Boning Emma


Emma sat in the barn, pulling one of the cow’s teats absent-mindedly. She was an eighteen-year-old Amish girl, very pretty despite the plain clothes and lack of makeup. Her ample breasts and smooth, pale skin were the envy of all the other girls in her village; even the English boys found Emma desirable. However, Emma was unmarried, and no boy was even courting her. She intimidated most of them, but she didn’t know that.

Walking toward the barn, out of Emma’s earshot, Emma’s father Reid was having a very important father-son chat with his eldest, nineteen-year-old Montario. Montario was supposed to be married to another girl in the village; as soon as the engagement had been cemented, Reid had begun planning how he would teach his son to please a wife. Today was the day of the big talk.

“Montario,” said Reid, “I have been thinking about this long and hard, and I have not thought of any truly good ways to teach you how to be a proper husband. It is very important for a man to know how to make his wife happy and keep her satisfied with the marriage. This is as necessary to a successful marriage as fidelity and faith in God.”

“Father, I think I know what you are speaking of,” Montario replied. “But I know very little of the ways of women. I have never seen one disrobed, and I have never touched one except in the most platonic ways.”

As they neared the barn, Reid could hear the sound of the cow’s milk spraying into the metal bucket. He stopped outside the barn door and peered in. Emma sat beneath the cow, smiling deliciously to herself as she milked. Suddenly, Reid had a brilliant idea. What better way to teach his son than with his daughter. It was the only way Montario could learn without the whole village thinking he was unfaithful to his betrothed.

Reid leaned close to Montario and said quietly, “I have just Ankara escort thought of a way to teach you. I will show you what to do by using your sister. Do you think that will be an adequate way of educating you?” Montario nodded. They entered the barn.

Emma did not hear the two men behind her. She jumped with surprise when Reid’s hand came gently down on her shoulder. “Yes, Father?” she said.

“Emma,” said Reid, “do you trust that I always know what is best?” Emma smiled and nodded. “Good. Then you must stand up, remove your garments, and lay down on the hay over there.” He pointed to the soft bed of hay sitting next to the stables. Emma looked confused, but she knew that her father would never lead her astray. She slowly took off her shoes, her bonnet, then her long, brown shift and stockings. Finally she stood in front of her father and brother completely nude.

Reid smiled. “You have developed into a lovely young woman,” he said. “I am going to disrobe as well, and then I am going to show Montario how to be a good husband. It may hurt you a bit, but I think you will end up enjoying yourself as well.” From her place in the hay, Emma nodded, looking a bit nervous.

Reid quickly took off his clothing and walked over to his daughter. Just seeing that young, untouched flesh had turned him on considerably; despite being Amish, he still had natural, animal desires. His erection throbbed mightily, like a rooster crowing in the morning. He knelt over Emma, put a hand on each knee, and spread her soft legs to allow him access to her beautiful virgin love mound. His eyes were so kind that she relaxed as he thrust into her all at once. She squirmed in pain, whimpering a bit as he settled inside her tight, warm pussy. He kissed her cheek and gestured to Montario to come closer. As he slowly began to thrust in and out of Emma’s Ankara escort bayan sweet hole, he spoke to Montario. “Now son, when you begin to make love to a woman, you must thrust slowly and not too deeply. Try to get different angles. Look for the position that will make her moan with pleasure.” Montario nodded. Just then, Emma let out a low groan, almost a growling sound. Reid smiled. “I think I have found the one that pleases your sister. Now, once you have found the best angle, begin to go deeper inside of her. Go as far as possible without hurting her. When you feel the wetness down there, it means she is ready to take more of you in.”

Now Emma was arching her back, letting her instincts take over. The feeling her father was stirring in her was not like anything she had ever experienced. It felt like an explosion was building up throughout her entire body.

Reid sensed Emma’s impending orgasm, and his own, and he continued pumping into her as he grunted to his son, “Once you can feel her beginning to climax, thrust into her as quickly and deeply as possible. Let her make you feel good while she is feeling good.” As Montario peered down at his father’s flesh where it joined his sister’s, Emma’s pussy began to tighten up. She trembled uncontrollably, squeezed Reid’s thick manhood as tight as she could, and groaned loudly as her whole body convulsed in her first orgasm. Reid, having experienced orgasm before, restrained himself from making noise as his semen shot into her pussy. When he was finished depositing in his daughter, he smoothed her hair and stood. Emma lay in the hay, eyes closed, recovering from the amazing feeling.

Reid put an arm around his son’s shoulders. “Now it is your turn. Try to please your sister as I have.”

Montario nodded and took off his clothes. He knelt in between Emma’s still-spread Escort Ankara legs. “Are you ready?” he whispered to his sister. She opened her eyes and nodded, smiling. His member was stiff and ready, especially after watching his father with his sister. He pushed into Emma, fitting perfectly into the just-used pussy. Montario could feel the incredible tightness as well, and he thought just the wonderfulness would make him orgasm right then.

Reid leaned down. “That is another thing you will learn with time – how to last longer and longer with your wife. For now, do not worry too much about how long it takes you.” Montario closed his eyes and began to move in and out of Emma, establishing a steady rhythm. Just as Reid had instructed, he moved at slightly different angles, looking for the one that would make Emma roll her head back in pleasure. After a few tries, he found it. Emma began to moan loudly, this time expecting the orgasm and loving the feeling of it building up inside her. Montario knew he could not last any longer; as Emma’s muscles tightened around him, he felt the most immense pleasure he had ever known. He shot streams of thick semen into his sister as they both shrieked their climaxes. The cows mooed in sync with the screams, irritated by the loud sounds of love-making.

Finally Montario was finished, and pulled out of Emma. He grabbed a clean rag hanging by the stable and wiped himself off, then handed the towel to his sister. He looked at Reid expectantly. “You did very well, my boy,” said Reid. “Better than one would expect. I think you are ready to perform your husbandly duties with pride.”

Montario grinned as he dressed. Reid extended a hand to Emma. “And you, darling,” he said. “You did wonderfully as well. I am very proud of you. Thank you for trusting me.” Emma stood up on shaky legs and began to dress as well. She walked a bit bow-legged as she exited the barn to go lay down in her room. Reid and Montario followed. Montario couldn’t wait to get married now. He had a feeling pleasing his wife would be his favourite duty as a husband.

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