Bored In Yellowstone


Bored In Yellowstone

Note: There is a hint of gay near the end but it does not go into any detail and it should not deter you from reading the story. I apologize in advance. It is just the way the story took me.

Chapter One: The beginning

My sister Stacey and I were bored!

We were on vacation with our parents. We were way back in Yellowstone National Park. We were stuck there for the next three weeks. We were in hell!

Mom and Dad had planned on a one-month vacation in the boondocks all year. They had planned everything to the last detail except one thing…fun.

We were taken way to hell back into the park by a guide we hired. He had a four-wheel drive and dropped us and all of our gear off. He promised to return in three weeks. I prayed that he would return!

We set up our camp. It consisted of two tents, one for Mom and Dad and other one for Stacey and I. Stacey wanted our tent as far from Mom and Dad’s tent as we could get. Surprisingly Mom and Dad felt the same way. Cool! So then we put up our big tarp, folding table, and cook stove. We put our food containers in another place far from camp. We had bought special containers for our food. They were supposed to be the latest in bear proof and animal proof construction. Supposedly a drug-sniffing dog could not detect what was inside!

My sister is sixteen years old and very well built even if I do say so myself. She is five feet six inches tall, one hundred and five pounds, and I know for a fact that her bra size is a 34-C. Every one of my friends has admired my sister and said that he would give his left nut to fuck her. I was pretty sure that Stacey was not a virgin from the way she talks on the phone to her girlfriends.

I am seventeen years old, five feet eight inches, and a hundred and twenty pounds. I run track in school and am pretty physically fit. I am still a virgin.

After we were fully set up I rolled out my sleeping bag and put my closed cell foam pad under it. I rolled Stacey’s sleeping bag out too and found a quart bottle of Wild Cherry Brandy hidden in it. I knew exactly where she had gotten it too. Aunt Mary gave me a quart of Blackberry Brandy but I hid mine in my clothes in my backpack. I put it under her sleeping bag and went outside.

Mom and Stacey were starting our lunch. We had a whole bunch of freeze dried pouches and they were fixing up four pouches of macaroni and cheese. Soon we were eating. Then it was time to check out our surroundings.

Stacey and I followed Mom and Dad as they walked out from our campsite in all four directions. To the north about ten minutes was a really big hill, to the east about five minutes was a stream, and to the south about fifteen minutes was nothing but trees. That was the way we came in. However to the west about fifteen minutes was a beautiful lake. Back at camp Dad broke out the fishing gear and he and I went back to the lake. It was the one thing that we always had done together. It was peaceful, relaxing, and we really didn’t have to talk to one another. In fact it was encouraged not to talk and scare the fish away. It was nice. We caught three pretty good size fish and headed back to camp.

Dad cleaned the fish at the lake so as not to attract any wild animals to our camp. Mom was pleased that we had caught some fish. Stacey and she had found some berries and nuts. She had made some sort of fried bread too. We had a pretty good meal then it started to get dark. We lit a campfire and Mom brought out a quart of Peach Brandy. She said that her sister Mary had given it to her and told her to let us share it with her. Mom had four small shot glasses that held three quarter of an ounce each and poured four glasses.

Something in my mind said, “That won’t last the whole three weeks.”

Mom said, “That’s right but she gave me two bottles and that will last all four of us for the full three weeks.”

Mom raised her glass and said, “Here’s too a great family vacation.” Then she sipped hers.

Stacey and I sipped ours too. It was strong but very tasty. It was a lot different than wine or beer. As it got dark we finished our drinks. Dad suggested that we turn in so Stacey and I headed toward our tent.

Just as we got to it I told Stacey that I had unrolled her sleeping bag and found her bottle. She looked shocked but I told her that Aunt Mary had given me one too. We went inside and zipped the door closed behind us. Stacey turned on the tiny battery light above the door.

As we sat on our sleeping bags I told Stacey that we could each have a shot of both of our bottles each night. She smiled at that. We both liked the Wild Cherry Brandy better than the Blackberry Brandy but it was all real good. The three shots we drank were making us light headed.

I yawned and pulled my T-shirt over my head, took off my pants, and laid on top of my sleeping bag in just my underwear. I looked over at Stacey and watched her pull her T-shirt up over her head revealing her bra. Then she pulled her pants down revealing her panties. Then she decided that she needed to pee. So did I. So we got out and walked behind out tent. I remembered that Dad had warned us about peeing near our campsite so I got a flashlight and we walked out a ways. Stacey was pretty unsure of her footing so I held her hand. Occasionally her hand would brush the back of my ass as we walked. When I figured we had gone far enough I stopped, pushed down the front of my underwear, and peed a steady stream. I didn’t know that Stacey was watching me until I finished. Apparently the flashlight had given her quite a view.

Stacey said, “Boys are so lucky that they have a dick to pee with.”

I just looked at her and Stacey said, “You can pee without taking your clothes off. Like in the winter you can just whip it out and go while we girls have to drop our pants and panties to our knees and pray that we don’t pee all over them or all over our shoes.”

