Black Spanking Queen


Mistresses Melba the Black Spanking Queen

My name is Melba and I am a 46 year old single black woman living in Oakland, California. My husband left me 14 years ago for another woman. Turned out she was a good looking young white girl with big knockers that he had been fucking for over two years on the side.

I am a big woman tipping the scales at 240 lbs. I work out every day in the company weight room and the hard work has made my muscles strong and lean. I also possess a huge pair of 40G knockers that are my pride and joy. Trouble is the men I attract I don’t want around. Most of them are deadbeats looking for a place to live for free. My pussy doesn’t always get the loving it needs on a regular basis so I masturbate a lot.

Over the years I took a strong dislike to white women chasing after black men. The bitch who took my husband from me was just such a slut looking for some black dick. Didn’t begrudge her any black dick mind you, just shouldn’t steal another married woman’s man to get it. Plenty of single black men around to get your pussy taken care of, is all I’m saying.

I live in a predominantly black neighbor hood several blocks from the Raiders football stadium. While I’m not a lesbian I am fond of the female body. Since I have a big set of titties I am turned on by women who have big jugs too. I like going down and strolling around checking out all the people. You see all kinds of stuff you just can’t see anywhere else in the world. That’s where I developed the spanking fetish I have today.

When my daughter tokat escort was young and she would be bad, I would give her a bare ass spanking. It never turned me on that much but I never disliked giving her one either. As she grew older and I stopped spanking her I suddenly found I missed it. About 5 years ago I watched a girl get her ass spanked by a dominatrix at the gay pride parade downtown. There was something about it that rekindled the fetish in me and made me incredible horny. I remember masturbating that night thinking about it.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of giving a birthday spanking to a neighbor’s girl. Just a playful thing, mind you but the way she squirmed on my lap and her titties in her thin top rubbing up against my stocking clad leg made me horny. I masturbated to that memory for almost a year until I finally decided to act out my spanking fetish for real.

I put an ad on the internet on a website that specialized in spanking fetish. I found that the thought of spanking a white girl more so than a black one really turned me on. I think it had something to do with the fact one stole my man and it was my own little black over white power trip thing. Anyway I had to sift through a lot of bullshit e-mails from men who wanted to get spanked by a woman.

It wasn’t until the second week that I finally got what I was looking for. A young 19 year old white girl sent me a picture of herself bent over a chair in a spank my ass position. Her name was Bonnie.

We eventually met and tokat escort bayan I spanked her at my house one Saturday afternoon. She didn’t take off any cloths, but no matter. I gave her a good smacking and we both agreed we’d enjoyed it. Disappointing thing was, it was a one time deal and I never saw her again. That only served to stoke my fetish even more though.

A couple of weeks went by until I got another one that would change my life. The e-mail I got was from a young girl name Sissy. She sent along a picture of herself dressed in a sexy bra and panty set that made me rub my pussy for days. Not only was she a gorgeous blonde white girl with a sexy body, she had a nice firm set of titties on her. I judged em to be at least 32C” with long hard nipples!

I had her come on a Friday night and when I opened my front door I swear she was even better looking than her picture. She dressed the part too showing up in a hot little mini skirt and tube top. When she stripped for me she revealed the same bra and panty set as in the picture. It was all I could do to keep from cumming in my panties.

I put that girl over my knee and scolded her for being a bad girl. She said she needed to be punished for dressing like a slut. I told her, her big black Momma would set her right and proceeded to spank her ass good. I even bunched the material of her little panty in the back up at one point and pulled it up her sweet little ass crack. Both her cheeks were a soft pink color when she finally left a half hour later.

I escort tokat was delighted when she sent me an e-mail thanking me for her discipline and made another appointment for the Friday night two weeks later. By that time I also had another girl Tracy who became a regular. She was a shy girl and wanted me to rub her ass more than spank her. I made sure to honor her request and she continued to come back for more. I also had some other girls come and go but sweet Sissy became my favorite regular.

One Friday night Sissy asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking our relationship to a new level. She said she liked being spanked by a black woman but she wanted to also be dominated by me too. She brought a dog collar and asked me put it on her. By now she was only wearing thigh high stockings a garter and high heels when ever she was in my house. She had me lead her around by a leash attached to her collar like I owned her white ass. I had to admit I really got into our little dominatrix game.

She made sure she rewarded her “Big Black Momma” as she called me. That was the first time any of the girls sucked my big titties. Within a few sessions I had her on her knees licking my pussy too. I have turned her into a true lesbian and the little bitch can eat cunt and suck tit like a pro.

I spank her ass with a paddle and a leather strap some times but I prefer my hand mostly. I like the feel of the contact my hand makes on her ass. I took to milking her titties in my hand while she is on my lap getting her discipline. She always rewards me by using that sweet pink tongue on my snatch and driving me to multiple orgasms. I never thought I would become some young white cunt’s Big Black Momma! Last month she moved in to become my permanent slave. I haven’t masturbated in over 2 months now because Sissy takes care of my pussy every day!

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