Blackmail is such an ugly word, Part II


Blackmail is such an ugly word, Part IIOn the way to the bedroom…”There is a word for what you are doing you know? And it is a crime.” Janet asks with her hostility barely controlled. There is just a touch of fear in her now too and it was also in her voice.”Yes but blackmail is such an ugly word.” he says from behind her. He was enjoying watching her naked ass bounce. Most of the red has faded but there are still marks from his hand.They go up a small set of stairs. The whole upper floor was connected with one long center hallway. The master bedroom at one end. She opens the door and walks inside. It is a nice sized room with a huge king-sized bed against the far wall. She walks in a few feet and speaks without turning around.”How long do you think you can play this little game with me? This is insane you know?”He moves in behind her and gives her a good hard shove forward. She stumbles and lands on the bed face down.”Don’t fucking move.” he snarls.She freezes. Hands grasping the blanket under her tightly. Turning her head she has to blow her hair out of the way to see him. Has to blow three times. Would be funny in another situation. She does not find it so now.”Why?” there is irritation in her tone.”Don’t. Move.”Tony is opening drawers. Looking at everything. When he slides open the large double closet he reaches in for something she cannot see.”Get the hell out of there!” she snaps.”Shut up. I need to see your clothes. Some nice shit but you are going to need some new things. Same thing with your panty drawer. About a third is pretty good the rest dull.””What are you talking about?” she says more confused than angry.He walks back in her direction. Her eyes widen as she sees the long wide leather belt in his hand. One of her husbands and somehow that makes it even worse.Despite the command from him she starts to push herself upright. Only to have the doubled-up belt hiss through the air to Smack! across her ass. She yelps and snarls.”Down bitch. If you don’t I will just hit whatever I can reach. Like your tits.””Fucking asshole.” she curses as she bends back down against the bed. Her ass stinging.The belt cuts through the air again. To her the hiiiissssssss is very loud. When the leather Smacks! against her tender flesh she cannot hold back the oooooooowwwwwwww of pain.”Why are you hitting me now? Is there some point to this?” she spits out when she can breath again.”I am trying to teach you your second lesson. The first was that you are my sex slave and I am your master. The second is that you ass is mine. Literally. Completely. Not yours. Not his. Mine. I will whip it. Fuck it. Or dress it up like a slut and parade it around in public if I want.” he says with force and conviction.She finds it a little hard to process his statement. She was considered a strong woman. An equal partner with her husband and if truth be told a little more in control than hubby would ever admit. Nobody owns her! The very idea is obscene. Marriage is a partnership.But the idea that her whole life has changed is impossible to ignore. She was lying marsbahis güvenilirmi naked with an 18 year old boy whipping her ass. Tears run down her cheeks. She sees her future change and become uncertain. The thought of prison terrifies her and it looms like a huge shadow over everything. Every plan she makes to escape her tormentor ends there. Her schemes get wilder as she sees her choices vanish.What she is about to say is possibly the hardest thing ever to pass her lips. It did not mean she was giving up. She told herself that rather strongly. But if she did not play the game a little it could get out of hand. He was a teen boy and she could manipulate him if she worked at it.”Master if you take me out in public everybody will know. Won’t that mess things up?” she asks in a voice that while not quite respectful but at least is neutral.He is a little surprised. Everything he has read says it will take a long time to really break her. But it was a step in the right direction.”I won’t spoil our fun little slave. We will take some nice trips together. A nice long drive. Some fun out in public and then a night in a hotel. If you are a good girl I won’t actually rent your ass to any dick with money. But I promise you will get to meet some new cocks and lick a few pussies too.”Her head snaps up at the very end. Until that moment she was not even looking at him.”That is disgusting. If you want to turn me into… into…. some cock sucking slut fine. But I draw the line at that. I have no interest in women in the least and find the idea repulsive.”Tony grins. And it is one hell of a big grin.”Oh I like that. Normally I like a girl to be bi and hungry for pussy. But I will looooove watching you learn to like being between some girl’s legs. Thank you little slave that is quite the gift.” he says with laughter in his voice.”Fuck you you little….”Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!The skin of her bottom ripples under the blows. The sound echoes in the room. So loud.By the time the last lands she cannot hold back and she screams iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee. Gripping the blankets so hard they were wrapping around her hands and pulling up from the floor. Shaking. Ass on brilliant fire. The pain washing through her body with each breath. Her skin feels hot. Face flushed. Panting for breath.When he speaks it is harsh. Loud but not yelling. But still the sound of it seems to beat against her and she winces backwards. Before he is finished speaking she will whimper quietly and hate herself for it.”Listen carefully. I am done playing with you. Done with that fucking mouth. We are past the point of no return… both of us. I have done my crime just like you did. Nothing I do now makes much difference. I do not wish us to be discovered. I have no intention of killing you. Nor do I wish to make you physically sick. But those are the only limitations. The. Only. Limitations. I am going to hurt you. Today. Tomorrow. More and more and more until I have erased every fucking bit of resistance.”He is breathing hard when he finishes. marsbahis yeni giriş Tony feels powerful. Cock hard along his leg. Her ass with the