Call Me Bob!


My name is Bob and I have a big cock. It isn’t like I go waving it around everywhere, but when the time comes, the ladies seem to enjoy it.

I should also say that I love fucking married women. Nothing hotter than pushing my big cock into a cunt that is married, even hotter if she is married and fucking me behind her husband’s back.

Cheating wives are the best, but I also like cheating wives with big tits. Oh, how I love big tits!

So, since I am a shallow human being, I often have to strike up conversations with women I find attractive by getting their attention. Got to start somewhere, right? How else will I ever be able to discover if the lady in question is married, cheats, etc.? The big tits come on is a no-brainer. I also like the ladies with big tits who are proud of their knockers and like the effect those tits have on men.

That said, let me tell you about an adventure I had on a beautiful summer’s day about a year back.

I was driving through a local mall parking lot when I spotted her. Nice piece of ass, say about 5 ft 6, wearing a skirt that came above her knee, heels, and a somewhat tight white blouse that buttoned up the front.

Her tits were making the buttons work overtime to keep them inside the blouse. She was proud of those beauties because the top couple of buttons were undone, giving us all a great look as some impressive cleavage.

As I drove past her, I shouted, “you’ve got great tits.”

I pulled alongside her. She saw that I had stopped and moved to the car. “Yes, yes I do. Thank you,” was her surprise response.

My next line wasn’t the most subtle, but it had worked in the past. “Why don’t we go for a ride, I’m sure we can find a less public place to get to know each other better,” I said?

“Are you talking to me, or them?” she asked, pushing out her chest. “I sort of have to go along with them.”

“Fine with me,” I said, “Now that I can take a further look, your tits are great, and you certainly do them justice.”

She leaned on the side of the car and I got a great view of those luscious tits. Big! Probably DD, showing a lot of cleavage from her sharply pressed white blouse. I wasn’t sure if she was just a hot housewife or a stripper. I’d pay the cover to see her in action.

To my surprise, she opened the door and slid into the seat.

I was a bit taken aback when she got into the car, so I somewhat stammered as I said, “Hello, gorgeous, I’m Bob. Glad to see you in real life, I have been dreaming about you for years.”

A smile formed and she said, “Hello Bob, I’m Sharon, and I have been dealing with men like you for what seems like most of my life.”

Who wouldn’t smile with a line like that, and as I shook her hand my eyes immediately focused on her huge tits? She was proud of them and used to men like me coming on to her. I also noticed that on her left hand was a large engagement ring and the matching wedding band. Jackpot, I thought to myself. Married, in my car, and didn’t shy away from the fact that her tits were what attracted me to her.

We drove off. The top was down, the sun shining and warm.

As I kept driving, I couldn’t help glancing at this chick in my car. My mind was racing ahead, hoping that something would happen. I wanted to have her suck my cock at the very least, or hopefully find someplace where I could fuck her.

As I kept glancing, she fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. We drove, she glanced at me, I kept glancing at her tits and the hand that finally undid the button she had been fumbling with. Then another! She was teasing me, but I didn’t care.

One more button and I could finally see that the bra she was wearing was sheer and lacy. The bra cupped the fullness of her tits and presented them beautifully.

She caught me looking. “You said you liked my tits. Do you want to see more?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” I said.

She unbuttoned the final few buttons until her blouse was completely open. She enjoyed teasing and I was enjoying being teased. My cock started to stir from arousal and anticipation.

The road was a bit curvy and my concentration wasn’t on driving, When I ran off the shoulder and had to sharply steer back onto the road, she pulled the blouse closed and said, “We need to find someplace where we can stop. You are too distracted to drive.”

“I know just the place,” I said.

A few minutes later I pulled off Lake Shore boulevard onto a small road that years ago was the old zoo. Zoo road was aptly named because it was about 2 miles long and made a big loop through the old zoo grounds and had, over time, become a very unpopulated area.

I pulled into a flat area and stopped the car.

She looked over at me and said, “This is pretty remote, should I worry about you trying something?”

“Yes, you should,” I smirked in response to her question.

“Then I guess I should have you drive me back to the mall,” she said.

“What’s the hurry? It’s a nice day, the sun is warm. Let’s stay a while and chat,” I said.

“Well, uşak escort if we are chatting, let me button this backup, to keep from distracting you,” she said.