Stacey was tipsy enough from the brandy to say, “Watch!” So I aimed the flashlight toward her. Stacey dropped her panties to her knees, squatted down, and started to pee. I was simply amazed and watched in awe. She was right! If she had been wearing pants she probably would have gotten them wet. Her pussy seemed to spray her piss everywhere unlike my straight stream. I raised the flashlight just enough to see her nicely trimmed brown pubic hair. The stream had gotten to her shoe put fortunately soaked into the ground before making a puddle. Stacey stood up and I raised the flashlight with her. I watched as she pulled her panties up and then saw them dry off her wet pussy. I took her hand and led her back to our tent.

Inside our tent Stacey said, “Now my panties are all wet.”

So I let her take the flashlight and watched as she looked in her backpack for another pair. When she pulled out a skimpy blue pair of G-string panties I let out a low whistle.

Stacey looked at me and asked, “Do you like these?”

I replied, “I sure do!”

Then Stacey said, “I don’t really have to wear anything to bed. I never do at home.”

I said, “I never do either.” With that I pulled off my underwear letting my six-inch cock spring free. I was fully erect from watching Stacey.

Then I watched Stacey remove her wet panties and then reach around to unhook her bra. I took the flashlight and aimed it high enough to see her tits as her bra fell off.

I said, “Oh my God! Stacey you are beautiful.”

She smiled and said, “Why thank you! You’re kind of beautiful yourself!” She looked straight at my cock.

I turned off the flashlight and the tiny tent light. I slid my sleeping bag closer to Stacey’s. I reached out a hand and cupped one of her breasts. It was more than a handful. Stacey reached out too and held my cock.

We must have drifted off to sleep because I heard Dad shouting that it was time to get up. I looked over at Stacey and she was smiling. Then I realized that she was still holding my soft cock in her hand. I cupped her breast and said, “Good morning.”

Stacey smiled at me and leaned over to kiss the head of my cock, “Good morning to you too, little fellow.”

So I leaned over and kissed both of her nipples and flicked them with my tongue, “Good morning girls.”

We got dressed. Stacey did not put on a bra or any panties just a short top and a pair of tiny shorts. I left my underwear off and wore a T-shirt and shorts. I must admit that Stacey looked much better in her clothes than I did. But then again she always has!

As we went out of our tent Stacey said that she needed to pee again and asked me to take her to our toilet tree. I saw that she brought the coffee can with the toilet paper in it. So I brought the small latrine shovel. I also grabbed my camera hoping for the best.

Stacey held my hand like she had the night before and kept rubbing my ass as we walked. This time it was clearly on purpose! When we arrived she waited for me to dig a two-foot trench for her to poop in. She could see the camera in my T-shirt pocket and told me to get ready because she really had to go. I watched as she removed her shorts and squatted. I put my camera on video and held the button down. I was real close to the ground and to her wonderful pussy. I got the spraying, splashing, and the puddle that formed in the shallow trench. Then I got a brown turd coming out of Stacey’s asshole. That is when I got hit and my finger came off the button and my video clip ended.

Stacey said, “Pervert! You don’t need to take pictures of me talking a shit!”

I said, “I’m sorry but it was amazing to watch.”

Stacey said, “You really are a pervert aren’t you?”

I said, “I just love to watch you do anything!”

Stacey said, “What do you mean anything?”

I said, “Well I like to watch you change your clothes, go to the bathroom, and I even like to watch your ass as you walk away and your crotch as you walk toward me. I like to watch you sleep too. I really like to watch you pee though. It excites the Hell out of me!”

Stacey said, “I suppose that you would like to watch me Jill Off too wouldn’t you?”

My mouth went dry at the thought but I managed to say, “Oh God yes! I’d give anything to watch you masturbate.”

Stacey said, “Lets get one thing straight I Jill Off and you Jack Off! Get it? Jack and Jill! That masturbate shit is for Mom and Dad!”

I said, “Yeah I get it you Jill Off and I would love to watch you do it. Can I sometime?”

Stacey said, “Yes, if I can watch you Jack Off.”

I said, “I have to pee first but then you can watch me.”

So I peed in the same spot where Stacey had peed and pooped. I wet down her used toilet paper. When I finished I covered up the used part of the ditch and dug another foot or two. I stuck the latrine shovel in the ground near where Stacey had sealed the coffee can with her toilet paper in it.

Then I took off my shorts and started stroking my cock as Stacey watched. I was already pretty excited from seeing her naked this morning and just watching her pee. Hell her pussy was right there to look at as I Jacked Off too. I got going faster and fasted until my fingers were a blur. I watched Stacey slip her fingers into her pussy lips and start wiggling them about. It wasn’t long before I was shooting out gobs of cum. The first one flew the farthest then they progressively got shorter until the last one fell straight down into Stacey’s hand. She smiled at me as she put her hand up to her lips and tasted it. Wow! Stacey licked the palm of her hand clean then licked the head of my cock taking the whole head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Then she pulled back and stood up. Together we put our shorts on and headed back to camp.

Stacey said, “You will have to wait until tonight to see me Jill Off!”

I said, “Okay! If I have too!”

On the way Stacey said, “You tasted a lot better than I expected!”

I said, “I thought that you had sucked cocks before.”

Stacey said, “No silly that’s just what I tell my girlfriends so they will leave me alone. Being a total virgin is not cool in my circle Ankara bayan escort of friends.”

I said, “So you’re a virgin too?”

Stacey said, “You too. Who would have thought?”

