Chapter V: Exposure


Lincoln leaned forward, gently kissing my inner thighs as he worked his way up my legs. The scruff of his beard tickled my sensitive skin, causing me to squirm in pleasure. His strong, slightly rough hands gripped the back of my thighs as he ventured further up. I gasped as I felt his tongue run along the length of my pussy, ending with a light flick against my clit. He did this once more before teasing the inner folds of my pussy open; his tongue gently probing my depths. I moaned softly, feeling my hips begin to buck gently against his tongue. Writhing in pleasure, I grasped at the cushions as Lincoln sped up his movements. My moaning grew slightly louder as I felt myself become more aroused.As if he sensed this, Lincoln pulled his tongue away. I was about to protest before I felt his tongue flick my throbbing clit. He slipped a hand between my legs and gently began to finger me. No one had ever done this to me before, and I was amazed by how different it felt from when I touched bonus veren siteler myself.His other hand reached up, firmly grasping my left breast; his thumb drawing circles over my nipple. I felt so overwhelmed by the pleasure I was feeling; I struggled to maintain control as I begin to buck my hips faster.“Oh god, Lincoln, please don’t stop!” My fingers snaked their way into his hair as I begged for more. I felt a pressure building in my lower abdomen and a warm flush spread over my chest. My hips rocked wildly as Lincoln continued to go down on me.“I’m going to cum!” Suddenly it felt like a tidal wave was crashing over me; I’d never felt anything this good before. Ripples of pleasure spread over my body, and I felt my thighs clamp around Lincoln’s head. My moans had nearly turned to screams as I came, and my back arched as I continued to revel in my orgasm.After what seemed like an eternity, I felt myself coming down from that post-orgasmic high. bedava bahis I smiled as Lincoln stood and sat next to me, taking me in his arms. I turned to lean into him, my naked chest pressing against his clothed one as I kissed him deeply. I could faintly taste myself on his lips; I was intrigued to discover this was a turn-on for me. Lincoln’s fingers gently traced patterns across my back, drifting down before resting on my bare hip.Resting my head on his chest, I smiled, “That was… wow…”Lincoln laughed, his free hand reaching up to brush a lock of hair from my eyes, “You okay?”Nodding, I closed my eyes and sighed, “Yeah, I just have never felt that good before; I’ve never felt anything like that before.”He laughed again, “Well, I appreciate the ego boost.”Opening my eyes, I looked up at him, “No… You don’t understand… I’ve never had anyone go down on me before.”Lincoln leaned back slightly as he studied me carefully, “Never?”I nodded, blushing as it began deneme bonus to dawn on me what I’d just admitted. It wasn’t like guys had never offered to go down on me… It just wasn’t something I’d felt comfortable trying in high school. But since meeting Lincoln things had been different; I felt braver, more daring, and more adventurous. Lincoln hugged me tighter, burying his face in my hair, “I’m glad I was able to make it a good experience for you.”Pulling away slightly, I kissed him teasingly before standing, “I certainly hope that won’t be the only time we do that.”As I turned to go back into the dressing room, I giggled at the way Lincoln’s face lit up at the thought of our next encounter. Over the next couple of weeks our routine continued; classes, socializing with friends, hanging out together, but we also found ourselves looking for opportunities to fool around. Often, we found ourselves holed up in my single for an afternoon; learning more about each other’s preferences. On a few occasions I’d meet him at his place, but thanks to his roommates we usually found ourselves lacking privacy. I continued modelling and I found myself growing excited for each new class without even a hint of my previous self-doubt rearing its ugly head.

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