Boat Delivery


Boat delivery

Well, never thought I’d be telling this story. I’m Bill, 32, 5’10” good shape, I swim a lot. Married to Mindy, she delivered twins a year or so ago. We’re schoolteachers, well, Mindy’s taking time off.

I grew up in a boating family. During the summer Mindy and I had a business delivering or moving boats up and down the coast. The smallest was fifty-feet, the biggest so far, one hundred and twenty. The job pays well and it’s nice being on really expensive boats. We conceived the twins during a storm on a seventy-foot trawler. We both have a very dynamic sex drive.

After the twins were born, I needed a crew for a transfer from the west coast of Florida to a port up north. An older couple, yacht club friends, suggested Tara, their twenty-year-old daughter. Her credentials as a boat handler were perfect. It was just business for me but by the end of the trip, she had seduced me, and we were fucking and sucking all over that boat. No, I did not tell my wife.

Now, Tara graduated, and I need a crew for this summer. Tara suggested her little brother Chaz. What I wanted was another horny co-ed. I’d gotten rather used to naked boating with morning blowjobs. I stalled a little, nothing else came up. Tara figured it out and teased me remorselessly. Well, I had ­a sixty-foot motor yacht to deliver so Chaz got the job. With Mindy off work, we needed the money.

I was in the main saloon of the “Fun Surprise” when I felt it shift from somebody coming on board.

Chaz was a younger, male version of his sister. I’m not into guys at all but this young man was beautiful. He wore loose nylon shorts and a tank top. My height, a swimmer’s build, long lean, tight abs, wide shoulders. Brown sun-faded hair that would not behave and blue eyes that swallowed your soul. This kid must have girls, and their mom’s throwing themselves at him.

“Permission to come aboard, skipper?”

I extended my hand, “Granted and no need to ask again. I’m Bill.”

“Chaz, Tara’s my sister.”

“I see the resemblance.”

He gave me a soft smile, “Yeah, but her tits are bigger.”

How much did she tell him? Chaz laughed, “Gotcha. Sorry. Sis and I look a lot alike and I get that all the time. I drop that line to fuck with people.”

“Well, ya got me. We need to push off in an hour. Stow your gear and meet me on the bridge.”

Ten minutes later, Chaz came up in board shorts.

“Fuel tank is full, oil and fluids good on the engine. Sewage and gray water tanks empty, water tank full. Bilge pumps working.”

I hadn’t asked to do any of those things yet. This was going to be a good trip, but oddly distracting. I could not stop looking at this boy.

“Wow, thank you. You took the lead on that. I’m impressed. Let’s get underway.”

If the weather is good, I prefer to run out in the sea. The Intracoastal is nice but you have to pay attention more. Plus at sea, you can crank the motor up. This one has two v-12 diesels and an auto-pilot.

I was up on the flying bridge, wearing nylon shorts and no shirt, or briefs. Tara had gotten me a couple of speedos and that was my uniform on our trips; when she wasn’t pulling them down so I could fuck her. I didn’t think they would be appropriate for this trip.

Chaz came up the ladder and surprised me again. He had on a black speedo. I couldn’t help looking at his crotch. He looked like he had a nice package. I quickly reset to his eyes. He shrugged.

“I didn’t want to put this on in the marina, but I didn’t think you’d mind out here. I like to tan as much as possible.”

“Chaz, the boat rules are, ‘what happens on the waves, stays on the waves.’ Wear whatever you like. I’m good here for a few hours. Go relax, you can relieve me after lunch.”

Instead of finding a piece of deck, Chaz stretched out on the couch at the back of the flying bridge, past the tarp. He had a small bottle and rubbed oil all over before placing a towel and reclining.

We talked. He was just eighteen, going to college in the fall. Tara had told me about the family, mentioned him, but never gave much detail. Chaz was a much better student and was getting a full ride. The conversation got a bit more adult and we shared stories. My crew was a busy boy. He’s had a few girlfriends. He was currently un-attached since his girlfriend found out she was sharing him with her mother. We both got a big laugh out of that. I told him I was jealous. Having twins wore Mindy out and life in bed was pretty dull, for now. Chaz asked me what my most outrageous sexual adventure was.

I told, in graphic detail, how I met a professor’s wife, in her forties, at an event. She asked me to dance. I told him how it felt close to her curvy body, how she pressed against me. How she pushed her crotch into my cock bulge. I laid it on, reliving a great moment. I kept going, I had her number. I went to their house. She answered the door in a sheer robe. “Let’s just cut to the sex scene.” She says.

