Boob Meets World Pt. 02


All characters are 18 or over.??Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!

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It was Monday afternoon. Gazonga was in her usual first row seat for Mr. Feeley’s class.

Gazonga had been the subject of whispered discussion thru out the school since she had strutted thru the front doors at 8 am. She had a startling new look. The once demure young lady was now a busty, hot, vixen.

Somehow, over the weekend Gazonga had morphed from a cute but typical High School Senior to a more than busty, sex-toy-like bimbo-ish parody of a school girl! Her mini-skirt revealed most of her svelt legs and her blouse was trying its best to contain her now amazingly large breasts.

When she got home Friday evening after leaving Mr. Feeley collapsed on his living room rug the first thing she did after taking a shower (and fingering herself to another amazing orgasm) was to measure herself. The over-dose of Jack’s Crazy Uncle Larry’s Spanish Fly (Now with Breast Enhancement) had resulted in breasts the size of beanbag chairs. Luckily, Mr. Feeley’s massive prick had given her the kind of orgasms she needed to reduce those gargantuan spheres to a more manageable size.

Standing in front of her bathroom mirror, Gazonga had wrapped a tailor’s measure around her hips, waist and just under her bosom. To her relief there was no change in any of those statistics. She still measured 34 inches at the hips. 25 inches at the waist and 29 inches just south of her breasts were also unchanged.

But when she slung the tape around her fullest measurement, just below her still erect nipples she found that she measured 46 inches!

Having never needed anything more than a B-cup bra prior to this Gazonga was at a loss as to what size she would need now.

Luckily, she had the weekend to work things out. A quick, emergency trip to Burns and Adrians in downtown Philadelphia provided her with a couple of bras that would do until the custom made units that she ordered could be obtained. The seamstress modified a 38 Double G bra by shortening the back strap to fit properly. The cups were adequate but her newly ordered bras would be a size 34-Triple H, she was told.

The truth was her newly expanded bosom was gigantic. And, because they were so new, they did not hang, they projected straight outward! Her nipples, constantly erect, led the way, poking thru bra, blouse and sweater! No matter what she tried on, her protuberant nipples made themselves known. She loved it!

Shopping at the nearby Galleria Mall provided her with some new clothes for her new look. She spent the rest of the weekend trying out different outfits and deciding what to wear to school.

When she sashayed into school Monday morning she was dressed to show off her newly acquired endowments. And she loved the reactions from all the students as well as the faculty.

Corny was her constant companion since they shared most of their classes. He could not take his eyes off of Gazonga’s massive tits. A couple of times he walked into an open door because he was looking at Gazonga, watching her boobs bounce and shimmy under her blouse. And Gazonga had unbuttoned several buttons to allow any interested observers to see the inner curves of her breasts!

So here she was. Knees crossed, occupying her usual front row perch. This was one of the few classes that she did not share with Corny and her attention was fixed on Mr. Feeley as he prepared for the last class of the day.

Her legs were exposed almost to Avrupalı porno her hips. Her mini-skirt was so short that it might not meet the dress code for the school. But no one was focused on her skirt. Almost all the attention was centered around her majestic mountains which she carried proudly on her slender torso.

Mr. Feeley found himself distracted as Gazonga crossed and re-crossed her legs. She was exposing her inner thighs for his appreciation. He couldn’t quite tell if she was wearing panties or not. What he could tell was that she did not have a bra on! That had been put into her purse while she visited the restroom just before class.

As he started his presentation Gazonga began hers. First she spread her neckline showing more of her gigantic flesh bowls. She flapped the blouse as if the room was too warm. But it was Mr. Feeney that was becoming over heated.

As he watched, she picked up her pen, clicked it a few times and then, slowly, seductively she slid it between her tits! She allowed only the last inch or so so to protrude from her cleavage. Then she raised and lowered it, mimicking the tit-fucking that she and Mr. Feeley had done Friday night.

