BROS B4 HOESOk, so don’t get it twisted.. I am gay and I know it. But I have always liked to watch straight porn. There is something really hot about watching a straight man fuck a woman.I especially like to watch a straight guy pound a girl and watch them from behind them. There is something so fucking hot about watching a tight, straight ass go up and down while trying to get a nut! Even hotter is when the guys spreads his legs to dig his cock deep, the point where you can get a glimpse of that straight hairy asshole! Damn, so hot!This New Year’s Eve was one I will never forget! My best friend and his girl invited me to hang with them at their place after going out for a few drinks and dinner at a local pub. None of us really wanted to be out too late what with all the other drunks driving around… lolAfter dinner we headed to their place, stopping for a bottle on the way. It was around 11pm by the time we were settled in. All of us were pretty buzzed and having a great time. My bud and I have known each other since our first year of college and I have always wanted to suck his cock, but I never wanted to risk our friendship, so I have always been very hesitant to make a move.The conversation started to lag and we were getting bored when all of the sudden his girl mersin escort said, “Let’s play strip poker!” Ok, I have seen a lot of shit in my life, and have done some pretty freaky things, but this was like a total dream come true. Not one of us objected, actually my bud seemed totally turned on by the idea.By the time midnight rolled around, I was down to my underwear (tighy whities), my bud still had his pants on, and his girl was wearing nothing but her panties. She is a really pretty girl, with just enough cushion and nice small round tits (and NONE of those monster nipples some women have).After a couple lousy hands, my bud had to get totally naked. Once he got naked and I saw his beautiful cock and bush, I got hard as a rock. BOTH of them thought that was funny as hell but I was totally embarrassed.As the next hand was dealt, I could see that his girl was looking at my hard cock. Being an ass, I looked at her and said; ”Want to touch it?” To my surprise she said yes! My bud was not pleased, he spoke up and said; “You are not touching any cock but mine” and with that he stood up and stuck his soft cock in her mouth.At first she tried to push him away, but the more she pushed him away, the harder his dick got. After a few back and forth motions, he was totally rock hard – and holy shit – what a cock he has! Long, thick, veiny and with a perfectly shaped cut head. Once she realized he was hard and getting serious about sex, she relaxed, opened her mouth and took his entire hard cock in her mouth, balls deep!He started to pump her and I could tell she was getting into it, her panties started to look wet and her eyes started to roll back. He was into too, he was face fucking her faster and faster.She reached for her pussy, pushing her panties to the side so she could finger herself. He noticed that she was wet and ready so he took his cock out of her mouth, pushed her back and away from the card table, and got on top of her, slowing sliding his hard thick cock in her tight wet pussy.I was so fucking turned on to watch this private fuck between my best friend and his girl that I could not help but start stroking my dick. My bud looked back, saw me jacking it and gave me a huge grin, and as if empowered by my jacking, he thrust his cock hard and even deeper in his girl.Watching his round ass cheeks go up and down as he ground his cock in her was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. His ass was perfect, two round white globes framed by a fantastic tan back and muscular brown legs.He did not make much noise, just the occasional deep manly grunt, but she was moaning constantly with nothing but pure erotic pleasure.I could tell they were both getting close to cumming. He was pumping his cock in her faster and faster, and her legs were going higher and higher, welcoming his cock deeper into her. The deeper he went he more I could see his of hairy hole – and his balls were slapping into over her hole as he fucked her.I was getting close too, my dick was dripping with pre cum and my balls were full, waiting to be emptied of their hot milky load.The muscles in his back and ass totally tensed up and I could tell he was about to shoot his jizz in her. She was whining, ‘fuck me, fuck me harder’ as he shouted, “I’m cumming”! He pulled his wet cock out of her throbbing cunt, jerked it a few times and shot the hardest load I have ever seen! There was cum shooting on her face, on her stomach, and all over her tits.Seeing him cum was it, I shot my load too, I was soon also covered in cum. Too bad it was not his!Spent, we just stayed where we were and dozed off.I woke up about 20 mins later, with dried cum all over me. I got dressed, drove home and we never spoke of it again – but let me tell you, I have jerked off thinking about New Year’s Eve almost every day since.Just remembering all this gets me so fucking hard again….time ot go jack off!Anonymous

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