Chance encounters, strangers on the train


Chance Encounters: Strangers on the train. (c)By Legion999 2010To set the scene, it was a warm sticky night as the people traveled to and from where they did or didn’t wish to remain. The train wasn’t particularly busy for a Friday evening, a man and woman shared a carriage and sat on the opposing side as one would expect.As the journey wore on they were both feeling the stifling evening air.Peter, 42 year old blue collar worker, he was not over weight and had a good physique. It was so hot he had to take his tie off and unbutton his shirt a little.As he wafted his shirt and blew downwards he looked over to see a 30 something slim elegant lady about the same height as him unbutton the top two buttons of her long flowing summer dress. After doing eryaman escort so she flung her hair back and noticed Peter observing her before he quickly looked in the other direction.“Excuse me do you mind if I open this window, it is just so hot in here?” Linda asked as she wafted her dress at the collar whilst she undid another button.“Err Sorry oh oh open the window yes, yes indeed.”Peter had taken so long to reply owing to nerves that Linda had already risen from her seat and was fiddling with the window opener. Peter stood up to help, as he did so he could not help but look at Linda. As she stretched to open the window he could see that her dress was clinging to her, his eyes ran from sincan escort her feet up her leg and beyond… “Here let me help, please.” As he reached up to join her hands on the latch he placed his other hand upon the small of her back. “Thanks”The train gave a sudden shudder and before they knew it they were on the floor. After the obligatory checking they were unhurt they both giggled, “I am Peter by the way, ha ha pleased to meet you.”“Linda pleased to make your acquaintance.” Linda had landed on top and as they tried to get back to a standing position Linda’s heal gave way. Before they could get their balance they were against the window wrapped in each others arms and their legs etlik escort intertwined. As her groin rested on his thigh and hers made contact with his she could feel Peter was becoming aroused.“Very sorry I think we should sit down perhaps,” he reluctantly suggested.Linda gave a chuckle then whispered. “Do you believe people are meant to meet, destiny and all that?” Her breath became heavy as the words left her mouth then landed on his ear.“I do.!!!”Before long they were kissing deeply , hands all over each other as they kissed they ground their groin against each other she could feel his throbbing horn grow steadily, trying to escape the trapping of his clothing. She slid her hand down, undid his fly and released his rock hard love pole. As she gently stroked it he took a hand from her back and slid it in-between her legs. Pulling up her dress with his other hand as she slid her leg further up his, inviting his exploration. Peter slid his hand further up her inner thigh, upon reaching its destination he found no panties covering what was by now a very wet sticky pussy.

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