look at her and grinning slightly before reaching back and grabbing a blindfold he had set in the back seat.

Her eyebrow raises when he holds it out for her to take, which she does, but looks quizzically at him without putting it on. “What’s this for?” She asks. A soft chuckle comes from him as he looks forward again, pulling back onto and continuing down the road. “Just put it on. I want your first look at the cabin and its view to be perfect, so that means not from inside the truck.”

She gives a slight shrug and chuckles as she shakes her head, but does as he asks and pulls the blindfold on, now blind to the world. The truck continues on for a few minutes then she feels it pull onto some gravel before coming to a halt, the key turning and the engine shutting off. “We’re here. Wait there and i’ll come around to help you out.”

She nods when she hears the deep voice to her left, hearing him undo his seat belt and open the truck door to get out, then hearing it slam and the muffled sound of his shoes crunching on the gravel underfoot as he walks around to her side. When the door opens she reaches her hand out, his larger hand quickly taking hers and helping to hold her steady as she shifts out of her seat and steps down onto the ground.

He keeps hold of her hand and stands behind her, his other hand on her shoulder as he guides her along. She hears him give her an occasional direction, soon warning her about some steps leading up to the front porch. Her feet touch the wood without difficulty and soon he steps around her to unlock the front door and push it open.

Her vision still completely dark, she stands awkwardly for a few moments while she waits for him. It wasn’t long before her hand was grasped again and she was led forward, feeling warm air around her that indicated she was now inside, out of the cool autumn afternoon.

“Can I look yet?” She asks, starting to get slightly irritated with this gimmick and his secrecy. “Almost”, she hears from her right. Her brow knits slightly as she frowns, the position the voice of her husband had come from sounding slightly further away than seemed right for how close the figure still leading her was. She doesn’t have time to voice her concern or think more on it, though, as she is turned around and her shoulder gently pushed on to have her take a seat, feeling a comfortable cushion underneath her.

The istanbul travesti figure that had led her to the couch steps away, and a moment later she hears her husband’s voice again. “Alright, you can take that off now.” She does so right away, glad to be rid of it, but immediately after removing the blindfold and opening her eyes her jaw drops as she sees the sight in front of her. Her husband was there, yes, a wide grin on his face as he beamed down at her. But so were many other men. Men she all knew well, some more intimately than others. And they were all completely naked, a few stroking their thick lengths and all of them beginning to grow hard at the sight of her.

The romantic getaway had been the story as she thought it. While Michael had indeed been busy lately, he had also been planning this trip for quite some time. He had tried to contact all his friends, some from both their workplaces, some from college, and some from his gym- inviting them all up for this weekend. Many had been too busy, but in the end ten of them had agreed and taken time off as well, driving up early in order to arrive before the couple. His wish to have her wear the blindfold was so that she would not see the many cars and trucks he knew would be parked outside.

She stays silent for several moments, trying to comprehend what was going on, until she looks at her husband again and sees him in the process of undressing as well. “You…” she whispers. “You planned all this… you sneaky bastard.” A wide smile comes to her face then, her gaze moving down from his face to his massive cock as it springs free of his jeans, her tongue flicking across her lips as she starts to lean forward.

A few of the men laugh and several have signs of relief on their faces, glad to see she approved of the situation. Almost as one they move forward, reaching out to help her stand and starting to tug on her clothing. Her husband stands back and watches as she is undressed, always happy to see her enjoy and be enjoyed by other men. Several of their friends here now had had her previously, the couple having often swapped partners over the years- Lianne getting fucked by the husbands while Michael fucks the wives, all together on the same bed.

This time was different, though. This time she was the only woman in the house, and all these men only had eyes for her, for this entire weekend. “I know you’ve been frustrated lately”, Michael said. “This is my way of apologizing for how distant i’ve been. I’m just lucky I have so many friends willing to help me out.”

The men had gotten her fully undressed now, their hands roaming over her curvy body. Her massive breasts are squeezed and tugged on gently, her ass is groped, hands rubbing up and down her legs and squeezing her thighs. Soon enough a hand slips between her legs and fingers brush against her bare pussy, causing a soft gasp to escape her lips.

“Ahh… you’re… quite forgiven. This must have been a bear to organize…” She breathes harder as the group of men continue their ministrations, her chest rising and falling as her pleasure slowly rises. “Oh, it wasn’t so bad.” A voice from behind her comes, and she recognizes it as belonging to Ralph, one of Michael’s friends from college. “We were all happy to help. Our wives understood, as well. Some of us have actually done this for a few of them previously, and they loved the idea of letting you experience it.” Soft chuckles and murmurs of agreement come from the other men, those of them with significant others having been enthusiastically encouraged to participate.

