Chanel and Ethan 34


We spend the rest of our layover wandering through the airport, looking in gift shops and drinking Starbucks. We joke around and make fun of each other. We even make fun of other people when we find a bench and sit, waiting for our connecting flight. I feel buoyant and carefree, and I’m so fucking glad I said yes to coming. We haven’t even made it to Puerto Rico and I’m having too much fun. Leaving everything behind, just the two of us.  As we’re getting on our next plane, something occurs to me belatedly. “I didn’t even bring a swimming suit,” I say unhappily. Such a trivial problem for a big scenario. He laughs. “I know. I was hoping to have the chance to buy you one.” I look at him with angry surprise. He intentionally didn’t mention the fact that I would need one. “You… I can’t believe you. You’re already paying for me to go to Puerto Rico, any more money you spend on me just throws us more out of balance,” I ridicule him, but he keeps his carefree smile in place. “I was hoping you’d model some for me,” he says, acting as if I hadn’t spoke. He glances at my frozen expression and chuckles when my cheeks turn pink. Ridiculous. I’ve never had someone make me blush so much. *** It’s almost eleven at night when we land at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico. I’m so excited, I can’t even feel tired from the trip. Landing among the island’s lights just off the coast and finally stepping off this plane is the most excited I’ve been since we left. And that’s saying something, considering what I’ve already been through today, and what I’m about to go through for the next few days. A black BMW sedan takes us from the airport to our hotel. I open my door and step out onto the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. It’s beautiful. The buildings in varying shades of pastel colors, all closely nestled bursa escort on this busy little street. The people and the smell and the beautiful architecture. It was intoxicating. Ethan grins at me as we head toward a pale yellow building with large white pillars. Above the huge brown double doors is gold lettering indicating it is El Convento Hotel . The inside has marble checkered floors and soft white walls. Every piece of decoration chosen to sit in a room or hang on a wall is full of culture and urbanity. It’s charming and delicately festive. I love it. I love our room even more. We have a king sized bed on an intricate, wrought iron frame, doors with shutters that open to a balcony with a view of the ocean and mismatched pieces of furniture tying it together. Ethan chats with the bellhop while I wander around the room. “Are you tired?” Ethan asks me after he shuts the door, leaving us alone. “Why?” I smile at him as I paw the smooth wood of the dark shuttered doors. His answering smile is amused. “We can walk around if you want, get a drink somewhere. The hotel employee said there are bars close.” Ethan is leaning against the wall by the door with his hands in his pockets, looking delicious. My eyes flicker to the one bed in this room for half a second and I feel my bones soften at the idea of us in it. I wonder if that was intentional. “Yeah, let’s do it,” I reply before I allow myself another dirty thought. I really did want to explore a little. We head back to the street and find a place to get some premium, native liquor, one of Puerto Rico’s main exports. We eat and drink and wander around Old San Juan, staying with the crowds. “So what are we doing tomorrow?” I ask, pulling my long dark hair over my naked shoulder as we walk next to each other. My blouse drapes low bursa escort bayan around my arms giving a perfect view of my smooth collar bones around to my bare shoulder blades. “We need to buy you a swimming suit. We can see a little more of the town and go to a beach.” Ethan bumps his arm into mine as he talks. “What kind of swimming suit were you hoping to see me in?” I ask casually, nudging him back. Ethan smirks, his featured arranged in an adorable mask. “You certainly have the body to wear whatever you want,” he answers and I twist my mouth to hide my smile. “Thank you. But I am curious, what did you have in mind?” I ask him, trying to lure the answer from him with my eyes. He glances at me and purses his lips. “A very…very small bikini,” he practically whispers and I feel my neck heating a little. I like when he’s honest. It makes me…hot. “But obviously, I’d prefer you didn’t wear something like that in public,” he says, staring straight ahead. “Just for you?” I tease him and he grins, looking at the ground as we stop at a corner waiting to cross the street. “Maybe,” he finally says after another moment. We’re both silent as we start walking again. Even though we’d already fooled around today, everything between us still felt new and we kept our flirting light. To be honest, we hadn’t really been all over each other all day. Besides the oral sex in the airport bathroom, and pissing off a stewardess, we only briefly touched. But I have to admit, I’m enjoying the pace we have set. It’s like the chase at the beginning of a relationship; the excitement of watching the other person’s actions and reactions, knowing you like each other and you’re trying to play it cool. We’re both milking the chase. As I ponder through these thoughts, both of us alone on this island together, escort bursa Ethan quietly wraps his arm around my waist as we walk. I smile and curl mine around his lower back. I like feeling the warmth from his skin through his polyester shirt, and we stay intertwined until we reach the hotel again. He opens the door to our room and as soon as I sit I’m ready to fall asleep. The liquor warming my body, traveling all day and walking around tonight is catching up with me. I slip off my shoes and watch Ethan walk into the bathroom. He leaves the door open and runs the sink as I turn to lay my head on a pillow. This bed is so fucking soft and smells of fresh linen…so comfortable. Too comfortable apparently. I turn and feel soft sheets against my skin and when I open my eyes the room is dark, everything quiet. I prop myself up on my elbows and realize I’m under the covers now…without my jeans on. I look to my left and Ethan is sleeping next to me, laying on his back, his head turned into a pillow. Fuck. I fell asleep on him. I feel a twinge of guilt and disappointment. He’s still wearing his thin navy blue shirt, his left hand resting on his stomach as he breathes slowly. I lean a little closer and examine his unworried face as he sleeps. His perfectly arched eyebrows in an innocent expression, his thick lashes resting against his cheeks. He has short, soft stubble along his jaw. Just the way I like. I wonder what he would do if I woke him up to fuck him. I deftly crawl out of bed and quickly brush my teeth. I keep the lights off and when I re-enter the room, he hasn’t moved at all. I pull my blouse over my head, unhook my strapless bra and remove my panties, now completely naked. I guess we’ll find out. I carefully climb up next to him and he doesn’t stir. Pulling the comforter lower, I see he’s wearing only boxers with his shirt. I start chewing on my lip when I realize he’s already hard. My cunt throbs, wondering what he’s dreaming about. I want to taste him so badly, and I really hope he doesn’t kick me if he wakes up surprised, because I’m not going to wait.

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