I glanced over. Chaz was hard. The head of his cut cock stuck above bahis şirketleri the waist of the speedo. He didn’t seem to care. His hand lay on his thigh, fingers close to that fat bulge. I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t understand why.

I told, still in graphic detail, how this married woman stripped me and, on her knees, sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. Getting up, swallowing, she said, “Now you’ll last longer fucking me.”

“So, Chaz. I’m I this professor’s house, in his bed. His curvy wife is on all-fours in front of me facing the open door. I’ve got my hands gripping the flare of her hips as I ram her pussy. She’s howling ‘fuck me, fuck my pussy like you hate it!” I’m thinking it doesn’t get any better than this and then, there’s her husband, my English professor, in the door, watching.

“Don’t stop! She growls. I figured I’m screwed so I might as well see what happens. My professor, a nerdy, skinny guy watches for a few seconds and then comes in. I figure this is where I get hit. He steps up to his wife, drops his pants, and feeds his cock to her hungry mouth. I couldn’t believe it. Turns out the whole thing was a setup. He and I fucked her all afternoon. It didn’t feel weird either. I mean he and I bumped uglies a little, we did a DP and ended the day jacking loads on her face. College was good after that.”

Reliving the story got me hard too. Chaz had his fingers just running up and down his boner. I turned so he could see me in the same condition.

The marine radio squawked. A boat in distress. I answered and we headed that way, even though it was a couple of miles.

Chaz stood and took the other captain’s chair. After twenty minutes the Coasties notified that they were on scene. I got back on course and Chaz went below. I wanted to masturbate. Telling that story brought it all back, plus the other times I visited them. I was pretty sure Chaz was down below tending to his ‘down below’, but I didn’t want to get caught.

Why was my cock hard envisioning this boy on his bunk naked, stroking his cock? I shook my head to clear the thoughts and got back to driving the boat.

Chaz came up, right on schedule, to relieve me. Still only in that tiny black speedo. We chatted for a few. I told him what was going on the radio, which wasn’t much. He knew our course.

I went down to the master cabin, under the saloon to catch a nap. I had a small marina for an anchorage tonight. I don’t run at night unless the owner authorizes it in writing. So, the nap is just killing a little time. Sliding off my shorts, I lay on the king bed, naked. As I pictured Chaz in his speedo, my cock grew. I’ve never even looked twice at a guy and this happens. I resisted the urge to masturbate and purged my mind of the visions of my beautiful crewman with his sleepy blue eyes and tousled sun-faded, brown hair. I dropped off to sleep with half an erection. Twenty minutes later—I’d set an alarm—I woke up and slid my shorts on.

I climbed the ladder to the flying bridge and as my eyes cleared the deck, I got quite a sight. Chaz was naked. Standing between the two Captain’s chairs, the bimini top folded back. His body, shaved for swimming, shone with a sheen of oil in the tropical sun. His young ass was firm, perfectly round, and tanned. He really was a male version of Tara. His long lean legs, showing cords of muscle as he swung with the action of the boat were slightly spread, and from my low angle, I could see his ball sack swinging and the tip of his cock. I stood on the ladder and just watched, admiring his firm young physique. I finished climbing up and Chaz noticed.

“Oh, hey. I hope you’re not mad. I figured we were way out to sea and no other ships or boats. I really like an all-over tan.”

I laughed. Now I could see his penis. Fully shaved, maybe five inches, soft. He looked like a well-hung twelve-year-old, “Well, I did say you could wear whatever you want so, by extension I guess that would mean not wear anything you want. If you’re comfortable, that’s fine with me.”

Chaz checked the compass and the RPMs on the twin diesels, “Don’t know if Tara told you, we’re a nudist household.”

I laughed, “No, she never mentioned that.”

“Am I better looking than Tara?”

Chaz caught me flat-footed. I had never told Tara to keep us a secret, I just assumed she knew that. But maybe Chaz is fishing?

Chaz gave me a couple of seconds to answer, then just jumped in, “I know my sister. She loves the sun as much as I do, and she has no shame. I’ll bet she was just like me.”

“Chaz, I, um…”

“S’ok, Bill, what happens on the waves, stays on the waves, right?”


“So, you wanna join me? It’s very relaxing and free.”

At that point, I decided to just let things happen. Chaz’s easy-going casual demeanor made it easy. Hopefully, my confused penis would not embarrass me. I also admitted to myself I found this young man very easy to look at. I dropped my shorts.

“There ya go. You probably should get some sunscreen, you know…”

“Good bahis firmaları idea.”

