Chance Meeting


It had been a year since my sub/girlfriend Amy had died in a car accident while visiting her family. Amy was 25, and had been my secretary and very personal assistant. She was young, vivacious and wanted to explore new things with me. I was her boss, her Domme, and her lover.

For a few months I had been celibate and angry at fate. Then while on a business trip, I met, in a upper class lesbian bar, Cindy. She was a woman, thirty years old, with whom I had great vanilla sex and that I had spanked.

A few nights later I decided, on a whim, to look at a lesbian relationship site just to see what was happening. There I had a Domme nickname before I met Amy. Members could still think I was in New England as I had not changed my profile but I had, after losing Amy, moved to a better job in the Sun Belt. I looked around by state and found, to my surprise, that there were many lesbian subs in this region. Looking at an alluringly named profile, I recognized by the stats and body pic someone I knew from the GLTB community. I never viewed Allison as a sub there but I liked the way she behaved. I wrote her a terse message to figure out if she was a possible replacement. Allison, who was a nurse, was close to my 45 years and was a plump Sherry Stringfield look-alike with long dirty-blonde hair while I was athletic, with Catherine Keener looks, some said.

Allison answered, as I hoped she would, in a beautiful, well-written email about power exchange and not wanting to move from her town and responding to most of my queries. I answered back I had job offers in her region so I could move maybe if had another good reason to. For a few days, we emailed each other about this and that and she reacted like the educated sub I thought she would be. On Thursday night, I sent her an email saying, “I like movies and I will be in town for business this weekend and we could meet on Friday night to see where it could lead us.”

She chose the theatre and I picked the movie, adding, “We would go Dutch on our first date and would then exchange more than phone numbers if it went well.”

She described herself and where she would wait with the two tickets. I wrote back, “I’ll be in a light blue business suit with thin white stripes, and a light lavender shirt with flat pumps.”

I arrived at the theatre seeing her a little nervous wearing a denim skirt and a delicately flowered blouse. She saw me and I waved as I approached her.

“Hello Allison, how have you been lately?”

“Fine, a little tired, too much work,”

“You are waiting for someone, I see,”

“Yes, a friend,”

“I know. I’m the one, “grinning and putting my hand on her right hip, “I’m Ann, it’s my other first name,”

“Oh!… Do you still want to see the movie?”

“Yes and I think you’ll like it,”

“Ok! amasya escort You’re the boss,” she answers smiling.

” We’ll go eat afterwards.”

We go into the multiplex and, letting her walk in front, I ogle her nice round butt. I choose where we sit and chat while waiting for the movies to start, our hands touching each other on the armrest. I grasp her wrist at one point and she smiles.

I whisper in her ear, “I didn’t think you were a sub when I saw you in our community meetings.”

She replies the same way, “I thought you could be a Domme and I hoped I could be your girlfriend.”

The movie was a little better than I hoped, Allison liked it a lot maybe because my hand stayed on hers the whole time. Going out, we see some acquaintances and talk a little with them. They propose that we go eat together in a new restaurant they had heard about.

Allison replies, “No, we are going to my home for a dinner I have prepared.” The couple smiles, feeling we were having a girlfriend’s night out.

Arriving at her place a few minutes after her, as we had each our own car, I see her through the window waiting. She opens the door, having taken off her bra under her shirt, and, after I close it, kneels to kiss my hands.

I smile and say, “Stand and turn around.”

Slapping hard her butt a couple of times, I add, “Allison, get me a glass of white wine, I allow you a non-alcoholic drink,”

“Yes Ma’am Brenda.” she answers, as I go to the living room.

Bringing a tray with my glass of wine and her glass of 7Up, she bends forward to present it to me. I see her nipples are half erect and I take the glass, sipping it to taste its coldness and quality.

My Allison puts the tray on the coffee table and sits cross-legged on the carpet in front of me.

After a few minutes of chatting, I ask her what’s for dinner. She answers by listing a Tex-Mex menu she had prepared last night for herself and possible visitors.

I reply, “Fine, but first,let’s look at your toy-chest so we can figure out what fun we might have for a long time.”

She walks in front of me to the bedroom while I tickle her butt.

In her closet, she takes out an old Samsonite bag filled with different clamps, cuffs, floggers and other paddles and dildos.

“Great Allison. With my things, I’m sure we have enough to explore and I expect you to give me a list of your favorite kinks and fantasies,”

“Sure! Mistress Brenda, you can ask anything,”

“Hands on bed” I add, lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties, seeing her slightly open asshole, and taking the big hairbrush on her dressing table, I say, “COUNT!” …











Allison escort amasya is getting wet and is having difficulty saying the numbers







SMACK! SMACK! With my hand, to leave my imprint on her butt

Using the brush-side on all her reddish pink rump, I tickle the back of her neck before putting back the hairbrush on the nightstand.

