Bunker Break Pt. 01: Introduction


Unfortunately, my Naughty Pee Tales series got stuck, not progressing beyond draft stage. To bridge the gap, I decided to continue with a different story.

Gillian’s stories as published by Shara and Ger’s female desperation site on easyshag introduced me to erotic literature. The site has been discontinued, and their collection of stories all but disappeared from the web. The Bunker Break four-part series was written as a thank you for them and its protagonist’s name chosen in homage to the author of the first stories I read there.

Here comes the introduction dug from my archives – the remaining three parts will be uploaded when ready.

As always: none of the characters or events exist nor have existed or happened in real life – this is pure fantasy!


A while ago – actually quite a while – I met a girl on the Internet. Casually, we exchanged some thoughts and experiences concerning watersports. After some time, we were deep into the subject and in passing had dropped some information about people we had met on our way. In one of my messages, I had answered her question whether I knew people in Europe who were into watersports in admitting that I had made very few such acquaintances. Actually, all I remembered was a summer I had spent in France working on a farm. It was a small hamlet with just a farm, two houses and a little chapel in a picturesque landscape of hills and green valleys. Nice place to be on holidays, hiking in the countryside, savoring the clean air and relishing in the beautiful nature full of rare plants and animals. You could sometimes see the Swiss Alps and often you faced remainders of the French fortifications against the German threat – parts of the famous Maginot Line. There were three daughters at that farm. I had noticed that the eldest often peed outside, in the weirdest places. Once she peed on the stairs that led from the garden to a path behind the farm, once next to the road whilst I was working there and once I caught her peeing right in front of the stable where she accidentally wet the suspenders of her dungarees. I thought she might at some time discover the hidden pleasures of this sport… Her middle sister was quite different: she was quite fastidious and spoiled by her grandparents. When she found out about the possibility of peeing outdoors, she just did it anywhere, then yelling for someone to bring her toilet paper to clean herself. Would she ever enjoy peeing the way her sister did? I fantasized about this in my text and later simply forgot about it.

It was a nice summer day, sunny but not too hot, when Gillian and her friend Laura touched down at Euro Airport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg, visiting Switzerland for their holidays. They had chosen the region for a certain reason, but currently they were preoccupied enjoying the sights and scheduling the next few days. Having checked in at their hotel, they changed their clothes. During the flight they had worn jeans and comfy sweaters so as to fight the chill from the air conditioning and high altitude – now it was time to adapt to the circumstances on the ground.

Gillian was an attractive woman in her thirties, hair dyed a darker shade of the modern brownish red, and looking younger than she was. She undressed and took a shower to get rid of her weariness. The water – she switched from cold to hot and back to cold – felt nice on her well-tended body, her erect nipples topping smallish B-cupped breasts, her skin taut and sprinkled with goose bumps. Gillian was a slender, athletic woman with medium hips and well trained haunches. Anyone would have loved to caress her butt… When Gillian had finished her shower, she got dressed into a tight Lycra top and a silk-like, knee-length skirt. The skirt’s fabric was slightly see-through but since there were three loose layers on top of each other, the effect was mainly due to the fantasies it evoked.

A while later Laura left the bathroom, her wet, long, amber hair hidden in a towel to dry. She was wearing a white hotel bathrobe and now dressed in front of her friend. She decided on nice Victoria’s Secret cotton panties under a black mini-skirt that fit nicely around her ass. Gillian could clearly see the panty-line – she liked the well-trained body of her friend who was maybe five years younger. To cover her C-cup breasts, Laura chose a combined sports-bra/top that halkalı escort left about ten inches of skin uncovered to show her nice abs and belly button.

The women spent the rest of the day visiting Basel and picked up the car they had rented to drive around the countryside during their stay. The next morning both were excited and looking forward to the day’s events.

“Did you take the camera?” asked Laura.

“Yes, of course! I wouldn’t forget that today…”

“And batteries?”

“Charged them all night – they are enough for ten hours of film – since I brought your new digital camcorder. Got tape worth some three or four hours as well. Maybe we won’t even use my little digital camera?” answered Gillian.

“I should like your camera for quick snap shots. It’s so quick, small, and handy; and it records short clips, too.” Laura said.

They took their backpacks and went down to the parking lot. Today, Gillian wore tight fitting black leggings covering her calves under her longish sports shirt. You could see her sports-bra shimmer through the thin, white fabric. A dark-red sport-jacket was thrown over her right shoulder. Laura preferred to wear skirts even when hiking. Today, she wore a light blue, not quite knee-long skirt that looked a lot like a cheerleader’s skirt but was of lighter, satin fabric and not as formally cut. It swung around her beautiful legs at every step, slightly moving in the wind. A strictly cut, color matched blouse under which she wore a close-fitting t-shirt covered her body, the décolleté cut in a severe but erotic v-shape. All their clothing was rough enough for longer hikes and gave them a sporty, athletic guise. They loaded their stuff in the car’s trunk and started off, heading for France. They drove a while parallel to the frontier and were now some twenty kilometers from Basel.