Leaving the pen in her cleavage, Gazonga used both hands to press her big tits closer together, forming an even deeper cleavage. The pen vanished! When she snatched her hands away her big boobs bounced and shivered to a halt whereupon she removed the pen from its titty prison and while smiling at Mr. Feeley, she pushed it between her lips. For a few moments she mimicked the cock-sucking she had provided to him before. Then she ran her long slinky tongue around and around the pen before putting it back on the desk. Looking Mr. Feeley in the eye she licked her upper and lower lip, and then, pushing her tongue out even further, she did it again.

Mr. Feeley moved to his desk and sat down. Gazonga was probably the only one in the room that saw the long, thick bulge that was forming at his groin. Even his normal, baggy pants could not hide the erection that she was causing him to form.

Slowly she got up and, putting one foot carefully in front of the other she slinked toward him. She took care to land heavily on her heels. This caused her heavy breasts to quake and shake under her half buttoned blouse. He could see her cleavage flex as her boobs rose and fell. As she neared the desk she inhaled deeply and shook her shoulders. The stress caused another of her buttons to lose the fight to contain her huge 46 inch circumference breasts.

She stood before him at his desk. He could see inch after inch of creamy inner boob. His attention was drawn away from her tits on when she carefully raised the front of her mini-skirt so that he could see her thong panties. While he stared she slowly, carefully pressed her silk-clad pussy lips against the corner of the desk and rocked her hips back and forth dragging her pussy over the corner of the desk. Her panties quickly became saturated with her pussy juices.

“I would like to see you after class, Mr. Feeley,” she purred while keeping up the masturbation against his desk.

“Ah, um, well, I suppose I could give you a few minutes of my time,” he admitted.

“I’ll need more than a few minutes, Mr. Feeley. And more than just a few inches, too.” she promised softly. She turned and used both hands to smooth down her skirt over her butt cheeks. Her hips were rocking and rolling as she returned to her desk.

She dropped her pen as she moved back to her desk. Bending over, straight-legged, she gave Mr. Feeley Video porno plenty of time to admire her pert butt that was tightly gripped by her skin-tight mini-skirt. Mr. Feeley got a long look at her now soaking wet thong!

Mr. Feeley spent the rest of the class sitting behind his desk while Gazonga kept up her teasing activities.

At the end of the class Gazonga fussed with her books until she was the last student in the room. After locking the door she approached her teacher.

“I really think,” began Mr. Feeley, making one last attempt to maintain some professionalism with his student.

“Hush, now, Mr. Feeley, I know that you want this almost as much as I do!” She pressed three fingers to his lips while sliding into his lap.

“Here, tell me what you think of these!” she pulled his hands to her breasts. “Feel how much larger I am now than I was last Monday! Today I measure 46 inches and my new bras will be 34 Triple H cup size. Last week I wore a B-cup and it was a little big on me. I love my new huge titties and all the attention I get from the guys who stare at me as I parade in front of them. Don’t you like them, Mr. Feeley? I think you do!” she giggled. He couldn’t keep his eyes or his hands off her firm boobies.

“OH, yes, I can tell,” she purred as she wiggled in his lap. She could easily feel his massive, rock-like dick as it kept getting bigger and bigger under her ass.

“I can’t wait,” she announced as she went to her knees in front of him. “Let me get this out of the way,” she demanded as she undid his belt and pulled his pants past his knees.

“Oh, so big!” she exulted. She had both her hands on his stiffie. She fondled and squeezed him thru his underwear before also pulling them to his ankles. “I just love this huge hard-on! I’ve never seen, never imagined a dick this big!” Her eyes were alight with excitement.

“Oh, I’m so going to love doing this! I want to suck this big boner every chance I get!” Her lips were running up and down his shaft as she hummed and moaned in excitement. “So long! So hard! So much fun!”

She moved to face the giant prong she was caressing with both hands. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she extended her tongue and slid his dick head into her mouth.

Pulling back she gasped for air. “I can just get the head in my mouth! Your dick head fills my mouth! SO tasty, so wonderful!”