Her left wrist is grasped gently and a thick cock pushed into her fingers, the same soon happening with her right hand. She squeezes the hard lengths gently and begins pumping back and forth, biting her lip and half-closing her eyes as she feels fingers slip inside her pussy and begin rubbing. “I’ll… ooohh… have to thank them, then. I can’t believe they kept this secret from me…” She laughs softly then lets out another moan as the hand slips out from between her legs. Her shoulders are grasped and she is moved back onto the couch, pushed back against the cushions and her legs spread wide.

The two men whose cocks she was still stroking stood to either side of her, but the rest form a queue directly in front of her spread legs. First in line was her husband, his massive, well-muscled form just as gorgeous to her now as it had been the first time she saw him like this. He moves forward and grasps her left leg at the back of her knee, raising it up slightly while his other hand holds his enormous cock, pushing the tip against her bare pussy.

She breathes even harder as he holds still, every bit of her body aching to feel him inside her. Her gaze is locked on his huge shaft, the tip being gently rubbed in circles against her but not yet pushing inside. Just as she opens her mouth to protest he pushes forward, her eyes widening and her head arching back as she feels him istanbul travestileri stretching her wide open. A loud moan of pleasure escapes her lips, filling the living room, the first of many for this long trip.

Michael has soon crammed his entire length inside her and as he leans forward her body trembles underneath him, her breasts squashing against his chest. His head leans in to kiss her, and just before his lips meet hers he whispers softly. “I love you, hun. Happy birthday.” He then locks his lips with her own and begins thrusting in and out of her tight folds.

Her memory of these first few hours is foggy from this point on. Her husband continues in this way for several minutes, but he well knows this weekend will be a marathon and not a sprint. As such he pulls out of her well before he reaches his peak, giving the next man in line a go. So it continues in this way, the group of friends each taking their turn with her, but none cumming just yet. The men in her grasp are swapped out every so often, and as they continue the house is filled with her loud moans and cries of pleasure. Her body shudders every few minutes as she cums hard again and again, sweat starting to glisten on her bare skin.

The men chat and laugh with one another as time passes, each one almost as happy to be spending this time relaxing with their buddies as they were to be fucking the redheaded goddess currently writhing in pleasure on the couch. Beers are cracked open and conversation continues, the line up in front of her becoming more casual now as they pass the two hour mark. The weekend was not planned out entirely in detail, but Michael had made two requests of them.

The first was that for this first day, none of them would cum. This was her birthday, after all, and he wanted her to get as much pleasure as she could from each and every one of them before they reached their own. There were enough men that this was not an issue, the guys able to pull out of her when they neared their limit then having more than enough time to relax and recover before their turn came up again.

The second was that, for the entire weekend, every single resting moment of the day had to see one or more cocks inside his wife. They would of course give her time to use the restroom and eat, and after she fell asleep they would leave her alone until the next morning. Aside from those times, however, the goal was to have her filled up and enjoying every moment. When she took a shower she would have two of them in there with her, sandwiching her between them. When she went to bed in the evening her holes would be pounded until she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Then, in the morning, immediately after she woke up she would be welcomed to a new day by having the sheets pulled off and a hard cock pushed back inside her tight pussy.

All of this was unknown to Lianne, who was now sprawled out on the floor, her eyes rolled back and a steady groan of pleasure escaping her lips as she cums yet again. The man inside her grins down as he sees this, his hands grasping her slim waist tightly while he continues thrusting hard. He was Jonathan, one of Michael’s coworkers and the youngest of their group. Lianne had been unofficially considered to be the hottest of the wives and girlfriends amongst this large circle of friends, and each and every one of them loved watching her body’s reactions during sex. As her moans die down again he straightens up and pulls out of her, her legs trembling as she recovers. “Hey Alan, Steve, come over here. We don’t want her to get too desensitized to things. She should enjoy this as much as we’re able to give.”

The two men who had been called out glance up and grin, standing and moving over to the woman. They knew well what was being suggested, and so Steve lays down on the couch and begins to drizzle lube over his thick cock while Alan gently helps her up, moving her over and having her lay back on Steve’s chest. What happened next would pierce the fog she had been in, and she would remember this moment of the weekend quite clearly.

As Alan climbs onto the couch and spreads her legs apart, Steve grasps his dick and begins cramming it into her ass, slowly at first then with more and more pressure as he gradually stretches her open. Her eyes open wide and she yelps loudly, her volume rising even higher as Alan pushes his cock into her completely soaked pussy. The two men give her just a few moments to adjust then start thrusting steadily, alternating their movements so she was always as full as possible.