red strips looks damn sexy. She was his now. Yeah she was going to fight. And hey maybe even stick a knife in his throat some night. But what was life without risk. Being 18 he believed completely that he was invulnerable.For the moment he was right.Janet finally gets her breath.”So do I have this right? You want me to cooperate. Willingly. Voluntary. While you beat, use, abuse and hand me over to other men and…. and women? That is what you expect me to do?” she sounds dubious to say the least. A touch offended too.He moves directly behind her. His legs nudge at hers and she spreads them without thinking about it. Too astounded to really worry about what he was doing right now.”Yes. If you don’t I keep hurting you. Willingly cooperate and I will only hurt you a little… now and then. Play along and I won’t make you kneel before 10 naked guys. Play along and I won’t torment you I will just torture you. Does that make sense little slave? I am going to take you somewhere special though. A place where you can scream as much as you like. Something to look forward to. There will be a girl there too. Won’t that be nice?”He sighs a little at the end. From the thought but also because his cock is sliding into her wet pussy. He makes her buck and groan when his fingers go over her abused ass but they end up at her hips.So now Janet is a bit torn. On the one hand some of the things he just said horrify her right down to her core. She actually has to think through the words a couple of time for them to really sink in and make frightening sense. It was…. just too much. She was trapped she knew that. Nothing she could do right now. She took some acting in college. Play along he says. She can do that.On the other hand she really wanted him to do exactly what he was doing. As much as she continued to resent the fact some of the things he did pushed some hidden buttons. It was not, really not, that she actually liked it, or him, or that thick slab of meat pounding her pussy. But somehow it… well it was better than getting whipped like some school girl that was for damn sure.She actually giggled. Instant guilt followed. A moan follows that. Tony was doing her with long strokes enjoying each one. She was pushing back against him. Not too hard cause her damn ass hurt but enough to make him feel it. Janet gasped in surprise and pleasure when his hand came around her thigh to find it’s way to her clit. His rough stroking was a sudden sensation that she wanted more of. “Yes. Master please make me cum. I will be better. I promise.” she pleads.His eye widen just a touch and he picks up the pace with both cock and hand. She is pushing back and her velvet vise is living up to it’s name. She tries to keep his hardness inside of her muscles ripping and sending little waves of pleasure into him.His hand goes faster.She pants. Words are coming out of her mouth but they are incoherent. marsbahis giriş The emotions are a mix of lust and hatred. Violent passion building inside of her. This is the worst moment of her life. And… with a gasp that is almost a scream she cums. Hard. Very. Very. Hard. Clamping down so strongly on the rod of flesh inside her that he knows what trapped feels like for a long moment.. Men just cannot take the levels of pleasure a woman can. And what burned in her blew the top of his head off. Yelling himself and exploding inside her. The waves of pleasure causing both to grind and writhe against each other. For him it is over in a small number of seconds. But for her when he pulls back and out the waves burst again. She whimpers and mews. She wants it back. Wants more.Slowly she returns to herself. He adjusts a bit quicker reaching for his pants.Janet crawls up onto the bed. Wrapping herself in the blankets. Eyes somehow bright. Staring at him.”I will be back tomorrow at 10 am. Be scrubbed, shaved and dressed in panties and a tee shirt. I know this may be a little melodramatic but anyway…. I have a friend who knows everything and has copies of the the tape. Anything happens to me etc. etc. etc. Got it my sexy slave?”She does not know why. But for some reason that touches her.”You think I am sexy?””I do. Always have. This is like a dream.””Dream for you. Nightmare for me.””Does not have to be you know.””Yes it does.””No. You can just give in. Spend most of the time enjoying it.””What if I can’t?””Of course you can. You just do it.””It is against my nature you… Master this is not me. I don’t want to be this.””And yet you are. What you want does not matter. Life is like that. Conquer your nature and enjoy as much as you can. In the end I just want to fuck your brains out in every possible way. But if you make me I will spend more time punishing you. Little secret… I like doing it. So intense. So see all ya have to do is give me the slightest excuse and I will make you hurt. Keep focused on being a good little slave and life will be so much better.”She does not know what to say.”Did you learn lesson number two tonight little slave?” he asks from the door way.She takes a deep breath, “Yes master. My ass is yours. Any way you want it.”He nods and leaves.There are tears as she huddles in the blankets. An internal struggle. Some acceptance. A lot of fire. She has no idea what will happen. Can she even do what he wants if she tries? If she does who will she be on the other side? At some point the game becomes real. At some point the marks and the changes are forever.Did she change her life herself? Can she even blame Tony. There is a brief moment of smiles as she remembers he does think she is sexy. She surprises herself when she realizes that turning him and his girl in when she caught them was not a nice thing to do. Was this the first change?As he leaves the house Tony does not know what will happen either. But he feels strong and in control. Already plotting and planning for tomorrow. What he worries about is his little secret. He loves the bitch. Lust after her yes but it is more. Age difference and her being married were just the first two problems he had faced when he realized how much he adored her.Then fate stepped in.She does not know what will happen. Neither does he. That’s the fun of it.

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