I went below and sprayed myself. Since Chaz was on the bridge, I made lunch for us. Sandwiches, I yelled up and asked what he wanted, telling him it would be a few minutes.

I got done quickly and put the sandwiches and a couple of sodas in a bucket to take to the bridge.

As my head cleared the deck, I saw Chaz. His cock half-hard and what looked like a stream of cum on the bulkhead. He quickly turned towards the bow. I ignored all of that and announced lunch. Chaz seemed nervous and I said nothing at all. Like I never saw anything. I admitted to myself that his erection, or part erection, was beautiful too.

I left Chaz on the bridge and went to the master cabin. I got a towel, lay on the bed, and, for the first time in my life, masturbated to the vision of another man, well, boy, Chaz. I pictured him, oiled glistening in the sun, stroking that magnificent penis as the boat surged over the waves. His tight ass flexing as cum jetted out of his cock, hitting the bulkhead as he groaned his release. I came hard.

In the afterglow, I questioned myself, wondering, worrying. Finally, I decided, what happens on the waves, stays on the waves.

We pulled into the marina at dusk. Yes, we got clothes on first. The boat needed fuel and I had a berth reserved for the night. Showers on shore water are always better.

We had dinner and went to shower, me in the master cabin head and Chaz, the head across from his cabin.

The lights were off in the companionway when I stepped out of the master cabin, wrapped in a towel, to get a bottle of water. Don’t know why I bothered with the towel. Force of habit, I guess. I took a few steps. The door to the head opened as I passed in front and Chaz stepped out. The passage is narrow, and he didn’t see me. We collided and I ended up with my back against the wall and naked Chaz pressed against me.

Neither of us said a word. Pale blue eyes captured mine. The teen’s hands landed on the bulkhead behind me, over my shoulders. I stood, feeling his lithe body against mine, and had no words. Then I felt his penis, his young shaved penis, rubbing against mine through the towel as a wake crossed the marina. He was getting hard. As the wake faded, Chaz moved, just a little, enough to get friction against my cock, hidden and hardening. I needed to respond, either stop this or encourage it. I moved my body a few inches away from the bulkhead, pushing my erection into his as I felt the towel lose its knot. I backed off an inch and let the towel fall away before Chaz pressed against me, his face inches from mine. We ground our hard cocks together. I moved my hands to hold his trim hips. His young smooth skin under my fingers. I felt his breath on my neck as he panted. My hands now clenched his ass. He felt like his sister. We stood in that narrow passage panting and rubbing our erections together.

Chaz moved his hands to my shoulders. The silky firmness of his young cock felt amazing touching mine. We stood, two men, in that dark place, grinding our naked bodies together, racing to cum, savoring the forbidden, the wrong. I felt his warm sweet breath on my face as we panted, needy, surrendering to an unknown desire. His ass felt amazing in my hands. I moved my fingers deeper, toying with his hole as he gasped and rubbed harder. Strong fingers dug into my shoulders as he need grew frantic. This boy was about to cum all over me. I wanted it. I wanted to cum all over him.

Chaz’s blue eyes went wide, his lips nearly touching mine. He groaned and I felt the hot jolts of his orgasm bathing me. I erupted, adding my cum to his, spreading it over our overheated skin.

As the euphoria wore off, Chaz backed up. I let my hands fall away as he faded back into the head and slowly shut the door.

Towel and water forgotten I bounced off the bulkheads back to my cabin, cleaned up, and dropped onto the bed. My mind flooded with thoughts, regrets, confusion. It was going to be a long night.

Wakes from departing boats stirred me in the early morning. I had fallen asleep instantly after wondering if I could. Now I lay in the dawn glow, uncertain about what lay ahead.

We still had a lot of the trip. I got up, looked at my shorts laying on the deck. No.

After a quick shower, I sat in the main saloon, the curtains tightly drawn, savoring my second cup of coffee, and wondering what the day would bring. At least, if I needed to, I had a good chance of getting a new deckhand in a marina.

I didn’t want a new deckhand.

I heard the compartment door, then the head flushing and water running. Showering.

He moved through the galley, making a cup of coffee. I saw his head as he came up the stairs. With each step more of his taut, young body came into sight. No shirt. Nude. My deckhand was naked.

And half hard. I sat on a towel on the lush sofa, my coffee cup on the table. Chaz moved to me, in front of me. That magnificent cock now a little kaçak bahis siteleri harder. Our eyes met.

“I’m not gay.”

“Me either,” I replied as Chaz put his cup down.

