Carly, a Caravan and me……


Carly, a Caravan and me……I had been going out with her Mum for about 6 months, when Carly, her younger sister, her Mum and me went for a short break to a caravan park on the coast. Carly was just 16 and in her final year at school. She was a very attractive girl and had had a string of boyfriends over the few months I had known her. Although I am a normally red-blooded male, I had never looked at her in ‘that way’ before – she was too close to my own k**s ages for that! And, in any case, her Mum was an a****l in bed, so I wasn’t going to be looking for sex elsewhere – as far as I was concerned anyway…Well, we arrived at the park late on the Friday afternoon and got settled into the caravan – which turned out to be a quite large and rather up-market mobile home as the site was far from full of guests that weekend – Carly’s Mum made a snack/tea for all of us as I had suggested going over the the Holiday Centre to see what entertainment was on, and to see if we could get a meal there. Her sister was all eager, but Carly – like a typical teenager was moaning about it from the start..Anyhow, off we all trouped at about 8pm and checked out the Centre. It was okay as these places go (not my thing, but it was a few days away and that’s what mattered) but Carly spotted that there was a disco/club and headed off on her own. I said to her Mum that we had seen the last of her for the night so we found the restaurant, picked a table and sat down with my partners younger daughter to order a meal. We had just started on the first course, when Carly suddenly appeared at the table. “What’s the matter, Baby?” asked her Mum. “All the boys here are BOR-ING!!” she moaned and slumped down opposite me, next to her Mum. I looked at her Mum and she just rolled her eyes to the ceiling with a look that told me this was going to be a L-O-N-G weekend…. Little did I know then how MUCH of a weekend this was going to REALLY be………. We had the meal, and by about 11pm we were on our way back to the mobile home. The younger daughter was quite tired by now, and soon as we got inside she went to her room and got changed into her PJ’s. After a warm milky drink, she was off to bed. That left me, Carly and her Mum in the living room.While we tried to find something on telly which we could all agree to watch (!!), Carly started to ask a few questions which were clearly going in ONE direction…… “Mum, how long do you usually give a blow job for…???” Her Mum nearly choked on her coffee!!!!!! She looked at me with that look that says ‘HELP!!!!’ so I thought I would jump in and try and save my partner !! Now I should tell you that I had already discussed with her Mum that, if Carly ever asked me direct questions about sex, I would always answer them honestly and would not lie or try to make her feel that anything to do with sex was in any way bad.So, I asked Carly why she was asking.. ‘Cos one of the boys in the club said he would only go out with me if I guaranteed I could give him a blow job for at least 15 minutes….’ At that point I nearly choked on MY coffee! So, I carried on and did the ‘caring counsellor thing’ and explained all about why guys like blow jobs, but that they should treat the girl with respect and do the same for her in return etc, etc. Carly’s Mum was shocked at how direct I was with her, and after a few more questions of a similar ‘nature’ we decided to call it a night and go to bed. Once in bed, my partner and I had a ‘frank discussion’ about what had happened, but I reminded her about what I had said before if this where to happen – and that SHE was no different to her daughter at the same age.On the Saturday, all went like a normal family enjoying a normal day. Until it was time to get ready to go out for the evening. There was only one bathroom in the mobile home, so it was agreed that I would use it first, then her younger daughter, then Carly, then my partner. So in I went and came out again in record time (!!) all spruced-up for an evening out. My parters younger girl went next and came out and was getting a bit bored so I said she could go and wander around our part of the park do long as we could find her when her mum and Carly were ready. Carly went into the bathroom next. 15 minutes later, she ’emerged’ loosely d****d in a towel and still dripping wet. She turned her back to me, with what I thought was a little cheeky grin which I just asyabahis yeni giriş dismissed in my mind, but as she glided from the bathroom to her bedroom, I could quite clearly see that the towel was deliberately slung very low at the back so I could see her naked rear from head to halfway down her bum cheeks . . . and VERY nice it was too! As she disappeared into her room, I could feel myself getting a ‘semi’, so picked up a magazine and tried to take my mind off it!While her Mum was in the bathroom, Carly came back out of hers wearing the shortest black dress I had seen in ages – showing off her fantastic legs which were normally hidden under pair of sloppy jeans. ‘Blimey Carly! I hope your Dad doesnt know you go out like that!!!’ I said, jokingly, while crossing my legs to hide my returning ‘semi’! Carly just grinned at me, with a little sparkle in her eye. At this point, I must have been the most naive guy in the World, because I never for one moment knew what lay ahead that night. “Is Mum going to get pissed tonight?” she asked. Her Mum did like to somewhat ‘overdo’ it when we went out like this, and I fully expected tonight to be no different. “I expect so luv…” I answered. Carly grinned again. “So it’ll be you and me watching telly tonight then…..?” she offered. I just cleared my throat, slightly embarrassed, and said ‘we’ll see…’ I knew she would be right though…So off we went to the Park Centre, found a table in the restaurant, and got our meal. Sitting on a table not too far away from us were six lads about the same age as Carly. Carly looked at them and started to play with her finger in her lips, licking at the fingertip and slowly drawing it in and out, sucking gently on her finger as it started to glisten with her saliva. Under the table, I was getting a serious hard-on! ‘Carly!’ her Mum growled, but she carried on doing it. For some reason which I couldn’t work out, instead of getting really turned out by what she was doing, the boys upped and left fairly quickly. I was puzzled. After the meal we went into the disco. My partner, Carly and her sister immediately took to the dance floor (well, that’s what ladies do, isn’t it…. lol!) and I got the drinks in. And got some more in, and some more, and some more. Now my Partner ‘thinks’ she can drink – but the truth is, after about three she doesn’t really know what’s going on, and Carly knew this well. When her Mum was distracted by some hunk rubbing his body up and down hers, Carly came over to me and pulled me to her encouraging me to dance in a VERY sensual way with her. I was not happy with this at all and kept looking over to where her Mum was to see if she was watching. When I saw her with her tongue down one guys throat (we had a very open relationship so it was no bother to me) I thought ‘oh well – go along with it!’ and so I carried on dancing with Carly and her sister who appeared every now and then for more money for the amusement machines in the club room next door.At one point Carly went to kiss me, and I held her away. ‘Carly – I’m your Mums partner. That’s not right, luv, is it???’ All she said was ‘we’ll see…’ and just carried on dancing. A little while later, her Mum came back, drunk as a Lord, and showing all the signs of having had a good groping round the back of the stage! ‘Time we were going, I think……?’ I said. ‘Get me to bed’ said her Mum through her drunken haze…We got back to the mobile about half an hour later. I told her younger daughter to get into her PJ’s – she said she was really tired and wanted to go to bed anyway. She went off, and less than five minutes later I peered into her room and she was already in bed fast asleep. I then looked into our room and there was my partner, face down and spread-eagled on the bed practically comatose. I knew that meant she was there till the morning. I went to the fridge and got out a beer. I sat down as I opened it and realised Carly was sitting on the sofa opposite me with her legs crossed. I could have sworn she had hitched her already very short skirt up even further to show me so I could clearly see she was wearing what looked like a thong. I said we should see what was on telly and fumbled for the remote control. ‘You know what we was talking about last night?’ I tried to ignore it. ‘That’s why those boys walked off tonight’ I was puzzled ‘I don’t understand what you asyabahis giriş mean Carly?’ I said. ‘I told them I must be giving a good blow job cos I do you every weekend…’ I sat there as my jaw hit the floor! ‘WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!’ I gasped. Carly just grinned. ‘Wouldn’t like to tell me how good my BJ technique is then?’ she asked all coyly. ‘Carly, we shouldn’t be having this conversation’ I stuttered, trying at the same time to conceal my ever-growing erection. She uncrossed her legs, shifted forward to the edge of the sofa, got down on to her knees and started to shuffle across the rug until she was between my legs (which I had opened almost instinctively) until she was rubbing her hands up and down my thighs. One part of me said ‘NO!’ but the stronger side of me said ‘Let her see the trouser-snake’!!!’What do you want Carly?’ I said quietly. ‘For you to tell me if my blow job is any good…..’ she looked up at me with a cheeky, and very sexy grin. I grinned back, unable to resist what was coming next. She wasted no more time, she ran her hands to my belt and undid it, then to my fly and pulled the zip southwards – all the while looking me straight in the eye. She pulled my trousers down below my knees and the bulge in my pants was clear to see. ‘My my – haven’t we got a big one….?’ she said grinning. Carly ran her hands back up my legs and turned the waistband of my pants down letting my throbbing erection spring free. At this point Carly let out a little gasp herself! The cheeky little girl suddenly disappeared and for a split second I think she thought she was in way over her head. ‘God its so . . . well . . . ‘thick’!’ she knelt there for a second just letting her view of my cock (which is just over normal length but what most women have told me all my life, is one of the thickest – usually THE thickest they have ever seen!) sink in.’It doesn’t bite you know’ I said in as encouraging a voice as I could. Carly took hold of my cock gently and started to wank it off slowly and with a very light grip.’Is this okay?’ she asked genuinely not knowing if what she was doing was having the desired effect. ‘Grip a little tighter baby’ I told her. She then tightened her grip too much and I almost winced with pain! She got the message and slackened off to just about the perfect grip and carried on wanking me at a nice speed – not too fast, and not too slow. Then she went to bite my tip – ‘Ow!’ I winced. ‘Don’t bite it baby, lick it, all round the bell-end’. Carly stuck out her tongue and started to lick all around the tip of my shaft while keeping her eyes on me for encouragement and approval ‘That’s great baby – you’re doing really well so far… Try and get it in your mouth now.’ Carly duly obliged, and opened her mouth and tried to take as much in as she could. Very quickly she backed off and I could tell she was getting worried about what she was doing. I took her head in my hands and said ‘Just let your jaw go as slack as you can darling, don’t worry if it tickles the back of your throat – I won’t let you choke on it’ I looked into her eyes and she had a look in hers which said ‘I trust you’. She did just as I had said. The next thing I knew she had swallowed nearly all of my cock – something even her Mum struggled to do – and started thrusting and sucking up and down it’s length. ‘How’s that feel baby?’ I asked. She just looked up at me and I could see a cock-filled smile come over her face. Then I felt her hand cup my balls and start to massage them perfectly. I reached forward and peeled the shoulders of her dress down, and as I did so, she came up for air for a moment to allow herself to take her arms out of the dress and allow me to roll it on down to her waist. Her gorgeous 16 yr old breasts hung there in the lamplight and I felt a huge wave of lust wash over me. I leant forward and took her right breast in my left hand and started to massage it gently. She cupped my hand and pressed it harder into her titty flesh, encouraging me to be a little harder with her. I did so for a minute or so, and then bent forward so I could lick her perfect little nipples, gently in circles first, and then taking them in my mouth and sucking on them until she squealed slightly. ‘That’s the reaction you should get out of my when you suck me off baby’ I said. She smiled at me and I drew her head back to my cock. By now I had plenty of pre-cum asyabahis güvenilirmi glistening on the tip of my shaft. ‘Do you like the taste of that baby?’ I asked. ‘It’s loverly…’ she said, with a look like the cat who got the cream. ‘You just carry on like you are baby and you’ll be getting the real thing soon…’ I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be exploding down her throat.’Have you ever swallowed a boys cum?’ I managed to ask. She shook her head. ‘Don’t you like it then?’ I asked again. She shrugged her shoulders as she carried on wanking and sucking me. ‘Do you want to swallow mine?’ I dared to ask finally….. Carly stopped sucking and wanking, pulled her head up, looked my in the eye and said.. ‘I want a mouthful of your love juice – just like I heard Mum telling her mate on the phone the other day…’ I was a bit surprised – I didn’t know my partner discussed our sex life with her girlfriends and I wanted to know more right now! ‘Mum told Julia that you have a thick cock and that when you cum in her mouth, it dribbles down her chin cos there’s so much of it’ (which was, incidentally, true….)’You do know its going to taste very salty don’t you baby?’ I asked. ‘Yeah. So what’ she replied as she went back to sucking. ‘Okay then – I’m nearly ready to cum. Stay as you are baby and keep your mouth open wide.’ I stood up right in front of her and took hold of my cock. With her mum it takes me a good couple of minutes wanking to shoot my load, but then her Mum does like to watch me wanking so that’s not a problem! LOl! This time I doubt I made 30 seconds….I could feel my bursting point approaching rapidly. ‘Put your mouth close to the end of my cock baby’ I told her in last-minute desperation. Just in time she was in the right spot, with her mouth wide open. I shot my load straight in between her lips and wanked for another half a minute or so giving her every last drop… Then I took her head in my hands again and drew her onto the end of my shaft once more. ‘Suck it clean baby – that’s the best bit for me…’ She duly did as instructed and I got the real impression she loved every second of it. Even with her mouth closed straight after, I could see the tell-tale dribble of my cum slowly dripping out the side of her mouth… WONDERFUL!!!!!!!Then I watched as she took a great big SWALLOW and her mouthful of my cum made its way to her stomach. Suddenly I felt so horny, I felt ANOTHER load cumming! ‘Carly baby, come back here – I’ve got some more to come!!!’ I grabbed hold of her head and put it back position. At this she started to look a bit scared, so I started wanking furiously to get the pressure up and cum as quick as I could. I’m sure she thought I was going to shoot a load of something worse, but in a few seconds I was blowing a load of very sticky cum into her mouth! I had NEVER done that with a woman and I could only think that, at my age (50) and years after having a vasectomy that the effect of getting a horny blow job from a 16 yr old, had had such an effect on me that I had cum like I did when I was 30yrs younger!!Carly sat back totally surprised! She looked up at me, wiping her face and gulping in air…. I knelt down so I was level with her, took her head in my hands and kissed her on the lips. ‘That was fantastic baby – don’t you EVER let a guy tell you you don’t give a good blow job, cos you DO!’ She smiled and hugged me back.We sat back on the sofa and after a couple of minutes she asked ‘so is that normal for a guy to wank himself into your mouth then?’ ‘Well, yes I have always done it that way. Why? Do you think he should just cum with you sucking on his cock then?”Well, every boy I’ve tried to do it to before thinks I should have able to suck him until he just cums’. I was a bit shocked at this, but the penny suddenly dropped. ‘Is this why you are always breaking up with boys? They think you can’t give a proper blow job?”Yes’ she said, looking a little sad. ‘Well, it’s not YOU – it’s THEM’ I said, trying to be encouraging. ‘Remember – everyone is different. If the guy needs to wank to cum with a blow job, then that’s all there is to it. Did you enjoy it though?’ I asked, half dreading the answer. ‘Corrr Yes!’ she replied ‘Can we do it again tomorrow night?’ ‘Carly!’ I said. ‘This should be a one-off – and that’s it! And we DON’T talk about this to ANYONE – do you understand???’ ‘Yes. Course I do!!! Just liked it and want to do it some more. And ‘other things too . . . ”Other things????? Like what..???????’ I asked, rather surprised…..But that will have to wait for the next story from my album….See you next time 🙂

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