At this moment Michael was in the kitchen beginning the process of making dinner for everyone, the couple having arrived somewhat late in the afternoon and then several more hours having passed by this point. When he hears his wife’s distinctive cries of pleasure get cut off he grins to himself and heads out to check on things, knowing well what he was likely to find.

Sure enough, when he reaches the living travesti istanbul room he can barely see her past Alan and Steve pounding into her pussy and ass, Jonathan standing at her head and pumping his cock in and out of her stretched lips. “Damn, guys. I thought we were going to take it slow to start with. She’ll pass out before dinner at this rate.” He moves forward and taps Jonathan on the shoulder, smiling at the younger man. “Go keep an eye on dinner, could you? Thanks.” Jonathan nods and pulls his cock free of Lianne’s lips, her distinctive moans immediately returning in full force. Michael squats down by his wife and smiles at her, his hand brushing over her long, dark red hair as he looks into her eyes. “How you doing, hun? The boys treating you well?”

Lianne was indeed doing quite well. She had never before in her life cum so hard or so frequently, and there was no end in sight. She had long since lost track of how many times she had cum or how long each man had spent fucking her, and it took every bit of her concentration to focus on her husband kneeling down next to her now. A weak smile comes to her lips and she nods slightly, Alan and Steve not letting up at all in their constant hammering into her pussy and ass. “I’m… fantastic, babe. This is… oh god… the best present you’ve ever given me…” Her eyes then close and she bites her lip hard, yet another orgasm quickly approaching.

When Michael sees this he grins widely, then leans in and kisses her gently on the forehead. “Well, don’t fight the pleasure. Just lay back and enjoy yourself. I’m getting dinner ready now, your favorite. That’ll give you a little bit of a break, get your energy back.” He then straightens up and nods at the two men currently fucking his wife before turning and returning to the kitchen.

Dinner came as promised, her husband giving them a 5 minute warning that the food was about ready. Alan and Steve had neared their limits and pulled out of her a while ago, tagging in Greg from Michael’s gym and Alexander from Lianne’s work. At the time the warning is given these two had her pinned between them on the couch still, but quickly pulled out and helped her to her feet in order to bring her over to the nearby restroom. Her legs wobble slightly but she is mostly able to stand and move under her own power, thanking the two and squeezing their arms gently before stepping into the restroom and shutting the door.

Her eyes close and she lets out a deep breath, leaning against the door as she recovers. Marathon sex was nothing new for her, she and her husband then-boyfriend had often spent entire weekends at it when they were first dating. The sheer number of men here, however, was a completely new experience to her. Knowing that they would soon come looking she straightens up from the door and moves over to the sink, starting the water running and looking at herself in the mirror. Her long hair was somewhat of a mess, lipstick smeared from a few of the men pushing their cocks past her lips. The sweat that had glistened on her body during the long afternoon was drying somewhat, and aside from these things she looked relatively normal. She did find it odd that none of the men had cum inside or on her yet, having heard nothing of her husbands rules for the weekend, but shrugs slightly as she dismisses the thought. The water was now warm and she leans over to wash her face, then clean up the rest of her body as best as she was able.

When she finishes she looks around for any clothing she could put on, but sees nothing. She gives a slight nod of acknowledgement, it seemed that this event would have her spending most of it completely naked, which was completely fine with her. After checking herself over one last time she exits the restroom, seeing several of the men waiting outside for her. They grin when they spot her, but since dinner was ready they simply lead her to the dining room.

It wasn’t anything fancy. While Michael was undoubtedly the better cook of the couple his options at this cabin were somewhat limited. She appreciated the effort, however, and took a seat at the head of the large table, her husband directly across from her. When everyone was seated the large man stands and raises a glass, smiling as everyone turns their attention to him. “I just want to thank you all for being here. Lianne is the most perfect, amazing woman I have ever met, and I thank my lucky stars every day that she has agreed to spend her life with me. Happy birthday, hun. This weekend is for you.” He then inclines his head slightly and takes a sip of his drink, the other men murmuring their agreement and drinking from their own glasses before starting to eat.

A wide smile is on Lianne’s face and moisture glistens at the corners of her eyes, simply staring across at the amazing man she had married. At that moment she wanted nothing more than to leap across the table and ravish him, even despite the long afternoon she had just endured, but instead simply blows him a kiss and lowers her head to start eating. She did not know until just that moment how hungry she was and the dinner passes happily, the men all chatting amongst themselves while they and the birthday girl refuel to get their energy back.

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