I spread my legs as the young man kneeled between them, taking my growing cock in his hand, his mouth moving closer.

“I’ve never done this before.”

My eighteen-year-old deck hand slipped my growing penis into his mouth. I’ve had plenty of blowjobs, but this was intense. The wrongness of it. A boy, sucking my cock, me raging hard, enjoying it, and wondering what he will feel like, taste like. Chaz ran his tongue over the head of my cock as he sucked me. Each time, he took a little more until he had most of my cock in his mouth. His untamed brown hair brushed my abdomen, his hand cupped my balls, a finger rubbing just below. As his mouth moved up, his lips clutched at the head of my cock, nurturing, nursing, that tongue, that hot wet tongue slavering over the sensitive skin. He was a natural.

Chaz never looked up. He concentrated on giving his first blowjob. I lay back on the couch savoring the sensations and the growing need to orgasm, cum, shoot my semen into this boy’s mouth.

“Chaz, I’m going to cum soon.”

No pause, no stopping. His finger moved lower, now teasing my hole, rubbing pressing. It was all too much.

“Cumming, Chaz, I’m cumming.”

That electric buzz that grows from your balls, flowing through my cock as hot jets bathed the boy’s mouth. He never paused, never balked. He swallowed and kept nursing on my cock until the sensation was too much. I gently tapped his head and he reluctantly released my shrinking cock.

My high was fading. I knew I had to return the favor and right now, even though my need had waned. I got up.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Chaz dropped onto the couch and spread his legs.

Beautiful, shaved, smooth. So hard and long, pulsing with need. The head, larger than the shaft, big, round, silky. I dropped to my knees and moved closer. I’ve only seen one other hard cock in real life. But never held one, sucked one. I wanted this. I wanted to suck a boy’s cock, taste his cum, hear him groan with relief.

“I’ve never done this either,” I touched him, he twitched,

The skin of his cock was smooth, soft, under it, hard, turgid, needy. I explored him with both hands, so strange to handle a hard penis not my own. I loved that he shaved. My mouth, inches from the head. A drop of clear fluid at the tip. I extended my tongue, took it in, tasted it. He gasped. It tasted like more.

I pressed my pursed lips to the head of his cock and moved down, letting my wet lips engulf his penis.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuccckkk, “He sighed.

I moved my hand up to cup his balls, tight in the skin of his scrotum. As I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my mouth, I let my finger massage lower, looking for his hole to tease.

Now I know why some women like to suck cock. Chaz was in me. I savored the feeling of my mouth full of forbidden pleasure. The boy panted as I moved my mouth up and down his penis, loving the way it twitched. My finger found his hole, shaved too, tight. I released his cock and drooled on my finger. Now my mouth full of teen cock and a wet finger pressing against his hole.

“Oh, Bill, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

That young smooth cock got harder, pulsed and my tongue tasted the musky fluid that jetted into my wanting mouth. It felt amazing to give this pleasure, I swallowed, he gave me more, groaning, writhing under me as I fingered his asshole and he came in my mouth.

Three hot jets of cum, long, voluminous and musky. I was going to be doing this anytime he wanted me to from now on.

Our collective lust satiated; awkwardness sat on the horizon. I stayed on my knees, released his penis, and looked into his eyes.

“I liked that Chaz. I really enjoyed that. I want to do it again.”

He smiled that lazy, sensuous smile, “Me too, Bill. Never ever thought of it, just happened.”

I got up and offered him my hand, “What happens on the waves…”

Chaz took my hand and pulled himself up, “Doesn’t have to end on the waves. Breakfast?”


Sex makes you hungry. We made breakfast together in that small galley, our bodies rubbing together, Chaz, like any teen boy, hard. My cock revived and we rubbed on each other as we worked.

Sitting across from each other at the table, Chaz took a sip of coffee, “Bill, any rules?”

“No, no rules. Let’s just see what happens. If it gets weird, we say so, until then, let’s not overthink this.”

The young man gave me that warm smile, “Good, I like that. You wanna do it again before we leave here?”

I didn’t have to think, “Yes, let’s go to the big bed.”

Walking behind this naked teenage boy, his hard cock pointing the way and my hard cock pointing at his firm, round, ass. We climbed on the bed and just fell into a sixty-nine. Chaz took my erection into his mouth. It felt just as good as the first time.

“I love your mouth on my cock.”

He spoke around me, “I love sucking your cock. Never thought about trying it. Glad I did.”

“I have never even had a thought about having sex with a guy. I may never do it with any other guy.”

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