Gazonga dove back onto Mr. Feeley’s throbbing hard-on. Pushing herself harder and harder she began to take more and more into her mouth and then, with a muffled triumphant exclamation she managed to take him into the top of her throat before having to pull back to regain her breath.

“So, so big! I love it!” she exulted. “It tastes so good!”

“You have an amazing tongue,” gasped Mr. Feeley. “It feels so good when you lick me!”

“And I like to lick your prick. And your big balls,” she responded before she began to do just that. Sticking her tongue out as far as she could she licked and sucked on his big balls. Snuffling and snorting she paid homage to his oversized testicles while still stroking his dick with both hands.

Finally as he was beginning to wheeze and pant with excitement she pulled back from his groin.

“So big, so big, I love it! Now I want to feel it between my titties before you fuck the hell out of my poor neglected pussy. I haven’t had sex since I left your house and I need to make up for lost time, Mr. Feeley!”

At some point she had lost her blouse. She was naked from the waist up, exposing both of her Brobdingnagian breasts. Now she moved forward and trapped his equally huge cock between her tits and began to rise and fall, beating off his dick with her tits. They both enjoyed the action until with a groan of completion Mr. Feeley started to cum all over her tits.

Gozanga had been so wrapped up in giving him the best tit-fuck she could provide that she had missed the increased panting and groaning that indicated that he was getting close to cumming.

Still she used both hands and joined him in making sure that he spurted all that he had to offer. While he leaned back in his chair to catch his breath she used both hands to lift her cum encrusted tits to he mouth so she could lick off as much of his offering as she could reach.

Her amazing tongue managed to reach almost all of it and what was still on her boobs was tracked down by her hands, brought to her eager lips where she proceeded to shovel it all into her mouth to be savored and swallowed.

“So good and so much. Now let me get you back up, Mr. Feeley so you can give my poor lonely pussy the pounding that it deserves!”

Without waiting for his response she dove on his semi-soft cock. Using her hands, lips and mouth she drove him back to full hard-on as fast as she could. In minutes his fabulously large cock was standing proud and strong. Quivering, it throbbed more than a foot above his groin.

“Oh, Mr. Feeley, I need to find out what this is going to feel like! I love what I remember from Friday night. But I was almost out of it. I’d been so horny for long, all I can remember is having tits the size of bean bag chairs and then I was under you, crashing from one amazing orgasm to another! I must have come a dozen times that night! I want to feel like that again, please! Come and pound my pussy with your amazing dick!” she pleaded.

She perched her butt on the edge of his desk, pulled off her panties and spread her legs as far as she could. She reached down with both hands and spread her sopping wet pussy lips.

Her tits were trapped between her upper arms as she waited for Mr. Feeley to position himself. She flexed her arms to make her Triple H titties jump and bounce while he leaned forward and tried to catch a nipple between his lips while pressing his dick head against her cunt.

Slowly he worked his way deeper and deeper into her buttery tight cunt. It felt so good to both of them.

Working together and changing positions now and again Gazonga reached orgasm time and again. Mr. Feeley also spurted his cum into her, onto her and she managed to get a load or two down her thirsty, horny throat.

Each time he ejaculated she used her massive bosom, her talented hands and clever mouth to get him hard again. But after five loads he was done for the night! Despite her best efforts, despite their best efforts, Mr. Feeley’s cock refused to raise its head from between his legs. Gazonga had lost count of the number of climaxes she had reached. She had loved each of them and admitted to herself that she didn’t need to be greedy. She was sure that she could get Mr. Feeley to pound her pussy to pudding anytime she wanted if she teased him with her massive breasts. He really was a tit-hound. He devoted himself to worshipping her tits whenever they were with in his reach.

Slowly they redressed. Her thong panties had disappeared. Gazonga suspected that Mr. Feeley had slipped them into his briefcase as a trophy but didn’t pursue it. She had her memories and the pleasant warmth between her legs that she suspected would last for hours!

And when that nice feeling faded she could count on Corny or any of the other guys to address the issue. She reveled in her new status as a sex goddess. Her new physique assured that she could find partners any time she felt the need!


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