Everything was well prepared. Laura had been in Basel a few months ago on a business trip. Driving along the roads, reading maps, measuring distances, and surveying places she had advanced Gillian’s idea to become a well-prepared plan.

They reached a cross-road where they had to stop to let other cars pass.

“Let’s visit that beautiful chapel over there” Laura proposed to Gillian, who was driving.

“Okay, why not?” she answered and took the turn.

There was a small parking right next to the chapel and they got out.

“I got to have a pee first – otherwise I’d pee myself in the church!” Gillian exclaimed and went behind the chapel. “Look how nice a sight. We should clearly start our tour here, Laura.”

Laura followed her and took a quick glance at the beautiful view, then looked at Gillian who was just pulling down her leggings and squatting to pee on the grass.

“Actually, I prefer looking at you.” Laura smiled and hunkered down, too.

This provided her with a better look at Gillian’s most private parts. She got excited watching Gillian’s crotch and imagining the golden fluid inside of her pushing against the thin dam of her sphincter. Gillian spread her legs a bit, as much as her tight leggings would allow, and moved her butt further down. Laura now saw her beautiful labia and a bit of well-trimmed, dark pubic hair that was not permitted to grow around her lips but spread over the front of her pubic mound. Gillian smiled at her: “Don’t come too close, or my stream will sprinkle you. I didn’t go to the bathroom this morning and I really have to pee!”

Laura got even more excited, intently watching as Gillian’s inner lips parted slightly. She imagined seeing her pee-hole. Wasn’t a first little tinkle shimmering in the sun? Then, suddenly, there was a small gush. Pee was jetting from Gillian’s pussy in a nice curve and hitting the grass in front of her. A small wet spot showed on the soil. Laura bent down to observe every detail. Gillian was no longer withholding her pee and it started hissing out of her urethra into the sun. A nice arch of yellow, hot pee gushing out of her was directed towards Laura who smelled the intense flavor of sweet morning pee. Her hand automatically wandered down her body, first caressing her round breasts, opening a few buttons of her blouse and finding her way down towards the waistband of her skirt. Meanwhile, Gillian’s pee formed into a small puddle only inches away from where she sat. Hesitating, she decided not to let her hand slip başakşehir escort into her skirt and instead put it back onto her breast. Left hand touching her breast, searching the erect nipple under the blouse, Laura laid her right hand on her knee, slowly pulling it towards her body. The feeling of the soft fabric slipping along her skin gave her goose bumps. It felt so wonderful on her thighs! Her crotch was completely soaked now – she was so horny! Gillian watched her, smiling. The wetness she felt was not just pee anymore – she liked to turn on her friend with her naughty act. She reduced the pressure on her bladder and let out only a tiny trickle. She wanted to save a bit for later on. Instead, she pulled up her shirt and tight sports bra. Fortunately, it was a very stretchy fabric. Her breasts simply didn’t need support and she wore it just to maintain an appearance of decency. Couldn’t walk around all day in a thin shirt without a top… Her erect nipples clearly formed little bumps on the soft curve of her breast, the dark areola shining through. But now she pulled it up to give Laura a clear view. Laura had pulled up her skirt, and Gillian could see her color-matched string panties barely covering her private area. Had she not had so tiny inner lips she couldn’t have hidden them beneath this tidbit of fabric! Laura was so beautiful, she thought, and felt ready to do whatever might happen, now stroking her breasts. Laura ran her fingers over her panties, feeling the juices flow inside of her and soaking into the fabric. She saw Gillian starting to dribble again and her gaze went back from Gillian’s breasts to watch the stream grow. Gillian pushed with full force and stroked her abs, pulling up. This movement pulled her lips apart and up, her stream arching even higher. The pee spot in the grass grew into a veritable puddle now, searching to spread out. It flowed on the ground, almost reaching Laura’s shoes. Laura’s panties were mostly see-through by now; wet from her cum. Gillian moaned and let a last squirt of piss jet out of her pee hole.

“Did you like watching me?” she asked.

“Ah, Gillian, I love you. Your stream is so beautifully directed, no drop escaping to one side or the other. And you smell so good, I still smell it running here between my legs, slowly draining in the ground.” Laura said.

“Wait, I have to pee, too.” she interrupted herself as Gillian had cleaned her vulva with a Kleenex and prepared to pull up her pants.

Quickly, Laura had pulled her panties to her knees and showed her cleanly shaven private parts to Gillian. Her hand clenched between her thighs as she started to pee.

“Wanna see it?” she asked.