“No, what’s the hurry. I love what you did earlier. Very exciting. You have a gorgeous set of tits,” I said.

She slowly opened her blouse. “I was right,” I said, ‘you do have great tits.” “Could I convince you to show me more?”

She slid the blouse off and threw it at me.

My dreams for the day had come true. Sitting across from me in the front seat of my car was a gorgeous married woman. Her blouse was now thrown into the back seat of the car, her full DD tits barely covered by a lacy sheer bra. The bra was sheer so her quarter-sized areolas were visible as were her hard nipples. The married lady was aroused.

All I could say was, “Beautiful, simply beautiful.”

I was hoping that her hard nipples were a sign of her arousal and my response to her bold actions, coupled with my sexual banter. When you start off a conversation with a woman by talking about their tits, you can either get slapped or it might end with one, or both, of you coming.

Moments later she got up on her knees on the seat of the car. She leaned over and moved closer to me. Her tits were about to spill out of her bra, and I felt her tits being pushed into my face. Instinctively, I moved my hands up to cup her tits as she slightly pulled back from my face. The clasp for the bra was in the front, which I found with one of my hands. It quickly unclasped and the bra slipped open and slid off the fullness of her breasts.

My hands cupped her tits. They were full, round, and firm. Her hard nipples pressed against the palm of my hands. “More than a handful, even for my hands,” I said. “I love big tits like yours.”

She slid away and sat leaning back against the car door. “OK, you’ve seen them,” she said, “let’s head back to the mall.”

“No, no, wait,” I said as she reached for her bra. “Can’t we just sit awhile? Tits like yours are something to admire and enjoy.”

She put the bra down and said, “So, your plan is that I’m going to sit here with my tits out for you to ‘admire and enjoy.'”

Boldness often works in times like these so I said, “Well, we could always fuck.”

“Well, are you Mister confident?” she said. “Just because I got in your car after your rude remark and my teasing went a little further than I had planned, doesn’t mean I’m going to fuck you.”

“Why not?” I said, “It will be something we both will never forget.” “I’ve got a big cock and am a pretty good fuck.”

“If you do say so yourself,” she replied sharply.

“No, really, my dick is very big,” I said.

“And I should believe that because?” she said.

I unbuckled my belt and started to pull my zipper down, “Because it’s true. Take a look,” I said.

I slid my pants down enough to pull it out. Most women are taken aback at the sight of my uncircumcised cock. I wasn’t fully erect, so my foreskin still covered most of the head of my cock.

She had an interesting look on her face, she seemed to be intrigued by the possibilities the day was presenting. “Very nice, Bob,” she said, “but is that as big as it gets?”

“I could say the same about your tits,” I said. “But, if you want it bigger, I might suggest some encouragement on your part.”

“And what sort of encouragement would you suggest?” she asked.

“It has always responded rapidly to oral stimulation,” I replied.

Without any additional encouragement, she moved toward my cock. As she got closer, she looked up at me, opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. My body tensed with pleasure as her lips engulfed my dick. I moaned as her hand grasped the shaft of my cock and she quickly took most of the length of my cock into her mouth.

She was also a skilled cocksucker and it wasn’t long before my cock became fully erect from her skills. She sucked me eagerly. Over and over, she took my now erect cock completely into her mouth, all the way down to my balls. Her hands cupped and squeezed my balls as her throat caressed the shaft of my cock.

As quickly as she began, she stopped and let my glistening cock slip from her mouth.

“Don’t stop,” I protested. “It feels so fucking good.”

I looked up to see her move to a kneeling position on the car seat. She quickly unzipped her skirt and started to slide it off. My eyes darted from her beautiful tits to her skirt sliding off. Under the skirt was only a sheer lacy thong that matched her bra.

She then quickly moved across the car, placing her knees on either side of my legs. She reached down between her legs to move my cock to a position where she could rub her cunt against my cock.

I could feel her aroused cunt lips against my cock as she ground her pussy against my hard cock. She placed her hands on the back of the car seat and pushed her tits against my face. I moved my hands cupping the beautiful fullness of her tits and licked her hard nipples uşak escort bayan with my tongue.

She let out a soft moan as my tongue pleasured her hard nipples. Her pussy was grinding against my cock, only the thin material of her thong preventing me from slipping into her.