I said, “With a body like yours and no one ever tried to get in your pants!”

Stacey said, “I never said they didn’t try I said that I was still a virgin and that your cock was the first one I ever tasted.”

I said, “Well your body is the first one I ever saw naked for real. You are the first girl I ever saw pee and you will be the first one I see Jill Off too.”

Stacey said, “Well just maybe this camping trip won’t be so boring after all.”

Back at camp we helped out all we could. Mom fixed hot oatmeal for breakfast with berries that she and Stacey had picked the day before. I helped to gather more firewood for later and fetched a bucket of water from the creek. After the breakfast dishes were washed Stacey asked me if I wanted to go with her and take some nature pictures. I sure did. She reminded me to bring extra cards for my camera.

As soon as we were on our way Stacey explained that I was to keep her nude pictures on a separate disc so that Mom and Dad wouldn’t see them. Okay! We walked north to the mountain.

Stacey said, “Okay put in the new disc for pictures with clothes and take a few of me.”

I did. She posed standing with her chest out proudly. She even brushed her nipples to get them to poke out nicely too. She sat on a big rock and smiled like an angle.

Stacey said, “Okay now put in the nude disc. And don’t you dare fuck them up either!”

I said, “I can’t mess them up because I have them marked one through five. I can take thousands of pictures. At six megapixles I can take about three thousand pictures on each disc. You are number one in the nude department.”

With that said and the disc changed Stacey removed her top and her shorts for me. This time she stood in front of the mountain naked, sat on the rock with her legs spread wide, and even licked one of her own nipples for me. I didn’t even know that girls could do that. Then Stacey took my camera and said, “Your turn.” As I pulled off my T-shirt and shorts Stacey took pictures. She liked how hard my cock looked after taking nude pictures of her just a few minutes ago. She had me stand sideways in front of the mountain and sit on the rock with my legs spread like she did for me. Fair is fair! Then she had me change discs, put my clothes back on, and took the pictures again. Then we walked up the mountain a way and took more pictures of the scenery. It sure was beautiful up there. Stacey posed for some more pictures and had me pose too.

At lunch Mom asked, “So what were you two up too all morning?”

Stacey said, “We took some great nature pictures and climbed about halfway up that mountain north of here. What did you two do?”

Mom replied, “Well mostly we cuddled up on the shore after going skinny dipping in the lake west of here.”

Stacey didn’t miss a thing and said, “Did you scare the fish?”

Dad held up four very nice Rainbow Trout, “No! Actually I think they liked seeing your mother nude as much as I do!” Then he laughed.

Stacey asked, “Did you get any good pictures?”

Mom just smiled and Dad choked. Then Mom said, “We got a couple of good ones. What about you?”

Stacey said, “We got a couple of good ones too. Want to share?”

Again Mom smiled, Dad choked, and Mom said, “Not right now, maybe someday!”

Stacey said, “Okay just let me know when your ready. Until then we are going exploring. See you for dinner.”

Stacey grabbed my hand and we headed east toward the stream. From there we headed north and up stream. Every now and then we would take some pictures of us both naked and dressed. My camera never changed discs that often before. An hour later we found a very nice waterfall that must have been twenty or thirty feet high. There was a pool at the base of the falls. First we took our scenery and dressed pictures then I changed discs and we had a lot more fun. Stacey really enjoyed posing nude for me and watching my cock grow. She got in the pool of ice cold water just for me so that I could take her picture. She was frozen when she got out, her nipples were rock hard, and she had goose bumps all over her body. I took lots of pictures. She snuggled into me for warmth. I ran my hands over her back, across her ass, and down her legs. She wanted more. She was frozen. So I laid her in the soft grass and started eating her pussy. It was my first time but I dove right in. As I licked her pussy Stacey tickled her clit right before my eyes. In no time at all she was warmed up but neither one of us stopped. I could feel her body convulse and taste her fresh pussy juice. I had watched her Jill Off with my help. It was everything that I had hoped for!

Stacey said, “Wow! You sure know how to warm a cold girl up.”

I replied, “I wasn’t sure it would work but I wanted to taste your cum. You tasted mine.”

Stacey asked, “So did you like it? As if I have to ask!” Then Stacey laughed.

I just went back to licking her pussy and gently nibbling on her clit with my teeth. I used my lips and tongue on her clit too. I even slipped down to tongue her cute little brown crinkled asshole. All this time I was playing with both of her nipples too. Stacey must have had three or four orgasms before asking me to stop.

I asked, “Why?”

Stacey said, Because it feels too good!”

I said, “What! You want me to stop because it feels good!”

Stacey said, “Yes! It feels so good that I don’t want you to stop!”

I said, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Stacey said, “It means that I want you to fuck me, take my virginity, and fuck my brains out! That’s what it means!”

I said, “Oh!”

Stacey said, “Yes! And that would be wrong because you’re my brother. That’s why!”

I said, “You’re right I do want to do all of that to you and more!”

Stacey said, “Of course you do! After all you’re a boy! Every girl knows that a boy can’t think if all his blood is in his cock. He gets brain fried real easy. That’s why we girls have to be in control!”

I said, “You’re right!”

Stacey said, “So put your shorts back on!” I did as she requested. “Now eat me some more!” Again I did as she requested. Stacey said, “You better take some more pictures right now.” I did as she had requested.

