Caught N’ Blown


Caught N’ BlownI just rounded the corner toward the bathroom, having just woken up and wanting to take a shower. The door was slightly ajar, and the light was on. Through the narrow crack, I could see my sister, Shelby, two years older than I, completely nude.Now, if this had happened at any other time, I would have been polite and left, but I still had my morning wood, and I was horny as hell. Plus, I had always been dying to catch a glimpse of my sister’s fat tits, anyway.I watched as Shelby reached around her head to tie her curly, brown hair into a ponytail. Her tits jiggled madly with her every move. When she had finally restrained her hair, she grabbed a bottle of lotion on the counter. Squeezing a handful onto her palm, she began to rub it into her face, and neck, working her hands down to her chest.As she slowly worked the lotion into her breasts, I couldn’t take it anymore. I backed up a few steps to see if I could hear my parents, and then shoved my hands down my shorts until my eager fingers wrapped around my stiff cock.I watched hungrily as Shelby continued to feel up her boobs, pinching the nipples and pushing them ankara escort together. I worked my meat with gusto, closing my eyes every few seconds and moaning just loud enough that she would not hear me. I had gotten so caught up in my masturbation that I didn’t notice that Shelby had wrapped a towel around herself and had opened the door. I opened my eyes to see her glaring at me in disgust.”Tom! Were you… watching me?”I didn’t say anything, and my hands remained wrapped around my dick, which was shrinking rapidly.”Answer me, Tom. Did you see me in there?”Swallowing once, I nodded. She continued to stare angrily.”Were you jacking off?”I nodded again, biting my lip, and locking my eyes with hers. She sighed, and held her forehead with her free hand.”Jesus Christ… that’s sick, you know that? I’m your fucking sister, for God’s sake.”I remained silent, and she shook her head.”Well, you might as well finish. You looked pretty close to being done.”She started to walk toward her room, when I stopped her.”Shelby, wait.”She turned around and brushed the hair out of her face.”What is it?””Do you think you could touch yourself ankara escort bayan again, until I finished?”She didn’t look as shocked as I had expected her to be. In fact, she looked a bit curious.”What do you mean?””Well, just keep playing with your… um, you know, breasts.””I wasn’t playing with them. I was rubbing lotion on them so the skin would be soft.”I pressed on. Hell, what did I have to lose now?”Can I feel?”She stared at me for a second, frowning, but then shrugged.”Fine, but just for a minute.”I nodded, and watched as she pulled down the towel to her waist, and moved a step closer, offering her chest to me. I didn’t hesitate and immediately snatched up her right breast. I squeezed it, and it slid around in my palm. I started to jerk off again, and Shelby looked on with great interest. Gently tweaking her nipple, I massaged my dick and occasionally looked up. Finally, I broke the silence.”Could you finish me off while I feel both of them?”She shook her head firmly, and pushed my hand off of her tits.”That’s sick. I’m not touching your cock. You can forget it.”She covered up her chest, and I begged.”Come escort ankara on… could you at least suck it a little? I’ll finish it off myself.”She rolled her eyes.”You know this is gross, right? You’re my brother.”I looked on sadly.”…and I was so close to finishing.”She groaned in response.”Ugh, fine. Give me it.”I smiled, and pulled down my shorts, allowing my glistening and very hard seven-incher to flop out. She bent down, and tossed her hair back again before holding my cock and bringing it to her lips. She brushed the head all over her tongue, tasting it for a little. She seemed to approve, and allowed the first few inches to slide into her mouth. I leaned against the wall, and held her head as she happily slurped my shaft, taking time to lick and kiss my balls when she took a break. I was nearing climax when I started feeding my cock down her throat. I held her head tighter and shoved my dick in and out of her mouth. I closed my eyes, moaning in pleasure, as my hot cum exploded from my dick and she hungrily swallowed every drop.I released her head, and she lapped up the rest of my seed, licking my wet, sticky cock up and down. I sighed, and brought her up to her feet by her hand. She licked her lips, and ruffled my hair, smiling.I sighed again, and went into the bathroom to take my shower, watching as she walked off to her room, slapping her ass and giggling.

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