She pushed back away from my face and lowered herself to kiss me passionately. My tongue probed her mouth. She was breathing heavily from excitement.

I prayed that it would continue. I had found another wife that I might be deep inside of soon and I was loving it.

She kept grinding her cunt against my engorged cock eagerly. I don’t know if she realized it but I could feel the thin material covering her hot cunt was shifting. It moved as she ground against my cock until I suddenly could feel the moistness of her eager cunt gliding over my shaft.

“God, your cock is hot and hard,” she said. “It feels so fucking good.”

With each glide of her cunt, my cock came closer and closer to entering her. I didn’t know if she was aware that I could penetrate her soon, or if she was in complete control and only teasing me.

She kept grinding and I kept moving until finally, the head of my cock slipped into her.

Her cunt was on fire! Hot, wet, and tight. Did I also mention that her cunt was completely shaved? Smooth. Not even a small landing strip, she was completely shaved.

Her excitement covered her pussy and my cock with her oozing lubrication. I pushed to get more inside her tight, married cunt, but she moved and my cock slipped out.

We kept doing this little cock teasing dance for several minutes. I slid partway in and her moving away so it slipped out.

She was so involved with her little game that she didn’t notice or hear a car slowly approaching. I think she was only aware of it as they actually pulled alongside of my car.

The guy in the car was watching and smiling. She sat up and arched her back, giving our voyeur friend a great view of her tits.

I said, “we are being watched.”

“I like being watched,” was all she said.

I looked over at the guy in the car and said, “You’re not a cop are you?”

“Nope, just a guy who likes to watch people fuck,” he replied.

“You’ll have to wait,” I said, “she’s just giving me a lap dance.”

“That’s OK, I love watching her move. God, those tits are incredible! Your wife is beautiful,” he said.”

“Yea, she is, but she isn’t my wife,” I replied.

“Whoever she is, she has great tits,” he replied.

I smiled up at Sharon and she smiled back.

“OK, enjoy,” I said.

She pushed her big tits against my face again and we continued our little game of her grinding against my cock and me working hard to get it into her pussy.

We continued for about 5 more minutes until suddenly she stopped grinding. Looking me in the eyes, she said, “Bob, do you have any condoms?”

I was taken aback by her question but nodded that I was prepared.

She moved quickly back to the passenger seat. I was sitting there, my pants down around my ankles, my cock hard and covered with this chick’s cunt juice.

“God, your cock is so hard and beautiful,” she said. “We need more space if we are going to fuck. Do you have a blanket?”

Hot damn!

Quickly I opened the door and moved to the trunk. I slipped my pants off moving to the rear of the car. Once I had the blanket, I spread it out near the car. I moved to the door and opened it for her, offering her my hand to help her out of the car.

This chick was naked wearing only a thong and I am helping her out of the car and moving her to the blanket. As she laid down on the blanket, she slowly opened her legs, pulled the small thong away from her pussy to give me the full view of her excited, small, shaved cunt. Just the sight of it sent a tingle through the entire length of my cock.

I felt a bit ridiculous standing over her wearing only my shoes and my shirt. The guy in his car was paying no attention to me. With Sharon nude on the blanket who would?

“Are you going to get undressed, or stand there and admire and enjoy the view,” she asked?

“Now you can watch us fuck,” I said to the first guy, who didn’t say a word but smiled.

“Let me help you with the thong,” I said gallantly. I reached for it to slide it over her hips and ass, but I didn’t realize how fragile it was and it broke.

If she had planned on just showing me her tits, and leaving me wanting, it didn’t work out. She seemed eager to enjoy my talents as a lover of married women.

Laying on her back on the blanket, nude, with one guy watching, and my big uncircumcised cock eager to fuck her shaved pussy, she wasn’t giving off a prim married woman vibe.

But who cares, I was about to fuck her. I wasn’t going to pull out, she was going to get the entire load deeply deposited within her cunt.

I moved in close. Sharon was on her back, knees up, legs spread. I slowly pushed the head against her warm, moist vagina. I held it in escort uşak my hand and glided it up and down slowly against her cunt lips. She moaned softly as I teased her cunt with the head of my cock.

Ready for penetration, I put my other hand on her belly and began gliding my cock into her.

“Hold on, Bob, I don’t believe that you have a condom on that cock,” she said boldly.

