Can You Help Me With My Bra?


This is a story about this one guy playing video games~ sitting on his soft red leather couch in just his boxers~ while his gorgeous lover walks out of the bathroom, fresh from the shower

Attempting to escape from many of his opponents, he doesn’t glance from the screen or think twice until she says, “can you help me with my bra?” It distracts him enough for it to lead to his demise, only a quick sting of unhappiness afflicts him. He gazes over to her, standing there with some tiny underwear and a red n black bra hanging unsnapped that screams, “I’m very naughty~” she sits down on the couch next to him to make it easier, but that naughty boy has other plans~ he slides the bra down off her shoulders and hugs her to his chest, his arms around her sides and cute tummy. A couple kisses on her neck and she’s his for the taking.

~i’m licking your earlobe as my hands come up to squeeze your wonderful boobs and pinch your nipples I don’t need to see your face to watch your eyes close and your mouth open just enough for a little moan to escape. I’m getting harder as this goes on and I poke you a little in your lower back to give you an idea of my excitement.

I reach down to the front of your panties and begin rubbing your pussy. Its quick wetness surprises me and we both moan together as I slide a finger inside you. Only seconds go by when you turn your eyes to look at me and say, “I’m nice and clean, inside and out, just for you”. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard and it drives me wild!

I pick you up so you’re standing and almost rip your panties off, taking only a second to gaze at your gorgeous pussy and ass before diving in and licking up and down your pussy ferociously. It’s over a minute before I can pry myself from your lovely thick lips to catch a little bit of your wetness with my thumb. As soon as I do so I go back to tasting your delicious pussy and begin rubbing my thumb against your tight little asshole. It’s starting to distract me, seeing your tight little hole being rubbed so nicely, and so I press my thumb inside it, just a little bit. I decide I want to, no, I need to lick your beautiful little anal entrance right this second.

I’m lost in lust as I lick and lick and lick your butt. I just cant get enough of it. I love thinking about how naughty it is, I love thinking about how amazing it is, I love feeling those big white cheeks on my face, they look like mountains from so close, heavenly mountains of squishy goodness. You’re gorgeous.

I didn’t even notice it, but sometime during this pussy and ass eating frenzy you’ve moved yourself onto the couch, on all fours bent over the Cebeci Escort arm. I reach forward to squeeze and fondle your tits some more. I love it, it feels like its bliss for both of us.

Your ass practically shines in the light of the day, and your pussy looks just as beautiful right below it. I definitely can’t wait much longer. But I want to see your mouth around my cock. I walk around in front of you and you throw my boxers from my waist to the floor. With a gleam in your eyes you grab my pulsating cock like you’ve fallen from a cliff and its the only thing you have to hold on to. You can’t seem to get it into your mouth fast enough, it’s so wet I love it. You give it a lovely bath in your saliva and then push me away. With a smile you look at me and tell me to, “get back there and give you a proper fucking.” I smile, loving your silly englishness.

Back behind you I take my soaking wet cock and push it up against your pussy lips. I stop to push my thumb in first then take it out and at the same moment, I push my cock into your pussy, and my thumb into your ass. A sigh of pure pleasure leaves both of us as I feel your pussy and ass gripping me tightly. I push my thumb in as far as I can and start fucking you wildly, god you feel good. It’s wonderful to hear your voice breathing deeply, moaning, begging for it harder, telling me to really fuck that pussy, fuck it as if it was the tightest ass in the world. I love hearing you telling me how big I feel inside you.

“Stop!” you scream at me and I’m startled. “Take it out!”. And I do, I start to ask what’s wrong and I’m cut off. Cut off by a very hot and sexy short sentence. A sentence so many guys would love to hear. “Put it in my ass.” It’s so wonderful to hear, and what comes after is just as beautiful. “Put it in my ass and fuck me hard. Come on, fuck my brains out.”

“No wait” you say as you turn to face me and push me back so i’m sitting on the couch. Clambering over you straddle my legs, and grasping my cock with your left hand you slowly lower your ass onto my waiting manhood. I feel the softness and wetness of your cleanly shaven pussy against my body as you take more and more of my rock hard cock into your delicious butt. Your right hand comes up, cupping the back of my head as you cover my face in hungry kisses, stopping at my mouth our tongues entwine. Slowly rocking back and forth on my cock as your body adapts to it’s length and girth, you search my body with those small delicate hands, your touch becoming more forceful as you quicken your pace on my cock. You pull your head back, sucking Kolej Escort on my bottom lip a little as you leave my mouth, i feel your body tense slightly as your orgasm hits, bringing my head down I suck in a gorgeous nipple, a small whimper of pleasure escapes from your half open mouth.