But Gillian was too distracted to reply: she was watching her friend’s pee finding its way around Laura’s hand and joining the puddle her pee had left on the earth beneath. She liked Laura rubbing herself and almost climaxed when Laura suddenly pulled her hand further up, letting the pee gush out freely. Whilst her stream violently hit the ground, hissing loudly, she rubbed her clit until she was shaking with lust and pee was splashing all around her. Gillian wished to touch the pee and bent forward, her hand reaching for Laura’s lightly colored spray. The hand stroking her breast now wandered down to caress her abs around her belly button, then further down as she could hold on no longer: She had to touch herself in her most private area; touching Laura’s stream at the same time. Laura saw her partner’s décolleté become a deep shade of red, her body beginning to convulse and she gave a last effort. She let her bladder contract with all her might and felt the stream flowing around her clit before escaping in a violent gush. Laura couldn’t hold herself and climaxed watching her pee spray in all directions off Gillian’s hand.

“We need a lot of Kleenex now.” Laura noticed as they were tidying themselves up.

“Leave it here as a souvenir?” Gillian cheekily asked and got wet again as she imagined other people coming behind the chapel, seeing the leftovers of their pee-orgy. What would they think? She was always curious about that…

“Let’s have a look into the chapel, finally,” Laura added and off they went.

The chapel pleased them; it was much more beautiful from the inside than it appeared from outdoors. Colored glass windows, a very old kadıköy escort bayan altar and various works of art proved that the chapel once had seen better times.

“We should leave the car here and go hiking now, it is getting late.” Gillian whispered into the quietness of the holy room.

“Yeah, I agree.” Laura replied and added, “Wasn’t planning on going much further anyway.”

“The landscape is very nice around here – I saw as much before you distracted me.” Gillian smiled. “But do you know where to go and how best to direct our tour so we will be back at the car this evening?” she asked when they were leaving the sacred building.

“Look! Over at the farm, there’s someone,” Laura noticed. “Maybe they could give us directions.”

They crossed the street and asked the elder of the two girls if there was anyone able to help them.

“I will go and ask my eldest sister – my parents are not at home today and we have to take care for the cattle tonight.” the girl replied, speaking English better than the usual French does. And off she went, followed by her sister.

“Wouldn’t it be better to have a guide rather than just a description of the landscape with directions?” Gillian demanded when the girls returned.

The eldest daughter seemed to be a nice girl, not too shy and just a little bit too well rounded. Not that you would say fat, but distinctly feminine in a voluptuous, baroque way, and her body seemed taut due to the hard work on the farm.

“You want directions?” the girl asked, “My sister didn’t say where you wanted to go.”

“We want to do a hiking tour because we like the landscape here. But we do not have maps for this region at hand.” Gillian told her.

The girl started to explain, speaking English quite well but far from perfect, and started trying to give directions, completely confusing the tourists. Her younger sisters decided that playing was more interesting and off they went.

“Stop!” exclaimed Laura at one point, “Don’t you know a guide, someone who would come with us and make sure we find the right way?”

Their French and German were no better than the girl’s English, so it was not as fluent a communication as might have been wished.

“Well, there are not many people living around here, and the neighbors are at work all day, usually,” was the answer.

“Your sister said, your parents aren’t here, either?” Laura inquired, “She said, you would have to tend to the cattle tonight.”

Gillian interrupted: “If she said tonight, is there much work during the day time?”

“My dad gave us some tasks like preparing the feeding, getting the dung out of the stable and taking care of the dairy-products like cheese and yoghurt we are manufacturing for market. I am almost done, despite my sisters not having done anything. It’s always me who takes care of everything!” she answered proudly.

“Would you mind being our guide then?” Laura asked, “We would remunerate you, of course.”

This was a temptation! She could escape the work at home and since farming doesn’t make you rich, she would have liked some extra money.

“I don’t know if my dad would allow it” She answered, “but I would like to do it and the rest of the work can be done by my sisters. How much would you give me?”

“I don’t know how much is paid around here, normally. 200 € should be okay?” Laura suggested.

“That’s great!” The girl was excited. It was way more than she could have earned with a normal student’s job like babysitting or so. And going on a hike sounded like way more fun!

“We’re planning a longer hike, it might take eight hours!” Gillian added, “Can you stay that long?”

“It’s half past ten now, so we should be back at before 7 o’clock? That’s okay, during summer time we milk the cattle late.”

“Great. We’ll wait for you here while you tell your sisters and pick your necessities.”

“What do I need?”

“Better bring a backpack and a lot to drink – it’s hot already and likely getting hotter this afternoon. Hiking shoes or the like will serve you well and you should dress more comfortably,” suggested Gillian. “By the way, I’m Gillian and this is Laura.”

“Oh, excuse me, my name is Marianne,” the girl said and went towards the farmhouse entrance.

“Do you think her parents will be okay with her leaving the farm to her sisters and going with us?” Gillian asked Laura, who was better acquainted with the local customs.

“Well, if the work has been done properly, why not? She will earn money during the time she spends with us and she is obviously of age, so why should she have to ask her parents?”

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