Catching Some Rays

Big Tits

High on her list of things to do for the day was to stretch out on her chaise lounge and get some sun. With her husband out of town she could let the housework slide for at least two weeks.

She put on her thong bikini and carried her chaise to the back yard. Soon she was stretched out and dozing in the sun. She wasn’t aware that the neighbor boy was about to wash his car.

The sight of her startled him, she was beginning to burn in the sun.

“Mrs. Chase?” he called.

She averted her head to see Shane wearing nothing but skin tight jeans. His body glistened with tanning oil and his rock hard abs made her pussy throb.

“Mrs. Chase you had better get some tanning lotion on you’re beginning to burn”

She thought a moment and asked,

“Would you like to help me with that Shane?”

He aksaray escort walked to her chaise and picked up the bottle of lotion she’d thrown in the grass. She turned to her stomach and unhooked her top. Seeing her tight firm ass exposed from the thong made him hard. He desperately wanted to do more than just rub lotion on her, he had secretly wanted to fuck his neighbor since she’d moved in. He spent countless hours jacking off at the thought of all the things an experienced woman like her could do to him.

Sensing the tension in his hands she said,

“Go ahead Shane, it’ll be our secret”

Shane let his fingers run up and down the crack of her ass, and her hips began to grind into the chaise. He slid the thong off slowly and massaged her buttocks. He then unzipped his jeans, lowered 68aksarayspor.com them to his ankles, and kicked them away. He let his rock hard cock slide between her cheeks and began to rub it up and down her crack.

Sensing his heat she clenched her muscles. Shane groaned from the friction against his cock. She raise her ass high into the air and without thinking he slammed all of his hardness into her ass thrusting roughly.

She gasped “Shane stop I don’t want to come yet”

He removed his cock from her ass and she was on him instantly, thrusting her breasts in his face and panting furiously. He took one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked hard.

“Sweet Jesus, and he’s only seventeen” she thought to herself.

She took his cock in her hand and pulled harder and harder. Shane groaned lightly.

“Don’t hold back, Shane, let me hear you”

She took all of him into her mouth and he let out a groan of sheer extasy.

Sensing he was about to come he withdrew his cock from her mouth and slammed it into her dripping pussy.

He rammed her so hard she lost her breath instantly.

“Fuck me harder” she croaked

He clamped his hands on her ass and lifted her to him and then slammed her down on the chaise. He spread her buttocks and slid a finger into her ass.

“Oh God that feels so good, does my pussy please your throbbing cock?”

Soon she began to feel the familiar build p of tension in her body and as she came her eyes convulsed with her body.

Shane blew his load into her with such fierceness that he cried out in pleasure.

“Gotta go, gotta wash my baby” Shane said, zipping his jeans. “Later Mrs. Chase”

“Call me Diane, and I heard the weather is supposed to be like this all week, so there’s always tomorrow” she said with a wink.

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