Stacey had the most beautiful look about her that I had ever seen. Her eyes were glassed over, her body was flushed and slightly pink, and she looked erotic to me. She was in a state of euphoria. I assumed that it was because she was in some sexual trance. It was all of the above as I found out later. Stacey fell asleep and I watched her for about an hour then woke her up so we could head back to camp. I took several pictures of Stacey as she slept. Before she got up she told me to get my camera ready for a video and to stand near one of her outstretched feet. Then Stacey lifted her knees, opened her pussy lips with her fingers, and started peeing. A full stream came out as if I was peeing. It was simply amazing to watch.

Stacey said, “I have practiced in the bathtub and thought that it would give you a thrill. I felt I owed you something for the way you ate my pussy. You sure are good at it!”

I said, “It was my first time.”

Stacey said, “Mine too…well from a boy!”

I looked at her and I knew my mouth was wide open. Stacey said, “Lets get going. I’ll put my shorts on in a while. I’ll let my pussy dry off some first.”

As we walked Stacey said, “You know my best friend Jenny! Well we have eaten one another out a few times just to see how it felt. We both like it a lot. Too much in fact! So we agreed to only do it once a month.”

I said, “You eat Jenny’s pussy once a month?”

Stacey said, “Yes but only in the middle of our periods when we are really horny!”

I said, “Girls get horny too?”

Stacey said, “Yes stupid! Why do you think I Jill Off!”

I asked, “Are you in the middle of your period now?”

Stacey said, “No! Jenny ate me out last week. Why?”

I said, “I was just wondering why you were so horny back there at the pool.”

Stacey said, “Because I have been thinking about your nice hard cock since we peed last night. I never saw a hard cock before and it excited the hell out of me! I was wondering if your cock would feel better than a carrot or that candle I keep on my bed stand.”

I said, “You put carrots and candles in your pussy?”

Stacey said, “Yes and my hairbrush, your little baseball bat, and anything else I want to put in there to stop the itch.”

I asked, “What itch? You use my little New York Yankees Baseball Bat?”

Stacey laughed and said, “Easy boy! Yes I kind of like slipping that tiny bat in my pussy, getting it all nice and coated with my love juice, and putting it back up on your wall. As to my itch, well it’s like an itch you can’t scratch. I think I’m craving a real cock. That’s why I told you to put your shorts on.”

We got back to the place where we turn to go to camp and changed the subject. Mom and Dad were in their tent making out. We heard Mom giggling and then heard her say, “Oh God! Oh God! That’s it! Don’t stop!”

Stacey giggled and said loudly, “Gee they had more fun than we did! Maybe we should have stayed here!”

Mom said, “Very funny young lady! Wait until you have teenage children. Then try to find someplace to do it!”

Stacey laughed again and said, “Why don’t you just tell us that you want to have sex and tell us to come back in an hour.”

Dad said, “Who needs an hour? Ouch! That hurt!”

Mom said, “Serves you right!”

Then they came out of the tent. Dad was tucking his shirt in and Mom was adjusting her bra.

Stacey said, “Mom why don’t you stop wearing your bras? I didn’t wear my bra today and it felt so good. My hard nipples look good in the pictures too!”

Mom said, “Show me!”

Stacey said, “Only if I can see yours!”

Mom blushed and said, “Maybe later!”

After dinner Stacey asked, “Want to go take a bath in the lake?”

I looked at her and asked, “Isn’t it cold?”

Stacey said, “Yeah probably…but I’ll be naked!”

Mom’s eyes got wide and Dad’s mouth dropped open as Stacey took my hand and we ran off together. Stacey really wanted to get cleaned up and brought a towel and a bar of soap with her. We brought Ivory because it floats. I had my camera to keep me warm.

This time I started a nice fire first so that Stacey and I would be able to warm up when we got out. Stacey stripped first, as she seemed to do a lot lately. I wondered if she might be an exhibitionist or something. Stacey waded out to her knees as I took a picture then I watched her wash her pussy with that bar of soap. Then I watched her wash her breasts, ass, and toss the bar of soap ashore at me. As I picked it up Stacey jumped into the water head first. I waded out to my knees and washed my cock, balls, and ass too. Then I tossed the soap and dove in. God it was cold but a lot better than the creek pond had been. At least the sun had warmed this up some. Stacey and I actually went for a nice swim once I got over the shock of the cool water. Back on shore we stood around the fire to dry off and warm up. I saw Stacey standing on the other side of the dancing flames and had to take another picture of her like that. She took a few of me too then surprised me by asking me to take one really nice picture of her with the flames on my normal disc. I did and she thanked me. I couldn’t help but wonder why she wanted me to do that.

We dried off, got dressed, and headed back to camp. Mom and Dad were cuddled up by our campfire.

Mom asked, “Did you two enjoy skinny dipping?”

Stacey said, “We sure did!”

Then Stacey turned on my camera, went to review, and showed Mom her nude campfire picture. Of course Dad was looking over Mom’s shoulder at the time. Mom smiled but Dad just stared. I think he actually drooled on Mom’s shoulder because she slapped him. I saw her hitting the back button but Escort bayan Ankara there were no more nudes on that disc. Ha! Ha!

Mom said, “Stacey you’re beautiful!”

