Bitch Maker Ch. 03


Author’s Note: A lot of people have requested that I continue this series, and finally I have gotten around to it.



“Alex bring me some juice.” Sammie said, rolling over in bed and hugging her pillow.

“Yes mistress!” I replied, with enthusiasm.

I crawled out of bed and walked down the hall, on the way past Tim’s room I looked in on him. He lay there silent, his cock trapped in it’s new cage. Moving on I came to the kitchen, I went ahead and got my morning pill, and one for Tim later. There were two kinds of juice in the fridge, and I realized the type had not been specified! This led to a mini crisis of the parliament in my head as I debated the merits of grapes and oranges. In the end I decided that orange juice is more traditional and I poured 3 glasses of it.

I call that forward thinking!

Returning to the master bedroom I presented Sammie with the beverage, by which she was, I must say, most pleased. I sat on the bed next to her and she smiled at me, leaning in she placed her lips on mine while her hands caressed my chest and back.

“Today I want you to break Tim in some okay?” She said as our lips parted.

“Really? All me by myself?” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah you can do it.” She answered. “Only hurt him a little,” she yawned, “and keep him horny.”

After she left I went in the bathroom, completely nude and examined myself in the mirror. Without clothes or makeup I look disturbingly male. Like a feminine teen boy with tits. Having a dick will do that.

“Ugh!” I muttered to myself and began to make myself up. Bright red lipstick was the first thing on, Sammie thinks that makes a women look sluttish, so I always start with it, from there I build around that. I went with a black red color scheme, dark panties and bra, a red miniskirt. I put on some heavy eyeliner and bright nail polish. I examined myself in the mirror. I looked like a slut, but not quite street whore, perfect in other words!

Leaving the bathroom I picked up the OJ and Tim’s pill. I entered his room and greeted him with my best morning smile.

“UNTIE ME BITCH!” he screamed.

I made a sad face and said, “Why are you so grumpy in the morning Timmy? I bring you nice juice and get yelled at, how ungrateful.”

I sat on the bed next to him and presented him the pill. “What the fuck is that shit you freak?” He asked me most rudely.

“Its estrogen silly! It will help you let out you inner woman now take it.” Tim turned his head and clinched his teeth.

“Owwww,” I said “You were having so much fun last night why you wanna be a spoil sport?”

“You guys raped me and tied me to this bed!” Tim snapped.

“Well if you lick a girl’s asshole you gotta be ready to go all the way Timmy! I see your a little tease, is that it?”

He lay silent.

“Anyway!” I said. “Don’t think your getting out of taking this pill. Your all tied up after all. Nothin you can do.”

Tim glared at me.

“Open up!” Tim was being a pain, so I reached down and gave his nuts a little squeeze. Not that hard really, just enough for him to scream… a little scream.

I didn’t try to force it in his mouth, I just shook it in front of his face and pointed down at his nuts. He opened his mouth and I sat it on his tongue, I put the juice to his mouth and he drank.

I removed my top and lay next to him, by breast placed against his chest. I reached up and brushed my hair out of my face, leaning in I ran my tongue along his neck. “You want to play?” I whispered in his ear.

He shuddered as he felt my tongue wiggling in his ear. My fingers ran over his chest, pinching his nipples lightly. His breathing quickened. The hair remover had done a good job the day before. I ran my fingers between his ass cheeks, they were nice and smooth.

“Let’s start with something simple.” I said. “Dress up! We already know you like it so don’t pretend… toplu porno come on lift your legs, awwww good little Timmy.” I offered him loving encouragement as I slipped panties over his legs. For dress I choose something less revealing, his hips and tits weren’t right after all so showing too much skin wouldn’t help him look the part. He ended up in a modest lightly colored dress decorated with flowers.

I hadn’t needed a wig in a while and had to shift through a good number of boxes to find a nice dark colored one that matched him. The conservative housewife look suited him, so I applied a faint pink lipstick and modest eyeliner. (I just couldn’t go with no makeup!)

I didn’t trust him to not go crying out into the lawn like a baby of course, so I had applied cuffs to his legs before freeing his hands, which I didn’t let remain unbound for long. He lay on the bed when I was finished with him.

“That was easy!” I exclaimed. I was a bit disappointed I admit part of me wanted to flog him with the whip and watch him squeal, but he just lay there accepting his fate.

“How does it feel to be a sexy lady?” I asked him.

“Your going to jail for this you know, rape, kidnapping, and…. whatever other fucking laws you’ve broken!” He came to life a little then wiggling on the bed (rather sexy wiggler I must say) in frustration.

