Camping with My Hairy Mom

A few weeks ago, my mom and I found that we had an open weekend ahead of us with no family around. My dad was going to a convention with friends and my other family members were all going to be away for the weekend with friends. Since it was the middle of October, we decided to go camping! Camping has always been my favorite season with the crisp days in the warm sunlight and the cool nights while snuggling up under a nice warm blanket.

Neither of us had ever been camping before, so I looked up some nice campgrounds within a few hours drive, and my mom went out to the store to buy a tent, sleeping bags, food, and other supplies. We planned to go Friday after work so that we could spend the night, have all of Saturday, and leave Sunday morning. I told my family that I was going camping with my best friend, which is why there would now be some camping equipment in the garage, and my mom said she’d be visiting her best friend in the next state over. Everything was set and we were excited for the weekend ahead.

After I arrived home from work on Friday, I showered and loaded our stuff into the car. My mom had everything packed in our bags and ready to go when I got home, so we made great timing. We arrived at the campground in about three hours, and the area was incredibly beautiful. It was in a beautiful park area and all of the leaves on the trees were incredibly colorful with the change of the season. The sun was setting, so we hurried into the lodge to be directed to the plot we had reserved so that I could set up our tent before we ran out of sunlight. The lady who directed us to our spot was named Cheryl and she was probably in her early sixties, but she looked great for her age and you could tell she took care of herself and really enjoyed her job. She asked us where we were from and we told her from the next state over. Cheryl said she was happy to see a mother and her son enjoying the great outdoors together and that we had some great weather ahead of us during our stay.

Since we had never been to the campground before, Cheryl led us to our reserved plot in her Gator vehicle with my mom while I followed them in the car. I could see that they were chatting and laughing with one another on the ride and it made me smile to see such a friendly lady helping us out.

When we arrived at our plot, Cheryl helped me set up our tent since the sun was quickly setting and helped me start a fire as well for our first night. She gave us her cell number in the event that needed her for anything during our stay. She said goodbye and drove off into the fading light while my mom set up our chairs around the fire and I unpacked some food for us to cook for dinner. My mom had actually packed us a little picnic for us to eat during the first night so we didn’t have to worry about messing up anything or just in case we were running short on time. While we ate our food, we talked about our work days and shared some beers together and caught up with one another since it had been a while since we had the time to talk.

We were each on our fourth beer and got onto the subject of past relationships and what we liked about the person we were with. My mom was talking about an ex of hers, Vinny, and how he was a nice guy with a really nice body. “I loved his legs and butt, and he did nice a really nice cock. He was never too good with it, though, which I guess was eventually a deal breaker for me and our relationship,” she explained.

“Yeah I get what you mean. Kayla’s body was awesome, but bursa escort she never let her bush grow in fully for me. She would always trim it when it got to a certain point and that always bummed me out,” I responded.

“I liked her, but she was never good enough for you. That’s why I like your girlfriend now. She does things that make you happy. I know she never shaves because you love it. She has an amazing bush, honey. It’s so thick and curly. It’s not as big as mine, but as she gets older it will only get better!”

We both laughed and continued talking about what we liked about our past sexual partners, which ones were good, which were bad, and which ones we wished we never had. It was close to midnight and we were both really tired from the day we had, so we decided to get ready for bed. I went in the car to grab the sleeping bags and noticed there was only one. I asked my mom where the other one was, and she said that she only got us a big sleeping bag to share. “I wanted us to sleep together to keep one another warm. We rarely get the chance to snuggle at night, so I figured now was the perfect time.” I was perfectly fine with that! I unrolled the bag in the tent and my mom went inside to get ready as I packed the food and everything else back into the car.

When I got back into the tent my mom was laying on the open sleeping bag naked. Her curly hair was spread out behind her head, her breasts were full of goosebumps from the cold chill in air, and her big, thick, soft hairy bush was on full display with her legs spread to the side.

“Hurry up and get in here it’s cold! Take your clothes off and snuggle into me baby.” With that, I quickly undressed and crawled over to her. “No don’t snuggle against me, snuggle in me,” she said. She grabbed my penis and started jerking me slowly as she kissed me softly. She was laying on her side facing me as she used both of her hands to rub my cock while I sucked on her breasts. The part of my dick that was sticking out well past both of her hands was being rubbed into her thick bush as I became fully erect. “Now, let me snuggle my baby’s big cock into my hairy pussy. All this hair can keep it nice and warm while you sleep inside of me.”

My mom climbed on top of me and put me inside of her hot, wet, hairy pussy. “I’m not going to ride you or fuck you. You’re going to leave your cock in me all night. You can cum as many times as you’d like, but only from slowly going in and out of me. Don’t let me wake up and find that it’s not in me.”

“Ok mom,” I said. “I love you.” She leaned back and zipped up the tent and pulled the sleeping bag over us and she laid back down on top of me. I kept my cock inside of her as I slowly humped in and out of her hairy bush as the night went on. I came inside her several times throughout the night by waking up and getting some thrusts into her while she slept. A few times she woke up and moved her hips back and forth as she squeezed me close and grinded her bush against my pelvis and stomach. I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all to sleep with her on top of me as I slept like a rock when I wasn’t waking up to cum inside of her again.

When the morning came, we woke up and sat outside of the tent to watch the sun rise over the gorge with the sleeping bag around our naked bodies. My mom then stood up outside of the covers to stretch in the morning light. Steam came off all parts of her warm body in the cool morning air, and I could see all of my cum from the night before dripping down her bursa escort bayan thighs and onto the ground below her. Her nipples were hard and her breasts were tight with more goosebumps as I watched the bumps spread all over her body in an effort to keep her warm.

