black guy i met online


black guy i met onlineblack guy I met on : by Rebecca date 02/27/2015ok I was online one day looking for a guys that would by for sex! im a 34 year old white girl 5’2′ whit a nice booty sexy feet and a tight little pussy shaved smoothed! I met this black guy who was 6’3″ 220! we talked for a little bit then I gave him my cell number so we texted and made planes to me up and fuck! he was gonna pay me to fuck this tight little pussy for 500$$$$ we met at the motel room it was a Friday night! so I told him for 500$$$ everything here is what I do BJ FOOTJOB ANAL ILL SUCK YOUR COCK AND BALLS YOU CAN SUCK MY FEET AND TOES and if you wanted to creampie me or my ass it cost more!! he said cool!!!I started to strip for him nice and slow taking off my shirt then my booty shorts! he told me to take my socks and ankara escort shoes off last I said ok so im down to my panties and my bra so I took my bra off he started rubbing my tits and smacking my ass then I took my panties off and he started rubbing my ass and my pussy while I was bent over!!! now he said sit down next to me and take those sock and shoes off! I said ok daddy so I sat down next to him and started to take my socks and shoes off!!! he pulled out his cock and its was HUGE 10″ I was like fuck!! so now ive got my socks and shoes off he said rub my cock with them sweaty feet baby so I started stocking his cock with my feet!!!I said you got a huge cock I don’t know if I can take it and he said ill help you take it just lay back and let me take my time baby!! I said ok daddy!! ankara escort bayan he said come suck it! so I got on my knees and started suck it! he said can you smell your feet on daddys cock baby? yes I can daddy so I was sucking the shit out of his cock then he flipped me into the 69 ans started to eat my little pussy it felt soooo fucking good!! he was eating my pussy like a pro!!!! and sticking his finger in my ass!!! I pulled out the condom and he put it on and it bearly fit on hid dick im like fuck!!! so he said come on baby sit on this cock!!!! im like damn he is huge!!! so I sat on it and I couldn’t get it in!! so let laid me on my back opened my legs wide and said are you ready!!?? yea and he put it in me and I started to pull away and he said no come here and pulled me back escort ankara to him and said your gonna take this dick baby and he started to pound the shit out of me harder and harder!!!!im like slow down daddy please he said ok babe im sorry your just so tight and I cant help it!! so he slowed down my pussy couldn’t open up any more so he said bend over I said ok!!! so now im doggy style he slapped my ass hard and was slapping his cock on my feet he put his cock in me and started hitting my guts and beating me down and I told him IM CUMMIMG IM CUMMING he said cum on daddys dick!!! I said im going to baby I turned his HUGE black cock white when I came on his cock then he said you ready for daddsy load and im like yea daddy come on bust for me so he was hitting my pussy hard and fast for ten mins straight and then he pulled out pulled off the condom and busted on my feet and on my asshole it was a lot he shot 6 or 7 times!!! WE STILL FUCK AND HE PAYS ME 500$$$ EACH TIME AND I DO WHAT EVERY HE WANTS!!!!!!!!! IM REBECCA AND THATS MY TRUE STORY!!!

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