“Ohhhhh,” I smiled “you think your just gonna wait this out or something huh? I’m afraid your mistaken. Sammie has decided to break you in so you won’t be leaving here until your a perfect little fuck toy, like me!” I giggled.

Some fear started to come into his eyes then. Its always hard I guess, for a sissy bitch boy to let go of his pretend manhood. I was confident based on how quickly he took to our dressing up sessions earlier that he would cave though.

Dressing him had really turned my on. I decided to let future plans go and enjoy the moment. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his chest. Handcuffed as he was he could offer little resistance, but he continued to show his meekness but not even struggling.

“You want to smell my crotch?” I asked him.

He shook his head in the negative.

“Oh you’ll enjoy it you little panty sniffer.” I said.

Moving forward I picked up my skirt some and let my panties, behind which strained my erect cock, rub on his face. He seemed to be holding his breath at first, but that couldn’t last of course so I just waited, his head trapped between my thighs. Soon I felt his hot breath on me and purred in my best saucy little sex kitten voice.

I wiggled my hips, letting my cotton covered dick slide over his face. He whined a little and breathed in the scent of my sweat and shortly after that my precum.

“Lick it.” I ordered.

A sob escaped him. This would be his first taste of cock as far as I knew. The previous night I had gotten little further then this, dry humping his face. When he didn’t respond I leaned back and pulled up his dress. It exposed his caged dick and as my hand touched it I felt his tongue slide up the material of my panties, wetting them and making my dick jerk. I pulled my hand back, disappointed a little.

He gave my panties a great tongue bath. He swirled all around my balls and the tip of my dick. His face becoming wet with his own spit and my precum as my soaked panties moved around his face. I couldn’t bear to torture myself for too long though. Pulling aside my panties I positioned my balls just over his mouth and said,

“Open up like a good girl!”

I looked into his eyes as I lowered my nuts into his mouth. I could see he was disgusted and that turned me on even more. “Tongue um bitch.” I told him. I was ecstatic as he bent to my will. I had been in his place before, felt mixed feelings of lust and disgust when Sammie had given me the same treatment, but I had never gotten to dominate anyone else like this. It sent a türbanlı porno chill down my spine.

I decided to degrade him some more and sat back just a bit so my cock was resting on his cheek.

“So, who is a little panty sniffing, nut licking whore?” I asked him.

Tears came to his eyes and he muttered something I couldn’t hear.

“Louder!” I shouted at him.

“I’m a little cock sucking bitch.” he replied.

“What? Haha, who said anything about that?” I pretended to mull something over for a minute. “Well now that you mention it, I think we can put that skill to use!”

I grabbed the sides of his head, so pretty with his smeared makeup and cute wig, and guided my cock, as slowly as my body would move, into his mouth. Every inch inward was great, the head moving over his lips and they parted, his tongue involuntarily pressing itself against the base of my cock, and then the violent gagging that really made me smile as I pressed into the back of his throat. I pulled out a bit and let it sit on his tongue.

“Savor the taste bitch.” I said. The ways in which Sammie spoke to me coming out of my mouth with ease.

I slowly began to fuck his mouth, he was a willing participant for the most part, well, let’s say a non struggling participant! It felt great using him for my pleasure, I pulled my dick out and made him suck my nuts when I felt close to coming. Once I’d cooled off I resumed feeding him my dick. He took it like the bitch we were making him.

I delayed my orgasm for a long time by pulling out and slapping his face with my cock or tea bagging him, I just couldn’t decided where I wanted to cum! I giggled to myself as I imagined different ways to humiliate him, but in the end I decided your first load should just be shot down your throat. There where definitely tears in his eyes when I shoved my cock all the way in and announced,

“Here I come! Drink it you fucking sissy! This is your new purpose in life! Haha!”

I sat drained for a moment. My dick growing limp in his mouth. I pulled it out and patted him on the cheek, then I turned around to inspect his dick. It was struggling with it’s cage, unable to get hard in the small space.

“Wow that must be uncomfortable!” I exclaimed. Knowing from experience that it was torture. “You have behaved quite well.” I said. “I think for your reward I’ll let you out.” Reaching down I removed the cage (we had not yet locked it since he was tied up anyway).

“I want you to know,” I began “that this little cage is gonna be your worst nightmare if you are a bad boy, I mean girl. With this we can make you a crying little girl whenever we want you understand?”

“Without a doubt.” he replied, blinking tears from his eyes.