Stacey said, “I know Mom! I take after you!”

Mom said, “How sweet!”

So Stacey and I sat across from Mom just like they were with Stacey in front of me with my arms around her.

Mom waited awhile then asked, “Are you kids doing anything that you shouldn’t?”

Stacey said, “If you are asking us if we are still virgins, YES, we are both still virgins.”

Mom blushed and said, “I’m sorry…I just thought…I’m sorry!”

We roasted a few marshmallows and Mom poured four shots of Aunt Mary’s Peach Brandy. We all sipped it and talked about how wonderful it was here.

Stacey and I made our nightly walk to the latrine ditch and watched each other pee. Then we got in our tent. To our surprise Mom had zipped our sleeping bags together like hers and Dads were. The two bottles of Brandy were on our bed along with Stacey’s birth control pills and a bottle of water.

Stacey stuck her head out of the tent and said, “Good night Mom!”

I heard Mom say, “Good night Stacey! And be careful!”

Stacey swallowed her birth control pill, got naked, and climbed in. I got naked and climbed in too.

This was only our second night here!

Chapter Two: Mom Said Be Careful

Stacey asked, “Will you eat my pussy like you did at the creek waterfall today?”

I said, “I’d love too! Should I put my shorts back on?”

Stacey said, “Not if want to loose your virginity tonight!”

All I could say was, “Oh my God!” before diving between her legs. If she liked what I did to her by the pond on the creek she was going to love this.

As I sank my tongue into Stacey’s moist pussy I could feel her finger around my nose and knew that she was helping me again. In my mind I knew that I was going to get laid! It might be my imagination but I swear that Stacey tasted even better this time around. I could taste and smell her pussy and I enjoyed breathing her scent in. I enjoyed swirling her taste around inside my mouth. I pushed her finger out of the way with my tongue and attacked her clit. Stacey grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forced me harder against her crotch. I didn’t really need her help because my hands were on her ass cheeks pulling her into my mouth. I heard a muffled scream as she hit a double orgasm. I could just barely see her hands covering her mouth with what moonlight came through our tent. With out an invitation I crawled up and into her. My cock seemed to know exactly what to do. She felt so good wrapped around my cock that I could hardly stand it. I probably didn’t last more than a minute but it felt like forever to me. I shot cum into my sister and I enjoyed it more than any gift that I had ever received before. I gently laid on her breast. She was breathing like a racehorse so I didn’t want to crush her with my weight. Finally Stacey opened her eyes, hugged me tightly, and kissed me like she would a boyfriend.

Stacey whispered, “Oh my God! That was simply incredible. Your tongue did me in but your hard cock was the best. You certainly scratched that itch! I even felt your cum shooting into me. Please keep it in there as long as you can.”

I whispered, “You were fantastic. You feel so good. I could die right now and know that my life couldn’t get any better than this.”

Stacey kissed me again and our tongues danced and fought for a while. Then I felt my cock stir. I was still inside Stacey. She felt it too. As she rubbed my ass I felt her breasts. Soon I was fully erect again and slipping in and out of Stacey’s pussy. This time it was slow and smooth. We no longer needed to rush into this. We had all the time in the world now. We had both been satisfied. This was making love. Man woman, brother sister, it really didn’t matter anymore. I couldn’t tell what time it was but we must have lasted over fifteen minutes this time before we came together. Once again I did not pull out. We did fall asleep though.

In the morning we were awake before Dad screamed at us. I checked my wristwatch and knew that we had plenty of time to make love again. I had to pee real badly and it made me harder than hell. Stacey had to pee bad too but didn’t want to miss out on anything. So we gritted our teeth and made love again. After I filled her pussy we got out of the tent and just carried our clothes. We rushed to our latrine tree and I took pictures of my thick white cum dripping from my sister’s pussy as she peed. That video clip should be great. Stacey cleaned up as best she could and tucked some toilet paper in her pussy to stop from getting her shorts wet.

When we got back to camp Dad was just coming out of his tent. He was surprised to see us up already. Mom popped her head out, saw us, and then came out anyway.

Stacey said, “Mom you’re not wearing a bra. Good for you! Great nipples!”

Mom blushed but stood up proud and thrust her breasts out for me to admire. I said, “Nice Mom! Maybe you and Stacey can have a competition or something. That way Dad and I win all the way around!”

Stacey said, “Hey Mom we could put on those G-strings we bought.” Then she smiled.

Mom smiled and said, “Okay.” Then she went back into her tent.

Stacey went into our tent. Dad and I started to heat up some water and wait for the show to start. Since I had my camera Dad got his. We were both ready and waiting as Stacey came hopping out of our tent. Holy shit! She looked fantastic. She damn near looked naked. I clicked off three or four when Mom came out of her tent and caught my attention. Both girls got close together and held hands then bowed for us. As they stood up, sucked their tummies in, and forced their breasts out Dad and I took pictures.

