Brienne Pt. 01


My job had brought me to the capital of a small country. I have been there many times before and have good friends there, so I stayed in an apartment I borrowed from some friends who were out of town on vacation.

It was a short and intense visit lasting just a week and it was almost around the clock work. Though my scarce leisure time would be spent on catching up with friends, I decided to check out the local bar scene.

Since my divorce I had not really been looking for hook-ups. Taking care of my daughter and getting back on my feet had left little energy for anything else. Now I was feeling in a different mood. I had called up a friend when I got there and he had promised to take me out the following Saturday. In preparation for a night out, I had been shaving and showering and as I was toweling off, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. True I had been in better shape in my football playing days, but I was still reasonably fit. Somewhere between fit and dad bod. Promising myself I’d set off more time for working out, when I got back home, I picked up the phone, when it rang.

“I am so sorry man. I have to cancel our plans tonight.” came the message.

Force Majeure. Nothing to be done about it. I walked naked to window of the high-rise apartment. It had a panoramic view of the entire city. Damn it. Then a thought struck me. The last time I had been here, almost no one had used Tinder, but maybe things had changed.

I opened the app that I had installed but never really had put any effort into. I set my search to a broad age range 20-32, edited my profile text to ‘in town until Thursday’ and started swiping. There were a lot of hot girls here. I find the mixed race women to be incredibly beautiful, and this city was swarming with them. However after just twenty positive swipes, there were no more women on Tinder in the area. Damn it. Still, at my last visit it had only been three. I shrugged and decided to get some work done instead.

I was sitting at my desk the following Monday, when my phone chimed. I looked at it casually while still working on the document in front of me. It was a Tinder match. I checked her picture once again. She was very pretty and at 24 she was 10 years my junior.

“Hi.” she wrote me, as I was checking out her pictures.

“Hi. You are very pretty :)” I wrote back lamely, not knowing what else to say.

“I’m leaving again on Thursday, so what would you like?” I added too quickly. Then laughing out loud to myself I clarified.

“I mean a cup of coffee, tea or the likes?”

“Sure. I am moving to a different town for a different job Friday, so I have time to meet.” she replied.

After some small talk about where we worked, and when we would get off, I asked her out later that evening.

“I still have some stuff to pack, so we could meet at my place?”

I agreed and she gave me the address.

After work I rushed out and bought a pack of condoms, then home to grab a shower and then straight to her place. I was there at 8.30. When she opened the door to her apartment, I gave her hug and she started making us a cup of tea. Her apartment was less a mess than I had expected, but there was still a while to go until you could say that she would be ready for a move. The things still left on the walls were tasteful as were her furniture. She was obviously making her own money.

“I Casibom didn’t get too much packing done today. I was out for a farewell party with some friends yesterday, and I’m a bit hung over” she told me motioning towards the scattered boxes.

She sat on the couch, and I was in her recliner next to her as we talked, telling each other a bit about our backgrounds and upbringings. Very standard. However one thing she said perked me up.

“I just felt like I needed to do something completely different with my life. And though I had a well paying job and a sweet boyfriend, something was missing, you know?”

I stayed silent letting her talk.

“He wanted to start a family, but it made me realize that I didn’t want to spend my life with him. I want more adventure. I want more. So I broke up with him and got my own place 6 months ago. But it was still too much of the same. Going to the office, working hard, then going back home. Out on weekends. I want more. Not that I don’t want a family, I’m just not ready to settle.”

I nodded while studying her intently.

“So I applied for a job at a hotel at a tourist resort. I won’t be using my education – just a simple receptionist job, but it will be new people coming through all the time. And I’d like that.”

“I can understand, where you are coming from. I didn’t finish my studies until I was 29. Had too much living to do before I could settle down and start a family.”

She got up, while I was talking. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

She ran her hand over my trimmed hair.

“Well about starting… I have been thinking a lot about family. I still want one, though I don’t want to be tied down. So I’m thinking of having a kid on my own.”

I felt my dick twitch to life immediately.

When she came back out of the shower, she was in her PJs.

“You didn’t have to put your clothes back on for my sake” I told her matter-of-factly.

She smiled and stood next to me. She was about average height, but still I towered a full head over her. I looked her in the eyes and kissed her. She had the softest full lips and a delicious playful tongue. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

I resumed kissing her, while letting my hands roam freely. She was by no means skinny, but not fat either. She was round and full from her firm large breasts, sitting gravity defying as they only do on young women who are yet to give birth, to her broad hips, thighs and round ass. She could have been the model for ancient fertility statues.

While we peeled the clothes off each other’s bodies, I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and bit her neck rather hard.

I had no idea if she liked to submit, but I have found that most women do, if you refrain from asking them. Only once with a very young and inexperienced partner have I had a woman ask me not to be so rough. In all my other encounters I have found women to be very partial to my dominant and primal traits. A couple have even told me that they usually always had to be in charge, but with me it was different. Inquisitively I probed one of my partners for a better explanation, and she described it as a combination of my size, strength and no-questions-asked approach coupled with the sense that I value women. She felt safe in my power, she said, and thus giving up control of her body to me Casibom Giriş felt natural to her.

Biting into her neck caused her to give off a delectable little moan. I nibbled on her earlobe, as her hand found its way into my boxers.

“Uhhmm…” she purred when she examined my size with her hand.

Releasing her hair, I pushed her panties to the floor, letting her step out of them. I ran a finger lightly over her shaven slit. She was dripping wet.