“Really,” I asked? “Do I need to put one on? We both want this to continue, so why stop now?”

She looked up at me and said, “I want your cock in me, Bob. I want to feel it deep inside me, but I don’t know your name, so I guess I can’t take any chances.”

Reluctantly I moved back and fumbled for my pants to find the condom. “It isn’t lubricated,” I said, “Is that a problem?”

She smiled at me and slowly spread her legs and ran her fingers through the moist folds of her labia, “You tell me,” Is all she said.

Quickly, I opened the wrapper and rolled it down over my cock. Like most condoms I buy, even this Magnum condom only covered about two-thirds of the length of my shaft.

“I liked the way you started before,” she said.

So, always eager to please, I held my cock in my hand and rubbed the head slowly up and down over the lips of her cunt. I also placed my other hand on her belly. She lifted her hips slightly as the head of my cock slid into her pussy.

It was fucking amazing, even with the condom her cunt felt tight and hot. My dick slid slowly into her moist pussy. I pushed slowly into her, savoring every sensation and the look on her face as I penetrated some guy’s wife’s pussy.

Her cunt was very elastic and took all of my long, thick cock easily. The look on her face showed me that she was wanting this and was not disappointed.

“Oh, God, you are so big,” she said as I continued to completely enter her eager cunt. “Slowly,” she said, “Let me get used to it, it is so big and you are in so deep.”

I was enjoying her tight pussy and let out a moan. “You like it to, I hear,” she said.

“Your cunt is so hot and tight,” I said, “I love fucking shaved pussy.”

I lowered myself onto her, feeling those huge tits pressing against my chest. She lifted her hips allowing me deeper penetration. I pushed myself all the way into her and slowly started to pull out. I pulled almost all the way out of her cunt, leaving only the head inside her.

Slowly, I began to fuck her, she was fabulously tight but took all the cock I had to give her. I enjoyed the way she lifted her hips and how her already tight cunt

clenched at my cock with each thrust. Thinking back on it later, I wasn’t sure if it was for me, or if she was putting on a show for the guys watching.

She was breathing harder and harder, and I felt my cock scraping against her hard clit. If all worked out, I’d make her cum. She won’t forget cheating on her husband with me!

Then things all changed quickly.

“Stop, Bob, stop. Stop,” she said unexpectedly.

“Really,” I said?

“Yes, Bob, you have to stop,” she said.

“Why am I hurting you,” I said?

“No, but you have to stop,” she said.

“But I didn’t cum yet,” I said.

“Stop. Just stop. Don’t make me tell you again,” she said.

I slowly moved off her to a kneeling position that allowed for part of my cock to still be inside her.

“Take it all the way out,” she said.

Reluctantly I complied and moved back so that the head slipped out of her cunt.

Slowly, she reached out her hand and grasped my cock, wrapping it around the shaft. Slowly, she pulled the condom off my dick. She smiled up at me, and I knew exactly what she wanted. No words were spoken but I knew for sure I was going to blow my load into her.

Not needing any encouragement, I slid my cock back into her cunt.

Her cunt was hot and wanting what I was giving her. The moistness of her pussy was like heaven for my cock. If possible, her cunt was even more exciting by her allowing me to go bareback while we fucked.

I eagerly began fucking her harder and harder deeply thrusting my cock deep into her hot, wet cunt. I was quivering with pleasure from the experience of fucking her, and that I wouldn’t last much longer.

I was breathing hard and I knew I was close. I, again and again, pushed myself deep into her. She was a very good fuck, eager to please and be pleased. When I was deep inside her pussy, she would contract her cunt muscles around the shaft of my dick. Never had a woman do that while I was fucking them. “Fuck me, Bob, fuck me,” she screamed.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I yelled out, “Oh, fuck yeah.”

I held her hips tight and pushed my cock as far in as I could get as I shot jet after jet of sperm into her tight cunt. It felt like a huge load and it seems like I just kept coming and coming. God, what a fuck!

My big load must have triggered something inside her and her body spasmed violently as she started coming. Her cunt clenched tightly around my spurting cock heightening the pleasure for me. I assume that it heightened hers as well, but I really didn’t care. When we were fucking, the last thing on my mind was making her cum.

I was so aroused by the experience of fucking this chick with the big tits and the tight cunt, that even after I came in her I was still rock hard.

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