The girls were wearing skimpy little triangles that were trying to cover their nipples but not quite covering their areola completely. I didn’t think the tiny triangles could cover a quarter if they had too. Those triangles were connected with threads as thin as our fishing line. It went around their back and up around their necks. As to their bottom it was made of the same exact size triangle. With the fish line disappearing right into their moist pussies. There were strings up around their hips too. The triangle only covered a very small area of their neatly trimmed pussies. When they turned around you could hardly tell that they were not naked. This was a setup! They had planned this before we got here but apparently they were not sure if they were actually going to go through with it. The rings around Mom’s nipples were darker than Stacey’s are. They both had the same shade of brown hair on their heads and on their pussies. I could not believe I was seeing Mom like this. I’m sure that Dad was enjoying Stacey too.

Dad said, “So why don’t you girls fix breakfast since neither one of us can stand up with our erections.”

Mom said, “Show us.”

Dad stood up and his cock was stretching the material of his shorts out in the front. I stood up and the head of my cock was poking out my leg opening and trying to get at Mom for itself.

Mom said, “Okay boys put away your toys. They can come out and play later!”

I looked at Dad and he looked me. I slipped off my shorts and let my cock spring up. Dad removed his shorts and I saw that his cock was just a shade bigger than mine is. We were father and son like the girls were mother and daughter. It is amazing how children resemble their parents. Dad and I started Jacking Off when Stacey noticed.

Stacey said, “Mom they started with out us.”

Mom turned around, pulled the string on her bottom, and sat on Dad’s cock. Stacey undid her bottom string and sat on my cock. Mom didn’t seem at all shocked but Dad sure was.

Dad said, “I thought…”

Mom interrupted him, “They were both virgins until bedtime last night.”

Dad said, “How did…”

Mom interrupted him again and said, “A mother always knows.”

I reached back and untied Stacey’s top to uncover her nipples. Dad did the same to Mom. I sucked on one of Stacey’s nipples then leaned over to suck on one of Mom’s nipples. Dad sucked on her other one. After a moment we both switched to Stacey’s nipples and I felt her orgasm as we sucked together. It helped that Mom was tickling her clit at the same time. The three of us continued to work on Stacey until she screamed out in a body wrenching multiple orgasm. I let loose near the end and filled her. Mom and Dad had gotten off too.

Mom looked at Stacey and said, “Do you want to wash up or should I just lick you clean?”

Stacey said, “I’m too exhausted to do you Mom!”

Mom said, “That’s all right honey.” Mom got off Dad’s lap and pushed Stacey over. Dad turned her so her back was on his legs and started playing with Stacey’s tits. His other hand was holding her head up. I had Stacey’s ass on my legs with Mom kneeling between them. I started taking a video clip as Mom started to give Stacey’s pussy a real going over. I watched Mom, took pictures, and learned how to eat Stacey even better next time. Stacey had a couple more orgasms then traded places with Mom. Dad played with Mom’s tits while I took a video clip of Stacey eating Mom out. I was pretty sure that Stacey did a better job of eating Mom out than she had done to Stacey. After all Stacey and Jenny had been practicing recently. After Mom had two orgasms Dad said that it was time for breakfast.

We were all naked now so Dad decided that we didn’t need to get dressed anymore unless we really wanted too or if it got cold out. So all day long we paraded around naked. Whenever Dad or I got hard our mate would take care of us right out in the open with the others watching. Mom always took care of Dad’s problem and Stacey always took care of my problem. It turned into a contest that Dad couldn’t win. I was a horny teenage boy of course I was going to win. I had a constant erection for the past four years and I finally had a way to take care of it. Dad had been getting all of the sex that he wanted and had gotten complacent about it.

The rest of the week was mostly just sex until both girls started their period.

Chapter Three: Periods In Week Two

I had never seen a period before so I watched intently as Stacey poked her tampon in and made sure the little blue string hung out. All I could remember was what Stacey had said about being horny between periods and she had said that she was just as horny during her period too.

Dad refused to fuck Mom when she was bleeding. Mom even begged him but he refused. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. It was just blood. It could be red cum for all I cared. Anyway I made love to Stacey and all she did was pull out the red tampon, let me fuck her, and poke in a new tampon.

Mom saw us and said to Dad, “Honey if you don’t fuck me right now I know someone who will.”

Dad shouted at her, “Go for it! You know I don’t like a bloody hole!”

Mom walked right up to me, got on her back on the ground, and pulled out her tampon. Stacey picked up my camera as I started to fuck my own mother right in front of my father. No words were spoken! Mom turned into a wild woman that I could just barely keep up with. If I hadn’t just fucked Stacey I probably couldn’t have come close to satisfying her. Mom thrashed and thrashed and fingered her own clit until she passed out from sheer pleasure.

I got up and Stacey popped a fresh tampon in Mom’s hole and then covered her with a big towel. Stacey helped me get cleaned up. We were keeping a pot of warm water near the campfire for washing up since there was plenty of blood to go around and we didn’t want to attract any wild animals.

Dad knew that I had just fucked Mom but didn’t say anything. Finally he cam over to me, sat down, and said, “Thanks for taking care of your mother for me. I just can’t handle the blood. It makes me sick. I know how she gets during her period but I just can’t.”

I asked, “So you don’t mind?”

Dad said, “Hell no! Maybe after Stacey’s period ends Bayan escort Ankara you’ll let me fuck her!”

I looked over at Stacey, she nodded, so I told Dad, “Sure!”

Well for a couple of days I was king of the bloody holes. Stacey started a day before Mom but only lasted three days while Mom lasted for four days.