I pushed her onto her back on the bed, her tits bouncing enticingly. Quickly shedding my boxers, I spread her legs and buried my tongue in her snatch. She was moaning loudly through her gasp. Running my broad tongue gently the length of slit until I sucked her clit into my mouth, holding it there while stimulating her, quickly got her head spinning. She was moaning very loudly and grabbing my head with both her hands.

“Oh, God! You are so good at that!” she moaned out of breath. I let my hands find her hard nipples and pinched them hard. She moaned but to my surprise she didn’t show any signs of discomfort, when I pulled her nipple. She obviously liked the pain.

Sensing her getting close to an orgasm, I eased off, bit her round thigh hard, causing her to moan one of the most sensual ‘ow’, I’ve ever heard. She liked being dominated alright.

I couldn’t wait for another minute. I moved up her body to her breasts and started suckling them, biting them, catching her nipples between my teeth and pulling hard. She took in a sharp breath once in a while, but took my manhandling without protest.

I moved to kiss her, while I reached for the condoms in my pocket on the floor. However as I did so, my very hard cock came to rest on her wet warm pussy pressed up against her clit. She put her arms around my neck, as I kissed her.

I started teasing her with my cock, my hand still fumbling blindly for the condoms. My cock sliding over her clit, coating me in her juices. I knew this was bad, and my willpower was waning quickly.

She was trying to angle her pussy right to get me inside her. I was teasing her, pulling away whenever she would get my cock lined up just right.

Pushing off on one hand, I grabbed her throat hard with the other, as I pushed into her hard. Although I squeezed her neck so hard, she couldn’t make a sound, her eyes went to the back of her head at my entrance. I had managed to push myself about halfway in, so I pulled back and forced myself all the way in. Bottoming out when my dick hit her cervix. I stayed still there and enjoyed the tight grip of her pussy on me, reveling in the feeling of her body trying to accommodate my size.

Eventually I pulled back until only the tip was in her, and then released her throat while hammering into her again.

She cried out in ecstasy, and I couldn’t help making a primal guttural sound myself. This was bad. I knew that I should have used a condom. I usually do. But her words about having a kid on her own struck a well-known chord in me. I wanted to take her. Possess her.

I started pounding away with thrusts that came slowly almost all the way out, before hammering home. This would not be drawn out. It had been too long for me, and she was too much of a fantasy come true.

Every time I thrust into her cervix, I would force air from her lungs. Her tits bounced under my assault. She started saying Casibom Yeni Giriş something, but it was smothered by my kiss. She moaned into my mouth. I propped up on one hand, and moved the other from her throat to one of her magnificent breasts. Grapping a nipple, I squeezed it and twisted it slightly eliciting another moan.

She looked me deep in the eyes. “Don’t cum in me, if you don’t want the consequences. I’m not on birth control.”

This was getting out of control. ‘Just pull out and cum all over her face. Cover the little slut in it.’, the rational part of me argued. But rationality had been fighting a lost cause since I had felt her wet pussy against my cock.

Thrusting more erratically now, I grabbed her full tit in my hand. ‘This is the fantasy.’, another part of my mind chimed in. ‘This is what you’ve always wanted. To impregnate a beautiful young woman and then leave her to raise your child. To breed her like a mare.’

Rationality hadn’t given up yet. ‘What about child support? This is not a big city, and she knows where you work. She could get you for the next 18 years.’

I was getting closer now. My ears were full of her moans. Her scent was in my nostrils, and I could still taste her. I had put my arms under her shoulders, now pulling her hard against my thrusts literally pounding her uterus. I could feel her hard nipples dragging along my chest. I love that.

And I wanted to fill her. Wanted to impregnate her. That other part of my mind did some quick math. ‘So what, you can afford child support’, it said. ‘It will be your gift to you.’

Pausing for a second, I kissed her deeply, and looked in her eyes.

“Do you want me to cum in you?” I punctuated the question with a hard deep thrust.

“Yes!” she moaned.

“Do you want me to spray your unprotected pussy?” Again a thrust.

“Oh, yes!”

“Do you want me to fill your belly with my child? Watch it grow with my baby in you?”

“…aarrrhhh…” came a guttural sound from somewhere deep in her throat.

“Your tits will swell with milk for my baby.” Each question was accompanied with as forceful a thrust as possible.

She wasn’t answering coherently anymore.

“I will give you my baby. On one condition. Cum for me. Cum on my hard big cock. Cum with me as I fill your little pussy up.”

I wasn’t sure she was hearing my, until I felt her hand sneak in between our bodies, working her clit.

As soon as she started, she tensed up.

“Not yet!” I warned and lay into her for real.

Jack hammering away at her.

“Your body belongs to me now. You will never be able to forget me. Every time you look into your baby’s blue eyes, you will remember this moment.

“Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Fill me up! Take me!” no inhibitions left in her anymore. Not sure any had been there from the get go.

I felt my cum boiling in my balls. I put both hands on her neck and squeezed so hard that I thought I might have hurt her, cutting off her air supply and all sound from her.

“Cum for me now!” I demanded and immediately she rubbed her clit furiously for about two seconds, and then she went rigid and her pussy gripped me like a vice. I needed to put extra force into my thrusts just to continue, and as I did, I was over the edge.

I pushed all the way in, and I came. I came so hard that I could feel my sperm spraying back on my cock, after it had hit her cervix.

I kept cumming and blacked out slightly, releasing her throat to catch myself.

She sucked in a large mouthful of air and then as I kissed her, she screamed the last of her orgasm into my mouth.

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