“When your good, ” I explained “you’ll be rewarded.” I lay next to him and leaned over his crotch. His dick was rock hard. I licked the tip, then ran my tongue up and down the shaft. He moaned with pleasure. I kept at him until precum was puring down his rod, as much as I enjoyed lapping it up I knew I had to stop.

I took him into the bathroom and cleaned him up some, reapplying his makeup. He had to walk around with very tiny steps because I wouldn’t remove the cuffs from his feet. I laughed at the image. I took him around the house and we cleaned (hobbled though he was) and I made him read some girly mags, as well as some cheesy romance novels. I like those. He looked at me grimly as I told him he was quickly shaping up into perfect wife material.

Periodically I had him lay back and flipped up his skirt, licking him till he dripped. For about an hour after lunch I put the cage back on, punishment for catching him peeing standing up. When it came time I took him into the master bedroom and tied his hands to the headboard, removing the handcuffs from his feet. The look of terror that came onto his face got me rock hard.

I greeted Sam türk porno in the foyer. She smiled at me and opened her arms, I fell into her embrace. “Have things gone well?” She asked me staring down into my eyes. “He is all ready for you my love.” I replied. She kissed me deeply, her tongue entering my mouth and twirling around mine.

She stopped by the bathroom first and I went to kneel by the bed with a bottle of KY. Removing my top and bra but leaving on everything else I eagerly awaited the show. When she came in she was totally naked. Her cock, so beautiful in it’s strong, veined perfection, stood up proudly.

Tim’s eye’s were glued to her dick too. I’m sure his mouth was watering with the treat she was about to give him. His legs actually trembled as she climbed between them. I smiled at his terror, she had fucked him just the night before. But I guess seeing it coming and having so much time to dwell on it was working a number on him. He was silent but for some whimpering as I leaned in and poured the oil onto my mistress’s cock, rubbing it around.

Licking her lips Sam pulled up his dress and pulled his panties to the side (she always likes to leave a lot of clothes on her sex mates) exposing his rosebud. She leaned over him and put her face next to his, twirling a finger around his nuts she licked his lips, then forced her tongued between them. As they kissed she moved her hips forward. He sobbed and turned his head as she pressed in.

I watched with my head a few feet away, stroking myself as she entered his asshole. It was hard for her to bottom out, or maybe she just took her time I’m not sure, but she rotated her ass and pressed in slowly, stopping every inch to reposition a little. Tim was shuddering and his dick was hard a a rock. I knew the little bitch would love her cock.

“Look at me when I fuck you cunt.” Sam said. Tim opened his eyes and stared up at her as she kissed and licked his lips, he opened his mouth and accepted her tongue.

She fucked him slowly. Savoring his ass as I had his mouth earlier. My heart raced at the sight of my lover’s toned, yet completely feminine body with its hard cock shoving in and out of this sissy boy’s ass. One of her tits was juggling just inches from my face and though she hadn’t invited me I couldn’t help but lean forward and lick as it slapped me in the face. She murmured her approval.

No one could last long like that, your tits licked while you fuck a tight sissy asshole. She grunted and pulled out, shooting her cum all over Tim’s dick. I dove my head to his crotch as she pulled back, cleaning him with my tongue and enjoying my lover’s seed. I left the patch of cum that had landed on his heart shaped pubic patch (waaay to hard to lick cum out of hair).

Sam sat next to Tim’s face and motioned for me to come over. I lay next to Tim and began cleaning Sam’s cock with my skillful tongue. Tim watch transfixed as the lewd act was performed inches from his face. I licked her balls for a good ten minutes before she was ready again. Then she had me straddle Tim’s face, my cock touching his nose. She moved behind me and I felt her cock slip between my ass cheeks.

“Oh yesssss.” I moaned, ready for a good fucking. She began slowly, her hand reaching around me playing with my cock. She slapped Tim’s face with it and rubbed my precum on his lips. He opened his mouth, expecting to have to suck my dick I suppose, but Sam was content to just jerk me off. My dick wiggled in his face, drops of precum landing on his cheeks as I grew more and more excited. The feel of Sam’s cock pumping into my depths is like nothing else on earth. When she came she grunted loudly.

“Come on his face baby! Cover his face with your spunk.” She gritted her teeth and kept fucking me, I knew she’d have to stop in a moment so I closed my eyes and concentrated on the great feeling of her pounding my ass as she wildly pumped my cock. I opened my eyes as I came, spraying my seed onto Tim’s open lips.

Sam and I collapsed together on the bed next to Tim. A look of shock was on his face. There was a long moment of silence, Sam caressing me and basking in the afterglow as we watched my cum drip from our new bitch’s face.

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