That last day while I was fucking Mom I watched Dad fuck Stacey for the very first time. He enjoyed it a lot more than Stacey did that’s for sure. It seemed like she was doing Dad a favor; after all he had been watching me fuck both girls all day long for the past five days. Hell I was almost worn out.

I managed to get a good night’s sleep and was allowed to rest all day too and gain back my strength. I did a lot of fishing too for a couple of days. Stacey went with me to keep me company and to get away from Dad. She thought that he was just a dirty old man and the sex was not that good. She couldn’t figure out why Mom let him fuck her.

Mom came out to check on us and Stacey told her how she felt about Dad. Mom laughed and said that she felt sorry for him sexually at first but fell in love with him and had us kids. Stacey told Mom to tell Dad to leave her alone. Mom said that she would but asked Stacey if I could still fuck her.

Stacey said, “Only during your period. Otherwise you need to keep Dad satisfied so that he leaves me alone.”

Mom said, “Okay honey!”

Chapter Four: Week Three, Our Last Week

As we slipped into our last week at Yellowstone National Park Dad moped around the campsite while I had two beautiful nude models to photograph everywhere and in every way. Mom insisted that I take some pictures of them with clothes on so that we could show them to our family and friends.

Mom made sure to give Dad all the sex that he wanted but he wanted Stacey and he couldn’t have her. He also felt bad that I would get to fuck Mom during her periods because he wouldn’t. His sex life was nothing compared to mine and he knew it.

We were not going to let Dad get us down so every morning and afternoon we took off to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest, naked. Mom would watch or take picture of Stacey and I making love then I would take pictures of them making love right afterwards. Stacey felt sorry for Mom and tried very hard to relieve that inch up inside Mom’s pussy but it wasn’t working.

Mom and Stacey tried everything to get Dad sexually active including putting on a two-girl show for him every night around the campfire before going to bed. Finally the thing that seemed to turn him on was when Mom and Stacey got into a sixty-nine with Mom on top. Dad stuck his cock in Mom’s pussy while Stacey licked Mom’s clit and his balls. Stacey reached up and caressed Dad’s ass as he fucked Mom. Right at the end Stacey would stick a finger in his asshole then two fingers as Dad filled Mom with cum. Then Dad would watch Stacey eat Mom out. It excited Dad to watch Stacey eating his cum just as much as it excited me to watch Mom eat mine a couple of times a day.

Mom would go out to our latrine tree with Stacey and I so that I could get some good pictures and video clips of her peeing too. I got a few where they peed together for me too. Mom said Dad was just an old fuddy duddy and was never really into anything slightly kinky. She was amazed that he liked Stacey’s fingers in his ass though.

About midweek Dad was really down in the dumps and spent most of the day in his tent. Mom moved in with Stacey and I. Mom made out with Stacey more and more when she actually wanted my cock but couldn’t have it.

That Wednesday Mom finally told Dad, “Look if you don’t start fucking me more I’m going to have to get it somewhere else!”

Dad looked her right in the eyes and said, “Go ahead! Fuck your son all you want! Fuck the neighbors if you want too! Hell you can fuck the dog for all I care!” Then Dad started to cry.

We gave him his space for awhile. Mom and Stacey fixed dinner while I got more firewood.

After we ate Dad had about six shots of Aunt Mary’s Peach Brandy. We hadn’t been drinking it as much as we were in the first week so there was plenty for him. Stacey got our two bottles and added them to the collection. She poured three shots of the Wild Cherry Brandy for the rest of us. It was our favorite.

Soon Dad said, “I’m gay!”

Mom looked at him and said, “No fucking way in Hell!”

Dad drank right from his bottle and said, “I’ve always known it! I have tried to hide it most of my life! That’s why fucking you has been so hard all these years! When Stacey slipped her fingers in my ass that first time I went off like a cannon! After that I pretended that Fred from work was fucking my ass just so that I’d cum in you!”

Mom gave him a hug pressing her tits in his face. Then she said, “I thought that you just wanted to fuck Stacey!”

Dad said, “No! It was okay the first couple of times but I think it was just because she was fresh and new.”

Stacey said, “Dad you can fuck me if you want too! Really!”

Dad said, “No! That won’t help really!” Then Dad turned to me and said, “You can fuck your mother all you want, I don’t mind. Good luck keeping them both happy! I couldn’t even keep your mother happy.” Then Dad went into his tent.

Soon we headed to our tent on the far side of camp. However first we needed a trip to the latrine tree.

While we were out there Mom said, “I should have suspected this! He has always preferred anal sex and I give him my ass about once a month.”

Stacey said, “Wow! I never knew that!”

Mom said, “You weren’t supposed to know!”

I hugged Mom then we headed back to our tent. When we got inside Mom asked Stacey if it was okay for me to fuck her brains out. Stacey said that she would even help me. That night Mom didn’t try to be quiet. She screamed out, “Oh God! Deeper! Fuck me harder!” at the top of her lungs. I knew that she was doing it for Dad’s benefit but it sure spurred me on. Stacey too! Mom thrashed and orgasmed until she fell asleep between Stacey and I.

In the morning Stacey and I woke Mom up by sucking on her nipples. Mom put her arms around our necks and hugged us close. She thanked us both for last night and said that she really needed it. Then we took our morning walk to the latrine tree.

