Cat Fight


Dina was seething as she drove her car up Wedgewood Street, towards the address she had secretly copied out of her boyfriend’s address book. Damn Evan anyway, cheating on her after they were supposed to be engaged. Damn him for moving out in order to move in with his whore. Cheating bastard, slutty bitch, I’ll show them, she thought as she counted the house numbers. I’m going to punch their lights out, first hers, then his! Dump me, will he?

Dina saw the number she sought, 616, almost too late. Had to slam on the brakes, back up a bit, then ease the car into a tight parking space. The more that went wrong, the more her anger was fuelled, and the more revenge she wanted. She left everything behind in the car (thank goodness for keyless entry!) and stormed up to the front door of a very swanky townhouse. Hell, no wonder Evan had left her… this bitch had money! It would appear Evan was money hungry as well. She should have known.

After pushing the doorbell and hearing no sound, Dina started to knock, then pound on the front door. “Come on, open up! I know you bastards are in there!” she cried, closer to tears than she thought. She heard some movement behind the door, and then it opened.

Dina’s heart sank when she saw who had answered the door. An Amazon of a woman, at least 6 feet tall, athletic looking, aksaray escort blonde with an aristocratic, lovely face, stood before her, wearing a loosely fitting robe, and frowning in puzzlement. Shit, thought Dina, I can understand that pig now! Men are suckers for gorgeous women with big tits and bright blue eyes. Dina felt she didn’t stand a chance. This bitch was at least 6 inches taller than Dina’s 67 inches, and Dina was of medium almost slender build. She had always thought her 38B tits had been beauties, but this Amazon looked like, at least, a 40DD! Hell, hell, hell. Too late, there was no going back. If anything, this woman’s appearance got Dina more livid than before.

The Amazon started to say, “May I help you?” when she was rudely interrupted by Dina, who pushed aside her and slammed the door behind them. The two women stood facing each other. With a wild shriek, Dina charged the Amazon, knocking her down. Some object that had been in her hand went flying in another direction. As she hit the floor, the loosely tied robe fell open to reveal full, lush tits with pink nipples, and a severely trimmed bush that proved that this woman was a natural blonde.

Dina, high on adrenaline, smacked the blonde bitch twice across the face, yelling, “Bitch! Whore! Cunt! aksaray escort bayan How dare you split up Evan and me? We were together for five freaking years! Get your own goddamned lover and leave mine alone!’ Taken by surprise, the Amazon wasn’t able to react in time and ward off the blows. She appeared stunned, lying half upright, her legs spread out in front of her, her long blonde hair half-covering her face. Dina continued her assault, grabbing the blonde’s hair in her one fist and slapping her with the free hand. “I’m going to make you wish you had never gone after my Evan!” she snarled, and tried to punch the Amazon in the face in order to give her a black eye.

By now, the Amazon had her wits about her and, while not understanding the reason for Dina’s assault, knew she had to defend herself . She was now pretty pissed herself. What did this puny brunette want from her … and who was Evan?

The blonde reached out quickly, caught Dina’s lightweight tank top at the right place, and tugged, ripping it off her. Dina, her infamously expensive Victoria’s Secret lace bra on display, was momentarily taken aback, which was her bad luck. Her opponent connected the palm of her hand with Dina’s chin and pushed hard, and Dina was on her back in a second.

The escort aksaray Amazon wasted no time in jumping on Dina, pinning her like a Greco-Roman wrestler. It was interesting to watch, since the two women were so different in height and build. The Amazon, whose name was Lynn, pinned Dina to the floor, coming down hard on her as Dina hit the floor. Angry and frustrated, Dina tried to knee Lynn in the crotch, but Lynn, a professional athlete, was quicker. She fended off the blow and placed her legs between Dina’s so that the brunette was immobile. Pissed off by Dina’s sneaky move, Lynn freed a hand quickly to slap Dina across the face. Once, twice, three times. Dina’s head bounced back and forth.

“Lady, I don’t know what your problem is, but I have nothing to do with it!” Lynn yelled into Dina’s angry face.

“The hell you don’t, fucking whore! You made the play for Evan, he said so!” Dina yelled back into the blonde’s face.

“Who the hell is Evan? I don’t know him!”

“Lying whore!” Dina tried to spit in Lynn’s face and was rewarded with another slap.

“Knock it off, you crazy bitch! I’m going to have your sorry ass arrested and sue you for battery. I don’t know Evan, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and you’re fucking trespassing.” Lynn had her arm heavily on Dina’s collarbone, pressing against her chin so that Dina couldn’t cause any further damage. When Dina tried to free herself, Lynn just kept pressing harder. From the distance, it looked like a lover’s embrace: two women, legs wrapped around each other’s, holding each other captive.

The scene was about to get more interesting.

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