Blue Balls Lesson Learned – Chapter XIII


Charlotte finally composed herself after Julie’s surprise oral assault on her aching pussy, an assault that had brought her to the very brink of orgasm, and then left her hanging in a tangled mess of sexual frustration the likes of which she had never experienced. Julie had proven to her that a woman could get blue balls, and Charlotte wanted to beg her friend give her the orgasm she needed, but their sons were waiting outside, and she realized it was time for the two of them to get their swim suits on and head down to the pool.As Julie disappeared into her huge walk-in closet to pick out a bathing suit, Charlotte opened her bag and retrieved her own assortment of swimwear that included a modest one-piece, a stylish but sexy two-piece, and a thong bikini that left little to the imagination. She still wasn’t sure how provocative she should be in front of the boys, so with suits in hand, she walked into the closet to get Julie’s opinion, and she was greeted by the sight of her naked friend, bent at the waist, with her gorgeous ass and pink pussy pointed towards her as she dug through the bottom drawer holding her own suits.Charlotte took a moment to drink in the incredible sight. The way Kıbrıs Escort Julie’s womanly charms were exposed caused the brunette’s mouth to water. A new rush of warmth spread through her groin as she thought back to the tongue lashing Julie had given her a few minutes earlier, so she decided to return the favor, and without saying a word, she quietly dropped to her knees, grabbed her friends hips, pushed her face into her ass cheeks and began licking her smoldering cunt from behind.“Charlotte, what are you…? Oh, fuuuuck,” Julie groaned as she felt her friend’s tongue penetrate her swollen labia, nearly causing her knees to buckle.Charlotte couldn’t reply because her mouth was filled with a mixture of Julie’s syrupy sweet pussy juice and her own saliva as she licked her friend’s quivering cunt and puckered asshole. The flexible doctor bent over and grabbed her ankles, giving her oral assailant even better access to her gaping sex. She could feel her friend’s nose pressing between her soft buttocks and rubbing against her tight anus as she tongue-fucked her, and then she let out a squeal as Charlotte began lapping at her sensitive clit.Julie had Lefkoşa Escort teased Charlotte to the edge of orgasm earlier, and now Charlotte was returning the favor. Pussy juice coated her tongue like warm honey as she licked her friend’s drooling slit, causing the horny blonde to moan with pleasure. And as the musky aroma of overheated pussy permeated Charlotte’s nostrils, a new flood of moisture flowed from her own aroused womanhood.“Oh Char, that feels so good,” Julie moaned as she pressed her vagina onto her friends invading tongue.Charlotte just hummed, “Mmmmm,” into Julie’s dripping slit, causing her friend’s entire pubic mound to vibrate. Then she began using her tongue to strum her erect clitoris like a guitar string. Julie could feel the muscles around her sphincter and deep in her cunt begin to contract as Charlotte’s tongue fluttered on her sensitive pleasure bean.Thick cunt juice was pouring onto Charlotte’s tongue now, and she could tell her friend was about to climax, and just as Julie groaned, “Oh dear God, Char, I’m going to cum,” she withdrew her tongue.“Oh, you fucking bitch, I knew you were going to do that,” Julie groaned in agony Girne Escort as she teetered on the very edge of orgasm, knowing her friend was paying her back for doing the same to her earlier.Charlotte just sat back on her haunches and looked at her friend’s pussy, and she could actually see the area around her drenched lips and tight asshole twitching. She knew it would only take a few more licks to send the gorgeous blonde into a frenzied state of unstoppable orgasm, but instead, she just planted gentle kisses on her perfect ass cheeks, before saying, “Now we both have blue balls.”Julie was shaking with frustration as Charlotte stood and faced her. Neither of them could recall ever being in such a heightened state of arousal as they just gazed at each other in silence. Charlotte’s lips, cheeks and chin were covered with pussy juice, and the sight made Julie’s cunt throb yet again. Then, without saying a word, Charlotte took her friend in her arms and kissed her deeply.The beautiful doctor could taste her own musky juices as their tongues dueled. Their breasts were mashed together, and their pelvises ground into each other as they kissed like two people deeply in love. Charlotte cupped her friend’s firm ass cheeks and pulled her tighter against her rotating hips, and Julie did the same, squeezing Charlotte’s plump, round derriere as she dry-humped her back. Then Julie began sucking her own pussy residue from her friend’s lips, taking their arousal to the next level.

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