It was Thursday so we only had three more days before Sunday. Then we had to pack up and be ready for our guide to come and take us back to civilization.

Being around Dad for the last few days had been depressing but after last night it was almost unbearable.

After breakfast Dad announced that he was moving his tent to the lake and that he would bring us fish for dinner every evening and check in with us. Other than that he asked us to give him his space and leave him alone. We reluctantly agreed.

Surprisingly our camp life quickly returned to normal. The girls teased one another and me most of the day. They danced around the campfire and I got some great pictures. Mom gave Stacey cock-sucking lessons using my cock. Mom gave me pussy-licking lessons using Stacey’s pussy. She even let me try anal sex with her. Stacey could not believe that Mom could have an orgasm from a cock up her butt but Mom did.

Friday and Saturday were the two best days that we had since those first few days when Stacey and I were getting to know one another sexually. That was certainly special.

Dad came buy at dinnertime each day to check on us and bring fish for everyone. He loved fishing.

Saturday evening Dad said, “I’ve thought about this long and hard! I’m going to move out when we get home! Fred has asked me to move in with him. We have been lovers for a few weeks.”

Mom said, “If that is what you really want but you don’t have to move out! If I can have my son as my lover it would be ridiculous of me to tell you that you couldn’t have a lover too, weather it be a man or a woman!”

Dad said, “Thanks but I gave all of that serious thought and I believe this is best. You can file for a divorce if you wish and I’ll give you most of my paycheck for expenses.”

Mom hugged Dad and kissed him! It looked like she was saying goodbye forever. Maybe she was!

That night I made love to both of my girls and cuddled them.

Sunday morning we broke camp, packed up, and were waiting when our guide came for us. He helped put it all in his vehicle then tied it down for the trip out. He listened to our tails of adventure and knew that we had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The trip was quicker than it had been going out. Stacey and I realized that on the way in we were not looking forward to spending three weeks in the Yellowstone outback all alone. However we were looking forward to getting home now.

It had definitely been a life-altering experience.

Chapter Five: Home At Last

Aunt Mary was waiting for us when we got home. She had been feeding our dog and Mom’s parakeets along with watering Mom’s flowers.

We all talked at the same time trying to tell her everything we could about our three weeks in Yellowstone National Park deep in the woods. We did see Old Faithful on our way in and on our way out.

Dad came downstairs with two suitcases, kissed Mom, and left.

Mom melted into her sister’s arms. After a lot of crying Mom told Aunt Mary everything and I do mean everything. She told Aunt Mary about letting me fuck Stacey and her for almost three weeks, Dad being gay, and how fantastic my cock was. Wow! Then Stacey agreed that my cock was fantastic. Well Aunt Mary wanted to experience that for herself. Stacey got out my camera.

Mom took us up to her bedroom. Mom had a queen-size waterbed. Stacey handed me my camera and started to undress along with Mom and Aunt Mary. Wow they all looked similar with the same shape bodies and hair color. Mom and Aunt Mary sure looked like sisters and Stacey could pass for their younger sister too. They posed as a threesome for pictures before Aunt Mary got anxious to be fucked. Fortunately I hadn’t fucked either Stacey or Mom since we left camp early that morning. Aunt Mary really wanted to get laid and grabbed my cock as she got up on the bed. I wanted it to last longer than she did so I turned into a sixty-nine and started eating her pussy. Aunt Mary started sucking my cock even though that wasn’t the hole that she wanted it in. Soon Mom was helping me eat Aunt Mary’s pussy. Then Stacey joined us and the three of us attacked Aunt Mary’s pussy constantly and vigorously, sending her into one orgasm after another until she begged me to fuck her. I looked up and both Mom and Stacey were nodding for me to do it. I slipped it right into her dripping hole all the way. As I ground my pelvis bone into her clit Aunt Mary went wild. She thrashed around causing the water bed to start making waves. For the last three weeks I had the hard ground or a rock under Stacey’s ass so this was entirely different. I got into a rhythm quickly where I would come down onto her belly as she was coming up to meet me from my last thrust. Mom called it riding the wave. I straightened my arms stiff and slammed into Aunt Mary’s pussy. Mom and Stacey climbed up on the bed and each sucked on one of Aunt Mary’s nipples while I fucked her good. It was great when I started to pump cum into my Aunt’s pussy. All four of us collapsed on the bed intertwined in each other’s arms.

Aunt Mary said, “That was the best fuck that I have had in years. For being a virgin three weeks ago you sure learned how to please a woman!”

I said, “I had two very good teachers!”

Mom said, “Thank you!”

Stacey said, “I only told him what felt good!”

Aunt Mary said, “It all felt good to me! He may have a great cock but both of you girls have great tongues. I have never been ganged up on like that before! I like it! Can we do it again sometime?”

Mom said, “Why don’t you move in with us Mary?”

Mary asked, “Is this bed big enough for all of us?”

Stacey said, “We can buy a bigger one!”

Aunt Mary asked, “How are we going to divide him?”

Stacey said, “We won’t have too divide him, he is a horny teenage boy! He can get it up all day long! I know!”

Mom laughed and said, “Yeah! I can vouch for that fact myself!”

Aunt Mary said, “Okay stud, prove it!”

The End

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