” My Allison, you know that you’ll get spanked every night,”

“Yes Mistress,” she answers with smiling tears in her voice.

“Let’s go eat.”

We sit at the kitchen table, eating, sharing a bottle of beer.

“When did you put that profile on the site?”

Allison replies, “Three weeks ago. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I had a Mistress that I was very fond of but I found out she had subs on the side, especially a married woman, so after a while I felt frustrated that she didn’t even want me as her alpha-sub. When the offer to move here came, I took it. In this town, I had a couple of short affairs but something wasn’t going well because of our ego trips. I knew I was not following my leaning so after the last breakup, I decided on becoming a sub again and I’m glad I did even though I’m sure this whirlwind courtship is contrary to internet protocol about first meetings.”

“Well, as I wrote to you, you will be my only girlfriend and sub and I value your ideas but I’ll decide what’s best for us as a couple,”

“Yes Mistress,” she answers, smiling, “How should I address you here?”

“Brenda is fine except when we are in a more D/s scene. Then it is Mistress or Ma’am. I’ll use Ally as your sub name,”

“Ma’am, would you like Ally to give you a foot massage before bed?”

“Yes, and get your nip clamps first. But before, come and stand in font of me.”

She comes even closer. I unbutton her shirt and smack the undersides of her breasts, lifting them and kissing her nipples.


She comes back wearing only her panties and, head lowered, hands me her butterfly clamps. I trail one on her left breast, seeing her anticipating my action with every pore of her body. I clamp her fat right nipple, she breathes in not uttering a word. I push on her clit with my thumb as I clamp her fat left nipple and tie the two with a chain. She falls on her knees as I sit on the big chair that is now mine to use alone. My Ally takes off my black pumps and begins to caress and kiss my feet, taking her time showing she knows she has found her place. I look down at her smiling.

After a few minutes, I say, “My Ally, let’s go to the bedroom, you’ll have plenty of amasya escort bayan time for pampering me in the months and years to come,”

“Yes Mistress.”

I pull on the clamps chain with my right little finger as we walk to the bedroom.

“Kneel and take off my skirt and pull down my panties and stockings.”

Allison smiles and does as told. Taking off my shirt and bra, I tell her, “Hand me the strap-on!”

“Yes Mistress,” she takes off her panties after handing me the strap-on. I allow her a kiss below my bellybutton as she buckles the belt.

I take her hand and lay her on the bed as I tease her upper thighs with the cock before pushing it in looking down at her flustering face, kissing her nose and going in and out of her incandescent pussy.

Allison puts her hands on my hips feeling complete with me above her. I pull out lightly and push back in and out for a few minutes then pull out.

“Grab your thighs!” as I lift her legs before pushing the strap-on in her slightly open asshole.

She complies, smiling and I pound her asshole. She breathes heavily and begs, “Mistress!! Can I come please?!”

“Yes!My slut Ally”

I unclench the clamps and pinch her clit hard, she groans and says “Oh GAWD! Fuuck!” as I cum.

I fall beside her on the bed caressing her whole body, I kiss her forehead, her nose, her lips as she giggles and coos in my arms, resting her head on my shoulder above my breast as I pull out gently.

“This is the start of a beautiful friendship,”

“I love you Mistress,” she replies, seeing me taking off the strap-on and returning to the bed beside her.

“Good-night, my Allison,” as I kiss her slowly on the lips and caress her body as she does mine, slowly drifting to sleep.

Next morning, after spanking lightly her butt, she begs to drink my morning pee and after she kisses my feet and hands, we go to the bathroom and I stand in the bath as she kneels in front of me, opens her mouth and drinks smiling. We take a shower together, scrubbing each other’s backs. After a good breakfast, before going shopping for knick-knacks, we go to her computer.

I command her, “Delete the pics from the site and send mail saying: ‘Thanks, I found someone’,”

“Yes, my Brenda,”

“I’ll do the same on mine.”

At the mall, I find a high-end jeweller and we enter holding hands. I look at a simple sterling silver necklace that I buy and put around her neck, whispering in her left ear, “It’s for our one week anniversary.”

We go out and she asks, “What should I tell my other friends?”

“When is your birthday?”

“Next Thursday,”

“Well, we both got gifts. Tell them it’s a birthday gift from me,”

“Yes my Brenda”, she answers beaming and seeing a hardware store,

“Brenda, as we are ecologically friendly, I think we need more clothespins for our bigger laundry now that we are a couple”

“Yes, my Ally, you are right, another thing for you to do,” I answer grinning.

This is a work of fiction. If something similar happened to you, I’m very happy *G*.

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