I joined her outside of the cover and stretched as I looked out onto the beautiful landscape that was before us. The morning fog between the colorful trees in the distance was really a sight to see. The sun was peeking through the tree trunks and illuminated our bodies as we felt we were one with nature. I immediately fell in love with camping that morning.

I made us some breakfast over the fire as my “showered” her body off with some bottles of water and baby wipes we brought with us. After we ate, I washed off as well and we packed a light backpack to do some hiking around the area. We spent the day hiking around, taking pictures of the beautiful landscapes, stopping for some snacking, and chatting with passing hikers. We stopped at one cliff-like lookout for some sandwiches and to admire, once again, the amazing views that the area had to offer us.

We started kissing and feeling one another, which then proceeded to her unzipping my pants. I pulled her pants down and took them off and made her sit on my lap. She put me inside of her and gently rode up and down as we kissed one another. She then turned around and straddled me as we both made love while looking out from the cliff for all of nature to see. “Baby this is so beautiful. I’m so glad we did this and you picked the perfect place for us to go,” she said as she rode me. “Cum inside your mom’s hairy pussy for all of nature. Nothing can judge us out here.” With my mom’s simple words, I came long and hard inside of her. I let out a long moan that echoed throughout the area, but I didn’t care.

I zipped my pants up as my mom put hers back on and we got up to head back to camp. As we walked back we chatted with an older husband and wife who were about in their late fifties. They mentioned how they heard some moaning on their hike and saw us getting dressed as they walked by us. They gave us a wink and said they had just done the same thing an hour earlier.

The husband gave me a pat on the back for being a strapping boy with a beautiful older woman. The wife gave me a few winks herself and complimented how I must be quite the lover. We knew they didn’t suspect that we were mother and son, so we laughed along with them and thanked them for the nice words. It turned out that they were in the plot next to ours, which was about a ten minute walk away from where we were to keep the areas private. We invited the two of them for dinner at our site and they happily accepted.

Their names were Sally and Carlo, and when they met us at our camp they had brought some food and wine of their own to share. We ate, drank, laughed and talked all night long. We got pretty drunk as the night went on and talked about our sex lives with one another and agreed that we didn’t really care since we were new friends and would most likely never see each other again after our trips. It turned out that Carlo was a fan of hairy women as well and Sally went on and on about how much he loved her body and her bush since their teenage years. My mom agreed and told them about my love for her body and how well-endowed I was.

They asked if I would be willing to show them, which I had no problem with, and they were amazed when my mom unzipped my pants and pulled them down to escort bursa show them my penis. She jerked it lightly to get it nice and hard for them to see, and they were all smiles as they snuggled their head together as they looked on.

“That is one beautiful treasure you have there,” Sally said.

“Damn right, son,” added Carlo.

I laughed and thanked them as I pulled my pants back on and sat back down to continue our conversation. As the women talked more, they wanted to show one another how hairy they were. Carlo and I gave one another a smile and sat up in our seats as my mom and Sally stood up and pulled their pants down. They both revealed and fluffed out their hairy pussies for Carlo and I to see.

Sally’s bush was jet black with and was nearly hip to hip on her nicely fit body and wide hips. The hair was curly and thick, and she ran her hand through it as she smiled with pride at my mother, me, and her husband. My mom’s beautiful bush was just as prominent as Sally smiled and gasped at how big it was. She asked to feel the hair, and my mom happily obliged as Sally’s fingers ran through to feel all the hair between my mom’s legs. The women then pulled their pants up and we all agreed that we could now all go back to our separate tents and have a fun night since we were all so turned on after our chat.

We said our goodbyes to Sally and Carlo as they headed back, and my mom and I climbed into our tent to enjoy one another once again. “Did you like when I showed them your cock, baby? Did you like when Sally’s fingers were in my bush?” my mom asked as we made hot passionate love to one another. We kissed, humped, came, and repeated for what seemed like hours before we passed out in one another’s arms. When we woke in the morning, I looked out of the tent to see Cheryl’s Gator nearby. Mom and I got dressed and exited the tent.

“I thought I’d help you two pack up and show you the way out! Didn’t want to wake you up, though, so I stayed back and went for a walk until you woke up.” We thanked Cheryl for being so kind to us and for helping us break down the tent and pack it up in our car.

As we were ready to leave, Sally and Carlo walked up to say goodbye to us. They thanked us for such a fun night and said we gave them one of the best nights they have ever had with another couple and with one another. We gave hugs and headed into the car.

Sally and Carlo were talking to us through our car window as Cheryl walked up and asked if we were ready to go. She then smiled at Sally and Carlo and said, “Isn’t this great? It’s such a beautiful thing when a mother and son get to go camping in the great outdoors! I wish I could share such a great experience with my son one day!”

When Cheryl finished, Sally and Carlo looked back at us slack-jawed. Their eyes wide open, mouths open, but with what seemed to be a slight smirk as well. She smiled back at them and thanked them again for the great night. “Thanks Sally. Thanks Carlo,” I said. “We really loved being able to let loose around you two. We rarely get to enjoy time together, and you made it special for the two of us!”

They both let out a laugh-like “huh!” with my words, followed by Sally saying softly, “Dammit I knew it. I didn’t want to think of something like that, but I’ll be damned. Shit, good for you two. We’re nobody to judge! Here’s our number. If you ever come back out here to camp, call us and we’ll come meet you out here. We’ll spend another weekend our week out here and have some real fun!”

“Thank you both,” my mom said. “We just may take you up on that offer.”

With that, we drove away following Cheryl back to the lodge and back on the highway toward home. It was truly an amazing weekend camping together.

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