“God I love your cock in my ass” such naughty words from such a sweet mouth. You’ve raised your legs up and are now squatting over me, like an animal you lick and kiss and nibble at my neck and shoulders as your tight ass bounces eagerly on my thick cock. My hands reach round, each grasping a luscious cheek, pulling you down onto me with increasing force. The sounds of our bodies slapping together is hypnotic, your breathing tells me you’re getting close again, I push myself up giving you every last bit of my cock. Suddenly you cling to me, your hot breath on my neck as your body shudders in ecstasy, it feels like my cock is being sucked into your ass with each gasp.

“Now you can fuck my brains out”, a smile appears on my lips as you climb off me and bend over the arm of the couch.

I spit a little on my cock and then line it up with your ass. I ask if you’re ready and you don’t even answer, you just impale your big juicy ass on my cock, in one swift sexy stroke. God it’s tight, I’m sure I’m in heaven when without any warning you start bouncing against me, trying to get more and more of my cock up your tight little butt. And man do I give it to you. Hard anal pounding, deep ass fucking, loud smacks from our skin coming together then bouncing off the walls and the sound is beautiful. I can feel us fucking, I can see us fucking, and now I can hear us fucking.

We fuck hard and loud for several minutes before I pull you up to me and slow down a bit, I want to feel those tits again, gosh I love them. I squeeze them in my hands as you turn your head to me and we have a wet sloppy way-too-horny kiss that seems to last forever. And as soon as it breaks I’m holding onto your tits and back to fucking your ass hard. You have another loud orgasm and as you come off of it you ask me to fuck your pussy again. I love that idea and I take my cock out of your ass while holding your cheeks apart and let my engorged head lead the way back into your dripping wet pussy. Your little hole is gazing up at me stretched open from my cock and I don’t want to let it close, so I hold it open and use my grip on your hips to pull you back and forth as we start moaning to the feelings of me reaching deep into your pussy. It seems like only seconds go by before you cum hard, moaning and shaking, and I Rus Escort get this wonderful idea.

I fuck you some more until you’re about to cum again, and as soon as I feel your pussy contracting around me I pull it out and put it back in your ass. Instantly fucking your ass hard as you’re still on the orgasm from your pussy. You’re screaming my name as I ravage your asshole. I tell you you’re amazing as I shove my cock up your ass. And as soon as I hear you say you’re cumming, I pull it out of your ass again and shove it back into your pussy. I keep fucking you there until your orgasm ends. Then I switch back and forth for a bit, a stroke in your ass, then a stroke in your pussy, then your ass, then your pussy. I tell you you’re an amazing woman, that I’m extremely lucky to be able to do the crazy things you let me do. In between moans you tell me that I am indeed the luckiest guy on earth. We laugh a little and I stop switching holes to give your ass more of me. Several more minutes of cumming and us getting nice and sweaty leave me close and you very satisfied.

I ask you what we should do about it. You come up with this brilliant idea that you whisper in my ear, and I love it, it’s really hot. You flip over onto your back and I slip my cock into your ass. We fuck like this for awhile, lots of kisses, between your nipples and your lips I’m in a very kissy mood. As I get close I sit up and pull your legs together, so your pussy is looking beautifully back up at me, with your knees both over my left shoulder. I fuck you hard and deep with my right hand on your left breast squeezing the nipple, and we cum together. As soon as my first spurt comes I let it go in your ass, then I pull my cock out and put it in your pussy for the second spurt. The third spasm is shot right back in your butt and the fourth in your creamy pussy. I leave it in your ass for everything after that, gasping and staring into your eyes. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen right now, and I’m exactly where I should be. Bliss on earth. I lean down to give you some kisses and they’re wonderful, loving and thankful.

I sit up and pull myself out. Both of your holes drip some of me out, and its beautiful. I reach for a tissue to wipe some cum off of me, but you swat my hand away, you won’t have that. You hop off the couch, kneel on the floor and take my cock in your mouth, sucking the cum off of it. Then you do that hot thing where you hold it up, and squeeze from the base to the tip, forcing all the cum out onto your tongue which is stuck out as much as it could be, holding all the cum you’ve collected. You get it all then stand up and push me back against the couch. Sitting down on my lap we share the most crazy cum kiss we’ve ever had. Our mouths eventually part, a string of cum still connecting them, and at the same time we say we love each other. And we do. The kind of love that only us who enjoy sex like we do ever could. Total pleasure and satisfaction.

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