Black Man’s Revenge


Jake stepped out of his car.

It was late at night and he had someplace to go to. Jake was not alone. There was someone with him. A chick he picked up at the club and brought home with him for one reason and one reason only. To do it. Jake was a playah. He had always played the field. He stood six feet three inches tall, well-built and muscular. A fine-looking African american man. The original brothaman.

Jake was a man who did well for himself. He was a graduate of Suffolk university. He had gotten to that school through a football scholarship. He became a lawyer and moved to the city of Los Angeles. He joined Smith & Waltham. One of the biggest law firms out there. He had made it. Reached the impossible dream. The black man’s dream was to thrive in the white man’s world. Too long had the white man controlled the black man’s life. Jake Stone was going places. He had been with the firm for only three years and had already engrossed five hundred grand, after taxes. He Demetevler Escort was doing better than he thought he could. He had even gotten himself a nice loft in the West side.

Jake looked at the alluring figure of Bridget. The girl looked so damn fine. She had some big tits, a slim waist and, judging by the looks of it, a nice plump ass. She was sexy as hell. The sight of her caused his cock to grow hard in his pants. She stood there, slowly undressing herself. She removed her clothing, exposing layer after layer of pale white skin.

Jake gestured with his hand and she came to him. She was looking at the bulge in his pants. Smiling, he dropped his pants to his ankles. Bridget’s eyes lit up when she saw his long, thick black cock. She stared at it, hungrily. He grinned and she came closer. She knelt before him and grasped his cock in her meaty hand. It was so thick that her hand had trouble holding it. She licked Otele gelen escort the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Jake grunted in pleasure when she started to give him head, taking as much of his cock as she could. Her blond head was bobbing up and down on his cock. Jake loved the feeling of a warm mouth around his cock. She sucked him until he came, blasting her pretty face with shots of white cum. She drank his seed, milking him dry. Damn, she was good!

He put on a condom and got ready to get down. Bridget was ready as well. Jake was in the mood for something different tonight and she was down with it. He took some KY Jelly and rubbed some on his condom-sheathed cock and also on Bridget’s spread asshole. The white chick held her slightly plump butt cheeks wide open with her hands. She complained that the KY felt cold but he reassured her. He slid his cock into her ass. There was a bit of resistance Balgat Escort but his cock entered her rectum with one firm thrust. Bridget gasped. Jake took his sweet time, plunging his black cock deep inside the white woman’s asshole and then taking it almost all the way out, only to plunge it inside again. Bridget moaned and panted. She rocked back against him and he shoved his prick deep inside her asshole. Plunging it balls deep. She screamed. Jake fucked her for a few more moments, then he came. He pulled out. Bridget winced. Jake rolled her on her back and took off the condom. He jerked off on her face and she drank his cum.

When they were done, Bridget showered and left. Jake led her to the door and told her he’d give her a call. She just walked out and hopped into the cab he called for her. Jake Stone returned back to his loft. This was the shit! The life that he always wanted. The white man had always tried to screw the black man over. Now, he was screwing them. Ain’t life ironic?

He was doing what a lot of men wanted to do. Just live his life and do his thing. Have lots of fun and lots of sex. This was one of the high points of male existence. The fun of it all. Jake Stone was the man and he knew it. He was going after all the bitches he could handle and have tons of fun with them. That’s what’s up. Holla!!!!

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